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This page contains a list of all the entries for the name JOHNSON that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (J in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

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All entries within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name JOHNSON

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full namebirth yearburial yearage

Charles Lewis Johnson1880193959
George Monney Johnson1834188349
Arthur Rowley Johnson1873189623
Emily Jane Johnson1840191979

Stephen Johnson1794186571
Ann Johnson1800187979
Ruby Beale Johnson

Annie G Johnson1903196966
Eric G Johnson1899198990

A Johnson

A Johnson

George Ritchard Johnson1907197770
Bertie Joseph Johnson1898195254

Bessie Johnson1870188111

John William Johnson1885194459
Lillian Johnson1923200582

Esther Johnson
Johan Johnson
Martha Johnson

Annie Ulrica Johnson1863194077
Edward Johnson1861194281

Harriette Johnson1861193372
Tom Charles Johnson1851193988

James Alexander Johnson1890191323
William Henry Johnson1882194361
J C A Johnson (Gunner) 67

George Johnson1861191251

William Johnson1876191135

Ralph Johnson1835191681

Hazel Johnson 1948

Richard Johnson1867194881
Rebecca Ann Johnson1881194766

Emily Johnson1908194739

Alice Johnson1879193556

Mary J Johnson1836190872
John Johnson1832188351

Geoggrey Richard Johnson1935195621

William Leslie Johnson1899195758
Hannah Theresa Johnson1900198888

John A Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

John William Johnson1885194459
Lillian Johnson1923200582

Nancy Emma Johnson1942199856
Norm Johnson

Raymond Patrick Johnson1942199957

Ellen M Johnson1911192716

Victor Robert Johnson1926200074
Lil Y Johnson1923200582
Coral Johnson
Vicki Johnson
Robert Johnson
Ross Johnson

Edward John Johnson 1967
Christine Johnson
Penny Johnson
Lindy Johnson
Daniel Johnson

Joseph Johnson

Richard Cuthbert Johnson1887196477

William Johnson1840192585
Elizabeth Johnson1843193289

Henry J Johnson1897194952

Melba Adeline Johnson1919199879
John Christian Jonas Johnson1916200589
Audrey Johnson
Barry Johnson

A K Johnson

Leonie Stacey Johnson195519616
Joyce Johnson
Johnny Johnson
Anthony Johnson
Mignonne Johnson

Anthony Johnson
Mignonne Johnson
Leonie Johnson

Samuel Johnson1858193981
Ella Lydia Johnson1872195987
Lydia Johnson
William Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Winifred Johnson
Daphne Johnson

Nellie May Johnson1909196960
Samuel James Johnson

Leah Johnson1867194174
Atkinson Johnson
Alec Johnson

George Albert Johnson1922198159
Frances Margaret Johnson1924198157
Anthony George Johnson195819580

Reginald James Johnson1897197477
Rossetta Johnson1903198077
George Johnson

Rachel Johnson1823191390
Jabez Johnson 1863

Edna Ethel Johnson1911199382
Sheila Johnson
John Johnson
Charlie Johnson
Joe Johnson
Viv Johnson

Charlie Henning Osborn Johnson1882197694

Vera Emma Johnson1909199788
Linthwaite Walter Johnson1918199880
Kevin William Johnson1947200154
Raelene Adele Johnson
Janet Johnson

Martha Webb Johnson1862189937
Joseph Johnson

Albert Douglas Johnson1916197660
Thelma Joyce Johnson1918200284
Perry Johnson
Kym Johnson
Sharon Johnson

Brenton Robert Johnson 1988
Carl Johnson
Debbie Ann Johnson

Robert George Johnson1927201083

George Johnson1893196269
Alice May Johnson1896197983

George Johnson1860191959

R B Johnson1906197973

Eileen Anne Johnson1915197863
Bill Johnson
Tony Johnson
Kaye Johnson

Florence Clara Johnson1896194448
Charles H Johnson1886196175
Charles Johnson
Phyllis Johnson
Dennis Johnson

George Norman Johnson1891196978
Laura Johnson
Ellis Johnson
Frank Johnson
Don Johnson

Walter Frederick Johnson1921199069
Valda Johnson
Walter Johnson
Bruce Johnson
Maree Johnson
Cheryl Johnson

Walter Edward Johnson194919567
Valda Johnson
Fred Johnson
Bruce Johnson
Maree Johnson
Cheryl Johnson

Frank Robert Johnson1920198969
Dorothy Johnson
Tessa Johnson
Alan Johnson

Dorothy Margaret Johnson1925201287
Frank Robert Johnson
Tessa Johnson
Alan Johnson

Catherine Mary Johnson1889191526
Alfred Herbert Johnson1873195582

Elsie Marion Johnson1899197980
Leonard Lawley Johnson

C Johnson

Thomas Johnson1794184349

John Johnson1806184438

Mary Olivia Johnson1816190387

Eliza Ann Johnson1812188472

Ann Johnson1789181930
William Johnson1789186172

Edwin Johnson1830188252

George Johnson1808189486

James P Johnson 12

Joseph N Johnson

John W Johnson1821187655

Leonard P Johnson 1895

Mary Johnson1780183959
George Johnson

John Johnson1804182622

Rosamond Johnson1766183165
John Johnson1789186475


Lorraine L Johnson

Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson1906198074

George Johnson1836190064
Annie F Johnson187418762

Annie D Johnson 1876
George Johnson
Janet Johnson

William H Johnson19501862-88
Isabella J Johnson19591862-97

Martin Johnson19411865-76

Clara Johnson1883197491

Lyle Johnson

Amy Johnson

Elexey J Johnson1849192576

Margaret June Johnson1899198889

Neil Terry Johnson1947201063

Alex Johnson1945201065

Meriel Veronica Joy Johnson1941201170

Bill Johnson 2010

R. Johnson1867189225

Ann Johnson1743176522
Hannah Johnson
Benjamin Johnson

William Johnson 1754
Mary Johnson
William Johnson
Margaret Johnson1700175656
Elizabeth Johnson172917367
Elizabeth Johnson1716174529
Benjamin Johnson

Simon Johnson
William Johnson
Ann Johnson
William Johnson
Absalom Johnson

Evelyn May Johnson1919198768
Archer Henry Cecil Johnson1914199379

Frederick George Johnson1897194548

Daisy Julia Nellie Johnson1894195763
William John Johnson1890196171

Owen Johnson1839188647

William John Johnson1900196565

Charlotte Johnson1839190869
Arthur Johnson1841191372

Fred Johnson1935199257

H Johnson (Private)1884191834

H Johnson (Pte)1884191834

Arthur Johnson (Private)

E V Johnson (Private)

Cecil Johnson1890191828
Ellen Johnson 80
Florence K Johnson

A Johnson

A Johnson

George Johnson1823189875

Herbert Stocks Johnson1870194171

Stanley Arthur M Johnson1923198562

George David Johnson1927198154

George Johnson1823189875

Mary Johnson1831190675
George Johnson

Algernon Stocks Johnson1872195280

Annis Johnson1797187679
Richard Johnson

J C Johnson

Mary Johnson1777185578

John Johnson

Jane Elizabeth Johnson1869192556
Walter Johnson1864192965

Florence Gertrude Johnson1884195369

Thomas Johnson1805189186
Elizabeth Johnson1723180279

Hannah Johnson1845192075
John Moore Johnson1839192990

Joseph Johnson1891196271
Beatrice Johnson1894197884
Joseph Stanley Johnson1920197858

Harold Percy Johnson1917200285
Dora Johnson1916201195

Edward Johnson1869195081
Margaret Johnson1872195179

Ann Johnson1764184682
Benjamin Johnson1759184788

Joseph Johnson1820186343
Betty Johnson1820190282

Arthur Johnson188918912
John Johnson189718981
James Frederick Johnson1886190923
Sarah Ann Johnson1864193672
Thomas Johnson1860194080

John Johnson1858189032

George Johnson1868193769
Elizabeth Johnson

Sarah Ann Johnson1864192460
George Johnson1869193869
John Johnson189718970

James Johnson1856188630
Ethel Johnson 1890
Elizabeth Johnson

Eliza Johnson185718592
James Johnson
Martha Johnson1830187949
Eda Johnson

Mary Johnson

Ellen Johnson1849188233
William Johnson1836191478
Susannah Johnson 5

Lizzie Johnson1916199882

Matilda Johnson1889194051

Barbara Johnson1914199379
Peter Johnson1937196023
Edgar Johnson 1983

Leonard Melroy Johnson (Gnr)1912194432

Hilda Johnson1940200969
Eric Johnson

George Johnson1905200499
Edna Johnson20041979-25

Harriet Johnson1818189274

M Johnson (Pte ) 1918

Thomas Hood Johnson (Rev)

Elizabeth Johnson1897192831

James William Johnson1875195277

Bessie Johnson1896198286

John G Johnson1897194346

Sally Ada Johnson1945199550

John T Johnson 57

Unknown Leslie Pitt Johnson 1944

Johnson 1870

Robert Johnson1794185561
Ann Johnson1800187373
Ann Maria Johnson1836184913
Robert Henry Johnson1828185931

George Johnson1794185359
Betsy Johnson1797187578
Tamcillia Johnson1834186127

Elizabeth Mary Ann Johnson1852193078

? E Anne Johnson1918199981
Gordon R Johnson

Grace Rosalind Johnson1892196775

Emily Johnson1902197371
Horace Johnson1901197473

Arthur Leslie Johnson1902197472
Patience Edith Johnson1892198795

Eleanora W K H Johnson 1968

Henry Sandford Johnson 1910

Dorothy Johnson1895194045
Terence Albert Johnson1896198387
Rose Edith Johnson1906199084

Shelagh Johnson1925198661
Bernard Johnson

James Johnson1925194823

Helen Johnson 1952

John Lewis Johnson 1883
John M ? Johnson
Sophia Johnson

Eileen Johnson1927200073
Bill Johnson1930200676

Alan Johnson 1996

Leigh William Johnson1922198159

Ronald Johnson1911200291
Marjory Betty Johnson1913200996

Grace F Johnson 1972

Anthony Owen Prosser Johnson1925196540

Albert Morgan Johnson1886195468
Lilian Johnson1900197070

Margaret D Johnson1900199191

Mary A A Johnson1872194977

Alfred Robert Johnson (Rev) 1907

William Robert Johnson1914196046

William Harvey Johnson 1921
Agnes Dora Johnson 1923

Lily Johnson1900196767

Georgiana Johnson1824191086

Ruby Johnson1902199694

Thomas William Johnson1891194655
Mary Johnson1896197680
John Stewart Johnson1921198362

John Johnson1857193578
Joanna Johnson1859195091

Robert Johnson1900195454
Mary Ellen Johnson

Sarah Ann Johnson1880193454
William John Johnson

Helen Crosby Johnson 1942
James Johnson1884197086

Edward Johnson1814188167
Susannah Johnson1823190279

Ida Johnson18982000102

George James Johnson1853190855

Robert Stephen Johnson1875194873
Mary Elizabeth Johnson1875195782

William Henry Johnson1928197951
Lucy Johnson1934199460

George Benner Johnson1908195042
Godfrey Benner Johnson1932197341

Heather Margaret Johnson1932197947
Charles Horace Johnson1924199571

R S Johnson (Pte)

William Johnson1691177685
William Johnson177217797
Rebeka Johnson

Frances Johnson1872191139
William Johnson1842191775
Jane Ann Johnson1849193081
Lizzy Johnson1886191731
Thomas William Johnson1868192759

John Johnson1788185466
Tamar Johnson1787187891
William Johnson1828185729
Margaret Johnson1816187660
Millicent Johnson185318563
Millicent Johnson1817189881
John Johnson1820190181

John Johnson1799185758
Susan Johnson1847187124
R H Johnson
Thomas Johnson1799187273

Kate Johnson1854187723

Susannah C Johnson1889195667
William Johnson1892197886

John Johnson1766184579

William Johnson1903196663
Eleanor Johnson1904198783

John Johnson1838190365
Hannah Johnson1828187648
James Oliver Johnson1846186620

George Johnson1932195321
James Johnson
Isabella Johnson

Thomas Johnson1848190557

Henry Johnson 1873
John Johnson
Catherine Johnson
John James Johnson187118765

Ralph Johnson1855188631
Robert W Johnson 1869
William Johnson1856187418
Isabella Johnson1836191680

Jane Johnson1824186137
William Johnson 1886

Ann Johnson1824187854

Henry Johnson1815189782
Sarah Johnson1818189476

Joshua Johnson1791184655
Joshua Henry Johnson1831184615

Elizabeth Johnson1749183182

Hilda Johnson1900195353
Robert Johnson1897195558

William I Johnson1887197386

William Johnson1867192457
Annie Johnson 1945

Edith May Johnson1909194233
Ian Johnson193519449

Jane Isabella Johnson1864192359
John F B Johnson1868193668

Ida Isabel Johnson1862195391
Hall Stobbs Johnson1862195795

Edward Johnson 1841
Mary Johnson1774183763

Jennie Johnson1881191736
William A Johnson

William Alexander Johnson1880192242
Joyce Johnson

John Elliott Johnson1876194367
Elizabeth Johnson

Isabella Johnson1826189266
James Johnson1838190466
Bartholomew Johnson1870189121
James Johnson1829185829

Robert T Johnson1857190144
Isabella Johnson1864193470

Matthew Johnson1862192765
Elizabeth Ann Johnson1863194986

Mary E Johnson1875196489

Arthur Johnson1891195968
Rosa Johnson1891199099

Thomas Middleton Johnson1889194152

Lewis Johnson1852192977
Ann Johnson1858193274

Elizabeth Johnson1849192980
George Johnson1839191374
George Ernest Johnson1889191324

Thomas Johnson1887194558
Selina M Johnson

Thomas Johnson1895196065

Thomas Johnson1888196577
Elizabeth Johnson1899196566

William Johnson1857191154
Frances Johnson1865193671
Harry Stanley Johnson

Emma Johnson1852192472
Edith Johnson188918945
Thomas Johnson1853194390

Jasper Johnson1890194353

Jasper Johnson1890194353

Henry Johnson187218775
Frances Emma Johnson187718847
Elizabeth Johnson1813189582

Harry Johnson1882195068
Theresa Johnson

Harry Johnson1882195068
Theresa Johnson

Jane Elizabeth Johnson1843189956
John Johnson1841190261
Sarah Ellen Johnson1875190227

Lilian Johnson1887195366
George E Johnson1890196474

Robert Johnson1843191976
Elizabeth Johnson1843192986
Margaret Jane Johnson1877189922
John Johnson1877191235

George Johnson1878192648
Florence Maud Johnson1877194972

Anthony Johnson1845190661
Jane Ann Johnson1847192073
William Johnson1874190632

Ruth Johnson1816187761
Robert Johnson1815189176

William Johnson1867193265
Jane Ann Johnson

Eliza Johnson1848192476
Thomas Johnson

Mary E Johnson188618904

Martha Johnson1788186678

Robert Johnson1780185272

Margaret Johnson1847186619
James Johnson1844190460

Jane Johnson1834187440
William Spencer Johnson1828187850

Mary Johnson1845190358

Arthur Alexander Johnson1855191964
Amelia Johnson
Arthur Frederic Redmond Johnson188918901

Frederick Henry Johnson (Dr )1823186138
Frederick Redmond Johnson1848187123
Mary Susan Johnson1820190282
Emilie E Johnson1857190447
Ernest Alfred Johnson1858189335

Elizabeth Ann Johnson1859193980

Mary Johnson1844190662
George Johnson1839191172
Sarah Johnson1873190734

Eleanor Johnson1826190276
A A Johnson
E A Johnson

Philip Christopher Johnson 1971

Esther Maria Octavia Victoria Johnson1918199880
Alan Johnson1920199675

George Matheun Johnson (Dr)1900194343

John Johnson1826191286
Margaret Johnson

William Johnson1843190057
Mary Johnson1853191562
Matthew Johnson1874190228

Henry Johnson1881195372
Isabella Johnson1880196686

William Johnson1892194957
Emily Johnson

Robert G Johnson1867194578
Elizabeth Johnson1878196082

Jeffry Coates Johnson1835191075

Elizabeth Johnson1859193273

Ethel Lilian Johnson1917194932

Mary Anna Johnson1878194163
Ernest William Johnson1881196887

Jeffry Coates Johnson1835191075

Elizabeth Johnson1899193233

Catherine Mary Johnson1901192221
Robert Johnson
Mary Johnson

Charlie Johnson1894192531
Emma Johnson1894197076

Mary Jane Johnson1900197272
Ronald Johnson1898196769
Horace Johnson192819291
Irene Johnson1924195430

Laura Johnson

Bob Johnson (Pte)1895191722

Elizabeth Johnson

William Johnson1885196378
Elizabeth Johnson1890196676

Thomas Johnson1891195867
Ethel Frances Johnson1888196981

Mathew Johnson1754177925
William Johnson1780185070

F Johnson1896191620

Jane Johnson1896193337

Joseph Johnson1878195577
Fanny Johnson1877195780

Herbert Johnson1909196152

George Johnson1758183072

George Johnson1758183072
Susannah Johnson1760184989

Sarah Johnson1738181577

Samual Jnr Johnson1726176337
Sarah Johnson1723179067

Matthew Johnson1813184633

Priscilla Johnson1852193886

Emily Rosanna Johnson1884193349

Robert Johnson1854191965

Martha Matilda Johnson1863194178
Oliver Samuel Johnson1862194987

John Johnson1775179924
John Johnson
Ann Johnson
James Johnson1779180122

George Johnson1777180427
John Johnson
Ann Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1814183016
Ann Johnson

John Johnson1745181671
Ann Johnson1755183984

Bertha Johnson1862192967
Frederick Francis Johnson (Major General)1852193179

Charles Johnson

Harry Johnson

Bessie Margaret Johnson1905199388
Raymond Thomas Johnson1907195447
Anthony Michael Johnson1934195420

Charles Johnson

Clara Anne Johnson (Mrs)1882192846

Arthur Robert Johnson1904195854
Dorothy Annie Johnson1903196057

Christopher Johnson1942199856

Rhoda Irene Johnson 1985

Alice Louise Johnson198419851
Anthony Johnson
Helen Johnson

Sarah Johnson1833190370

J W G Johnson (Ldg Aircraftman)1923194219

Michael Gerald Johnson1928201082
Phyllis Mary Johnson1930201181

F Johnson (Pte)

C Johnson (Pte)1894191622

Charles Johnson1847190457
Elizabeth Johnson1855193883
Herbert William Johnson1893195865

William Johnson 1789
William Johnson

Thomas Johnson1807183326
George Johnson

Thomas Johnson1704176763
Martha Johnson1709176758
Mary Johnson1732176735

Gwendoline Johnson1897197780

Henry Johnson1846189751
Louisa Johnson1852192371
George H V Johnson1879194263

George Johnson1745181570
Anne Elizabeth Johnson1757184790
George Johnson
John Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Anne Elizabeth Johnson

George Johnson1785185065
Mercy Johnson1797185962

James Johnson1786185670
Ann Johnson1786185771
Thomas Charles Johnson1829184819
Eliza Ann Johnson1815185237

Audrey Muriel Johnson1908198577

Frances Anne Johnson1858189739
John Henry Johnson1828190072
Frances Johnson1835192590
Henry Lawson Johnson1859190748
James Yate Johnson1862193573
Catherine Johnson1861194988
Edward Francis Johnson
George William Johnson1867194578

Ann Johnson1816189781

Katie Johnson1856191761

Bertie James Johnson (Bombadier) 35

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Dick Johnson
Arthur Johnson1904191915
William Johnson1854191965
Sarah Johnson1861191958

Thomas Johnson1716179983

John Johnson1697172932
Matthew Johnson
Frances Johnson

Frances Johnson1641173796
Matthew Johnson

Mary Johnson1750178131
William Johnson

F Johnson 1945

John Johnson1697172932
Matthew Johnson
Frances Johnson

Frances Johnson1641173796
Matthew Johnson

Charles Johnson1834190975
Matthew Johnson
Priscilla Johnson
Mary Elizabeth Johnson1842192886

Ann Olive Johnson1803182825
Matthew Johnson1797186063
Priscilla Gough Johnson1797185558
Alice Johnson188118821

Emily Johnson1892196674

Richard Johnson 1686
Margaret Johnson1649173081

William Johnson1637172285


William Johnson

Ann Johnson 1783

Thomas Johnson

Henry Johnson1823187552
Hannah Johnson186518672

Robert Johnson1803186057
Betty Johnson1798185557
William Johnson1823187249

Betty Johnson1819187051

Frank Johnson187818846
Henry Johnson1854192773
Elizabeth Johnson1852193179

Jane Johnson189318941
John Johnson1845189449
Mary Ann Johnson

Frank William Johnson1857194588
Mary Ann Johnson1861192463
Annie Mckelvie Johnson1905196358

Lilian Johnson190619071
Ann Johnson1876192953
John Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Ann Johnson

Bolton Johnson1897194346
Alice Sylvia Johnson1897194952

Eunice Johnson1927195225
John Johnson1894197278
Elsie Johnson

Esther Johnson1817185437

Thomas Johnson1796186872
John Johnson1827189366

James Johnson1832190573
Florence Mabel Johnson1910199585

Betty Marie Johnson1930199262

Thomas Johnson1777181336

Thomas Johnson1668173062

Elizabeth Johnson1781182241
William Johnson

William Johnson1779185576

Alice Johnson1788186981
William Johnson

William Johnson
Alice Johnson

Robert Johnson
Alice Jane Johnson
William Johnson
Alice Johnson

John Henry Johnson1900197474
Colin Johnson 1947
Marjorie Johnson1905198883

Ernest H Johnson1853188532
Sidney Hayden Johnson

William Johnson

Miss Elizabeth Johnson

Ann Johnson179918056
Jane Johnson179918056
William Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1802187169
Joseph Johnson 1866

W Johnson 1918

Walter Johnson1884191834
Maria Johnson

Mary Jane Johnson1863191148
Heber Johnson

Robert Johnson1848191971
Ellen Johnson1839191980

Esther Hannah Johnson1837189962
Lucy Johnson1833190976

Bessy Johnson1799182223
Enoch Johnson
Harriot Johnson 1822

Maria Johnson1886196983

Betsy Jane Johnson1885196782
Edmund Heber Johnson1884196985

Charles William Johnson1909196253
Margorie Daisy Johnson1911197766

George Joseph Johnson1891195968
Ida Grace Johnson1900199191

John Robert Johnson1923200784
Margaret Ann Johnson1925201287

Harold Johnson

Walter Johnson

John Johnson1834186632
Ann Johnson

Albert Johnson 1880
George Johnson
Annie Johnson

Fanny Johnson1898191921

James Johnson1859193374
Annie Johnson1865194277

Margaret Ann Johnson1886196175
Alfred Johnson1887196881

Frederick Johnson1891195160
Catherine Frances Ann Johnson1894195965

Herbert Johnson1876189721
Thomas Johnson
Mary Johnson

Selma Johnson1928200577
Peter Johnson1924201288

Elaine Johnson1962200139

Herbert Leslie Johnson1916196347

Maria Johnson1863189128
Elizabeth Johnson188918901
James Johnson

Arthur Johnson1937199558

Martha Jane Johnson1869194374
John Lawden Johnson

Martha Jane Johnson1869194374
John Lawrence Johnson1862195189

Mary Johnson1754182773

Thomas Johnson 1871

Lawrence Johnson 1813

Susannah Johnson1827188861
George Johnson

Jane Johnson1796183034
Jane Johnson1800188282
William Johnson1782185775

George Johnson1819190081

Mary Johnson1817188568

George Johnson1822190482

G W Johnson

James Roderick Johnson1931199564

Sheila Margaret Johnson1933199562

Miriam E Johnson1898197981

James W Johnson1891197281

Doris May Johnson1897195558
Lawrence Johnson

William John Johnson 1888
Ann Johnson

Ethel Johnson188818946
Mary Ann Johnson1860194080

Emma Johnson1819188566

Caroline Mary Johnson1911198473
Jack Johnson1905198681

Charles Ernest Johnson1912198775
May Johnson1909199384

Gertrude Johnson1917200386
Edward Johnson1914199783

Richard John Johnson198819891

James Johnson1889192940

William Johnson 1951
Hannah Mary Johnson1870194171

Emma Maria Johnson1881194968
Martin Johnson1881196079

William Johnson 1944

James Joseph Johnson1883194764
Annie Keightley Johnson1884196783

Elizabeth Hall Johnson1881195372
William Johnson1877196285

Edwin John Johnson1869194879

Emily S Johnson1855194792

J W Johnson1875194469

Jane Johnson1888197082
William Charles Johnson1887195467

Harry Charles Johnson1908196355
Doro H Johnson1904197672

Walter Johnson1926196842

Charles Henry Johnson1893196269
Victoria Sarah Elizabeth Johnson1898197375

Arthur Johnson
Gladys Violet Johnson1902199290

William Johnson1892196371
Margaret Louisa Johnson1891196372

Stanley Johnson1904197874
Florence Edith Johnson1898197678

William Charles Johnson1887195467

Henry Andrew Johnson1899196869
Doris Johnson19002003103
Joseph Wren Johnson1913196956
Andrew Johnson1876195579
Harriet Elizabeeth Johnson1877196083

Robert Johnson1871193766
Mary Ann Johnson1871194271

Norman Johnson1931201180

Jean Mary Johnson1934199864
Roy Michael Johnson 2005

Woody Johnson 2008

Francis Edward Johnson1928200981

Edward Arthur King Johnson1931200473
Maureen Johnson
Elaine Johnson

Roy William Johnson1926200781

Kenneth Johnson1932200472

Peter Douglas Johnson1935200873

Walter Richard Johnson 1996
Gladys Rose Johnson 1999

Thomas Johnson1815189681
Mary Ellen Johnson1839192384

Thomas Johnson1815189681
Mary Ellen Johnson1839192384

Elizabeth Johnson1865193570
Alfred Stainton Johnson1864194783

Robert Johnson1850192474
Mary Johnson1857194891

Caroline Johnson1839191374
James Johnson1846192882

George Johnson1821189877
Jane Johnson 1905

Annie Johnson1853190653
Thomas Johnson1851193180
Florence Johnson1886189913

Reuben Johnson1864192056
Anne Johnson1868193466

Sydney Johnson1898194749
Florence May Johnson1897199295

Willie Stainton Johnson1891195968
Louisa Johnson1904197571

Catherine Johnson 1908

Elizabeth Ann Johnson1847188538
Thomas Johnson1849191768
Burton Tom Johnson 1882
Samuel Johnson 1884
Mary Frances Johnson1876196084

Violet Aldam Johnson1896196973
Albert Edward Johnson1894198389
A. S. Johnson1917194326

Frank Johnson1899196566
Cecilia Johnson1896198488

Caroline Johnson1897191013

Woodthorpe Johnson (Rev )1814188773

Frederick Arthur Johnson1934199157

Rebecca Johnson1833190471

Thomas Johnson1756181256
Mary Johnson1762185290

Elizabeth Johnson1854193682
Thomas Clement Johnson

Sarah Ann Omley Johnson1869193263
Fredrick Lionel Johnson

Annie Johnson1874189824
B Johnson
E Johnson

Benjamin Johnson1826191084
Emily Johnson1846191872

Edward Neale Johnson1896195559

Mary Johnson1833190572
John Johnson1832190977

Gertrude Annie Johnson1867191548
Frederick Lionel Johnson1868194274

Gilbert Caught Johnson1854192470

Harriett Johnson1850192878

John Johnson 1939
Sissyrhena Johnson 1939

Iris Freda Johnson 2002

Betsy Johnson1865193772

Arthur Johnson1888193850
Sarah Johnson

Ethel Johnson1897195053
John William Johnson1899198384

Annie Louisa Johnson1878194466
Edward Johnson1874196187

Dorothy Johnson1901194140

Arthur Johnson1885194257

Francis James Johnson1902194341

Emily Johnson1897194043

Dorothy M Johnson1925194520

Joanne Johnson1914196955
John Charles Johnson1907197467
Lillian Johnson1946198943

Arthur Johnson1894194551
May Temperance Johnson1898195254

Bernard Charles Johnson1935196328
Joan Johnson
Sean Johnson

Ann Elizabeth Johnson1862194482

Edith Johnson1902198280

Joseph Edward Johnson1909195445
Evelyn Mary Johnson1913199582

Alice Emily Johnson 1953

Charles Robert Johnson1890195464

Mathew Johnson1874195480
Elsie Johnson1899198283

Bob Johnson1901195251
Doris Johnson1899198586

Francis William Johnson1906195044
Alice Johnson
Frank Johnson

Hazel Joan Johnson1932198250

Erika E A A G Johnson

Leonard Johnson1910197160
Ada Beatrice Johnson1913200693

Nellie Johnson1894198288

Emily Victoria Johnson1901198988
Albert Johnson 1964

Gertrude Estella Johnson1883197188

James E Johnson1900196262
Elsie May Johnson1899198687

William Alfred Johnson1891196978
Minnie Laura Johnson1892196068

Bertie Johnson1905196156
Lilian May Johnson1901197271

Ruby Sophia Johnson1919195637

Beatrice Johnson1909195748

Emily Victoria Johnson1901198988
Albert Johnson1889196475

Harriet Johnson1900197272
Margaret Johnson
Ron Johnson

Harold Johnson1898197577
Olive Johnson1898198082
Byron Fraray Johnson1920197656
Terence Fraray Johnson

Jacky Johnson1910197969
Ivy Johnson1906200195

John Waddington Johnson1915197762
Elsie May Johnson1914200894

Robert Johnson1964197915
John Johnson
Sue Johnson

Mary Annie Johnson1888195971

George H Johnson1916197963

Robert A Johnson196719725

Charles William Johnson1917198265

Norah Johnson1921197958
Kaj Johnson
Richard Johnson
John Johnson
Marcia Johnson
Frank Johnson

Edith Mary Johnson 1976

Kathleen Johnson1951197928

Walter Johnson1903197673

John Henry Johnson1913198976
Julia Johnson1921200583

George R Johnson 59

Edna May Johnson 94

Mandy Jane Johnson1970198414
Paul Johnson
Geoffrey Johnson

Alice Johnson1927199568

Elizabeth Jane Johnson1921199473

Olive Mary Johnson1911199381
John Harold Johnson1912199785
John Stephen Johnson1947200962

George W Johnson1908198577

Edith Tuxworth Johnson1905198984
Victor Arthur Johnson 1945

Stanley Morgan Johnson1910199787
Kathleen Johnson 2003

Eunice Johnson1939200768

Antony Robert Johnson1979200021
Pete Johnson
Pam Johnson
Paul Johnson
Shaun Johnson
Rochard Johnson
Mickey Johnson
Tommy Johnson

Margaret Charlotte Johnson1909200495

John Johnson1932199765
Susan Johnson1922200381

Joyce E Johnson1930200474

Lilian May Johnson1923200985

Thomas William Johnson1907198174
Annie Johnson1906198680

George Johnson1833189966
Harriet Johnson1830191585

Jane Johnson1840190767
Robert Johnson1837192285

John William Johnson1866190337

David William Johnson1949199950

Ben Johnson1884193349
Robert Johnson
Jane Johnson

Francis Johnson1902195755

William Johnson1880194464
William George Johnson1910194232
Emily Davie Johnson1880195373

Martha Johnson1863193976
Richard Walter Johnson1863195289

Jonadab Johnson1833190269
Harriett Johnson1840190060

Thomas Dixon Johnson1842191270
Elizabeth Johnson1841193190

Henry Johnson1838190769
Ann Johnson1840191777

Joseph Johnson1862192765
Alice Mary Johnson
Joseph Johnson 1917
Albert Johnson 1917

Elizabeth Johnson1841190564
George Johnson1841192988

Fanny Johnson1859189738
Frederick Johnson

John Johnson1829189162
Rebekah Johnson

John Johnson1826189367
Margaret Johnson

William Henry Johnson1850189545
William Johnson1882190725
John Johnson
Margaret Johnson

Thomas Johnson1861193069

Frank Johnson1904197874
Elizabeth Johnson1926200478

Alfred James Johnson1880194969

Lily Johnson1877192043
Arthur Johnson

Annie Johnson1837189861
John Gledhill Johnson1839191576

Martha M Johnson1873192249

P E Johnson
Violet Johnson1904192218
H Johnson

Annie Eliza Johnson1872195078
Walter Johnson1878194971

Ivy Johnson1905192419
Gertrude Johnson1875195681
Charles West Johnson1868194577

Archibald Johnson1912194230

Manders Johnson

John Herbert Johnson1871194877
Mary Ann Johnson1868195284

William Johnson1880194565
Nellie Johnson1882195775

Richard Johnson1864193268
Emily Johnson1872196088

Elizabeth Foster Johnson1864191147
Walter Bedford Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1820190989
Charles William Johnson1853190047
Thomas Clement Johnson1853192976

Harry B Johnson1876194973
Henrietta Emily Johnson1877196083

Sarah Ann Johnson1875195075
George Burnett Johnson1877196891
Sarah Ann Johnson1906200296

Kathleen Mary Johnson1911192817

Brian Peter Johnson1951199847

Alfred Robert Johnson1916198670
Edith May Johnson1918199779

Harriet Mary Johnson1876192448
Frederick Joseph Johnson1878192749

William Henry Johnson1850191464
Elizabeth Johnson1849192576

Frederick Johnson1845192479
Sarah Elizabeth Johnson1851193180

Francis Johnson1775182752

Betsey Johnson1843186623
William Johnson
Mary Elizabeth Johnson 1867

Robert Johnson1767178922

Ann Johnson1771178918

Thomas Johnson1761179332

Mary Johnson1774179925

William Johnson 1824
Robert Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson

William Jackson Johnson185218575
George Johnson
Francis Johnson
Emma Johnson186418673
Richard Johnson187018722

Woodthorpe Johnson1721178463

Not Known Johnson1730179363
Woodthorpe Johnson

Hilda Johnson1899196061

Thomas Johnson1821189675
Ann Johnson1826189771
Joseph Johnson1856189842

Frank Johnson1906197468
Doreen Alonza Johnson1907198073

Charles Irvin Johnson1921197958

Peggy Johnson1922199674

Arthur Johnson1913198976
Flora Gladys Johnson1916200589

Marise Johnson1953199946
Paul Johnson

Thomas Alan Johnson1942200462
Irene M Johnson1941200564

Charles T Johnson1896196569
Lily May Johnson1897196669

Scott Johnson197319818

Harry Johnson1889191223
John Johnson1857193477
Mary Johnson1858193981

John Johnson1880195373
Mary Johnson1911192817
William Johnson1883196178
Eliza Johnson1882197391

Jane Kathleen Johnson1936200063

Hayley Gwenneth Johnson198519850

Arnold Johnson1929198556

Sam Ayers Johnson1857192467

Walter Johnson1902198684
Dora Martha Johnson1898198991
William Henry Johnson1872192957
Rosa Johnson1873192754

Mary Johnson1811184938

Eileen Johnson1930200777
Ernest Johnson1927201285

Eileen Johnson1930200777
Ernest Johnson1927201285

Clara Johnson1874195379
Alfred Johnson

Alfred Johnson1873194774
Clara Johnson

George Johnson1822189674
Ann Johnson1831191584

Edward Johnson 1985

Frances Mary Johnson1935198550

Walter Matthew Johnson1934201278
Vera Johnson

R Johnson

William Johnson (Rev)1707176457

Peter M Johnson1934200470

Maureen S P Johnson1933201178

James William Johnson1859191455

J H Johnson1884191531

Alan Johnson1986200216

Keith Victor Johnson1948201062

Joseph Henry Johnson1914199985
Rose Emily Johnson1920199979
James William Johnson 1

Alan Johnson1986200216

Keith Victor Johnson1948201062

Joseph Henry Johnson1914199985
Rose Emily Johnson1920199979
James William Johnson 1

Alan Johnson1986200216

Keith Victor Johnson1948201062

Joseph Henry Johnson1914199985
Rose Emily Johnson1920199979
James William Johnson 1

Annie Johnson1851189948
George Johnson

Muriel Mary Johnson1913199986

Percival F Johnson1911200594
Muriel Johnson

James Johnson1803185552

Charles W Johnson (Private) 1918

Harry B Johnson (Lance Corporal)

Charles W Johnson 1918

Richard Johnson

Henry E Johnson

Susanna Johnson 7

Thomas Johnson1732179159
Patience Johnson1736179155
Annie Johnson1772179321

George William Johnson1928198355

Elsie Johnson1902197876

James Frederick Johnson1924197551

Thomas Johnson1827

Charles Johnson1816189680

Susannah Johnson1823189471

Sarah Ann Johnson 1861
Robert Johnson
Sarah Ann Johnson

William Johnson1830189060

J Johnson
W H Johnson
J G Johnson

Annie Johnson1906193327
Albert Johnson

Charles Johnson

Ron Johnson1923199774
Eva Johnson1924200884

Thomas Johnson1730181484

William Johnson1862193270
Jane Elizabeth Johnson1859194990

Florence May Johnson1889194051
Charles Edward Johnson1886195771

William Morris Johnson1867194780
Annie Johnson1874194773

George Henry Johnson1856192973
Susanah Johnson1858192163

George Johnson1856189539
Pattie Brand Johnson1864189228

Bertie Johnson1883197289
Alice Maud Johnson1886198296

James Johnson1845191570

A Johnson (Pte)

Henry James Johnson1928200072

Stephen Johnson1826184418
Thomas Johnson
Mary Johnson

John James Johnson1844192278

Elizabeth Johnson1849191162
John James Johnson

John James Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Mary Jane Johnson1859187819
Joseph Johnson
Margaret Johnson

William Johnson 1836
Thomas Johnson
Mary Johnson

Frederick Johnson1883196178

Robert James Johnson1936196933

Elizabeth Johnson1833191380
John Johnson

John Johnson 1870
John Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Maurice Johnson1933199057

James Michael Johnson1947199548
Jackie Johnson

Mary Johnson1925200277

Susannah Johnson1884195571

Charles Johnson1824188965

John Johnson1789185566

William Johnson1818188466

Richard Johnson1820190686
Sarah Johnson1820190383

Mary Johnson1792187280
John Johnson1793187986

Jane Johnson182618337
John Johnson
Mary Johnson
Ann Johnson1829183910

John Johnson
Mary Johnson

Elsie Johnson1888196476

Clara Maria Johnson1862194179

Ruth Olive Johnson1901194948
Charles Johnson1897198588

Annie Johnson1923197855
Edwin Johnson1919198465

May Christiana Johnson1886195670
John George Johnson1882196684

Ina Johnson1916200184
Ernest Johnson1918200485

Frances Mary Johnson1921199271

Kenneth Louis Johnson1926200680

Agnes Maria Johnson1888196779
Fred Johnson1890197585

William Johnson1792186573
Ann Johnson1796187781

William Johnson1808187365

Lillian Johnson1907200093

Antony David William Johnson1971198615

Eliza Johnson1819183617

Ada Johnson1877191639

George A Johnson (Rev'd)1831191382
Martha Anna Johnson1830191282

John Watts Johnson1854191662
Kate Johnson1857193780
Eliza Fanny Johnson1883195976

Emma Septus Johnson1852189846
Alfred William Johnson1852192472

John Frederick Johnson1798187981

Patricia Johnson1940196626
Phyllis Johnson1914199783

Albert Percy Johnson1879191940
Florence Johnson1879195576

Jessie Mildred Johnson1907193225

Patricia Ann Johnson1940196626
Phyllis May Johnson1914199783

H W Johnson (Act/bombardier)1880191535

Alfred Henry Frederick Johnson1904197672
Gwendoline Muriel Johnson1923200481

Nellie Emily Johnson8119881907
William Redvers Johnson7719771900

Edward Johnson1907196558

Violet Maud Ouseley Johnson1922199674
Thomas Henry Johnson1917200184

Amy Mary Johnson1881194564
William Johnson1874194975

Enid Mary Johnson1924200278

Elaine Robina Johnson1957200447

Jean N Johnson1922198866
Percy Johnson1917200588

C E Johnson1879191738

Charles Johnson1840191777
Jane Johnson1841192079

Charles Johnson1840191777
Jane Johnson1841192079

Mary Johnson 1913
Fred Johnson 1958

Agnes Johnson1866191650
Thomas Johnson1855192267

Edith Mary Johnson1877191740

Charles Henry Johnson1856193680
Elsie Jane Johnson1859191960

William Patrick Johnson1936200569

Frank William Johnson1927198760
Patricia Johnson1927200476

Mary Ann Johnson1827191184

George Frederick Benjamin Johnson1867193164
Clara Johnson1864194985

Pamela Johnson1874193460

Dora Ellen Johnson1917193922
Albert Johnson 1943

Benjamin Johnson1763182663
Isabel Johnson1763182966
Benjamin Warren Johnson1801183130

Benjamin Johnson
Isabel Johnson

Thomas Johnson1704173026
Mary Johnson1653174087

William Johnson1773183360

William Johnson1773183360

Florence Nellie Johnson1868191446
Albert Vernon Johnson1861193170

Thomas H Johnson

Nellie Johnson 1953

Robert Johnson 1866
Robert Johnson
Mary Johnson

Lucinda Madeline Johnson1881195776
Harold Herbert Johnson1879196485

Walter Johnson

Richard Johnson

Colin Johnson

Derrick Irwin Johnson1925200883
Elsie Johnson1928201284

Ethel Mary Johnson1868194880

Frederick Johnson1857194689
Maria Johnson1857194790

Clement Page Johnson189218953

Elijah Johnson1822190179
Mary Ann Johnson1822190886

John Robert Johnson1885196075
Sarah May Johnson1884196783

Thomas Johnson1693175865
Thomasin Johnson 84

Ronald Johnson1931201180

Alfred Joseph Johnson
Laura Mary Johnson

Frederick William Johnson1912199482

William Johnson1690173848
Faith Johnson

Henry Johnson 1749

Mary Ann Johnson1813188774

Charles Leslie Johnson1923199269

Susan Johnson1817190487

Herbert Johnson1869193566
Rebecca Johnson1874196591

William Johnson 1918

Michael George Johnson1942200765

Robert Johnson1871192857

Francis Johnson1755180348

William Willmot Johnson 1833

Elizabeth Johnson1658172365

Henry Johnson1815189580
Jemima Johnson 88
Elizabeth Johnson 1857

Roy Johnson1920200383
Joyce Martha Johnson1921200685

Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson1827191285

Edward Amand Johnson1792187482
Elizabeth Mary Johnson1798187678
Harriette Anna Johnson1836

Herbert Ernest Johnson1874190733
Edmund Herbert Johnson1905192924

William Robert Johnson1845191772
Ellen Sarah Anne Johnson1848193991

Earnest Edward Johnson 1882

Ada Mary Johnson1892198694

John Johnson1808187668
Harriet Johnson1808189486

James Johnson1837189053

Benjamin Johnson1840193696

Charlotte Johnson1836191377
Benjamin Johnson

E A H Johnson188418895
Benjamin Johnson
Charlotte Johnson

Benjamin Johnson1776184064

Ann Johnson1780183858
Benjamin Johnson

John Johnson1732180876
Priscilla Johnson1740181171

Gerald Harrison Johnson1927200275

David Johnson1938201173

James Johnson1755184287

James Johnson

James Johnson1719179980
Elizabeth Johnson1720178767

Ann Johnson 1773
James Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Mary Ann Elizabeth Johnson1882191937
Herbert Johnson

Henry Amis Johnson1868193163
Alice Johnson

Maureen Frances Johnson1949198233

Frederick Charles Johnson1894198086
Winifred Florence Johnson1900198282
Philip Charles Johnson1929199566

Walter Herbert Johnson1895196772
Georgina May Johnson1901198685

William Johnson1885195873
Cecilia Johnson

David Gordon Johnson1932200573

Arthur Johnson1913200188
Dorothy Johnson1914200389

John Frederick Johnson

Caroline Johnson1862193169
John Johnson1858194183

Elizabeth Johnson1689176879
James Johnson

Philip Johnson 1963
Agnes Selina Johnson1885196378

Susan Johnson1849189546
James Johnson


Joan Mary Johnson1953199744
Darren Johnson
Nicola Johnson
Anne-Marie Johnson

Geoffrey Richard Johnson1925198762

Charles Johnson1864193874
Harriet Louisa Johnson1870195282

William Johnson1765182560

Russells Johnson1747181164
John Johnson
Sarah Johnson

John Johnson1714178268

John Johnson
Sarah Johnson

Unknown Johnson 1774
John Johnson
Sarah Johnson

Thomas Johnson1771180433

William Johnson1765182560

Russells Johnson1747181164
John Johnson
Sarah Johnson

John Johnson1714178268

John Johnson
Sarah Johnson

Unknown Johnson 1774
John Johnson
Sarah Johnson

Thomas Johnson1771180433

William Herbert Johnson 1845
James Johnson
Caroline Johnson

Reginald George Johnson1934199662
Rosina Johnson

T H F Johnson (Major)1880191939

Edw F Johnson

Amy Johnson 2011

Peter William Johnson1964198117

Winifred Mary Johnson1913198572
Barlow Johnson 1988

Barlow Johnson1876190327

William Johnson1838189557
Elizabeth Johnson

Samuel Johnson

Rebecca Johnson1828190577
Joseph Johnson1835191580

Mabel Edna Johnson1886198296
Ethel Victoria Johnson1898198890

Samuel Johnson1862193977
Mary Ann Johnson

Samuel Johnson1703176663
Mary Johnson1712180896

Samuel Johnson1703176663

Edith Groom Johnson 1874

William Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson

William James Johnson
Emma Mary Johnson

Jonav Johnson1815187661

Daniel Johnson

Goddard Johnson 1866
Goddard Johnson
Maria Johnson

Winifred M Johnson1920200181
William D Johnson

Rosina Johnson1899197374

Matthew Johnson1838191678
Pheobe Johnson1842191876

Alfred Johnson

Ashton Ernest Johnson1861192968

James Johnson1787180013
James Johnson

James Johnson 1821

A H Johnson1924194319

Elizabeth Mary Johnson1878196284
Arthur Johnson1877196689

Arthur Stanley Johnson1909197869
Mary Madeline Johnson1911199483

Christine Helen Johnson1924198763
Kenneth Johnson1922198967

Mary Johnson1793187582

Benjamin Bart Johnson 1867

Kate Johnson
James Johnson
Susannah Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson 1872
Benjamin Bart Johnson

Charles Sebastian Johnson1857188629

James Johnson1897194548
Alice Maud Cullen Johnson1904197672

Henry Johnson1824185834

John Johnson1799186061

Charlotte Johnson1841191372
Henry John Johnson1840191777

Peter Johnson 1834

Caroline Margaret Johnson
A J Johnson
Dorothea Johnson

Dorothea Johnson 1912
Ambrose James Johnson

Ambrose James Johnson (Rev)

Anne Johnson1837191174
William Johnson1845192176

Earl J. Johnson (Sgt.)

Richard Johnson1685172136

Sarah Frances Johnson1840190767
Henry Johnson1832191583

Benjamin Thomas Johnson185718614
Benjamin Johnson
Rose Johnson

John Matthew Cox Johnson186318663
Robert Johnson
Mary Johnson

Ellen Johnson1828188355
Christopher Johnson

Mary Johnson

Benjamin Johnson1768183466
Maria Johnson 1865

John Henry Johnson186618682
Henry Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Ann Mary Johnson

William Christopher Johnson1838191678
Hannah Harriet Johnson1838191678

Benjamin Johnson1851191766
Hannah Johnson1852192371

Mary Elizabeth Johnson1851192271
William Johnson1848192779

Henry B. Johnson1846192074

Mary Bishop Johnson1839191879
Robert Johnson1836191983

Hannah Frances Johnson1843190562
Henry Johnson

Frederick William Johnson1904199086
Ethel Johnson1908199789

John Johnson1889196071
Anna Eliza Johnson 89

George Smith Johnson1811188574
Rebecca Johnson 1884

John Johnson

Minnie Johnson1882190725
Henry Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson

Ruth Evelyn Mary Johnson 62
Cyril Horace Terence Johnson1907198578

Michael Edward Johnson1933199663

Catherine Johnson1813185845
Thomas Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1863190542
George Johnson

William Johnson1892191119
Daniel Johnson
Ellen Johnson

Daniel William Johnson1862194381
Ellen Johnson1867194376

Mabel Johnson1898196668

Jane Johnson1803185249
William Johnson1804187874
Gerard Selby Johnson184518461
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Eleanor Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Ralph Johnson1838186022
John Finlaw Johnson1834186026
William Thomas Johnson1833187239
Henry Smart Johnson1841189655

William Johnson1761183574
William Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Ralph Johnson1808183931
Elizabeth Johnson 1851

Thomas Johnson1766183468
Constantia Johnson1759184788
Jane Johnson1764185086
Henry Johnson

Edward Johnson1667174073
Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson1781186180

Margaret Johnson1887189912
William Johnson190819080
Stanley Johnson189918990
William Johnson
Isabella Johnson

Sarah Scott Johnson189418940
Edith Johnson189818980
Helena Johnson190119010
George Johnson
Kate Johnson

Thomas Johnson1847186114
Thomas Johnson1821190584
Jane Johnson1821187756
Catherine Johnson1846186822

John Milne Johnson1851193281
Elizabeth Johnson1856193579
William Johnson1861193978

Thomas Johnson

Sarah Johnson1745181570
James Johnson

James Johnson1803182522
Henry Johnson
Margaret Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1839188546
John Johnson1842189553

Margaret Johnson1743179855
Cuthbert Johnson1731181180
Richard Johnson1790183545
Jane Johnson1789183546

Joseph Johnson1793186774
Margaret Johnson1804189490
Alice Johnson1874191036

John Johnson1832186432

Rachel Ann Johnson 1869
Robert Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson

Lisco Johnson186518672

Sydney Johnson
June Johnson
Heather Johnson

Margaret Alice Johnson1879191435
Josiah Johnson1881194665

Elizabeth Johnson1827188760
Edward Johnson1825191186

George Johnson1715178671

Elizabeth Blackett Thompson Johnson1822185634
John Johnson1792188088
Ralph Thomas Johnson1851188130
John Robson Johnson1855191661

Richard Johnson1768183264

Isabella Johnson 1816
William Johnson

Judith Johnson1788185668

John Johnson1680176181

William Johnson 75
Phillis Johnson1807189285

Elizabeth Johnson184951855863
William Johnson

Cicely Mary Johnson1842186119
John Johnson
Selina Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1824190076
John Johnson

John Johnson1829187546

Martha Johnson1749181869
George Johnson1749181970

Thomas Johnson1732180775

John Johnson1754177521
Thomas Johnson
Anna Maria Johnson

George Johnson187118798

Thomas Johnson1799184849

Sarah Johnson1777181033
James Johnson
James Johnson180818102

George Johnson1819188667
Elizabeth Johnson1821190483

John Johnson1846192680

Dennis Alan Johnson1935200671

Mary Johnson1913200188

John Henry Johnson

Caroline Louisa Johnson1847193184

Margaret Johnson 1936

Margaret Nellie Johnson1917198265

Gertrude Elizabeth Johnson1891194453

Caroline Louisa Johnson1847193184

Margaret Johnson 1936

Margaret Nellie Johnson1917198265

Gertrude Elizabeth Johnson1891194453

Caroline Louisa Johnson1847193184

Margaret Johnson 1936

Margaret Nellie Johnson1917198265

Gertrude Elizabeth Johnson1891194453

Bertha Johnson1921200382

George Johnson1920201393

Phyllis Joan Johnson1924200177
Laurence Anthony Thomas Johnson1920200989

Jane Johnson1776185377
William Johnson

Samuel Johnson

James Johnson

L Samuel Johnson1893191421

James Johnson

John Johnson


Eliz Johnson 1882

William Brown Johnson1850188434
John Johnson
Harriet Johnson

Thomas Johnson1748182274

Elizabeth Johnson1754182066
Thomas Johnson
Mary Johnson177217753

Thomas Johnson

William Johnson

James Ougden Johnson1809184536

Jane Johnson
Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson1770183363

Elizabeth Johnson1813188572

Ann Johnson 53

Thomas Johnson
John Johnson
Ellen Johnson

Eleanor Johnson1849190354
Thomas Johnson

Eunice Johnson1882196381

John Johnson

Alice Johnson 1940
Thomas Johnson 1948

Leonard E Johnson1947198134

Martha Johnson1815184732
Francis Johnson

Betty Johnson1926200175

Jabez Johnson1874189117
Thomas Johnson
Ann Johnson

Lois Hannah Johnson188418906
Richard Johnson
Eunice Ellen Johnson

Richard Johnson1858192971
Eunice Ellen Johnson
William Henry Johnson189418951

G Bernard Johnson1933200269

Alfred George Johnson1923200784
Ellen Pauline Johnson1926200983

Albert Edgar Johnson1894197884
Doris Jane Johnson1906197165

Ernest Johnson1924198561

William Johnson 1924
Mary Johnson

Francis Johnson

Frederick Johnson1908198577
Rosalind Caiger Johnson1904198581

Mark Johnson 1915
Isabella Kate Johnson 1976

Lynda Johnson1925200681

Samuel Arthur Johnson1845191570
Marianne Johnson1901194544
Hugh S Johnson (Cdr)1883196885

Charlotte Frances Johnson Johnson 1840
Samuel Johnson (Rev )
Sarah Johnson

Samuel Johnson (Rev )1806186660
Sarah Johnson1809188273

Arthur Exton Johnson 1945
James Hart Johnson (Rev ) 1918
Ruth Franco Johnson

James Hart Johnson (Rev ) 1918

Edith Elizabeth Johnson1894197783

Judith Mary Johnson1936200872

Judith Mary Johnson1936200872

Kathleen Johnson1922

William Johnson1921197756
Lillian Johnson1892197886

Francis Johnson 1894
Jane Johnson 1929
Jane Johnson1873195380
Frances Anne Johnson1880196080

James Johnson1823191289
Fred Johnson188418851

James Luther Johnson1912196755
Muriel Johnson

Martha Johnson1872195684

Margaret Johnson1938198547

Horace Johnson1921199372
Irene Jean Johnson1925199368

Leonard Morgan Johnson1917197356

William Johnson1903196360
Gladys Johnson1908198880

Mabel Johnson1898196668

Ann Johnson1722177856
Rebecca Johnson 74
John Johnson

Sarah Johnson
George Johnson

Sarah Johnson
George Johnson

Bill Johnson1950201060

Isabella Mary Johnson1827190578

Mary Elizabeth Johnson 1921
Arthur Johnson1839192788

Eliza Johnson 1899
Robert Johnson 1901

Eliza Johnson 1899
Robert Johnson 1901

John Johnson 1901

Frederick Clyde Johnson1903199592

A O Johnson

W Johnson (Pte)

S E Johnson (Pte)

S Johnson

Arthur Frederick Johnson1906196963
Herbert John Johnson 68

Arthur Robert Johnson1874196490
Florence Charlotte Johnson1885197388

Doris H Johnson1910199383

Frederick Johnson1862193977
Alice Ada Johnson1866194781

Gladys Johnson1925200782

Peter G Johnson1921199877

Robert A Johnson1902198886

Rosetta M Johnson1919197960
Frederick G Johnson1927198255

Annie Gertrude Johnson1880196585
Claude Johnson1882196482

Gertrude Ethel June Johnson1935

Ada Nellie Johnson1901194847

Lewis George Johnson1905196358
Gladys Ann Johnson1904196359

Lewis George Johnson1905196358
Gladys Ann Johnson1904196359

A E Johnson 1918

Agnes May Johnson1899193132
Henry Johnson

Hilda Johnson1901198584

Maureen Johnson1933200572

William Johnson1971200938

A E Johnson 1918

Agnes May Johnson1899193132
Henry Johnson

Hilda Johnson1901198584

Maureen Johnson1933200572

William Johnson1971200938

Jack Ronald Johnson 1959

Winifred Rachel Johnson 1982

Leonard Johnson1915200388

S E Johnson1879191839

Esther Johnson 1978

Phil Johnson

Ethel Maria Johnson1891197584

Ida Johnson1878196890

Rachel Jane Johnson1875194469

Ernest Johnson 1965
Edward Chambers Johnson 1962
Lewis James Johnson 1964
Frederick William Johnson 1961

Annie Victoria Johnson1888196375
Victor George Johnson 1963

Lily Clara Johnson1901193938

Herbert Johnson1874194672
Ada Johnson1874196086

Lucy Priscilla Johnson1858192365
John Burlingham Johnson 79

Connie Johnson 1996

Stanley Kenneth Johnson 1980

Margaret Ann Johnson1913196855

Edwin Robert Johnson1888195567
Maud Mary Johnson1891197382

Micheal Johnson1946199145

Margaret L Johnson

Montague Johnson
Emma Noble Johnson 1965

Oliver William Johnson1841192382
Elizabeth Johnson1845192378

Derek Charles Johnson1938199759

Harriet Johnson
Samuel Johnson

Edward David Johnson 1866

Ernest Charles Gerald Johnson1876193458

R H Johnson (Sergeant)1934196026

Frances Catherine Johnson1917198467

Alfred Johnson1908198173
Frances Catherine Johnson1918198466

James Johnson1832190977
Esther Johnson1841192483

Elijah Johnson1859190647
Annie Johnson1862193573

Eliza Perry Johnson1831190675
Charles Isaac Johnson 1913

Harriett E Johnson1863191350

George Johnson1861188625
George Johnson

George Johnson1830191686
Mary Ann Johnson1842193290

Jesse Johnson 1858

Sarah Johnson 1871
George Johnson
Annie Johnson Johnson 1872
Alexander Johnson1855187318

Rosetta Johnson1864193369

Elizabeth Adelaide Johnson 1862
George W Johnson
Caroline Johnson 1897

George Johnson1804189086

Thomas Daniel Johnson1883194259
Sarah Johnson

William Johnson1824190682
Mary Johnson1825190681
Arthur Robert Johnson1862188927

Catherine Mary Johnson1860193171
Charles Johnson
Eliza Johnson
Samuel Potto Johnson1863193673

James Johnson1825188560
Mary Ann Johnson1824189672

Edith Louisa Johnson1865193570

Maria Johnson1810188979

Robert Johnson1807187871
Jemima Johnson 1880

Margaret Kathleen Johnson1928200173

Violet Beatrice Johnson1832191785
Ernest W Johnson
Lilian Johnson1884196177
Ernest Walter Johnson1872193462

Albert Edward Johnson1895198388

Caroline Johnson1846193488

Charlotte Pain Johnson1814188773

Clement William Johnson1834190369

Edward Johnson1883194057

Elizabeth Ann Johnson1866196094

Jane Eliza Johnson1836191276

Jeffery Denn Johnson1836190064

Leonard Frederick William Johnson189719014

Maude Eliza Johnson1891195463

Henry Johnson1791180514

Charlotte Johnson1819187556

George Johnson 1876
Ann Johnson 1891

Ann Johnson1836190266
William Johnson1830190777

Henry Newson Johnson1849192475
Martha Anne Johnson1855193075

Johnson (Gent)

John Johnson
Robert Johnson
Susan Johnson

Mary Johnson
John Johnson

William Johnson 1810

Ellen Johnson 1964
Richard Johnson1897196669

Kenneth Johnson1931195019

Leslie Johnson1928200678
Caroline Johnson
Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson 1977
Leslie Johnson
June Johnson
Caroline Johnson

Richard H Johnson1926195024

Thomas Johnson1923198562

Ellen Johnson 1964
Richard Johnson1897196669

Kenneth Johnson1931195019

Leslie Johnson1928200678
Caroline Johnson
Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson 1977
Leslie Johnson
June Johnson
Caroline Johnson

Richard H Johnson1926195024

Thomas Johnson1923198562

May Johnson1890198797
Ronald Johnson1898197577

Frank Johnson1908198981

Joyce Johnson1912199886

Sidney A Johnson 1951

John Johnson1771182756

Thomas Johnson1790185060

Mary Johnson (Mrs)1717174932

Robert Johnson1821188059
Sarah Ann Johnson1826190882

Robin William Johnson1932199462
Ann Johnson1937199659

Robert Johnson1793187279
Frances Johnson1794188894
John Johnson1835186732

Robert Johnson
Frances Johnson

Beatrice Hannah Johnson18851985100

Joshua Alexander Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1742176523
Robt Johnson

Christopher Johnson1944199652

Gertrude Maud Johnson1901193635

Ronald Johnson1931200675

Robert Johnson1814190793

Elizabeth Johnson1807188477
Robert Johnson

J R Johnson (Seaman RNRPS)1911194029

J R Johnson (Seaman RNRPS)1911194029

James Johnson1784185773
Sarah Johnson 1872

Maurice Edward Johnson1932200068

William Isaac Johnson1885197388

Brenda Mary Johnson1918199779
Graham Charlie Johnson1914199985

Irene Johnson1931199362

Joseph Johnson1866192256
Hannah Johnson1851193483
George Johnson1892191523
Ernest J Johnson1887191831

William Johnson1871194271
Matilda Johnson1874194672

Alice Rose Johnson

Terry Edward Johnson 1974

George Johnson1822189775

Hedley Wilson Johnson1910199888
Aileen Maeve Johnson1913200188

John William Johnson1899197879
Ethel May Johnson1915199984

Dorothy Johnson1914198672
Charles Johnson1918199577

Herbert John Johnson1886197185
Mary Elizabeth Johnson1883197289

A J Johnson1884191834

Esther Charlotte Johnson1839193091

Mary Maria Johnson1852193179

Charles Johnson 1832
Susannah Johnson

Henry Charles Johnson1893191320
Lilly Johnson1870194777
Henry Charles Johnson1868194981

Leslie Johnson1932199361

V E Johnson 1915

George Johnson1840191676
Susannah Johnson 1913

Laurena Johnson1925200176
Walter Johnson1919200485

Dora M Johnson
John S B Johnson

William John Johnson1965198217
Rose Margaret Johnson1943201067

Thomas Johnson (Rev)1733180572

Thomas Johnson1733180572

Thomas Johnson (Rev)1733180572

Arthur Francis Johnson1892196674
Elizabeth Johnson1895198792

Eliza Johnson1865193671
George Ernest Johnson1858194587

Nora Emily Johnson1901199897

Will Johnson1703178077

Benjamin Johnson1821189776

Alice Johnson1857193578

Alice Johnson1857193578

Alice Johnson185918667

James Alfred Johnson1877191841

Lilian Sophia Johnson1893197683

Thomas Johnson1793186774

Hotson Johnson184718525
Thomas Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Margaret Johnson177517816
William Johnson177717814

William Johnson1739178344

Sarah Johnson1740182181
William Johnson

Mary Johnson1734179763
William Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1749182172
William Johnson1742181169

William Johnson1715179580
Sarah Johnson1720176747

William Johnson1688177789

Margaret Johnson1688175769
William Johnson

James Johnson1714177864
Margaret Johnson1716178064

Sarah Johnson177617804
William Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

William Johnson
Mary Johnson

John Francis Johnson1881195069
Ethel Leah Johnson1893198491

Arthur Joseph Johnson1902196462
Doris Virtue Johnson1908200698

Albert James Johnson1949199041

Edna Johnson1914199783

Alice Johnson1860192666
Joseph Johnson1859193879

Susannah Johnson 1923
Thomas Johnson1853192572

Cecil Mina Johnson1880194464
Hubert Vaughan Johnson

Thomas Henry Johnson1894196773

Sybil Joan Johnson1926200074

George John Johnson1880195676
Winifred May Johnson1890197888
Harry Robert Johnson1915197863

Phyllis A Johnson7319821909
Seymour I Johnson7819841906

Charles Johnson1912198371

Alice Johnson1868196193
Frank Horace Johnson1877196285

Henry Johnson1817186144

Mary Johnson7319391866

Jonathan Locke Johnson3119181887

Frances Louisa Johnson8319251842
Francis John Johnson8019301850

Rose Thompson Johnson1878195577

Doris Staker Johnson1899197576
Isobel Fiennes Johnson1901198483

Caroline Lavinia Johnson1845193186
John Thomas Johnson

Harry Johnson1878195981
Dorothy Johnson 82

Clifford John Johnson1909196960
Kathleen Margaret Johnson 74

Clara Johnson1862194381
Benjamin Johnson 1947

Elizabeth Ann Johnson1936200367

Joseph Robert Johnson1968198719

George Charles Johnson1913198067
Florence Alexandra Johnson1915200893

John William Johnson1883195269
Lucy Johnson1883197693

Harry Johnson1910198979
Phyllis G Johnson1917199376

May Cissie Johnson1905197671
Arthur Cecil Johnson1905199388

Heather Alfreda Mary Johnson1933199562

Leonard Thomas Johnson1937199962

Daisy Georgina Johnson1893197683
Frederick Donald Johnson1917197962
Daphne Margaret Johnson1924199975

Harry Johnson1890195868
Amy Ellen Johnson 1970

Gladys Johnson1901197271
Albert Johnson1897198083

Derek James Johnson 1993

Ellen Frances Edmonds Johnson1870189828

Ellen Frances Edmonds Johnson1870189828

Albert Ronald Johnson1929195728

Monica Heath Johnson1924198258

Gladys Eliza May Johnson1906199892

Cecily Patricia Johnson1935200974

Doris Emma May Johnson1916198367
Alfred James Johnson1909198677

Roy Johnson 1926
R J Johnson
May Johnson

Robert Litson Johnson 1929

Edith Evelyn Johnson5019521902
Arthur Stanley Johnson6219541892

Edward V Johnson1905199388

Albert William Johnson1907199992
Lilian Violet Johnson1913201097

William Charles Johnson1910199181
Nellie Johnson1912199987

George Ralph Johnson 1915
Isabella Johnson1862195593

Evelyn May Johnson1912198371
John Albert Johnson1910195949

Henry Johnson1869193364

William Pettie Johnson1866192761

Robert Johnson1843190663
Walter Edward Johnson187018766
Laura Johnson1845191772

John Johnson5918331774

Mary Johnson1877190629

Mary Johnson1877190629
Thomas Johnson

Andrew Geoffrey Johnson (Commander)1922199573

Harry W Johnson1897195861

Charles Thomas Johnson1865193368
Laura Johnson1875194873

Henry Johnson1891191827

William George Currie Johnson1845191267
Maria Johnson 1917

Charles Thomas Johnson1865193368
Laura Johnson1875194873

Margaret D Johnson1926200680
Kathleen M Johnson1904199692
William Johnson1898197981

Frederick Johnson1825187752
Mary Ann Johnson1824189167

Bexley Amelia Johnson1737182790
William Johnson1738181274

Margaret Johnson1837189356
William Johnson1833191380

Sidney Johnson 1918

Ida May Johnson1891194251
Frank Davenport Johnson

Louise Elizabeth Johnson1973200734

Frank Davenport Johnson1891193544

Harriet Johnson1775184671

Mary Ann Johnson1848188436
William Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson1848188436
William Johnson

Ann Johnson1789185667

J Johnson (Sargeant) 1918

W Johnson (Private) 1918

J H Johnson (Private)

J H Johnson (Private)

H Johnson (Rifleman)

F A Johnson (Pte)

H Johnson (Pte)

P J Johnson (Pte)

H Johnson (Rifleman)

F A Johnson (Pte)

H Johnson (Pte)

P J Johnson (Pte)

H L Johnson (Pte)

John William Johnson1909197464

Shelagh Margaret Johnson1924198359

John William Johnson1909197464

Shelagh Margaret Johnson1924198359

Muriel H Johnson1893194855
William Ewart Johnson1897198285

Hilda Gertrude Johnson1922200482

Andrew David Johnson1972199018

Marshall Johnson1918199981

Douglas A Johnson (Master Engineer)1958200850

Anne Johnson1836191074
John Johnson

John Johnson1833190275

Victor Neville Johnson1882197290
Rowena Vawdrey Johnson1908197567

Harriet Johnson1833189360
George Johnson1833189966

Benjamin Johnson1813188269
Sarah Johnson 1882

Francis Johnson (Pastor)1858190547
Beatrice Mary Johnson1864192965

Eveline A Johnson1846193084

Alice Jane Johnson1875192752

Thomas Chapple Johnson (Priest)1851193988
Mabel Tyler Johnson1859194889

William Johnson1835191883
Ann Johnson1840191878

Bertha Johnson1863193370

John Johnson1844187733

Catherine Elizabeth Johnson1886197993

J Johnson (Sergt)

Ann Johnson1742179856
Thomas Johnson

Charles Edward Johnson (Brig Gen)1861193069
Charles Cooper Johnson (Gen Sir)
Jemima Johnson
Susan Ellen Johnson1872194270

Vera Emmie Johnson191519193
William Johnson
Agnes Johnson

William John Johnson (Pte)1888191729

George H Johnson1925201085

Ellen Johnson1836189761
William Johnson1839192586

Willie Johnson1901198180
Annie Johnson1900198989

Fred Johnson1894195763
Hilda Johnson1900199292

Harry Johnson1909199081
Elsie White Johnson1918199375

Annie Marie Johnson1867193770
Alfred Johnson1871194574

Rose Evelyn Johnson1901198988
Thomas Johnson1900199595

Rose Evelyn Johnson1901198988
Thomas Johnson1900199595

Helen Johnson1838191173
William Johnson1843191572
Eleanor Johnson1882197795

H Johnson (Lieutenant)1916194428

Raymond Harvey Johnson1935200974

Elizabeth Johnson178917912
John Johnson1739179152
Elizabeth Johnson1739180061
William Johnson 31

Herbert Johnson185218564

Samuel Johnson1809189586
Martha Johnson
William Norfolk Johnson1880191333

William Johnson1782185674
Jane Johnson1821185938
William Johnson

Richard Fisher Johnson1893191623
Edmund Johnson
Agnes J Johnson

John Johnson1825186843
Ann Johnson1827190073

Frances Johnson185718570
Mary Johnson 1853

John Johnson1790187181

Sarah Ann Johnson1863192562

Alice Johnson 32

Charles Johnson1858192567

Annie Elizabeth Johnson1844189652
Thomas Johnson

Mary Jane Johnson1834189359
Joseph Johnson1824190278
Joseph Reginald Johnson190119065
John T Johnson
Annie E Johnson

Margaret Joan Johnson1920198868

Margaret Joan Johnson1920198868

Elizabeth Johnson190019044
Gideon Johnson
Annie Johnson

Mary Anne Johnson 1889
J Johnson (Rev)

Mary Johnson1812188674
Nathaniel Johnson1806189286

Benjamin Johnson 1856

Mary Johnson1821187352
John Johnson

Christiana Johnson1823187047
George Johnson1814188369

Robert Johnson 70

Hilda Johnson1886192539
William Johnson1886197387

S M Johnson (Flight Lieut)

Jane Elizabeth Johnson1891195564
John Charles Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1779182748
John Johnson1780184666
Mary Johnson1822184018

Thomas Johnson1841190362
Robert Johnson

John Johnson1835190772
Robert Johnson

Mary Johnson1800186060
Robert Johnson1792186775

William Johnson1831186332
Robert Johnson
Mary Johnson

Margaret Johnson1845191570
Robert Johnson
Mary Johnson

Hannah Johnson1838188345
Robert Johnson1836191882
William Johnson187218731

William Johnson
George Fred Johnson 1
Alexander Johnson 28
Catherine Johnson1830190272
Mary Ann Johnson1860188020

Herbert Johnson 1944
Alice Mary Johnson 1959

George Henry Johnson 45
Leila Mary Johnson1916192610

Sarah Ann Johnson1860194181
Henry Johnson

Gertrude Agnes Johnson1908199890
Leslie Johnson1908199082

Edward Johnson1791186675

John W Johnson

J W Johnson

Polly Johnson1883194865
Myers Johnson

Myers Johnson1883198097

Polly Johnson1883194865
Myers Johnson

H Johnson (Pte)1891191726
Oliver Johnson1898191618

Rita Johnson1908199183

Hugo Harry Johnson1909200192

Annie Johnson1875189722
Thomas Johnson

Winnifred Emily Johnson 1951
John Edward Johnson 1952

Dorothy Johnson1925200883
Maurice Johnson

Thomas William Johnson1881196079
Edith Johnson1892192937

John Johnson1844192581
Hannah Johnson1853192976

Frances Johnson1851187322

Moylene Josephine Johnson1929200778

Louis Johnson1851192372
Annie Johnson189018955
Hannah Maria Johnson1854193581

Terry Johnson 2001

William Johnson1795185661
William Johnson184618482
James Johnson
John Johnson1843186118
Catherine Johnson1815189176

William Inchbald Johnson1876193054
Alma Mary Johnson1878195577
Doris Johnson1910197868
John Inchbald Johnson1908200698

William Inchbald Johnson
William Inchbald Johnson
Alma Mary Johnson

William Inchbald Johnson1840189858
Eliza Annie Johnson1846190862

William Inchbald Johnson1876193054
Alma Mary Johnson1878195577
Doris Johnson1910197868
John Inchbald Johnson1908200698

Emily Johnson185218608
John Johnson
Mary Johnson

Margery Johnson1903199390
Ruth Johnson1941199655

Agnes Johnson1906200094

Jane Johnson1825185732
Joseph Johnson

Andrew David Johnson195819635
Herbert Johnson 1995

John Johnson

Arthur William Johnson
Agnes Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1864189834
H Johnson
Robert Johnson1893191017

Elizabeth Johnson1864189834
H Johnson
Robert Johnson1893191017

Annie Eliza Johnson1875190934
George Johnson
George Samuel Johnson 1924
Doris Purvis Johnson1906192216

Arthur Johnson190819091
Harry Johnson
Mary Johnson
Evelyn Johnson 1910

Sarah Elizabeth Johnson1870192353
George Frederick Gascoigne Johnson1909196758

Helen Johnson1865192964
Annie Elizabeth Johnson1862194583

John Johnson1856191862
Ellen Johnson 1945

Edwin Johnson1901192524
George Johnson
Annie Eliza Johnson
Thomas Johnson1899192627

Frank Johnson1918200183

Mary Ann Johnson 1913

Arthur Johnson1902192523
Juliaetta Johnson1868194274
William Johnson1869195283

Tom Johnson1890192636

James Johnson1731181281
Mary Johnson 11

Henry Johnson186818757
William Johnson
Jane Marshall Johnson
Harrie Johnson 1876
Mary Ann Johnson1872189321

Arnold Henry Johnson189618971

James Johnson 71
Mary Johnson 73

H Johnson

J Johnson

Johnson 82
Mary Ann Johnson 84

Ellen Johnson1886193751
William Johnson1889194758

Henry Johnson1892191624
James Johnson1859195495
Jane Adelaide Johnson1858193981
Alice Ann Johnson1901192221

Walter Johnson1895195661
Frances M Johnson1896198286

Bob Johnson (Lion)

Lewis Johnson1843189047

Rebecca Johnson1805188984

Albert M Johnson
Jessie E Johnson

Bernard Johnson1926198660

Mary Johnson1853192774
Edward C Johnson1849193485

Eleanor Walker Johnson
Robert Johnson

Georgeina Johnson

Hannah Johnson1871188817
Eleanor Walker Johnson1835190772
Robert Johnson1833191582

Martha Johnson1867190740
Edwin Johnson
Annie Elizabeth Johnson190619082

Rose Matilda Johnson1864195187
Georgeina Johnson1866191953

Vera Johnson1910197969

William Robert Johnson1904198783
Joyce Johnson1923199269

Elizabeth Johnson1885195772

Elizabeth Johnson1868193769

Harry Johnson1870195080

John Johnson1819188970
Hannah Johnson1831190675
Alfred Johnson1862189230

James Johnson1852190856
Elizabeth Johnson

Edith Eliza Johnson1879190223
Christopher Johnson1843192784
Mercy Johnson

Emily Johnson1875193055
Christopher M Johnson
Mercy Johnson

Henry Johnson1812183422

Arthur Johnson1916199882
Annie Johnson1916199983

Elizabeth Johnson1866190236

George Johnson

Richard Johnson
Hannah Johnson

John Edward Johnson1927200982

Rebecca Johnson1859192768
George Johnson1866193367

Sampion Johnson1830190777

Richard Johnson1860193575
Annie Elizabeth Johnson1868193769

Hilda Johnson 1902
Denny Johnson1895191621
Thomas Johnson1890191828
Margaret Johnson1861194382
Thomas Johnson1860194484

Alec Johnson190119087
Joseph Johnson1859191253
Edna M Johnson1861192261
Violet Johnson1887191528

Frederick Johnson1912195745

Charles Johnson1836189963
Ann Eliza Johnson1833191784

Thomas Johnson1825188459
Jane Johnson
William Johnson1861187817

Frances Johnson1834189056
Francis Johnson1820190181

Walter Scott Johnson1857189336
Sarah Alice Johnson1858189436

Harry Watkinson Johnson1848187931
Mary Johnson1810188272
William Johnson1811188271
Robert Johnson1835188449

William Johnson1829187950
Ann Johnson
Richard Owram Johnson 1862
Edward Owram Johnson1872189018

Jane Johnson1841187736
David Johnson1830190878

Ann Johnson1815187863
Henry Johnson1806188175
Lister Johnson1862188624
Ann Johnson1859194283

Dora Johnson1894194551

Elizabeth Johnson1800183838
William Johnson
Margaret Johnson

Michael Johnson1828187042
Martha Johnson1816188670

Christopher Johnson 1703
Elizabeth Johnson 1706
Christopher Johnson1752182472
Hannah Johnson1755182772
Thomas Johnson1760183575

William Lister Johnson183918456

Mary Ann Johnson1811190392
William Johnson
Maria Johnson1849189647

Ethel Isabella Johnson
Angell Ball Johnson1885195974

Mary Edith Johnson1910195444
Charles Edmund Johnson

Charles Edmund Johnson1909198071
Freda Elizabeth Johnson1916199882

Benjamin Rowbotham Johnson 68
Edward Johnson 1823
John Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson1793183946
Margaret Johnson 26

Mary Johnson1661174685
Thomas Johnson1694177480
Mary Johnson1701177473
Mary Johnson1723179067
Benjamin Johnson
Thomas Johnson1720179070
Eliza Johnson181818202
William Johnson
Martha Johnson
William Samuel Johnson1802182018

Sarah Florence Johnson1876195377
Alfred Johnson1873195582

Amy Johnson1897193134
Reginald Johnson

Thomas Reginald Johnson1898193133
Mary H Johnson 1952
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson1910196454
Clifford Johnson1900197171
Florence Mary Johnson1904199692

Isabelle Johnson1850192979

Gladys Johnson1895198186
Freda Johnson1898198385

Samuel Johnson1838189052

Harold Holmes Johnson (LtCol)1885193651

Frances Eliza Johnson1859189233

Charles Henry Johnson1841191271
Eliza Johnson1846192478
Charles Henry Johnson1867192659
Emily Wormwell Johnson 1936

Clarence Widdop Johnson1898195658
Helen Nash Johnson1903199592

Sarah Ann Johnson1871193362
George William Johnson1871193362

Catherine Johnson1830191888

John Johnson1806189690
Juliana Johnson1814188369

Edward H Johnson1844190662
Elizabeth Johnson

Robert Johnson1883193754
Margaret J Johnson1887195871

Wilfred Johnson1921199473

Will Johnson1892194250
Emma Johnson

John Cook Johnson1866193872
Jane Eleanor Johnson 1950

Thomas Orland Johnson1882195068
Eileen Lily Johnson1916193317
Lily Johnson1892198189

Thomas Orland Johnson1882195068
Eileen Lily Johnson1916193317
Lily Johnson1892198189

Miriam Johnson1887192740

Rose Johnson1867193164
Alick Johnson1862193775

John William Johnson1862193472

Walter Johnson 1930
Margaret Jane Johnson 1952

Francis Henry Johnson1876192852
Margaret Johnson1871194675
Patricia Margaret Johnson192919378

Rose Johnson1867193164
Alick Johnson1862193775

John William Johnson1862193472

Walter Johnson 1930
Margaret Jane Johnson 1952

Francis Henry Johnson1876192852
Margaret Johnson1871194675
Patricia Margaret Johnson192919378

Albert Johnson (Pte)1887191831

Herbert Johnson (Pte)1893191926

Frances Johnson1852190654
Eliza Johnson187718814
James Kirby Johnson188118843
James Johnson1853192269

Frank Johnson1847191669

Thomas Mark Johnson1861191453
Margaret Ann Johnson1866191953
Lily Johnson1909193425

Elizabeth Johnson1868193567

Ernest B Johnson1883193552
Jean Johnson

Frank Johnson1865192762
Elizabeth Ellen Johnson1868193567

Frank R Johnson

Geoffrey R Johnson

George Johnson

George Henry Johnson1909193324

Arthur Johnson1880195979
Annie Johnson1884197086

Margaret Johnson1804188278
William Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1808184638

Ann Johnson1798186365
Henry Johnson 87

Joseph Johnson1814189682

Evelyn Maria Johnson1905195146
Frederick William Johnson

Arthur Johnson1898196870
Elsie Johnson1901199493

L Johnson 1896

Sydney Johnson

William Johnson1842192179
Walter Johnson1876188913
Annie Johnson
Mary Jane Johnson1848192577

Sarah Ann Johnson1827186235
Alfred Johnson 1859
Eunice Johnson185318541

Oliver Johnson 55
Ellen Johnson1839191071

Alice Johnson1881189615
Alfred Johnson
Titus Johnson1841190059
Harriet Johnson1847193184
Emily Johnson1874195783

John Johnson 1868

Ann Johnson1787184861
William Johnson1786187488
Harriet Ann Johnson1823186138

Harriet Ann Johnson 1861

William Johnson1832187644
Fanny Jane Johnson 1863
William Johnson1737182487

William Johnson1767184679

Amelia Johnson1786186680

Elizabeth Johnson1827187144
William Johnson

Henry Johnson1835189762
Mary Johnson1840191070

Elizabeth Johnson1876190933
Arthur Johnson1872192452

Annie Johnson1857192568
John Johnson1856194084

Ann Johnson1838190365

William Johnson1853191057

Robert Johnson1892192735
Catherine Johnson1866192963
John Johnson1866193165

John William Johnson1870193464
Catherine Johnson

Annie Johnson1866193670
George Alfred Johnson1872194371
Annie Johnson1901197776

Walter Johnson189418984
David Johnson
Annie Johnson

Alfred Johnson1843190663
Emma Johnson1845190560

Harry Norman Johnson1904194036

Florence M Johnson1899193940

Alexander Johnson1891195968
Ethel Johnson 1970

Mary Johnson
Tom Johnson

Ann Johnson184118443
James Johnson
Jane Johnson

Doris Kirk Johnson 1973
Harold Edward Johnson1901198382

Edward Johnson1863194582
Betsy Johnson1876192650

Edward Johnson
Jane Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson182418251
Hannah Johnson182818313
Mary Johnson183018311
Nancy Johnson184018400
James Johnson183218419

Fred Johnson1879194869
Annie Johnson1884196480

James Johnson1850193181
Martha Johnson1857188427

John Johnson1804188581
Selina Johnson1809188475

Leonard Johnson1912197563
Ivy Johnson
Eileen Johnson
Hannah Johnson18751976101
Christopher Moore Johnson1870193969

Rose Johnson1848187527
John Johnson
Selina Johnson

Edith Ann Johnson1872188614
Hartley Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Mary Jane Johnson1869188819

Sarah Jane Johnson1846188842
Hartley Johnson1840190161

Ann Johnson1807187164
Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson1792187280

Robert Holderness Johnson 1840
Jeremiah Johnson
Ann Johnson
Ann Elizabeth Johnson1834185723

Ann Johnson1768179527
Francis Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1772183159
Edward Johnson

Edward Johnson1762183371

William Johnson1822184523
Edward Johnson
Jane Johnson
William Johnson

Mary Johnson1870195383
William Wright Johnson1867195790

Edward Johnson1793185966
Jane Johnson1798186062

Jane Johnson1861187918
Moses Johnson
Margaret Johnson

Moses Johnson1834189561

Rachel Johnson1834186935
Moses Johnson
George Robert Johnson 1871

Elizabeth Johnson1836191680
James Johnson
Jane Johnson
Edward Johnson1838192082

James Johnson1811188372
Jane Johnson1812189482

Henry Johnson1802186361
Jane Johnson1812189482
Henry Johnson 1894

Albert Johnson1877190427
Charles Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson1837190568
Charles Johnson1837190770
William Johnson1879193556

Rebecca Johnson1862190341
Issac Johnson1864195086

Thomas Johnson1867195083
Eleanor Johnson1870195484

Mary Grace Johnson 1945
Kate Johnson 1926
William Johnson 1965
William Arthur Johnson1898196466

Jane Johnson186918745
Charles Johnson1837188649
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson1877189013

W Johnson (Pte)1891191827

Maria Johnson1818184426
Edward Johnson

William Johnson1812185745
Mary Johnson1803188380

James Arthur Johnson 1968
Florence May Johnson 1952
Hilda Johnson 1946

John Johnson1797186770

Helena Johnson1820189373

Robert Johnson1848187325

Elsie Johnson1908193224
Charles Johnson1879196182
Caroline Elizabeth Johnson18551970115

Mary Elizabeth Johnson1854189339
George Johnson1859194687

John Thomas Johnson1848192476
Sarah Ann Johnson1851192675

W Johnson (Pte)1891191827

Henry Johnson1854190854
Emily Ann Johnson1863195188

Tom Johnson1868189325
John Johnson
Ellen Johnson
Charles Johnson 1907

Richardson Johnson1828188355
Isabella Johnson1828188658

Hanah Johnson1736180367
Edwd Johnson

Aaron Johnson1762183371

G H Johnson

A Johnson

J A Johnson

W Johnson

L Johnson

A Johnson

J W Johnson

H Johnson

Walker Johnson1781182039
Robert Johnson
Mary Johnson
Robert Johnson180318096
Elizabeth Johnson

Hannah Johnson1784180925
Richard Johnson1740182181

Eliza Johnson1863189431
William Johnson
Harold Johnson

William Johnson1830190474
Elizabeth Johnson 1909

Bertha Johnson1878192345

Bertha Johnson

John Reuben Johnson1921198463
Mary Johnson1918199476

Robert Monson Johnson1895195358
Esther Johnson1886197892

Thomas Johnson1762183977
Sarah Johnson1770183767
Dorothy Johnson1804182420

Ann Johnson1828189466
John Johnson1820189777

G H Johnson

J Johnson

G H Johnson

P E Johnson

Albert Johnson

Alfred Johnson

F Johnson

G H Johnson

J Johnson

G H Johnson

P E Johnson

Albert Johnson

Alfred Johnson

F Johnson

Thomas Johnson 1991

William Johnson1804188581
Rebecca Johnson1795188186

William Johnson185518638
William Johnson
Rebecca Johnson

James Johnson1873189118

Thomas Johnson1754181258
Jane Johnson1795181621

Ann Johnson1796183337
Thomas Johnson

Robert Johnson 1830

Richard Johnson1776185175

Sarah Johnson 1850
Richard Johnson

Ann Johnson
Robert Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson

Ann Johnson 21
Richard Johnson

Amy White Johnson 1918
Elizabeth Johnson 1954

Lyn Johnson1903198683
Florence Johnson
William Sydney Johnson1927199669

Mary Johnson1785183954
John Johnson

John Johnson1776185983

Elizabeth Johnson1802186664
George Johnson1807189386

Henry Johnson1845188439

Clayforth Johnson1849189849
Elizabeth Johnson1837190467

Richard Johnson1826190478
Nancy Johnson1831191584

Elizabeth H Johnson1807186154

Elizabeth H Johnson1813186754

Eva Johnson1889193950

Alfred Johnson1837192184

M Elizabeth Johnson 1742
Gilbert Johnson

Alfred Johnson1837192184

Andrew Johnson 1867

Alfred Johnson1837192184

M Elizabeth Johnson 1742
Gilbert Johnson

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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

All comment/feedback/help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name JOHNSON

Johnson Gent. Levington

By consulting the parish register for Levington, Suffolk it was discovered that the gentleman buried at Levington was Stephen Johnson, buried 13th May 1844, aged 65. The PR also states that he was of St Clements, Ipswich Suffolk
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family history

I sincerely appreciate your help in this matter, and hope to look for further names, Thank You
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Rev. Job Johnson

What a smashing and useful website. Been looking for the gravestone of Rev. Job's wife for sometime. Job was Vicar of Upper Denby, Penistone Parish from 1851 to 1887 when he retired and moved to Huddersfield. He was a very popular and influential individual and was involved not with just religion but education, politics and the welfare of the local community.
entry submitted by Chris Heath on: 13/09/2013 10:52 GMT ........ contact this person


Thank you for publishing a photo of my father's gravestone (Anthony Owen Prosser Johnson) I live in the USA and have never been to the cemetry (long and boring story) so this gave me a chance to see it. Thanks again - really appreciate what you do. Steve
entry submitted by Stephen Anthony Johnson on: 03/11/2013 03:24 GMT ........ contact this person

GPR website

Your website is excellent and provides good information and images. The site is easy to use and is without adverts and other distractions.
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Another quick response to my request. Thanks to all contributors.
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Interesting photographs located.

Thank you for the photographs for the Rev. James Hart Johnson and family. Particularly interested to locate the photo of the stained glass windows in St Margaret's Church at Hinton Blewett. All are most appreciated.
entry submitted by Marina Borland on: 13/09/2014 02:33 GMT ........ contact this person

Philip Johnson

Once again a quick response to a request and a nice quality picture showing the detail. Thank you
entry submitted by Mike Phillips on: 18/08/2014 06:46 GMT ........ contact this person

Thankyou so much for all your hard work.Had not realised wha

Thankyou so much for all your hard work.Had not realised what a large monument it was.Also wonder about the expense at the time as I only have Thomas Johnson recorded as Agamekeeper
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