Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 121758Details of grave number 121758 at New (F) Municipal Woodbridge for William Da Costa

William Da Costa grave monument in New (F) Municipal cemetery, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

William Da Costa grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Da Costa

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image: 069
grave: 121748
Daphne Joyce Hubbard Calver
image number 069
image: Carter William A 090
grave: 121749
William A Carter
image number Carter William A  090
image: Chambers Bill 185
grave: 121750
Bill Chambers
image number Chambers Bill  185
image: Chapman Joyce Betty Lydia 055
grave: 121751
Joyce Betty Lydia Chapman
image number Chapman Joyce Betty Lydia  055
image: Clarke Maureen Ann 006
grave: 121752
Maureen Ann Clarke
image number Clarke Maureen Ann  006
image: Coates Charles Robert 101
grave: 121753
Charles Robert Coates
image number Coates Charles Robert  101
image: Cook Elsie Violet 162
grave: 121754
Elsie Violet Cook
image number Cook Elsie Violet  162
image: Cook Lena Mary 125
grave: 121755
Lena Mary Cook
image number Cook Lena Mary  125
image: Crack David 084
grave: 121756
David Crack
image number Crack David  084
image: 033
grave: 121757
Judith Ann Crammond Guy
image number 033
image: Da Costa William 100
grave: 121758
William Da Costa
image number Da Costa William  100
image: Daldry Violet Joan 159
grave: 121759
Violet Joan Daldry
image number Daldry Violet Joan  159
image: Dawnay Nicholas Alan Howard 099
grave: 121760
Nicholas Alan Howard Dawnay
image number Dawnay Nicholas Alan Howard  099
image: Descombes George Raymond Paul Edmund 071
grave: 121761
George Raymond Paul Edmund Descombes
image number Descombes George Raymond Paul Edmund  071
image: Descombes Hermine Berta 072
grave: 121762
Hermine Berta Descombes
image number Descombes Hermine Berta  072
image: Descombes Nigel George 122
grave: 121763
Nigel George Descombes
image number Descombes Nigel George  122
image: Downie Geoffrey Andrew 142
grave: 121764
Geoffrey Andrew Downie
image number Downie Geoffrey Andrew  142
image: Dudgeon John 110
grave: 121765
John Dudgeon
image number Dudgeon John  110
image: Durrant Stanley John 080
grave: 121766
Stanley John Durrant
image number Durrant Stanley John  080
image: Fairhead Thomas William 166
grave: 121767
Thomas William Fairhead
image number Fairhead Thomas William  166
image: Finch William G 131
grave: 121768
William G Finch
image number Finch William G  131

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