(widow) Ygonnet grave monument in Batignolles Cemetery, Paris

(widow) Ygonnet grave monument: legible names and details

full nameagebirthdeathrelationshipnotes
(widow) Ygonnet4718471892
François Ygonnet 1889not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Emile Félix Madaule518931898not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Baptiste Ygonnet4118641905not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Marguerite Saulnier nee Prin6418431907not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Victor Ygonnet4518681913not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Mélanie Félicie Madaule1518951910not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Corporal Auguste Madaule2018971917not given of (widow) YgonnetKilled in action in the Aisne département
Félix Jean Madaule6018671927not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Blanche Madaule nee Prin8218691951not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Maria Ygonnet nee Madaule6018711931not given of (widow) Ygonnet
François Ygonnet7018611931not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Amandine Seguy nee Levert6718681935not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Mélanie Lepine nee Madaule7318721945not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Marcel Lutran7418881966not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Suzanne Lutran nee Ygonnet8618951981not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Marcel Madaule7219011972not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Alice Madaule nee Louifert8619021988not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Maurice Alaux7618971973not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Marie Alaux nee Madaule8718991986not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Pierre-henry Lutran6919301999not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Lionel Lutran5119481999not given of (widow) Ygonnet
Richard Caffin8619242010not given of (widow) Ygonnet

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Location of the above (widow) Ygonnet grave monument

Batignolles Cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Batignolles Cemetery, Paris
Batignolles Cemetery