Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 105935Details of grave number 105935 at Lawnswood X Leeds for Arthur Guthrie

Arthur Guthrie grave monument in Lawnswood X cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Arthur Guthrie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Arthur Guthrie
Elizabeth Guthrie
1961821879wife of Arthur Guthrie

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image: 8260099
grave: 105925
Walter James Fletcher
image number 8260099
image: 8260100
grave: 105926
Walter Barff
image number 8260100
image: 8260101
grave: 105927
Douglas Christie
image number 8260101
image: 8260104
grave: 105928
George Corson
image number 8260104
image: 8260105
grave: 105929
Annis Allen
image number 8260105
image: 8260106
grave: 105930
John Garth
image number 8260106
image: 8260107
grave: 105931
Eleanor Augusta Reddard
image number 8260107
image: 8260108
grave: 105932
Thomas Kent
image number 8260108
image: 8260109
grave: 105933
Joseph Nixon
image number 8260109
image: 8260110
grave: 105934
George Henry Heeley
image number 8260110
image: 8260111
grave: 105935
Arthur Guthrie
image number 8260111
image: 8260112
grave: 105936
Sarah Francis Varley
image number 8260112
image: 8260113
grave: 105937
Rhoda Keegan
image number 8260113
image: 8260114
grave: 105938
Isabella Dunwell
image number 8260114
image: 8260115
grave: 105939
William Heyward
image number 8260115
image: 8260116
grave: 105940
Edna Mary Geraghty
image number 8260116
image: 8260117
grave: 105941
Sidney Smyth
image number 8260117
image: 8260118
grave: 105942
Alice Hannah Robinson
image number 8260118
image: 8260119
grave: 105943
Catherine Cass
image number 8260119
image: 8260120
grave: 105944
Grace Edith Horton
image number 8260120
image: 8260121
grave: 105945
Nick Mitchell
image number 8260121

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