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Worcestershire locations that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
namesrequestsstatuspending notesdate added
AmblecoteHoly Trinity241,606 16 November 2013
BelbroughtonHoly Trinity18601,606 before 2010
BredonSt Giles4508741,606 31 March 2015
Bredons NortonSt Giles1192351,606 31 March 2015
BroadheathChristchurch661071,606 18 December 2012
BushleySt Peter1773521,606 25 May 2014
Callow EndSt James2044431,606 26 November 2011
CastlemortonSt Gregory4687981,606 28 July 2013
Chaddesley CorbettChaddesley Corbett21631,606 before 2010
ColwallSt James the Great5101,606 01 December 2013
Croome d'AbitotSt Mary Madalene33881,606 26 November 2011
Crown East and RushwickSt Thomas1282321,606 26 November 2011
DeffordSt James17331,606 25 May 2014
Droitwich SpaSt Augustine962501,606 before 2010
DymockSt Mary the Virgin38471,606 18 December 2012
Earls CroomeSt Nicholas741411,607 26 November 2011
EckingtonHoly Trinity881901,606 10 August 2014
FeckenhamSt John the Baptist20671,606 08 July 2021
Great MalvernMunicipal7971,2761,607 22 February 2014
Priory1002061,606 29 July 2013
Great WitleySt Michael and All Angels12201,606 31 March 2015
GrimleySt Bartholomew16231,606 18 December 2012
HallowSt Philip and St James1842801,606 18 December 2012
Hanley CastleSt Mary1572631,606 10 August 2014
Hill CroomeSt Mary51981,607 22 February 2014
Hook CommonThe Church of the Good Shepherd991451,606 22 February 2014
InkberrowSt Peter1612801,606 14 July 2012
KempseySt Mary the Virgin661431,607 before 2010
Little MalvernSt Giles Priory911331,606 02 April 2015
MalvernSt James771201,606 02 October 2011
St James2603941,607 02 October 2011
St Matthias6451,0481,606believed to be complete except inside church 23 June 2011
St Peter Cowleigh Bank2784411,606 29 July 2011
NorthfieldSt Laurence13481,606 before 2010
NortonSt James841541,606 26 November 2011
War Memorial15151,606 27 February 2012
PinvinSt Nicholas9161,606 before 2010
PowickSt Peter3526541,606 15 March 2012
QueenhillSt Nicholas1222241,606 29 July 2013
RippleSt Mary3635991,609 10 August 2014
Severn StokeSt Deny1483091,606 23 August 2011
SpetchleyAll Saints43741,606 14 July 2012
Stoke LacySt Peter and St Paul6101,606 18 December 2012
Upton on SevernMunicipal2555251,606 23 August 2011
Upton SnodsburySt Kenelm901871,606 14 July 2012
Upton upon SevernCholera Burial Ground37371,606 31 March 2015
St Paul and St Peter7121,606 25 May 2014
WellandSt James1151871,606 31 March 2015
White Ladies AstonSt John the Baptist54971,606 29 March 2012
WichenfordSt Laurence2434141,608 28 July 2013
WorcesterSt John9041,4781,606 09 December 2012

The Worcestershire area list

The grave monument sites within Worcestershire listed above (with links) are ones that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or other memorial sites, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

The list below gives the complete list of pending locations within Worcestershire.

Worcestershire grave monument locations scheduled to be photographed and indexed by the GPR

No pending cemeteries listed.

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