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This page contains a list of all the entries for the surname JOHNSON that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (J in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

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All entries within the GPR for the surname JOHNSON

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JOHNSON surnames

Below are details of all the JOHNSON surnames held within the GPR. You can change the amount of detail displayed against each name by using the links in the "Change the amount of detail displayed" box above. You can also view all the details of people with the maiden name of JOHNSON by using the maiden name search. Details of people with the family name of JOHNSON by using the family name search. (A family is a surname which is last name of forenames.)

nofull namebirth yearburial yearagecemeterycity / town / villagestate / province / countycountry

1Alice Johnson1870193464St JohnReidACTAustralia

2Henry Johnson St JohnReidACTAustralia
3Lucy Alexandra Johnson1880193959St JohnReidACTAustralia

4Thomas Johnson1875196792LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia

5John Johnson1871195483LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia

6Elizabeth Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
7Christopher Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
8Emma Johnson1919200081LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
9Charles Alfred Johnson1919199172LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia

10Alec Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
11Christine Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
12Jack Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
13Margaret L Johnson198319852LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia

14Edna Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
15Kenneth Thomas Johnson1930200878LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
16Mark Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
17Sharon Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
18Jeanette Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
19Kaye Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
20Gavan Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia
21Max Johnson LawnBarhamNew South WalesAustralia

22Samuel Johnson1844188238TownClarence TownNew South WalesAustralia

23Agnes Johnson1878196082DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia
24Mary Ann Johnson1875195782DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

25Mary Ann Johnson1845191772DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia
26John Johnson1844191470DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

27Ellen Veronica Johnson1882197593DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia
28Patrick Francis Johnson1884194258DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

29Brigid Johnson1876195579DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

30Adelaide M Johnson1909197162DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia
31Terrence Patrick Johnson1909197566DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

32James Charles Johnson1912196048DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

33Agnes Mary Johnson1909195950DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

34John Robert Johnson1913196754DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

35Craig James Johnson1961199331DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

36Kristy Louise Johnson 1977 DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

37Elsie Amelia Johnson1923200481DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia
38Kevin Vincent Johnson1921199372DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

39Ettie Johnson DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia
40Percy Johnson 1910 DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

41Mary Ann Johnson1866192559DungogDungogNew South WalesAustralia

42Sarah Johnson 1935 Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia
43Ellen Johnson 1934 Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia
44Mary Johnson 1934 Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia

45Vincent James Johnson1903191613Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia
46Dianne Margaret Johnson195619560Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia
47Michael Johnson1855193883Roman CatholicMacleanNew South WalesAustralia

48Emily Jane Johnson1840191979St JohnParramattaNew South WalesAustralia
49Arthur Rowley Johnson1873189623St JohnParramattaNew South WalesAustralia
50George Monney Johnson1834188349St JohnParramattaNew South WalesAustralia
51Charles Lewis Johnson1880193959St JohnParramattaNew South WalesAustralia

52Ruby Beale Johnson St PaulPatersonNew South WalesAustralia
53Ann Johnson1800187979St PaulPatersonNew South WalesAustralia
54Stephen Johnson1794186571St PaulPatersonNew South WalesAustralia

55Eric G Johnson1899198990MunicipalPoint ClareNew South WalesAustralia
56Annie G Johnson1903196966MunicipalPoint ClareNew South WalesAustralia

57M L Johnson Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia
58C V Johnson Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia
59Thomas Charles Johnson 1917 Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

60Charles Victor Johnson1890193040Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia
61Mary Letitia Johnson1891197483Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

62Reginald James Johnson1934198955Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

63W L Johnson1924197854Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

64Edward Ernest Johnson1885195166Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

65Gertrude Hannah Johnson1900197171Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

66J S Johnson1885194762Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

67George Morley Johnson1902196462Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

68James Francis Johnson1849193182Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia
69Emily Johnson1856195195Red RangeRed RangeNew South WalesAustralia

70A Johnson St JohnWilberforceNew South WalesAustralia

71A Johnson St JohnWilberforceNew South WalesAustralia

72Bertie Joseph Johnson1898195254St Matthews CatholicWindsorNew South WalesAustralia
73George Ritchard Johnson1907197770St Matthews CatholicWindsorNew South WalesAustralia

74Bessie Johnson1870188111WoolaWoolaNew South WalesAustralia

75Lillian Johnson1923200582BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
76John William Johnson1885194459BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

77Martha Johnson BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
78Johan Johnson BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
79Esther Johnson BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

80Edward Johnson1861194281BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
81Annie Ulrica Johnson1863194077BalmoralBrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

82Tom Charles Johnson1851193988Balmoral (section 1)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
83Harriette Johnson1861193372Balmoral (section 1)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

84J C A Johnson (Gunner) 67Balmoral (section 11)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
85William Henry Johnson1882194361Balmoral (section 11)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
86James Alexander Johnson1890191323Balmoral (section 11)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

87George Johnson1861191251Balmoral (section 11)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

88William Johnson1876191135Balmoral (section 11)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

89Ralph Johnson1835191681Balmoral (section 13)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

90Hazel Johnson 1948 Balmoral (section 15)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

91Rebecca Ann Johnson1881194766Balmoral (section 19)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
92Richard Johnson1867194881Balmoral (section 19)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

93Emily Johnson1908194739Balmoral (section 19)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

94Alice Johnson1879193556Balmoral (section 3)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

95John Johnson1832188351Balmoral (section 6)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
96Mary J Johnson1836190872Balmoral (section 6)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

97Geoggrey Richard Johnson1935195621Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

98Hannah Theresa Johnson1900198888Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia
99William Leslie Johnson1899195758Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

100Elizabeth Johnson Balmoral (section 7)BrisbaneQueenslandAustralia

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You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

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I live in Australia, and this information is not available to use untill I found you. Thank you
entry submitted by Ray Johnson on: 13/01/2012 07:51 GMT ........ contact this person

family history

I sincerely appreciate your help in this matter, and hope to look for further names, Thank You
entry submitted by Brenda J Rose on: 10/03/2013 08:08 GMT ........ contact this person

Rev. Job Johnson

What a smashing and useful website. Been looking for the gravestone of Rev. Job's wife for sometime. Job was Vicar of Upper Denby, Penistone Parish from 1851 to 1887 when he retired and moved to Huddersfield. He was a very popular and influential individual and was involved not with just religion but education, politics and the welfare of the local community.
entry submitted by Chris Heath on: 13/09/2013 10:52 GMT ........ contact this person


Thank you for publishing a photo of my father's gravestone (Anthony Owen Prosser Johnson) I live in the USA and have never been to the cemetry (long and boring story) so this gave me a chance to see it. Thanks again - really appreciate what you do. Steve
entry submitted by Stephen Anthony Johnson on: 03/11/2013 03:24 GMT ........ contact this person

GPR website

Your website is excellent and provides good information and images. The site is easy to use and is without adverts and other distractions.
entry submitted by Paul Johnson on: 08/02/2014 09:24 GMT ........ contact this person


Another quick response to my request. Thanks to all contributors.
entry submitted by MP on: 01/05/2014 06:50 GMT ........ contact this person

Interesting photographs located.

Thank you for the photographs for the Rev. James Hart Johnson and family. Particularly interested to locate the photo of the stained glass windows in St Margaret's Church at Hinton Blewett. All are most appreciated.
entry submitted by Marina Borland on: 13/09/2014 02:33 GMT ........ contact this person

Philip Johnson

Once again a quick response to a request and a nice quality picture showing the detail. Thank you
entry submitted by Mike Phillips on: 18/08/2014 06:46 GMT ........ contact this person

Thankyou so much for all your hard work.Had not realised wha

Thankyou so much for all your hard work.Had not realised what a large monument it was.Also wonder about the expense at the time as I only have Thomas Johnson recorded as Agamekeeper
entry submitted by m a sale on: 05/11/2014 11:13 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you .

Thank you for your fast response to my request for a grave photo & may I say what a great site. I will continue to use it as I search for my ancestors.
entry submitted by Brenda Kayer on: 02/06/2016 04:12 GMT ........ contact this person

grave of francis thomason scot.

Many thanks for sending me a photo for the above. It helps fill in a few gaps in my research.
entry submitted by andrew johnson on: 15/07/2016 06:45 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you!

Dear Charles, The image I requested was easily viewed and I so appreciate your work to provide this service! Cheers, marilyn
entry submitted by Marilyn Johnson Swire on: 27/08/2016 03:53 GMT ........ contact this person

Ancestor research

Thanks for the prompt reply and enhanced gravestone photo. Although worn over time I was able to read a date which I will use to clarify my tree information. I know where to come to for any other information regarding family burial information! Well done to the volunteers who give their time.
entry submitted by Beverley on: 14/10/2016 05:47 GMT ........ contact this person


Many thanks for the images of the grave inscriptions that you so kindly provided. The information has been very useful in my family history research.
entry submitted by Mervyn Lawrence on: 17/05/2017 01:07 GMT ........ contact this person

Christopher Johnson. Clockmaker of Knaresborough

What an amazing facility!! I was so pleased to receive (so quickly) the high-res pix of Christopher Johnson's gravestone. It adds so much to my knowledge about this clockmaker from the town where I was born. I now live in Cheltenham UK and will be sending you lots of photographs of churchyards, particularly St. John's in Prestbury near where I live. Thank you so much for this unique opportunity to learn about the clock I have just bought.
entry submitted by David Holmes on: 25/05/2017 02:54 GMT ........ contact this person

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