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Gravestone photographic resource  page Somerset (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Somerset listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

imagecity / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
namesrequestsstatuspending notesdate added
Holy Trinity (roll of honour)Abbots LeighHoly Trinity (roll of honour)1261263believed to be complete 17 January 2018
St Mary War MemorialSt Mary War Memorial13131believed to be complete
War MemorialWar Memorial16160 17 January 2018
MethodistAlston AllingtonMethodist350believed to be complete 15 May 2017
Ashwick Parish CemeteryAshwickAshwick Parish Cemeterypending About 150 graves mostly C20thOctober 2018
Ashwick St JamesAshwick St Jamespending Small graveyard with some 80 readable stones.Church lockedOctober 2018
St CongarBadgworthSt Congarpending July 2017
Bath AbbeyBathBath Abbey6147
Perrymead CatholicPerrymead Catholic345722 05 October 2012
St JamesSt James68160030% complete 11 November 2016
Smallcombe GardenBathwickSmallcombe Garden75198340% complete 10 January 2018
St Mary (part 1)BerrowSt Mary (part 1)711387believed to be complete 07 March 2015
St Mary (part 2)St Mary (part 2)43993believed to be complete 16 October 2015
St Mary (roll of honour)St Mary (roll of honour)880believed to be complete 17 July 2017
War MemorialWar Memorial881believed to be complete 07 May 2015
St PaulBickenhallSt Paul53990 28 April 2017
St GeorgeBicknollerSt George416943
St GeorgeSt George11419648 02 July 2011
Holy TrinityBishop SuttonHoly Trinity19839160believed to be complete except inside church
St MaryBishops LydeardSt Mary1252209127 05 January 2016
St Andrew (part 1)BlagdonSt Andrew (part 1)16034210believed to be complete except inside church 15 March 2017
St Andrew (part 2)St Andrew (part 2)1222435 24 March 2017
Whichurch ChurchyardBristolWhichurch Churchyardpending I an saving this one until my mobility does not allow me to get further. About 3 miles from me.October 2018
Blessed Virgin MaryBrompton RalphBlessed Virgin Mary1212280 10 June 2018
St Mary and All SaintsBroomfieldSt Mary and All Saints11121628 24 January 2015
St MichaelBurnettSt Michael6515414believed to be complete except inside church 05 May 2014
St AndrewBurnham on SeaSt Andrew22459 04 April 2014
St AndrewSt Andrew16272
Holy TrinityBurringtonHoly Trinity1964432believed to be complete 21 February 2017
Holy Trinity Roll of HonourHoly Trinity Roll of Honour13131 19 February 2017
St Michael and All AngelsButcombeSt Michael and All Angels13124720believed to be complete 03 July 2014
St James Church Roll of HonourCameleySt James Church Roll of Honour991believed to be complete 25 November 2014
St JamesCameley (Temple Cloud)St James22955343believed to be complete 23 November 2014
St John the BaptistCarhamptonSt John the Baptist35862619 05 March 2017
Methodist ChurchCarlingcottMethodist Church92414believed to be complete except inside church 12 February 2014
St MarkChapple AllingtonSt Markpending July 2017
St LeonardChelwoodSt Leonard8318628believed to be complete 11 April 2014
St Leonard (part 2)St Leonard (part 2)11184believed to be complete
Methodist ChurchChew MagnaMethodist Church35888believed to be complete 22 February 2014
St AndrewSt Andrew7717437 02 March 2014
St Andrew (interior)St Andrew (interior)511243 15 May 2017
St Andrew (part 2)St Andrew (part 2)501316 07 March 2015
St Andrew (part 3)St Andrew (part 3)1553051 05 May 2017
St Andrew (part 4)St Andrew (part 4)1131940 25 April 2017
St Andrew (Rolls of Honour)St Andrew (Rolls of Honour)26262 22 April 2017
Methodist ChurchChew StokeMethodist Church386910believed to be complete 01 August 2014
St AndrewSt Andrew5814013 01 August 2014
St Andrew (part 2)St Andrew (part 2)14930342 03 August 2014
St Andrew (part 3)St Andrew (part 3)14425730 05 August 2014
ChurchyardChewton MendipChurchyardpending This one now also out of range for me. I had photographed this one but lost the pictures in a drive failure.November 2018
St AugustineCluttonSt Augustine261516104believed to be complete except inside church 25 May 2014
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St Augustine (pt 2)St Augustine (pt 2)15526241 08 June 2014
St Augustine (pt 3)St Augustine (pt 3)11323842 31 May 2014
St Peter and St PaulCombe FloreySt Peter and St Paul31570 07 July 2018
War MemorialWar Memorial14140 07 July 2018
St AndrewCompton BishopSt Andrewpending August 2017
Rememberance CrossCompton DandoRememberance Cross63634believed to be complete except inside church 28 September 2014
The Blessed Virgin MaryThe Blessed Virgin Mary1162369believed to be complete except inside church 04 October 2014
St Michael the Archangel Roll of HonourCompton MartinSt Michael the Archangel Roll of Honour10100believed to be complete 21 February 2017
St Micheal and All AngelsSt Micheal and All Angels1843386 28 February 2017
All SaintsCorstonAll Saints22844358believed to be complete 08 June 2014
All Saints War MemorialAll Saints War Memorial18181 06 October 2014
St Thomas of CanterburyCothelstoneSt Thomas of Canterbury1212372 07 July 2018
St Thomas of Canterbury (roll of honour)St Thomas of Canterbury (roll of honour)47470 07 July 2018
Baptist ChapelCrickhamBaptist Chapel51930 01 September 2017
Holy GhostCrowcombeHoly Ghost10623043
St BeaunoCulboneSt Beauno521006 07 May 2015
War MemorialDundryWar Memorial22220believed to be complete 06 October 2014
All SaintsDunkertonAll Saints17735912believed to be complete except inside church 06 October 2014
MunicipalDunsterMunicipal629102554 22 October 2015
PrioryPriory8418212 13 October 2015
Coley Road (part 3)East HarptreeColey Road (part 3)21392believed to be complete 02 June 2016
St LaurenceSt Laurence38726believed to be complete
St BartholomewEast LyngSt Bartholomew377437 10 January 2014
St MaryEast QuantoxheadSt Mary1382302 18 August 2017
St George War MemorialEaston in GordanoSt George War Memorial73733believed to be complete 06 October 2014
St MaryEmboroughSt Mary5614616believed to be complete 02 March 2014
St PeterEnglishcombeSt Peter5811414believed to be complete except inside church 05 April 2014
All SaintsFarnboroughAll Saints32564221believed to be complete 17 October 2014
churchyardFarrington Gurneychurchyardpending September 2018
Parish Churchyard  St John the BaptsistParish Churchyard St John the Baptsistpending Complete except for inside the ChurchNovember 2018
Coley Road EastHarptreeColey Road East2173768believed to be complete 28 February 2015
St MargaretHinton BlewittSt Margaret11424055believed to be complete 17 April 2014
St Mary the VirginHolfordSt Mary the Virgin1121812 07 September 2017
St PeterHortonSt Peter22138150believed to be complete except inside church 17 August 2014
Civil (section U)KeynshamCivil (section U)230325110% complete 17 September 2015
Keynsham Municipal cemeteryKeynsham Municipal cemeterypending December 2018
Methodist Church Roll of HonourMethodist Church Roll of Honour17171 14 September 2014
Official War GravesOfficial War Graves881believed to be complete 04 December 2014
St John the Baptist (part 1)St John the Baptist (part 1)28728believed to be complete 24 September 2014
St John the Baptist (part 2)St John the Baptist (part 2)5811915believed to be complete
War Memorial GatesWar Memorial Gates721271believed to be complete
St MaryKiltonSt Mary55820 24 August 2017
St MaryKilveSt Mary1883272 04 January 2017
Blessed Virgin MaryKingston St MaryBlessed Virgin Mary53388359 06 December 2014
St GilesLeighlandSt Giles891491 13 March 2017
St AndrewLilstockSt Andrew11270 09 September 2017
St Mary the Virgin (pt 1)LittonSt Mary the Virgin (pt 1)447918believed to be complete 15 April 2014
St Mary the Virgin (pt 2)St Mary the Virgin (pt 2)7212719
St LawrenceLydeard St LawrenceSt Lawrence2083707 06 January 2016
St PeterMarksburySt Peter11824251believed to be complete 05 May 2014
Church of the Holy CrossMiddlezoyChurch of the Holy Cross7016723 10 January 2014
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St John the BaptistMidsommer NortonSt John the Baptist4611814believed to be complete 22 February 2014
Municipal (part 1)MineheadMunicipal (part 1)909134018 18 October 2017
Municipal (part 2)Municipal (part 2)1287215130 30 January 2018
Municipal (part 3)Municipal (part 3)1083172113 02 March 2018
War MemorialWar Memorial1541541 10 January 2018
All SaintsMonksilverAll Saints10015835 01 August 2014
St Mary the VirginNempnett ThrubwellSt Mary the Virgin8218624believed to be complete
St MaryNether StoweySt Mary1592847 11 December 2016
Blessed Virgin MaryNettlecombeBlessed Virgin Mary1091801 18 March 2018
Holy TrinityNewton St LoeHoly Trinity19040954believed to be complete
Holy TrinityNorton MalrewardHoly Trinity8419129believed to be complete 05 April 2014
All SaintsOakhillAll Saintspending Should be photographed 06/05/2018September 2018
All Saints (roll of honour)All Saints (roll of honour)21210 09 May 2018
MethodistMethodist110 09 May 2018
War MemorialWar Memorial36360 09 May 2018
St AndrewOld CleeveSt Andrew47881226 27 September 2016
St Peter and St PaulOver StoweySt Peter and St Paul20936721 17 November 2016
St Thomas a BeckettPensfordSt Thomas a Beckett5412540believed to be complete 11 April 2014
War MemorialWar Memorial881believed to be complete 06 May 2016
War MemorialPillWar Memorial44440believed to be complete 06 October 2014
Ashley Combe MemorialPorlockAshley Combe Memorial140
MunicipalMunicipal68411077 16 August 2017
Porlock Ridge MemorialPorlock Ridge Memorial1112
War MemorialPortburyWar Memorial75751believed to be complete 06 October 2014
St LawrencePriddySt Lawrence1472781believed to be complete 02 April 2017
St LawrenceSt Lawrence3148181 13 June 2018
St Lawrence (Roll of Honour)St Lawrence (Roll of Honour)35350 02 April 2017
St Lawrence (roll of honour)St Lawrence (roll of honour)880 27 May 2017
St Lawrence (War Memorial)St Lawrence (War Memorial)440 02 April 2017
St Luke and St AndrewPristonSt Luke and St Andrew15227514believed to be complete except inside church 22 October 2014
All SaintsPublowAll Saints28255158believed to be complete 07 April 2014
St MargaretQueen CharltonSt Margaret9323622believed to be complete except inside church 22 February 2014
St Micheal and All AngelsRowberrowSt Micheal and All Angels611331believed to be complete except inside church 14 May 2017
War MemorialWar Memorial220 14 May 2017
St MarySaltfordSt Mary21945346believed to be complete except inside church 30 April 2014
War MemorialWar Memorial23231believed to be complete 15 August 2014
St GeorgeSampford BrettSt George18836983 28 June 2011
All SaintsSelworthyAll Saints43786354 18 November 2014
St LeonardShiphamSt Leonard1152741believed to be complete 09 April 2017
St Leonard (Roll of Honour)St Leonard (Roll of Honour)11110believed to be complete 09 April 2017
War MemorialWar Memorial12120believed to be complete 09 April 2017
St MargaretSpaxtonSt Margaret1452692 27 November 2016
St Mary the VirginStanton DrewSt Mary the Virgin841359believed to be complete 05 August 2014
St Mary the Virgin (part 2)St Mary the Virgin (part 2)8921423 13 August 2014
St Mary the Virgin (part 3)St Mary the Virgin (part 3)7919620 14 September 2014
St Mary the Virgin (part 4)St Mary the Virgin (part 4)217611 18 September 2014
St LawrenceStanton PriorSt Lawrence368712believed to be complete 31 March 2014
St MaryStogumberSt Mary26150394 15 August 2014
St Mary the VirginSton EastonSt Mary the Virgin16333221believed to be complete 30 October 2014
St Nicholas and St MaryStoweySt Nicholas and St Mary5310713believed to be complete 31 March 2014
Blessed Virgin MaryStringstonBlessed Virgin Mary48730 29 August 2017
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Blessed Virgin Mary (roll of honour)Blessed Virgin Mary (roll of honour)25250 29 August 2017
Parish ChurchSutton MalletParish Church11254
Parish ChurchParish Church11272
St JamesTauntonSt James1673073 13 April 2017
Staplegrove Road MunicipalStaplegrove Road Municipal642126533
Vivary Park War MemorialVivary Park War Memorial63863814 20 January 2015
Wellington Road (part 1)Wellington Road (part 1)119620464 30 August 2018
Wellington Road Municipal Cemetery Part 2Wellington Road Municipal Cemetery Part 2pending January 2019
St John the BaptistTollandSt John the Baptist39772 10 June 2018
St PeterTreboroughSt Peter387915
MunicipalTwertonMunicipal1534010% complete 11 November 2016
St BartholomewUbleySt Bartholomew17131110believed to be complete 28 February 2017
War MemorialWar Memorial550 28 February 2017
St Nicholas (new)UphillSt Nicholas (new)407312 10 August 2014
St Nicholas (old)St Nicholas (old)24642558 10 August 2014
War MemorialWar Memorial26265 11 August 2014
St Decuman (part 1)WatchetSt Decuman (part 1)57695827 28 March 2016
St Decuman (part 2)St Decuman (part 2)619135545 17 May 2016
St GregoryWeareSt Gregory2003883believed to be complete 28 August 2017
St Gregory (roll of honour)St Gregory (roll of honour)11110 19 May 2017
Cheddar RoadWedmoreCheddar Road5049102believed to be complete 09 September 2017
Wellington CemeteryWellingtonWellington Cemeterypending January 2019
St PancrasWest BagboroughSt Pancras1201961 01 May 2018
War MemorialWar Memorial1041040 01 May 2018
St MaryWest HarptreeSt Mary11927560believed to be complete 19 April 2014
St EtheldredaWest QuantoxheadSt Etheldreda1782916 07 January 2017
St John the BaptistWeston Super MareSt John the Baptist11277
St Mary the VirginWestonzoylandSt Mary the Virgin7518332 07 November 2013
St Mary the Virgin (part)St Mary the Virgin (part)6170 06 April 2011
Municipal (part 1)WhitchurchMunicipal (part 1)132168530% complete 07 March 2015
Wollard LaneWhitchurch Wollard Lanepending April 2017
St GeorgeWiltonSt George4458141 15 July 2017
War MemorialWar Memorial21211 15 July 2017
ChurchyardWinfordChurchyardpending David Castle has said he will do this one. March 2018
Baptist ChurchWithyditchBaptist Church50945believed to be complete 12 February 2014
All SaintsWraxallAll Saints464oddments (more than ten) 05 August 2014
War MemorialWar Memorial32321believed to be complete 06 August 2014
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Somerset cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Somerset.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteerstatusexpected date to
be added to GPR


Ashwick Parish CemeteryphotographedOctober 2018About 150 graves mostly C20th
Ashwick St JamesRichard CastlephotographedOctober 2018Small graveyard with some 80 readable stones.Church locked


St CongarRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedJuly 2017


Whichurch ChurchyardRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedOctober 2018I an saving this one until my mobility does not allow me to get further. About 3 miles from me.

Chapple Allington

St MarkRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedJuly 2017

Chewton Mendip

ChurchyardRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedNovember 2018This one now also out of range for me. I had photographed this one but lost the pictures in a drive failure.

Compton Bishop

St AndrewpendingAugust 2017

Farrington Gurney

churchyardRichard CastlephotographedSeptember 2018
Parish Churchyard St John the BaptsistphotographedNovember 2018Complete except for inside the Church


Keynsham Municipal cemeteryRichard Castlebeing indexedDecember 2018


All SaintsRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedSeptember 2018Should be photographed 06/05/2018


Wellington Road Municipal Cemetery Part 2Martin SouthwoodphotographedJanuary 2019


Wellington CemeteryIan Richscheduled to be photographedJanuary 2019


Wollard LaneRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedApril 2017


ChurchyardRichard Castlescheduled to be photographedMarch 2018David Castle has said he will do this one.

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