David Budd grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Leiston cum Sizewell, Suffolk, England

David Budd grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
David Budd
Rebecca Budd
1915691846wife of David Budd
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find David Budd grave location

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image: 6926
grave: 10768
Herbert James Welton
image number 6926
image: 6927
grave: 10769
Ann Walker
image number 6927
image: 6928
grave: 10770
Elizabeth Porter
image number 6928
image: 6929
grave: 10771
Clara Thorp
image number 6929
image: 6930
grave: 10772
Sara Ann Baxter
image number 6930
image: 6931
grave: 10773
Walter Charles Peed
image number 6931
image: 6932
grave: 10774
Eliza Maria Wigg
image number 6932
image: 6933
grave: 10775
Louisa Marjoram
image number 6933
image: 6935
grave: 10776
William Frederick Storkey
image number 6935
image: 6936
grave: 10777
William Cable
image number 6936
image: 6937
grave: 10778
David Budd
image number 6937
image: 6938
grave: 10779
Joannah Garrod
image number 6938
image: 6939
grave: 10780
Samuel Smith
image number 6939
image: 6940
grave: 10781
Sarah Rowe
image number 6940
image: 6941
grave: 10782
Sarah Chapman
image number 6941
image: 6942
grave: 10783
Leonard Arthur Hammond
image number 6942
image: 6943
grave: 10784
Henry Moss
image number 6943
image: 6944
grave: 10785
Emma Chittock
image number 6944
image: 6946
grave: 10786
Elizabeth Eliza Annie Parker
image number 6946
image: 6947
grave: 10787
Aaron Bezant
image number 6947
image: 6948
grave: 10788
Frederick Dale
image number 6948

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