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1Natalie Clifford Barney197296
Barney was one of the doyennes of the 20th century Paris literary and artistic salons. The daughter of the American artist Alice Pike Barney; she was renowned for her numerous and famous lesbian lovers (including Renée Vivien; buried in this cemetery); her friendships; her poems and her plays. She was nicknamed the Amazon as mentioned in her epitath. See
2 Boeltz189552
Member of the 96th Infantry Regiment He gained fame during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 at the siege of Phalsbourg and druing the evacuation of the fort La Petite Pierre
3George Buchanan1582
Famous Renaissance scholar historian neoLatin poet and dramatist He taught in Paris Bordeaux Coimbra and St Andrews On his return home in 1561 he sided with the Reformers and became a fierce protagonist against Mary Queen of Scots and was appointed tutor to James VI He died in poverty His actual place of burial is now thought to be in front of the east wall This monument and a window in the Kirk were dedicated to his memory nearly three centuries after his death
4Isabella Christison1883
Mother of Jane Euphemia Brown (and possibly Robert Brown). She was daughter of James Simson. Wife of Alexander Christison, reverend. Famous medical family.
5David Cooper1994
This is the resting place of my maternal Granddad - Geoffrey Victor Cooper born 30Nov1917 at 595 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, died 22Nov1994 at 9 Bishop Road, Shurdington. He was the son of the famous Albert Victor (Vic) Cooper (of H H Martyn and Gloster Aircraft Company that produced some of the earliest aircraft for the first world war and went on to lead the development and production of post WW1 aircraft) and Ellen Louisa Watts. Following the loss of Ellen Louisa in the flu of 1918 Vic remarried to Emmie May (May) Gabb who became mother to Geoffrey, his brother Raymond and their later adopted sister Brenda. Geoffrey married Joyce Joyce Adeline Francis Hoare in 1940, had three daughters and divorced in 1954. In 1959 he married Winifred Flood and married again in 1974 to Dorothy May Bergemann nee Pithers. Geoffrey took the name David upon settling in Shurdington with Dorothy although his Cooper family continued to call him Geoffrey. For more information contact Chris Jarman his grandson at
6Edith Marion Coquelin1917
Edith was the second daughter of John Boyd. She married Gustave Coquelin; the brother of the famous French actor Benoît Coquelin; who was rumoured to be the father of her nephew Henry Paget; the future Marquess of Anglesey. When her sister died; Edith raised the future Marquess; adding to the rumours surrounding his father. The 5th Marquess turned out to be one of the most flamboyant aristocrats of his period.
7John Ramage Dawson1892
COL. JOHN RAMAGE5 DAWSON (ADAM4, ADAM3, WILLIAM2, MATTHEU1 DASON) was born Abt. 1832 in Bonnytown, Linlithgow, Scotland, and died November 28, 1892 in Preston Grange (residence of Lady Grant Suttie), Prestonpans at 4:30 am. He married MARGARET ANDERSON March 10, 1859 in Highholm, Port Glasgow, daughter of JAMES ANDERSON and MARGARET PATON. She was born Abt. 1831 in Highholm Port Glasgow, Renfrew. Christened Port Glasgow 28 Jun 1831 [ERO 574/8], and died May 08, 1898 in 54 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh at 11 h 7 min am of heart disease, aged 66 y. Buried at Dean cemetery 11th May 1898.. Notes for COL. JOHN RAMAGE DAWSON: of Balado, Kinross-shire, and of 54 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, Lieut.-Col., late of Haddington Artillery, Southern Division, R.A., d. 28/11/1892 at Preston Grange, Prestonpans, testate PROPOSED MEMORIAL TO COLONEL DAWSON - A meeting of the Heritors Committee of the Town Council was held on Tuesday evening. Convenor Beattie presided and the other members present were - Provost Gilmour, Baillies Russell and Morrison, and Councollirs Learmouth, and Jospeh Braithwaite. There was submitted to the meeting an application on behalf of the family of the members of the late Colonel john Ramage Dawson, of Balads, for liberty to erect a stained glass window in St Catherine's aisle of St Michael's Church, in memory of the late Colonel. The design, which is a very handsome one, is prepared by Messrs Clayton and Bell the famous stained glass artiste of London, and which is illustrated by texts from the sermon on themount. The design was approved by the committee. and sanction given to its being executed, subject to the Council's approval of the form of dedication, which is yet to be submitted. John R Dawson, Bonside, 30th November 1868, Elected Fellow. Marriage On the 10th inst., at High Holm, Port Glasgow, John Ramadge (!) Dawson, Esq., son of Adam Dawson, Esq., of Bonnytoun, Linlithgow, to Margaret, daughter of James Anderson, Esq., of High Holm. Cause of Death: Acute peritonitis Fact 1: 1881, Living at 54, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Scotland. Fact 2: 1881, Census, servants Mary Neill, Isabella Stewart, Elizabeth Marshall Fact 3: 1881, Census, Adelheid Von Kliefer, visitor. Fact 8: Occupation: 1891_Colonel Royal Art. Fact 9: Occupation: 1881_Major Haddington Artillery Militia J P Kinross & Linlithgow Fact 10: Occupation: 1859&1866_Planter in Ceylon Fact 11: Living at: July 1873_Old Bonnytoun, Linlithgow;1882_Westfield House, Balado;1881&1891_54, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Scotland. Fact 12: Occupation: Distiller;1864&1869_Landed Proprietor, Ceylon Fact 13: Living at 1841_St Magdalene's Park
8Marie de Franqueville190056
Daughter of Eugène Schaeffer of the famous Schaeffer-Erard family of piano-makers. Her dowry ws the château of La Muette; close to the cemetery. The grounds of this château were later purchased by the Rothschilds family; who built the current château which is home to OECD.
9Adrien Jules de Lasteyrie du Saillant188373
married Olivia de Rohan-Chabot daughter of Louis de Rohan-Chabot - he was a grandson of the famous French hero the Marquis de Lafayette He opposed the future emperor Napoléon III and was a fervent supporter of King Louis-Philippe He was elected senator for life in 1875 after the fall of Napoléon III
10Adrien Jules de Lasteyrie du Saillant188373
Adrien de La Steyrie married Olivia de Rohan-Chabot; daughter of Louis de Rohan-Chabot. Adrien was a grandson of the famous French hero; the Marquis de Lafayette. He opposed the future emperor Napoléon III and was a fervent supporter of King Louis-Philippe. He was elected senator for life in 1875 after the fall of Napoléon III.
11Ernest de Lipowski190461
Lipowski was born in Strasbourg to an exiled Polish family. He rose to national fame in 1870 when he recaptured Chateaudun for the French from the Prussians during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. He was promoted to general at the age of 27; but this grade was reduced after the war. He then accepted a commission from the Russian army with the confirmed rank of general.
12Ernest de Lipowski190461
Lipowski was born in Strasbourg to an exiled Polish family. He rose to national fame in 1870 when he recaptured Chateaudun for the French from the Prussians during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. He was promoted to general at the age of 27; but this grade was reduced after the war. He then accepted a commission from the Russian army with the confirmed rank of general.
13Celia Denley189559
she worked for the Earl of Coventry, married the park keeper of a menagerie at Coom Park, the Earl's home and had a famous cricketer living with her!
14Henry Dundas
Famous politician; became 1st Viscount Melville and is honoured by the statue on top of the column in St. Andrew Square
15Alexandre Gustave Eiffel192391
The world-famous engineer who created the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty in New York His workshops were in Levallois Full biography: http://en wikipedia org/wiki/Gustave_Eiffel
16Charles Hay Forbes53
Third son. Became a banker in Edinburgh 1830-38; then in Glasgow 1838-44. Returned to Edinburgh 1844-46. Lived in Rugby; Warwickshire; 1848-53. Returned again to Edinburgh in 1853 and purchased Canaan Park; off the Grange Loan (now part of Atlie Ainslie Hospital.) Married 5th July 1833 to his cousin; 3rd daughter of the 15th chief of Glengarry. Her uncle; Col. James MacDonnell; was famous for his exploit in closing the gates at the farmhouse at Hougoument; when the French had almost burst into the yard; at the Battle of Waterloo; in 1815. They were the parents of 4 sons and 5 daughters. The eldest son inherited his uncle's baronetcy whilst living in New Zealand; where his descendants still live. Charles died 5th November; at Canaan Park and is interred in South Burial Ground. Window was erected to the memory of Charles by his wife and seven surviving children in July 1860
17William Forbes53
Eldest son; 7th Baronet. Famous banker in Edinburgh from 1795 until his death. The family bank; of Sir William Forbes and Co. did much to provide loans and in securing capital for much of the building of Edinburgh New Town. A friend of Sir. Walter Scott; and was nominated chairman of the Trustees of the creditors when Sir Walter faced financial ruin in 1826. He was one of the seven original Trustees of St John's; entrusted with the task of purchasing the ground and raising the capital to build the church. In fact he was the largest shareholder. Married 19th January 1797; . She was Sir Walter's first love. They were the parents of 4 sons and 2 daughters. William died 24th October at Colinton and is interred with his wife in Greyfriars. GPR. Grave ref no. 138317
18Louis Julius Gallois184974
Mayor of the commune of Bercy when it was outside the Paris city limits; 1815-1821. Founded the famous Bercy wine stores which were the principal local industry. See
19R D Garware194525
WO Ramo Digamber Garware 1190419 RAFVR was an Indian Hindu who had connections with Mrs Wilson, an elderly lady who lived at Old Well Cottage in The Leigh through the Second World War. Our only memories of him are of him walking down in uniform to visit her. The Palfrey family tell how he would stunt and wave to her over her house and Wellcroft farm buildings, so giving her concern. Little is known of Mrs Wilson but she organised knitting groups there with school children making items for servicemen and left around the end of the war. WO Garware’s grave is marked with a headstone placed in The Leigh churchyard in the 1950s and is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Church records show that Mrs Wilson died some three months afterwards but has an unmarked grave which is probably alongside his. However, more information has been found from the internet which confirms that he was forced to crash land in Spitfire P8547 after engine failure in Scotland and died in hospital the following day – 23 December 1943 aged 25. He was at the time attached to RAF 58 Operational Training Unit at RAF Kinross, Sheerdale, Clackmannon and is named on the memorial panel amongst those lost there. Other postings show that he was in the UK for studying and joined the RAF on the outbreak of the war. Also that he had UK nationality and that he was the son of Digamber Chantanan Garware and Mathubia Garware and husband of Margaret Garware of Coombe Hill. His marriage was not known of in the village but we find that he married a Margaret Mary McLaren in the Calderhead District of Lanarkshire, Scotland, sometime in 1943. This means that he was only married for a few months before his death and, as nothing can be traced for a link at Coombe Hill, it seems possible that it comes from Mrs Wilson’s address that would have been “The Leigh, Coombe Hill” in those days. It would be expected that they lived in married quarters in Scotland. Another interesting postingappears to come from the USA and refers to someone’s father’s wartime diary which reads :- Sunday 9th November 1941 Ternhill. Poor old Garware told us his woes. His father is Indian, made a lot of money and owns a car factory. G’s father has given two Spitfires to the British Government, sent G to England to join the RAF (which cost £1000) and yet G cannot get a commission although he has a degree from Bombay University. Research of the Garware name shows that Bhalchandra Diginbar G was the pioneering industrialist not Diginbar Chatanam buit Ramo may have been closely related to the famous Bhalchandra who became Sheriff of Bombay in 1959 and founded many charitable trusts, schools and colleges. The Garware group of companies can be found thriving today around the Mumbai area. Another interesting link comes from the fact that Spitfire P8547 was a presentation aircraft known as “Indian Posts”. Ternhill is still an airfield in Shropshire.
20Louis Gasté199587
Leading French Jazz musician and composer; and husband of one of France's most famous performers; Line Renaud. Gasté was acknowledged as theoriginal composer of the song 'Feelings'.
21Alfred Kranzler191170Succeeded his father and developed the fame of the Café Kranzler
22Johann Georg Kranzler186672
Born in Vienna. Founder of one of the most famous cafés in Berlin; the Café Krantzler on Unter der Linden.
23Dorothy Ann Laws1897
Dorothy Ann's maiden name was Oliver and she was born in Winlaton, her brother was John Oliver, better known as Coffee Johnny, an infamous hard drinking bare knuckle fighter, who's mentioned in the sixth verse of 'The Blaydon Races!' She is buried with her husband William Laws.
24Louis Thomas Gunnis Leonowens191963
Son of the famous Anna Leonowens; the governess to the the royal family of Siam (Thailand) immortalised in the film 'The King and I'. He later served in the Siamese cavalry and afterwards became a merchant in Siam.
25Lucien Denis Albéric Magnard191449
Composer known as the French Bruckner; and also an occasional music critic for his father's paper. He died in 1914 defending his house against attack from German troops. His 'Hymn à la justice' was a passionate defence of Alfred Dreyfus; of the famous Dreyfus affair.
26Pierre Armand Joseph Marmottan186482
Born in Quesnoy; died in Dassy; banker. A member of the celebrated family from northern France who founded the nearby museum of the same name famous for its collection of Impressionist paintings. His son Pierre became a member of the French Parliament.
27Abraham Ernst Mendelssohn-Bartholdy183559
Son of the famous Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelsson and father of the composers and pianists Felix and Fanny Mendelsson; he became a partner in his brother's bank. He once complained that Once I was the son of a famous father; now I am the father of a famous son.
28Joseph Murray192872
Joseph Murray was the son of Hugh Murray and Mary Annan. Hugh originally came from Durness to Wick. Hugh was the son of Robert Murray and Catherine Morison. They married in Durness in 1804. Robert was the son of Hugh Murray and Christian Down or Calder. Christian was the daughter of a famous Gaelic poet, Robert Donn McKay (Calder).
29John George Naish1905famous painter
30Archibald Pitcairn171361
Probably the most famous celebrated physician of his time one of the three first professors of medicine in the Touis College later the University of Edinburgh (One of the other two Robert Sibbald though not buried here is commemorated by a plaque on the south wall) A supporter of Jacobite cause he lived life to the full and was impatient with the puritanical ways of the Presbyterian Scots He ordered a quantity of wine to be buried in his grave to be consumed only when the Stuart dynasty was restored His tomb was renovated in 1800 (and the wine apparently drunk) and again by the Royal College of Physicians of Scotland in 1952
31William Robertson1793
This impressive monument commemorates one of the most famous of Edinburghs academics He was Historiographer Royal for Scotland Principal of the University and Minister of Greyfriars Kirk A friend of the Scott family he was an outstanding figure in the Scottish Enlightenment and very influential in the General Assembly as leader of the Moderate wing
32Pierre Louis Roederer183581
A distant cousin of the famous Champagne family Roederer was the archetype of the French revolutionaries A lawyer from Metz blocked from advancement before the revolution by insufficient noble blood he was elected to the Assemblée Nationale in 1789 and quickly rose to prominence principally in economic and financial mattters In 1791 he persuaded Louis XVI and his family to take refuge in the Assemblée Originally opposed to Napoléon he became close to the emperor who was introduced to him by Talleyrand (whose marriage he witnessed) Napoléon commented on several occasions on his admiration for Roederer Talleyrand was entrusted with several diplomatic missions and was despatched to Naples as Minister of Finance under Napoléon's brother He was commissaire for the public spirit with the responsability for education and theatres
33Pierre Louis Roederer183581
A distant cousin of the famous Champagne family; Roederer was the archetype of the French revolutionaries. A lawyer from Metz blocked from advancement before the revolution by insufficient noble blood; he was elected to the Assemblée Nationale in 1789 and quickly rose to prominence; principally in economic and financial mattters. In 1791 he persuaded Louis XVI and his family to take refuge in the Assemblée. Originally opposed to Napoléon; he became close to the emperor who was introduced to him by Talleyrand (whose marriage he witnessed). Napoléon commented on several occasions on his admiration for Roederer. Talleyrand was entrusted with several diplomatic missions; and was despatched to Naples as Minister of Finance under Napoléon's brother. He was also appointed commissaire for the public spirit; with the responsability for education and theatres. He fared less well under the restored French kings; even though his son-in-law; Baron Gourgaud (also buried in this cemetery) was an ADC to King Louis-Philippe.
34Percival Joseph Rush193120
died 23 Aug 1931. Percival was the son of Thomas Diego (or Diego Thomas), famous rugby player and Bridget Rush (nee Duffy). Bridget's parents emigrated from Ireland on SS Opawa and arrived in New Zealand in November 1879 after a 90 day voyage. Brideget was born in New Zealand.
35Herbert Stern198484
His mother plotted with the the famous Candian-English industrialist; Arthur 'Boy' Capel (lover of Coco Chanel); to marry Capel's sister to Herbert in return for a settlement for life on Capel's sister and the assurance she would never have children with Herbert; leaving the way open for Jack Stern to inherit the estate and the title. The 1st Lord Michelham was forced to sign a document agreeing to settle a fortune on his future daughter-in-law when he was on his death-bed. The scandal was exposed in the early 1920s. Lord Michelham subsequently remarried and the last name on the gravestone refers to his surviving widow.
36Robert StrangeFamous engraver.
37Jane Margaret Strickland1888
Jane was the 4th of the Strickland sisters who were all to become notable authors during the 19th century, Agnes being the most famous. The family lived in Reydon Hall situated just outside Southwold where Jane is buried. Her publications include 'Juvenile Scrapbook 1849' 'Sacred Minstrely 1838' and historical work 'Rome, Regal and Republican, A Family History of Rome 1854'
38Mary Calder Teape190174
Born November 2nd; died October 11th. Grand daughter of Thomas Rymer Marshall (1824 to 1901). Elder brother was William Calder Marshall a famous Victorian sculptor.
39John Lawrence Tiller193859
Son of the famous theatrical impressario John Tiller; he succeedd his father as the manager of 'The Tiller Girls'.
40Patrick Fraser Tytler184959Author of a famous 9-volume History of Scotland published 1828-40 died 24th December 1849
41Paul Verlaine189651
Verlaine was one of the greatest 19th century poets and a member of the Parnassian circle. He was an infamous bixsexual who had a homosexual affair with fellow poet; Arthur Rimbaud. Verlaine lived in England from 1872-1876.
42Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobbelsdorf175354Artist and architect of the famous 'Sans Souci' palace in Potsdam for Frederick the Great of Prussia

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