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1John Ainslie
Lillias Walker was Lt Col John Ainslie's second wife. His first wife Sarah Geddies bore him ~8 children, including George Hewitt Ainslie who married Margaret Johnston of the famous Scottish map making family. There is also a burial record for Lt Col John Ainslie at St. Mary's Parish Church in Haddington in East Lothian.
2George Buchanan1582
Famous Renaissance scholar historian neoLatin poet and dramatist He taught in Paris Bordeaux Coimbra and St Andrews On his return home in 1561 he sided with the Reformers and became a fierce protagonist against Mary Queen of Scots and was appointed tutor to James VI He died in poverty His actual place of burial is now thought to be in front of the east wall This monument and a window in the Kirk were dedicated to his memory nearly three centuries after his death
3Isabella Christison1883
Mother of Jane Euphemia Brown (and possibly Robert Brown). She was daughter of James Simson. Wife of Alexander Christison, reverend. Famous medical family.
4Agnes Winifred Cox18962
Agnes was 22 when she died. Her father was Rev Stephen Cox, a Wesleyan minister and her mother was Julia Susanna Prest. Julia was one of the daughters of Charles Prest, a famous Wesleyan minister born in 1804 in Bath. He is buried in Nunhead cemetery in Southwak with other family members, including Agnes' sister, Josephine.
5John Ramage Dawson1892
COL. JOHN RAMAGE5 DAWSON (ADAM4, ADAM3, WILLIAM2, MATTHEU1 DASON) was born Abt. 1832 in Bonnytown, Linlithgow, Scotland, and died November 28, 1892 in Preston Grange (residence of Lady Grant Suttie), Prestonpans at 4:30 am. He married MARGARET ANDERSON March 10, 1859 in Highholm, Port Glasgow, daughter of JAMES ANDERSON and MARGARET PATON. She was born Abt. 1831 in Highholm Port Glasgow, Renfrew. Christened Port Glasgow 28 Jun 1831 [ERO 574/8], and died May 08, 1898 in 54 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh at 11 h 7 min am of heart disease, aged 66 y. Buried at Dean cemetery 11th May 1898.. Notes for COL. JOHN RAMAGE DAWSON: of Balado, Kinross-shire, and of 54 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, Lieut.-Col., late of Haddington Artillery, Southern Division, R.A., d. 28/11/1892 at Preston Grange, Prestonpans, testate PROPOSED MEMORIAL TO COLONEL DAWSON - A meeting of the Heritors Committee of the Town Council was held on Tuesday evening. Convenor Beattie presided and the other members present were - Provost Gilmour, Baillies Russell and Morrison, and Councollirs Learmouth, and Jospeh Braithwaite. There was submitted to the meeting an application on behalf of the family of the members of the late Colonel john Ramage Dawson, of Balads, for liberty to erect a stained glass window in St Catherine's aisle of St Michael's Church, in memory of the late Colonel. The design, which is a very handsome one, is prepared by Messrs Clayton and Bell the famous stained glass artiste of London, and which is illustrated by texts from the sermon on themount. The design was approved by the committee. and sanction given to its being executed, subject to the Council's approval of the form of dedication, which is yet to be submitted. John R Dawson, Bonside, 30th November 1868, Elected Fellow. Marriage On the 10th inst., at High Holm, Port Glasgow, John Ramadge (!) Dawson, Esq., son of Adam Dawson, Esq., of Bonnytoun, Linlithgow, to Margaret, daughter of James Anderson, Esq., of High Holm. Cause of Death: Acute peritonitis Fact 1: 1881, Living at 54, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Scotland. Fact 2: 1881, Census, servants Mary Neill, Isabella Stewart, Elizabeth Marshall Fact 3: 1881, Census, Adelheid Von Kliefer, visitor. Fact 8: Occupation: 1891_Colonel Royal Art. Fact 9: Occupation: 1881_Major Haddington Artillery Militia J P Kinross & Linlithgow Fact 10: Occupation: 1859&1866_Planter in Ceylon Fact 11: Living at: July 1873_Old Bonnytoun, Linlithgow;1882_Westfield House, Balado;1881&1891_54, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Scotland. Fact 12: Occupation: Distiller;1864&1869_Landed Proprietor, Ceylon Fact 13: Living at 1841_St Magdalene's Park
6Amelia Warren Griffiths
Famous botanist in her time. Born 14 January, 1768. Daughter of John Rogers and Emily Warren. Married 1794 to Reverend William Griffiths of Oxford. Rector of parish of St Edmonds, Salisbury. Had son, John Rogers Griffiths. She died 1858. She is linked to one of the manors of Trentishoe.
7Dorothy Ann Laws1897
Dorothy Ann's maiden name was Oliver and she was born in Winlaton, her brother was John Oliver, better known as Coffee Johnny, an infamous hard drinking bare knuckle fighter, who's mentioned in the sixth verse of 'The Blaydon Races!' She is buried with her husband William Laws.
8Charles Muirhead1898Charles was proprietor of famous MUIRHEAD SCOTCH
9Charles Muirhead186565
Charles was Proprietor of famous MUIRHEAD SCOTCH in Edinburgh Great grandfather of Muirheads from Ontario, Canada
10Joseph Murray192872
Joseph Murray was the son of Hugh Murray and Mary Annan. Hugh originally came from Durness to Wick. Hugh was the son of Robert Murray and Catherine Morison. They married in Durness in 1804. Robert was the son of Hugh Murray and Christian Down or Calder. Christian was the daughter of a famous Gaelic poet, Robert Donn McKay (Calder).
11Archibald Pitcairn171361
Probably the most famous celebrated physician of his time one of the three first professors of medicine in the Touis College later the University of Edinburgh (One of the other two Robert Sibbald though not buried here is commemorated by a plaque on the south wall) A supporter of Jacobite cause he lived life to the full and was impatient with the puritanical ways of the Presbyterian Scots He ordered a quantity of wine to be buried in his grave to be consumed only when the Stuart dynasty was restored His tomb was renovated in 1800 (and the wine apparently drunk) and again by the Royal College of Physicians of Scotland in 1952
12William Robertson1793
This impressive monument commemorates one of the most famous of Edinburghs academics He was Historiographer Royal for Scotland Principal of the University and Minister of Greyfriars Kirk A friend of the Scott family he was an outstanding figure in the Scottish Enlightenment and very influential in the General Assembly as leader of the Moderate wing
13Jane Margaret Strickland1888
Jane was the 4th of the Strickland sisters who were all to become notable authors during the 19th century, Agnes being the most famous. The family lived in Reydon Hall situated just outside Southwold where Jane is buried. Her publications include 'Juvenile Scrapbook 1849' 'Sacred Minstrely 1838' and historical work 'Rome, Regal and Republican, A Family History of Rome 1854'

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