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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
FISHERthanks thanks for this amazing site

TROONHeadstone PhotosThank you for allowing us to access the Headstones that we have requested.

LAIDLERJohn and Ann LaidlerThank you for providing access to the enlarged photograph as requested. Apologies for the delayed response, this was because my email automatically filed it under Trash for some reason.

PICKERINGSmall correctionRe. GPR grave number: 502680 / GPR image name: 4136, Millicent Ella Hesketh-Wright nee Pickering died on 13 Jul 1959, not 1939. Keep up the good job. .... more

BABBBabb family researchThank you for a wonderful site. I have found more missing family members

HOLMESThank you!Thank you very much for your incredibly speedy answer to my request - even late on on a Saturday night! I am trying to fill in the blanks regarding my maternal aunt's husband's family (phew! That's a mouthful!) I believe your photo has helped me find my Uncle's father and sister. Many thanks again for the terrific service you are offering to all us Family Sleuths! Your hard work is very much appreciated!

CROFTThank you - CROFT & GRANTJust a note to say how useful this free resource you've developed and run is for people like me - researching family from other parts of the UK. Thank you.

Thank YouHi Charles Thank you so much for you service! I appreciate being able to have a copy of the headstone for Jean Kost.

OFFIELDGreat websiteWhat a great resource you have created, must have taken a lot of time and effort! Thank you for the photos, I have more to find, so will definitely be back.

TOVELLNo image of gravestoneThank you for your email and the link to view image, the details of my Great-great aunt tally but unfortunately the only image I could view was one of the Church in which she is buried with the graveyard in the foreground but not of the gravestone itself. This was disappointing but not intrinsic to my research just would have been an addition. Just means a holiday in Ipswich ! Thank you and your team for all the hard work you must put in to provide this free, helpful, service for those researching their family history.

CRANEThank youThank you for the photos - brings lots of memories of visiting cemetery at Christmas and keeps memories alive.

ESAUFeedback for gravestone photoThanks Charles, gravestone information and photos were very helpful, keep up the good work. Regards Mel.

GODSONThank youVery grateful for your valuable resource.

WIGHTMANGravestone photoOnce again a quick response to a request for a photo of a gravestone - much appreciated. Will continue to search this website. Thank you so much for such an invaluable service.

GILSTONSupply of imageMany thanks again for your speedy response to my request for an image. Your web site is superb and a great help to family researchers like me.

BURNABYThanks. Great ServiceThanks for the great photos of the Andrew Burnaby and Edwyn Burnaby memorials located in the St John the Baptist Cemetery in Hungarton, Leicestershire. Great service.

SQUIRESquire headstoneThank you for the enlarged images of the 2 gravestones that I requested. Much appreciated.

WADEThanksJust like to thank you for the possibilty of searching for a gravestone for Thomas Wade of Rutland.

HAZELTINEBrilliant. An excellent service and a great help in researching family history. Thank you.

NUTTALLThankyouThank you for the swift response and enlarged photo for the Nuttall family gravestone in All Saints cemetery, Youlgreave. This will help with my research

ABLESONEdward G AblesonSo grateful for this picture. He was my mother in law's (Iris Sara nee Abelson) brother. He is also commemorated on the War Memorial at Emmanuel College Cambridge (UK)

HILLWhat a wonderful resourceThank you for this website and all the research...what a wonderful resource this is something tangable that helps people from all around the world find their ancestors...My ancestors are in England and its impossible for me to travel and find this information.. Thank you Christine Australia

SIMISTERLocation of my ancestors' graves.I came across this site by accident and I am so pleased that I did. I have traced two of my ancestors, James Simister and his wife Mary Simister nee Hoyle, and will now be able to visit the grave myself, thank you.


MULTIPLEThank you for St Mary Cemetery, Downe, Kent imagesHi Charles, Thank you for photographing, whether you or another, please express my appreciation for their / your time and effort in taking the Photos. I am researching my family and am very grateful to be able to view the gravestones from Perth, Australia. There are numerous family buried in St Mary's Cemetery: Smith, Phillips, Harding, Harris, Stringer. Consequently, I have not thanked you individually as I have downloaded each image. Please accept this as my collective thanks for all images that I have and will download. Regards, Ann Dalton

MAYHEWMayhew MIMany thanks for your hard work, I am delighted to be able to see the Gravestone images which helps so much with the research. Thomas Edgar Mayhew ties in with my Spurling research and his descendants are also theirs.

HADDOCKVery useful - HADDOCK/JACKSONI am visiting the graves of members of my old school who died in World War One. This resource is very useful in enabling me to know what sort of monument or headstone I am looking for. Many thanks to Charles Sale.

Gravestone imageThank you so much for this service. Within seconds I have received extra information to help with my research. It's saved me a long trek to try and find it myself. I can do transcriptions for you if you need people to help with that.

KINDERLEYJohn and Nathaniel KinderleyWhat an excellent site with such a generous service. What a blast to be able to view John and Nathaniel plus Audrey's headstones. I knew nothing of Audrey's adult life so that's a real find. Many thanks also for your prompt email.

CUNDYVery helpfulThank you for the image. It was very helpful for my research, especially as it contained the name of a wife I did not know existed!

REEVEExcellent serviceThank you so much for sending the image of my great, great uncle and aunt's gravestone. Fast response, and you provide a great service. :) Gabriel Benjamin Reeve and Hannah Reeve.

OLSENGrave locationA useful resource for tracing my Grandfather,s grave

FILDESStuart Gladstone FildesMany thanks for the photo of Stuart's grave. Your help is much appreciated.

EDMONDSONThank youThank you so much for your help with my requests, this is a fantastic resource. Although I do not have time to photograph all graves locally to Wordsley, Stourbridge , I can look for specific ones on request. Thanks again.

MORRESThank youI was very pleased to receive the digital version of the Morres memorial at Wokingham, Berkshire to add to my research on the Reverend John Morres who was Rector of our parish, Nether Broughton, Leics. Mary, remembered on the memorial was his daughter and the first wife of Elliot Morres; Beatrice, also remembered was his second wife - your notes on the memorial says she was WIFE of Mary - clearly this is an error. John is buried in our churchyard as are his wife Elizabeth, sons John and Philip, grandson John Michael and granddaughter Elizabeth Charlotte. There are three large ledger-type slates - one is to sons John & Philip; the second to his wife Elizabeth and (I believe) to the Reverend himself - there are patches of concrete stuck to the surface; and a third bears only the initials I.M. - no idea yet? I have photos of these and all the other memorials at St Mary the Virgin, Nether Broughton and although I have recorded the inscriptions I doubt if my records would fit in with your standards. You are most welcome to the pictures if I can get them to you. Regards Ann Schmidt

BROWNThank youThank you to the volunteers who provide this wonderful service.

BABBBabbA wonderful Site, I'm finding relatives here all the time. Thank you

HARLEThank youWould just like to say a huge thank you for this service and how swift you sent me the photo. I've been searching for information on my maternal Great Great Grandfather and whilst I still haven't found him I found his parents, siblings and niece.

Thank you so much for sending the imagesThank you so much for sending the images of the Wright family

HOLLIGONASHFORD/ BARRETT/ CONQUEST/ HOLLIGon gravestone imageHi thank you I did get the image for Elizabeth Holligon as requested Lynne

BEANSaxton headstoneThe info available from the headstone confirmed my connection with the family recorded.

CUMMINGSThank youHi, I would just like to say a big thank you to Charles Sale of GPR for allowing us to use this picture, without people like him doing this service for free, it would make our family history trees look very bland. The name of the person who this helped was James Holcomb and Philadelphia Wales from Charlwood. thanks again

MITCHELLJohn Mitchell and Louisa Mitchell nee DymondMy grandmother Mabel Maud Cook nee Mitchell died aged 44 before I was born. I know little of her family. I was therefore delighted to find the headstone of her parents John Mitchell and Louisa Mitchell nee Dymond on your site. Thanks so very much, and keep up the good work.

ANDREWSAppreciation for photo linkThank you very much Charles. I appreciate your hard work in allowing me to see the photo of Rowland Andrews & Jessie (nee Hansen)Andrews final resting place.

CHESTERThank-you for the photo of Edward CHESTERs HeadstoneThank-you for the photo of Edward CHESTERs Headstone. I have made a donation to help further your work

HARRISThank youHI Carl, Thank you for the photos. This is a wonderful service that supplies me with the details of family members. Regards Kerrie

SAMMESMary Anne and William Alfred SammesThank you Charles for your assistance . The high resolution image of my great great grandparents headstone allowed me to identify the family symbols (ivy and the clamshell) which are both on their headstone and on their sons , my great grandfather Frank Norman Sammes christening cup and silver service . I have many photographs of them and now an image of their resting place which I have also shown my elderly father . Much appreciated .

BURROWSMARY ANN BURROWSI would just like to say thanks so much for putting in all the time and effort to provide this service. I was amazed to find that something like this existed. Very grateful for your help and quick response.


HOUSMANEliza Housman gravstoneI found the image that I requested very useful as it answered a query that I had. The image was available very quickly. An extremely useful resource. I shall probably use it again.


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