Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 125558Details of grave number 125558 at Municipal North Sheen for Abina Francis Daly

Abina Francis Daly grave monument in Municipal cemetery, North Sheen, Middlesex, England

Abina Francis Daly grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Abina Francis Daly

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image: 1001
grave: 125548
Doris M E Ford
image number 1001
image: 1002
grave: 125549
Stefan Kolanczyk
image number 1002
image: 1003
grave: 125550
Walter Sidney Shirley
image number 1003
image: 1004
grave: 125551
Filomena Rongione
image number 1004
image: 1005
grave: 125552
Patrick Joseph Murphy
image number 1005
image: 1006
grave: 125553
Gerard Gallagher
image number 1006
image: 1007
grave: 125554
Frederick William Illsley
image number 1007
image: 1008
grave: 125555
Sydney Clark
image number 1008
image: 1009
grave: 125556
Charlotte Dora Burroughs
image number 1009
image: 1010
grave: 125557
Elizabeth Darcy
image number 1010
image: 1011
grave: 125558
Abina Francis Daly
image number 1011
image: 1012
grave: 125559
Regina Kikinger
image number 1012
image: 1013
grave: 125560
Annie Heighes
image number 1013
image: 1014
grave: 125561
Harold Arthur Putnam
image number 1014
image: 1015
grave: 125562
Kieran Patrick Boland
image number 1015
image: 1016
grave: 125563
Ellen Mary Jones
image number 1016
image: 1017
grave: 125564
Ernest Vincent Joyce
image number 1017
image: 1018
grave: 125565
John Joe Fahey
image number 1018
image: 1019
grave: 125566
James Patrick Madden
image number 1019
image: 1020
grave: 125567
Anna Okoniewska-Steed
image number 1020
image: 1021
grave: 125568
Catherine McDermott
image number 1021

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