St Mary's Church burial ground, Acton, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequestednotes
801ShepherdNellie Shepherdfirst name on this monument188619647882359166160
Henry Sigley Shepherdhusband of Nellie Shepherd1884196177
Mary Frances Shepherd191319207

802ShoreHannah Shorefirst name on this monument18281838103323594162481
Hannah Shore1787186174
Thomas Shore183418384
William Shore1813183825
William Shore85

803ShoreHannah Shorefirst name on this monument1791186170334359418137
John Shore44
William Shore

804ShoreJane Shorefirst name on this monument18451922771973592812391
Esther Alice Shoredaughter of Jane Shore1879196788
John Shorehusband of Jane Shore1845192378

805ShoreRichard Shorefirst name on this monument1763183168338359422226
James Shore72
Hannah Shorewife of Richard Shore1769184778

806ShoreRichard Shorefirst name on this monument1796184145337359421231
Richard Shorefather of Richard Shore
Hannah Shoremother of Richard Shore

807ShoreThomas Shorefirst name on this monument17681832643353594191481

808ShukerEmily Broomhall Shukerfirst name on this monument1890197282577359661122
Thomas Harry Shuker1889196071

809SimcoeCatherine Simcoefirst name on this monument189019697995436003674

810SimcoeFrederick Simcoefirst name on this monument1893196875947360029105
Hilda Martha Simcoewife of Frederick Simcoe1900199191

811SimcoeFrederick Simcoefirst name on this monument1868195183625359708102
Martha Simcoewife of Frederick Simcoe1869195485

812SimisterHarry Simisterfirst name on this monument1893195764591359675119
Florence May Simisterwife of Harry Simister1901198483

813SimpsonDoris Evelyn Simpsonfirst name on this monument1909196859946360028252
James Simpsonhusband of Doris Evelyn Simpson1911198978

814SimpsonMuriel Simpsonfirst name on this monument1931200069289359373236

815SkerratJohn Skerratfirst name on this monument18551903481503592341931
Mary Jane Garnerdaughter of John Skerrat1878193052
Samuel Garnerson-in-law of John Skerrat
Alice Skerratwife of John Skerrat1853191259

816SkillenLee Raymond Skillenfirst name on this monument19721997252523593361621

817SlackEric Raymond Slackfirst name on this monument1906197569853359935313
Nora Ena Slackmother of Eric Raymond Slack1906198882

818SlackJames Slackfirst name on this monument1857193679369359453102

819SlackJoseph Slackfirst name on this monument1810187969368359452479
Joseph Slackbrother of Joseph Slack1854191965
John Slack1845190762
Maria Slack1843190865
Elizabeth Slacksister of Joseph Slack1859192768
Elizabeth Slackwife of Joseph Slack1816189175

820SlightFrancis Slightfirst name on this monument19061978721235909689
Norah Slightwife of Francis Slight1913199279

821SmithAlfred William Smithfirst name on this monument1953644359727318
Pauline Mary Plummer1968
Kathleen Smith1988
Eunice Ellen Smithwife of Alfred William Smith1975

822SmithAlfred William Smithfirst name on this monument1953996360078229
Pauline Mary Plummerdaughter of Alfred William Smith1968
Kathleen Smith1988
Eunice Ellen Smithwife of Alfred William Smith1975

823SmithBarbra Cora Smithfirst name on this monument1919200283749359832123

824SmithDonald Rylands Smithfirst name on this monument1947199548110359194801

825SmithGeoff Smithfirst name on this monument192220078567735976060

826SmithJames Smithfirst name on this monument18141878641535909989
Mary Smithwife of James Smith1898

827SmithJames Smithfirst name on this monument183318855249635958097
Jane Smithdaughter of James Smith1870191545
Mary Smithwife of James Smith1827189063

828SmithJohn Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1903198279875359957101
Bertha Smithwife of John Henry Smith1903198582

829SmithJoseph Smithfirst name on this monument60735969191
Mary Smithwife of Joseph Smith1968

830SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1843188845273359357116
John Smithhusband of Mary Smith1841189352

831SmithNed Smithfirst name on this monument190319777491035999281
Doris Smithwife of Ned Smith1901198382

832SmithTom Nelson Bousefield Smithfirst name on this monument1888195668585359669116
Edith M Smithwife of Tom Nelson Bousefield Smith1895197883

833SparkesHarry Sparkesfirst name on this monument1910197161931360013190
Elizabeth Lily Sparkeswife of Harry Sparkes1914198470

834SpeedGeorge Speedfirst name on this monument29359113291
George Speedfather of George Speed
Sarah Speedmother of George Speed

835SpencerGeorge Spencerfirst name on this monument1846193185478359562199
Annie Spencerdaughter of George Spencer1896195862
Harriet Spencerwife of George Spencer1850193484

836SpibeySarah Spibeyfirst name on this monument1862189028209359293125
Thomas Spibeyfather of Sarah Spibey1832190674
Margaret Spibeymother of Sarah Spibey1834191177

837SprostonMary Sprostonfirst name on this monument1753472359556286
Samuel Sprostonfather of Mary Sproston
Elizabeth Sprostonmother of Mary Sproston
Charles Sproston1742182684
Frances Sproston1791
Samuel Sproston1761178423

838StanyerMary Stanyerfirst name on this monument1804184339402359486200
Joseph Stanyer
Sarah Stanyer1850

839StanyerSamuel Stanyerfirst name on this monument1804185147563591402671
Thomas Stanyerson of Samuel Stanyer
Mary Stanyerwife of Samuel Stanyer1860

840StevensWilliam Stevensfirst name on this monument18631935727135915599
Martha Stevenswife of William Stevens1863195592

841StevensWilliam Algie Stevensfirst name on this monument1895196570963360045136
Gertrude Kitty Stevenswife of William Algie Stevens1898197981

842StevensonDouglas Stevensonfirst name on this monument1922200078775359858221
Kathleen Mary Stevensonwife of Douglas Stevenson1924200682

843StevensonFreda Stevensonfirst name on this monument1927198962858359940107

844StevensonJohn Stevensonfirst name on this monument193519723720035928465

845StevensonSarah Jane Stevensonfirst name on this monument1904199389804359886171
Stanley Stevensonhusband of Sarah Jane Stevenson1901199695

846StevensonWilliam Henry Stevensonfirst name on this monument192619997376935985259

847StockleyThomas Stockleyfirst name on this monument1859193475534359618162
Hannah Stockleywife of Thomas Stockley1859194788

848Stockton Stocktonfirst name on this monument18411907662243593082311
Mary Roycroft1822188664
Thomas Roycroft1823190279
Sarah Stocktonwife of Stockton1940

849StocktonAdam James Stocktonfirst name on this monument200220075676359759108

850StocktonErnest Stocktonfirst name on this monument81223359307157
Barbara Joan Stockton1935
Mary Stocktonwife of Ernest Stockton1994

851StocktonJohn Stocktonfirst name on this monument1889195869553359637116
Maude Stocktonwife of John Stockton1894196268

852StocktonJohn Leslie Stocktonfirst name on this monument1919200384746359829205
Hilda Stocktonwife of John Leslie Stockton2010

853StretchAnnie Lewis Stretchfirst name on this monument1897194346249359333141
Arnold Stretchhusband of Annie Lewis Stretch

854StubbsMarian Stubbsfirst name on this monument1948200153752359835114

855SuddartThomas Suddartfirst name on this monument174918368732359116201
Elizabeth Rodgersdaughter of Thomas Suddart1788186779
Martha Suddartwife of Thomas Suddart1751183685

856SuttonAda Suttonfirst name on this monument1904198177892359974268
Stanley Suttonhusband of Ada Sutton1902198482

857SuttonArthur Suttonfirst name on this monument1924198864854359936152

858SuttonDorothy Suttonfirst name on this monument1927199972772359855179
Herbert Edward Suttonhusband of Dorothy Sutton1925200378

859SuttonFrederick Stanley Suttonfirst name on this monument1928199062605359689147
Susan Suttondaughter of Frederick Stanley Sutton195419551

860SuttonHerbert Suttonfirst name on this monument1904198884847359929111
Mabel Jane Suttonwife of Herbert Sutton1905199691

861SuttonPeter Suttonfirst name on this monument195519974277935986272

862TartJohn Richard Tartfirst name on this monument1933200774678359761101

863TaylorAgnes Taylorfirst name on this monument1931199261819359901350

864TaylorKen Taylorfirst name on this monument19291991622359086129
Eileen Taylorwife of Ken Taylor1931200978

865TaylorLeslie M Taylorfirst name on this monument191719725592736000993
Margaret Gwen Taylor1918199880

866TewEmily Tewfirst name on this monument991360073154
Cornelius Tewhusband of Emily Tew

867TewJames Albert Tewfirst name on this monument19131982698723599541791
Mabel Ann Tewwife of James Albert Tew1987

868ThackerGillian Thackerfirst name on this monument1956198832849359931340
Leonard Thackerfather of Gillian Thacker1926199670

869TheadgoldAlice Elizabeth Theadgoldfirst name on this monument192820077966535974887

870ThelwallHarry Thelwallfirst name on this monument1904197874881359963262
Marie Harding Thelwall1914198571

871ThelwellEllen Thelwellfirst name on this monument1897197275929360011130
Charles Thelwellhusband of Ellen Thelwell1899198081

872ThomasDavid Thomasfirst name on this monument182718876044035952459

873ThomasJohn Job Thomasfirst name on this monument1892197381934360016103
Jane Thomaswife of John Job Thomas74

874ThompsonAileen Margaret Thompsonfirst name on this monument1901195453634359717274
Cyril Thompsonhusband of Aileen Margaret Thompson1898196466

875ThompsonArthur Street Thompsonfirst name on this monument588359672103
Ethel Thompson

876ThompsonDouglas Thompsonfirst name on this monument193620097370435978795
Mary Thompsonwife of Douglas Thompson1935201075

877ThompsonGeoffrey Alaric Thompsonfirst name on this monument1904195349313359397288
Ada Thompsonwife of Geoffrey Alaric Thompson1904198480

878ThompsonGeorge Thompsonfirst name on this monument193619945810635919061

879ThompsonJohn Henry Thompsonfirst name on this monument186019105014035922464

880ThompsonJoseph H Thompsonfirst name on this monument190419787488235996476
Elsie May Thompsonwife of Joseph H Thompson1910200292

881ThompsonReginald Thompsonfirst name on this monument189519394480359164302
Ethel Maude Thompsonwife of Reginald Thompson1955

882ThorntonAlan Thorntonfirst name on this monument1963569359653280
Eric Thorntonfather of Alan Thornton
Joan Thorntonmother of Alan Thornton

883ThorntonJennie Thorntonfirst name on this monument1899196768589359673105
Harry Thorntonhusband of Jennie Thornton1890196373

884ThorntonMary Elizabeth Thorntonfirst name on this monument1925198661956360038211
Allan Thorntonhusband of Mary Elizabeth Thornton1910200292

885ThreadgoldGeorge Threadgoldfirst name on this monument1898196668936360018187
Hilda Threadgoldwife of George Threadgold1904198682

886TibbottGraham Rees Tibbottfirst name on this monument1954200248750359833137

887TickleJoseph Ticklefirst name on this monument1848192476504359588260
Edna Hey William1899193940
Sarah Ann Ticklewife of Joseph Tickle1850192777

888TilleyFrances Elizabeth Tilleyfirst name on this monument194219431422359506251
Samuel Tilleyfather of Frances Elizabeth Tilley1903196865
Ethel Tilleymother of Frances Elizabeth Tilley1916199579

889TinionGraham Oliver Tinionfirst name on this monument1937199659793359876691

890ToddErnest Toddfirst name on this monument1907194942976360058207
John Bebbington1912199078
Violet Gladys Bebbington1917200992

891TollemacheMary Frances Tollemachefirst name on this monument191687359171126
Henry James Tollemache1847193992

892TomkinsonAnthony Mark Tomkinsonfirst name on this monument2011685359768142

893TomkinsonErn Tomkinsonfirst name on this monument1933199865760359843104

894TomkinsonF J Tomkinsonfirst name on this monument194322935931393

895TomlinsonLucy Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1878193254444359528464
Robert Tomlinsonhusband of Lucy Tomlinson1875195479
Ann Tomlinson
John Allen Tomlinson194119432
Reginald Tomlinson
Robert Horace Tomlinsonson of Lucy Tomlinson1974

896TrelfaDouglas Trelfafirst name on this monument19221983618693599511181
Dorothy Mary Trelfawife of Douglas Trelfa1928200577

897TrinderBarbara Anderson Trinderfirst name on this monument1895197681523359607103
Barbara Lilian Trinder192719281

898TrinderLilian Trinderfirst name on this monument187319457217035925489
Arthur Trinderhusband of Lilian Trinder1870194878

899TrinderRonald Trinderfirst name on this monument1908200193171359255130

900TurnerJohn Turnerfirst name on this monument1845190863207359291109
Sarah Turner1852194189

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