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Gravestone photographic resource  page Paris (France ) grave monument locations

Paris locations that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
namesrequestsstatuspending notesdate added
Boulogne-BillancourtOld12867028 09 January 2013
ParisBatignolles18077737 19 December 2012
Bercy532915 18 August 2013
Clichy Nord Commonwealth3123227 18 August 2013
Grenelle331384 26 September 2013
La Villette451831 19 December 2012
Levallois41607 25 February 2012
Montmartre10556558 23 June 2011
Montmartre Calvaire16392 19 December 2012
Montmartre Pt23873310 14 September 2012
Montmartre Pt312277320 18 August 2013
Montmartre St Vincent913567 25 January 2014
Montparnasse218575734 14 September 2012
Montparnasse Pt25832419 19 December 2012
Montparnasse Pt3213112422 19 December 2012
Passy230126446 19 December 2012
Pere Lachaise (Pt1)532614 18 August 2013
Pere Lachaise (Pt2)803055 18 August 2013
Pere Lachaise (Pt3)782599 18 August 2013
Pere Lachaise (Pt4)792501 18 August 2013
Vaugirard763563 18 August 2013
VersaillesLes Gonards (pt 1)18118521 18 December 2013
Les Gonards (pt 2)771589 18 December 2013

The Paris area list

The grave monument sites within Paris listed above (with links) are ones that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or other memorial sites, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

The list below gives the complete list of pending locations within Paris.

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Paris grave monument locations scheduled to be photographed and indexed by the GPR

No pending cemeteries listed.

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