Joan Margaret Ellingham grave monument in Armley Hill Top F cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Joan Margaret Ellingham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joan Margaret Ellingham
Wilfred Ellingham
1994881906father of Joan Margaret Ellingham
Ethel Ellingham
1986791907mother of Joan Margaret Ellingham
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image: 972
grave: 119171
Ciro Salvato
image number 972
image: 973
grave: 119172
Harry Loughlin
image number 973
image: 974
grave: 119173
Eugene Maloney
image number 974
image: 975
grave: 119174
Muriel Mason
image number 975
image: 976
grave: 119175
Elaine Backhouse
image number 976
image: 977
grave: 119176
Jack Winston Ward
image number 977
image: 978
grave: 119177
Damien Gooch
image number 978
image: 979
grave: 119178
Dennis Neil Buckley
image number 979
image: 980
grave: 119179
Roy Townend
image number 980
image: 981
grave: 119180
Terrence Hill
image number 981
image: 982
grave: 119181
Joan Margaret Ellingham
image number 982
image: 984
grave: 119182
John Cecil Smith
image number 984
image: 986
grave: 119183
John Henry McGowan
image number 986
image: 987
grave: 119184
Kathleen Towson
image number 987
image: 988
grave: 119185
Gertrude Craven
image number 988
image: 989
grave: 119186
Walter Metcalf
image number 989
image: 990
grave: 119187
William Mitchell
image number 990
image: 991
grave: 119188
Maria Rogers
image number 991
image: 993
grave: 119189
John Cull
image number 993
image: 994
grave: 119190
William Pullan
image number 994
image: 995
grave: 119191
Terence Botterill
image number 995

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