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HAMMERSTONEgravestone photosmany thanks for the 2 images. Your help is really appreciated

LITHGOThank YouThis is the second time I have made use of your excellent resource. Thank you for providing such an amazing search tool. Kind regards, John Reilly

WHITCHURCHMy GrandparentsMy father, John Roy Whitchurch, died recently in South Africa and it’s been helpful to be able to find this photo of his parents, my grandparents, gravestone. Thank you for such a lovely photo of where John Francis and Ellen May Whitchurch are resting.

KENTAmazing FindThank you, I was really surprised to find my ancestor had a tombstone and I can now go and look at it.

TATHAMThanks for the William Tatham grave photoExcellent service sincere thanks!

LAMONDHuge help for family research into the Lamond family of EdinburghMany thanks for your help with the Lamond family in Edinburgh, the gravestone pictures on your site which relate to the family were a huge assistance.

HARRODFamily ResearchThank you very much for this photograph. I have many photos from cemeteries and Churchyards around the Lowestoft area. Happy to help anyone.

MATSONJohn MatsonTHANK YOU!! I was unable to see the image until you so kindly sent it to me. While I am not certain if this John Matson is kin or not, I am delighted to see such a memorial. Thank you and please keep up the great work.

BAILLIEThank youDear Mr. sale, I very much appreciate the swift and full reply to my request. You provide a helpful service. My very best wishes.

WADEA brilliant research tool. A brilliant research tool.

CHEETHAMGreat photoThanks for providing photos of these gravestones. I was able to add 4 dates of death from one gravestone!

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNSome very useful information gained fromSome very useful information gained from this gravestone, which I'd have no access to without this excellent site. Thanks again.

FLEURYThanks Thanks for the image. I was searching for the Fleury family as I acquired an antique mentioning Capt Fleury who served in Cyprus in different positions including District Commissioner between 1932-1935

FEATHERSTONEElizabeth Jane Featherstone (1835-1910)Many thanks for the photo of Elizabeth's headstone. She was the aunt of the second wife of my paternal grandfather

CAMPChurch cemetery on Lord Townshend Estate, Close to Raynham & Not Far From FakenhamI'm trying to locate the grave of my cousin, Naomi Louise CAMP. She was born prematurely 12 Sep 1960 in the Royal Air Force Sculthorpe base hospital, weighing only 1 lb 8 ozs. baby Naomi only lived for 2 hrs. Per my late Aunt, her mother, she was buried in the church cemetery on the Lord Townshend Estate, close to Raynham and not too far from Fakenham, England. Per index records, she was born and died in District: Fakenham, County: Norfolk. I cannot find an estate by this name but I am finding the Raynham Estate and Raynham Hall. I've also found that the Church of St Mary is on the estate so am wondering if the church cemetery may be where baby Naomi was buried. Can you help me locate her burial? If possible, I would love to have a picture of her grave and headstone. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

ELLISFamily ResearchThank you so much for the images from which I have been able to extract my ancestors exact dates of death. This is a truly amazing website. Thanks once again.

FISHERthanks thanks for this amazing site

HOLLEYconfirmation of receiptThank you Charles. The inscription is very clear and legible. Wonderful to have. I am interested in the entire family but of particular interest is George Hunt Holley's son George Hunt Holley Dunham born 1798 in Aylsham.

TROONHeadstone PhotosThank you for allowing us to access the Headstones that we have requested.

MCDOUGALLGood resourceThank you for providing these photos. The one I downloaded will be a valuable addition to my research project.

CABLEAppreciationThanks to all involved in producing and then distributing of the gravestones. Those of my Cable family are beautifully clear and legible

FISHERYour HelpThank you so much for this website it is such a help for researching family tree's, especially when you live a long way from the area.

LAIDLERJohn and Ann LaidlerThank you for providing access to the enlarged photograph as requested. Apologies for the delayed response, this was because my email automatically filed it under Trash for some reason.

PICKERINGSmall correctionRe. GPR grave number: 502680 / GPR image name: 4136, Millicent Ella Hesketh-Wright nee Pickering died on 13 Jul 1959, not 1939. Keep up the good job. .... more

ARNOLDARNOLD, RUDLAND, GILDING, BOCKwhat an excellent resource. Thank you!

HUNTER Thank you very much for your hard work aThank you very much for your hard work and this website. I have been researching my family tree for years now and although I knew these graves were there I have not had the opportunity to visit them as I live a long way away. Thank you 😊

BABBBabb family researchThank you for a wonderful site. I have found more missing family members

MEEKThankyou for image of the gravestone of Thankyou for image of the gravestone of Richard Meek, very much appreciated.

HOLMESThank you!Thank you very much for your incredibly speedy answer to my request - even late on on a Saturday night! I am trying to fill in the blanks regarding my maternal aunt's husband's family (phew! That's a mouthful!) I believe your photo has helped me find my Uncle's father and sister. Many thanks again for the terrific service you are offering to all us Family Sleuths! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

fantastic websiteThis is the second grave I have found after exhaustive searches on other sites. Thank you!

CROFTThank you - CROFT & GRANTJust a note to say how useful this free resource you've developed and run is for people like me - researching family from other parts of the UK. Thank you.

BROWNEMany thanksMany thanks for speedy response to request for tomb enhancement. Brilliant

Thank YouHi Charles Thank you so much for you service! I appreciate being able to have a copy of the headstone for Jean Kost.

GOUGHJames GoughFrom headstone info discovered where his remarried wife was laid to rest along with her death date.

MORGANMARTHA MORGANHello Charles, thank you very much for this site. A brilliant resource re family history activity. No doubt a considerable amount of effort has gone into producing this resource. Have just started undertaking family history research, and, will submit photo's of various grave sites( Cemeteries as I undertake further research. Once again thank you Regards Sam ROBINSON

OFFIELDGreat websiteWhat a great resource you have created, must have taken a lot of time and effort! Thank you for the photos, I have more to find, so will definitely be back.

TOVELLNo image of gravestoneThank you for your email and the link to view image, the details of my Great-great aunt tally but unfortunately the only image I could view was one of the Church in which she is buried with the graveyard in the foreground but not of the gravestone itself. This was disappointing but not intrinsic to my research just would have been an addition. Just means a holiday in Ipswich ! Thank you and your team for all the hard work you must put in to provide this free, helpful, service for those researching their family history.

HODGSONThanksHaving used your website on several occasions I amazed with the speed and efficiency of the response. A valuable resource that is much appreciated.

ROSEWilliam Mudd Rose - link failureImage link failed Full given names not recorded on record .... more

CATERCATER & FISHER - thank youAs I live in Australia, and don't see the likelihood of getting to UK soon I am so grateful that the headstones and gravestones of Walsham le Willows, Suffolk have been recorded. I am assisting a friend whose ancestors these are, and she will be delighted.

COLEGrateful thanksThank you very much for the prompt forwarding of the requested image. I am very impressed! I do have a number of photos of graves in my area in Australia and hopefully will find time over the Christmas break to upload them to this site as it is an invaluable resource. Thanks again. (Researching Henry Thomas/George Ward Cole born 1793 Durham)

CRANEThank youThank you for the photos - brings lots of memories of visiting cemetery at Christmas and keeps memories alive.

KNATCHBULL-HUGESSENThank You for Image ReceivedThank you for the high-resolution image of the Knatchbull-Hugessen monument in St. John's Cemetery in Harrietsham, Kent. As I had hoped, it offered more information on the family, including exact dates and relationships. Your service is a boon for those of us who cannot travel to these sites in person. Thank you again for it.

ESAUFeedback for gravestone photoThanks Charles, gravestone information and photos were very helpful, keep up the good work. Regards Mel.

GODSONThank youVery grateful for your valuable resource.

WIGHTMANGravestone photoOnce again a quick response to a request for a photo of a gravestone - much appreciated. Will continue to search this website. Thank you so much for such an invaluable service.

HARDINGHAMLeslie WS and Eudora DI HARDINGHAMthank you for this resource, which makes my research more interesting.

GILSTONSupply of imageMany thanks again for your speedy response to my request for an image. Your web site is superb and a great help to family researchers like me.

CALDERAble to view gravestone from across the pondThank you for your invaluable service and to all the volunteers who have donated time and photos. I’m researching Calder’s from Latheron, Lybster & Wick area, Adam Calder was my husbands grandfather. It is quite difficult to read the inscription & dates on Janet Thomson’s headstone, if anyone has info from the gravestone I would appreciate their help.

OLDMANReceipt acknowledgementThank you for the e mail it has been very useful when researching my family tree. There are many relatives buried in Somerleyton and I look forward to requesting further images Regards Bob Yould


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