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Gravestone photographic resource  page Suffolk (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Suffolk listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
AkenhamSt Mary37698
AldeburghSt Peter and St Paul6271183551
AldertonSt Andrew20032655
St Andrew508947
AldringhamSt Andrew9017075
AssingtonSt Edmund26445129
War Memorial18180
BadinghamSt John the Baptist27344066
BardwellSt Peter St Paul5210427
BarhamSt Mary and St Peter31447764
BarnbySt John the Baptist9217988
BarnhamWar Memorial22221
BarninghamSt Andrew447150
BarshamHoly Trinity9619025
BawdseySt Mary11419635
BecclesMunicipal1616no photos available
BedingfieldWar Memorial14140
BelsteadSt Mary16431676
BenhallSt Mary9714528
St Mary489
St Mary Old219435100
BentleySt Mary7414880
St Mary new15225029
BeytonAll Saints15526839
BildestonSt Mary Magdalene35266515
BlaxhallSt Peter230375103
BlundestonSt Mary the Virgin357710299only pre 1901
BlythburghHoly Trinity126227177only pre 1901
BotesdaleSt Botolph124
War Memorial747419
BoulgeSt Michael and All Angels497719
BoytonSt Andrew14523851
Bradfield St GeorgeSt George18229048
Bradford St ClareSt Clare8916121
BraiseworthSt Mary (Old)631163believed to be complete
War Memorial551believed to be complete
BramfieldSt Andrew26440351
United Reform Church397512
BramfordWar Memorial24244
BramptonWar Memorial11110
BrandestonAll Saints17427736
BranthamSt Michael the Archangel27945723
St Michael the Archangel9816876
St Michael the Archangel27945733
St Michael the Archangel lower churchyard22937742
BredfieldSt Andrew15227628
St Andrew15227631
Broad BlunsdonSt Leonard13927421
BromeswellSt Edmund14122441
BruisyardParish Church123
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St Peter13522414
BrundishSt Lawrence10517773
BuckleshamSt Mary21535492
BungayWar Memorial13913919
BurghSt Botolph254214
St Botolph6611215
BurstallSt Mary10918229
Bury St EdmundsBoer War Memorial1931932believed to be complete
Martyrs Monument18185believed to be complete
Old Baptist Chapel203211
St Edmundsbury Cathedral243731only pre 1901
St Edmundsbury interior13416015inside church only
St Mary330618423only pre 1901
St Mary interior496541875inside church only
ButleySt John the Baptist8715311
St John the Baptist305516
St John the Baptist (new)12818620
BuxhallSt Mary23141320
Campsea AsheSt John the Baptist8714982only pre 1901
Carlton ColvilleSt Peter239508169only pre 1901
CharsfieldSt Peter6312567only pre 1901
St Peter18531428
ChattishamSt Mary and All Saints7313426
ChelmondistonBaptist Chapel426819
St Andrew356640196
ChillesfordSt Peter6510531believed to be complete
ChiltonSt Mary120
ClareSt Peter and St Paul1532768
St Peter and St Paul War Memorial39390
ClaydonSt Peter14226327
CloptonSt Mary the Virgin437036only pre 1901
St Mary the Virgin14524914
St Mary the Virgin14524917
CockfieldCongregational Chapel12190
St Peter941661
St Peter War Memorial31311
CombsSt Mary5110128
St Mary415740122
Coney WestonSt Mary1522914590% complete
CookleySt Michael and All Angels7511520
CopdockSt Peter27948088
CortonSt Bartholomew153324113only pre 1901
War Memorial22220
CottonWar Memorial14140
CovehitheSt Andrew61117only pre 1901
CowlingeSt Margaret Antioch8917246
CransfordSt Peter9514421
CratfieldSt Mary22135654
Creeting St MarySt Mary23840511
Creeting St PeterSt Peter12623013
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St Peter War Memorial880
CulphoSt Botolph32569
DallinghooSt Mary14226731
St Mary14226736
DarshamAll Saints24645096
DrinkstoneAll Saints21532854
DunwichSt James5711283only pre 1901
Earl SohamSt Mary14421730
Earl StonhamSt Mary3645863
East BergholtMunicipal7601223111
St Mary the Virgin15124330
EastbridgeParish Church548840
EastonAll Saints9116613
ElmswellMethodist Church9178
St John the Divine230
St John the Divine15123560
ElvedenSt Andrew and St Patrick111209105only pre 1901
ErwartonSt Mary10919225
EustonWar Memorial13130
EyeWar Memorial60604
EykeAll Saints15125255
Fakenham MagnaSt Peter681259
FalkenhamSt Ethelbert9214529
FarnhamSt Mary13623919
FelixstoweMunicipal Convent60603
Municipal Cremation Memorials9801163149
St Peter and St Paul7541472308
St Peter and St Paul Garden of Rembrance12913116
Town Municipal27784481859
War Memorial2742741
FelshamSt Peter1622584
St Peter War Memorial1311312
FinninghamWar Memorial17170
FornhamAll Saints396636
FressingfieldSt Peter and St Paul1429
St Peter and St Paul1429
FrestonSt Peter13924751
FristonSt Mary10718994
FrostendenAll Saints6110839
War Memorial25250
GazeleyAll Saints371
GeddingSt Mary661585
GislinghamWar Memorial18180
Great AshfieldAll Saints24339165
Great BartonHoly Innocent179327173only pre 1901
War Memorial23230
Great BealingsSt Mary21637765
Great BradleySt Mary508923
Great FinboroughSt Andrew2794626
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Great LivermereSt Peter80150115
War Memorial12120
Great WaldingfieldSt Lawrence61413
GrundisburghSt Mary18532648
GuntonSt Peter5101only pre 1901
Gunton St PeterSt Peter37963149
HachestonAll Saints13022121
HalesworthMunicipal1515no photos available
HarksteadSt Mary14322860
HarlestonSt Augustine12315431
HasketonSt Andrew27448670
HaughleySt Mary the Virgin505800118
HemleyAll Saints25367
HenleySt Peter15424736
Henstead cum HulverSt Mary22
St Mary10620292
HepworthSt Peter498954
War Memorial13131
HerringfleetSt Margaret8017891only pre 1901
HessettSt Ethelbert20231451
HeveninghamSt Margaret9616121
HinderclaySt Mary9214332
War Memorial18184
HindleshamSt Nicholas416545
HinghamSt Mary387313
HolbrookAll Saints408730170
HollesleyAll Saints (remembrance wall)1115
All Saints New8811036
All Saints Old14523254
HomersfieldSt Mary1713197
HoningtonAll Saints6110645
All Saints 227238922
HoptonAll Saints5010753only pre 1901
HoxneWar Memorial26262
HunstonSt Michael6411315
HuntingfieldSt Mary the Virgin14925830
IkenSt Botolph6210421
IlketshallSt Margaret (roll of honour)440
New Municipal243
Old Municipal CWGC WW113914020
Old Municipal CWGC WW2717110
Old Municipal Jewish Section12174
Old Municipal Section B22946387
Old Municipal Section C377772133
Old Municipal Section D346672102
Old Municipal Section E335653107
Old Municipal Section F424884163
Old Municipal Section G25554386
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Old Municipal Section H5801130164
Old Municipal Section J5391128176
Old Municipal Section L443928145
Old Municipal Section M19434865
Old Municipal Section NN20136241
Old Municipal Section O5311109171
Old Municipal Section Q4941110147
Old Municipal Sections K-L15431069
Old Section V (Quaker)12516258
St Augustine13519912
St Clement345635
St Laurence242
St Margaret6411368only pre 1901
St Mary-le-Tower183618
St Matthew376424only pre 1901
St Nicholas10116921
IxworthSt Mary the Virgin124229113only pre 1901
Ixworth ThorpeSt Mary the Virgin9614415
KesgraveAll Saints21841527
All Saints21841650
All Saints new51473871
KettleburghSt Andrew14722644
St Peter and St John92219103
KirtonSt Mary and St Martin23136278
KnodishallSt Lawrence7014839
LavenhamMunicipal (part 1)22041022
LaxfieldAll Saints6011027
All Saints (interior)18390
War Memorial43430
Leiston cum SizewellQuaker Burial Ground9210630
St Margaret331674321
LevingtonSt Peter12119761
LindseySt Peter437116
Linstead ParvaSt Margaret of Antioch13823222
LintonUnited Reform122
Little BealingsAll Saints17229844
All Saints17229833
Little BlakenhamSt Mary8514122
Little GlemhamSt Andrew15926472
Little SaxhamSt Nicholas981791
Little WhelnehamSt Mary Magdalene9515336
LoundSt John the Baptist23845678believed to be complete
LowestoftMunicipal88201100only pre 1901
St Margaret14531816150% complete
Market WestonSt Marypending
War Memorial770
MarlesfordSt Andrew17931686
MartleshamSt Mary35854198
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Old Church (part 2)205817
Old Church WW1 Wooden Crosses890
St Audreys Hospital21922531
MendhamAll Saints18530733
MiddletonHoly Trinity153280163only pre 1901
MonewdenWar Memorial661believed to be complete
MutfordSt Andrew109216104only pre 1901
NactonSt Martin318516120believed to be complete
NewbourneSt Mary11016451
North CoveSt Botolph8918175only pre 1901
NortonBaptist Church507814
St Andrew36057799
War Memorial31310
OakleySt Nicholas War Memorial770
Old NewtonSt Mary24040689
OnehouseSt John the Baptist12918729
OrfordSt Bartholomew412705216
OultonSt Michael14228192only pre 1901
PakefieldAll Saints and St Margaret6314164only pre 1901
St Mary193391210
PalgraveSt Peter6011758
War Memorial22220
ParhamSt Mary the Virgin23738046
PeasenhallSt Michael and All Angels19633855
PettistreeSt Peter and St Paul16330177
PlayfordSt Mary12223223
St Mary1222329
St Mary1222324
St Mary1222322
RamsholtAll Saints699427
All Saints (interior)5170
War Memorial990
St Nicholas13523311
RedgraveSt Mary24134599
RendleshamSt Gregory15626523
St Gregory the Great8216345
Rickinghall SuperiorSt Mary316044only pre 1901
RisbySt Giles1262325
St Giles War Memorial990
RoughamSt Mary434699124
RumburghSt Michael and St Felix21835541
RushbrookeSt Nicholas8815846
St Michael489041only pre 1901
Rushmere St AndrewSt Andrew444826134
Santon DownhamSt Mary the Virgin1612915believed to be complete
War Memorial551believed to be complete
SapistonSt Andrew7213189only pre 1901
SaxmundhamSt John2244730
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United Reform Church1062029
SaxteadAll Saints23637949
ShellandKing Charles the Martyr9615619
ShipmeadowSt Bartholomew611052no photos available
ShotleySt Mary315522122
St Mary Naval28330043
St Mary Naval28330022
ShottishamSt Margaret11718132
SibtonSt Peter21438542
SnapeSt John the Baptist New12421032
St John the Baptist Old19035657
SomerleytonSt Mary126274157only pre 1901
SomershamSt Mary122
SotterleySt Margaret10221223
South CoveSt Laurence5810052only pre 1901
SoutholtWar Memorial880
SouthwoldMunicipal384384believed to be complete except inside church
St Edmund4991035564only pre 1901
St Edmund (old cremations)12920725
St Edmund (old cremations)16425436
SpexhallSt Peter17726249believed to be complete
SproughtonAll Saints28152790
StantonSt John193828
SternfieldSt Mary Magdalene20636249
Stoke AshWar Memorial110
Stonham ParvaSt Mary the Virgin2993148
StowlangtoftSt George6911049
St George16925223
StowmarketSt Peter and St Mary5511726
StowuplandHoly Trinity44751
StradbrokeWar Memorial24240
StradishallSt Margaret457444
Stratford St AndrewSt Andrew234113
Stratford St MarySt Mary7513669only pre 1901
StustonAll Saints18830213
StuttonSt Peter18832068
SudbourneAll Saints16225764
SudburyWar Memorial3023026
SuttonAll Saints18932189
SwefflingSt Mary the Virgin12520129
SwillandSt Mary11317225
SylehamSt Margaret591078
TanningtonSt Ethelbert14623232
TattingstoneSt Mary84169113
St Mary8416996
ThebertonSt Peter285914only pre 1901
St Peter356921
St Peter108174149
St Peter12821440
St Peter261
St Peter381
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St Peter (new graveyard)12021025
ThelnethamSt Nicholas1442421
St Nicholaspending
War Memorial880
ThoringtonSt Peter7614317
ThrandestonWar Memorial14142believed to be complete
ThurstonSt Peter7561273207
TostockSt Andrew24337160
St Andrew457724
Trimley St MartinSt Martin258481126
Trimley St MarySt Mary350625150
TrostonSt Mary791351
St Mary6511742
TuddenhamSt Martin15526445
TunstallBaptist Chapel142813believed to be complete
Baptist New8914828believed to be complete
St Michael18030063
UbbestonSt Peter611058
UffordSt Mary of the Assumption24340159
UggeshallSt Mary War Memorial660
WalberswickSt Andrew37258978
WaldringfieldAll Saints17131058
Waldringfield HeathBaptist Chapel13223541
WalpoleOld Chapel37703
St Mary14924436
Walsham le WillowsCongregational Church351
St Mary the Virgin19231060
St Mary27548092
WantisdenSt John the Baptist12228
WattisfieldSt Margaret2539
WenhastonSt Peter13724321
West RowSt Peter12120716
WesterfieldSt Mary Magdalene26342459
WesthorpeWar Memorial13130
WestletonSt Peter325566132
WestonSt Peter13827858
WetherdenBaptist Church11919117
St Mary19632740
Wetheringsett cum BrockfordWar Memorial28280
WhersteadSt Mary22338171
WhittonMillennium Yew Garden51643
St Mary and St Botolph478829149
War Memorial19193
Wickham MarketAll Saints14126232
All Saints12023351
WilteshamSt Mary363
WingfieldSt Andrew27540650
War Memorial13130
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WitneshamSt Mary25842171
WoodbridgeNew (A) Municipal23938773
New (B) Municipal19730451
New (C) Municipal22531037
New (D) Municipal34760297
New (E) Municipal16629771
New (F) Municipal16320931
Old (A) Municipal244498100
Old (B) Municipal429820191
Old (C) Municipal16131162
Old (D) Municipal6712538
Quaker Burial Ground15197
St John11119741
St John000pending
St Mary15527893
WooddittonSt Mary the Virgin9617118
WoolpitSt Mary576938175
War Memorial32320
WoolvestoneSt Michael15827946
WorlinghamAll Saints189365209only pre 1901
WorthamSt Mary the Virgin549188only pre 1901
War Memorial38380
WrenthamMunicipal666666no photos available
St Nicholas349751no photos available
WyverstoneSt George14423558
YaxleyWar Memorial12120
YoxfordSt Peter226439186only pre 1901
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Suffolk cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Suffolk.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteerstatusexpected date to
be added to GPR

Market Weston

St MaryJohn Lockscheduled to be photographedApril 2017


St NicholasJonathan Kirbyscheduled to be photographedFebruary 2018

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