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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
QUINEA wonderful piece of evidence for my researchThank you so much for making available to me the image of the gravestone for my Great, great grandparents Robert Quine 1822 -1913 & Margaret Quine, nee Kneale 1919 -1906 & other relatives. Best regards Nicola Jane Quine Postles, nee Harwood

MEADOWSThank youThank you for the two gravestone photos I have received very promptly

SLOOMANGravestone of George and Nancy SloomanThank you for this beautifully clear image which confirms an identification for Nancy Slooman. Nancy's maiden name was Courtney, as shown in the Ilfracombe marriage register for 1798. I have plenty of information on the Courtney family of Ilfracombe although I have not been able to pinpoint definite details about George.

JENKINSONThank youThank you for the time and effort. I now think this is not the relative I was looking for, but may be related through another branch!

Thank youThank you for the email. Great resource!

MAGGSFeedback on ImageThank you very much for the link to the gravestone image, sources like this are very helpful as an extra citation.

THURSTONCharles ThurstonCharles Thurston b. 1850 d. 1928 thank you so much for the photo, interesting the details of death are different on the gravestone to that date recorded!

BACONThe missing BaconThank you so much for photographing these gravestones. Until I saw what you had written I was unsure whether or not I had the correct family. Arthur's birth was recorded by the GRO, but not his death. Your photo gave me a death year and so I was able to find him under his middle name. Many grateful thanks.

HOBSONThank You for the image of the Gravestone for Eric Darrell HOBSON Doing my neighbours family tree and this gravestone answers some questions she always wanted to ask her Aunt Vera Hobson (nee Fletcher),about the death of her baby son, but felt unable to.

WILLIAMSGravestone for Thomas H WilliamsThank you for the image of the Gravestone for Thomas H Williams. It was of help with Family search.

DOWEDThank youThank you Charles for the Image

BLOCKThanksJust wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for the website. Living in Australia and having UK roots can make it difficult to do research. Your site has just joined three dots on my tree that I once thought could never be joined. I cannot say how much I am thankful. Regards David

THOMPSONGraves visitThanks to all the volunteers involved in this project - fantastic resource , through this site I was able to find the Thompson graves I was searching for and today I am the first of our present family to visit their resting place....once again, thank you all for making this possible

WEBBThank youMany thanks for the help & clean pic of grave

ELSONThanks for your siteThis site is fantastic. Thanks to you all!

ISTEDHENRY ISTED: Thank youThank you for such good quality images you sent so promptly. I will be using this site again.

HILLThanksThank you for this service. For overseas residents this is a valuable service.

COWLING Thank you for the great photos Just wanted to say thank you for the photos of the graves of members of the Cowling family in Pateley Bridge. Very helpful for my research.

PARKINThank youThank you for this resource, we have a bit of a family mystery and it has been a great help.

MCPHEEFamily researchI always find this site so useful. You can gain so much more information when you get copies of the headstones. Always a speedy response to your request. Thanks.

Thanksthank you for providing family researchers with lovely photos

HATCHHATCH/BLYTHE PhotosAlways been promt n suppying photos when requested find most of the photos of graves I need from this site

Thanks for Image requestMany thanks for the image, would love to thank you for your work as it really helps in bringing the past to life.

LINGARDThank youThank you very much for sending me the larger image. It meant a great deal to me to see it.

KIBBLEThankyouI appreciate your generosity and dedication to voluntarily going to all that effort. and it is free! thank you so much Glenice Gare from South Australia

CRANMERThank youGreat resource - thank you

BIRKENHEADValuable resourceFinding photographs of graves has proved invaluable. Thank you!

PENDLINGTONManyy thanksThank you so much for this tremendous resource Charles. I think it will help to reduce the number of miles people have to drive to do this research in person.

BILLETTThanksMany thanks I have just found this site. The possibilities seem most encouraging. A lot for me to grasp but I will do my best

BIRDThank you.Thank my you for the photograph of the grave I requested for Samuel Bird. This is a wonderful service that you offer.


OLESENLIE OLESENSo glad I came across this page! Love any info on my family history! Thank you

BARLOWTHANK YOUI would like to thank this organization for providing photos that enable people like myself that live on the other side of the world. Thank you Charles Sales for the photo of Joseph Barlow's headstone that lies within Bramerton Churchyard Cemetery. I am unable to read any info from this photo, so unable to say if it is my 5 X great grandfather, may need to try and save for a visit, fingers crossed. But thank you for taking the time to help others out.

BRAHAMBRAHAM/BRAME - ThanksI just wanted to say thanks for photographing these graves. It is sad but lovely to see them. I like to see how well these people loved each other.

FRYETTThank youThank you for your immediate response much appreciated.

MILLERThank youThank you for a wonderful site that has enabled me to solve another piece of my family tree puzzle. It's a credit to you for providing a service free of charge, a link to our history and to travel the world through the press of a button.

FARIE Wonderful service Thank you for consistently providing excellent service. It is truly appreciated

ThanksThank you for providing this service and for the prompt way images can be obtained. I have used you before and have been very satisfied with the information/photographs shown on the site.

CHANNELSCHANNELS/ CHENNELSAnthony CHANNELS born 1772 buried Pateley Bridge 04 May 1847. actual age at death 65 according to Parish Register.

DOBBINGFeedbackMany thanks for the photo of my great great grandma and for what you do.

HARTLESThank youThank you so much for this wonderful servive, which I have used on numerous occasions. Am sure I'll be back. Thanks to Charles for all your hard work and time Doreen

IRVINEThank you: ROBERT IRVINEI am grateful to you for your willingness to share your time in sending me the photograph I requested. It is because of generous people like you that so many families can be connected and remembered. I certainly appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

HARTLEYHartley of 19 Faulkland St, LiverpoolAmazing. Thank you for providing a photo with information I could not have found any other way. Many, many thanks.

DANGELappreciation of your serviceThank you for taking the time and effort for replying to me you run a great free service and you are appreciated thank you. Charles and the team cudos to you all .

MURIWAIGeorge Henry Woods & Ripeka (Rebecca) MuriwaiThank you Charles, for providing me with a photo of my great aunt and uncle's final resting place. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your website. Keep up the great work, we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Kind regards, Moreen

Thank youI just wanted to say a big thank you for running and maintaining the site. It has been invaluable as part of family history research where I have been unable to visit the graves personally.

DAVIESThank you!Thanks so much for the prompt reply about the headstone of John and Eliza Davies. Just helped to confirm my research on their ages and dates of death. Very good of you to provide such a helpful resource for those of us not able to get back to the UK to do our own research in person.

HICKINGRemembering our HistoryThanks to everyone who makes this resource possible!

HINDThank youThank you for the excellent quality photo of George Heslegrave Hind. Unfortunately in this case I have not been able to find his birth to find out how he would fit into my family tree f Hesslegraves, and many other variations of spelling of the name

WHIFFINThanksThank you for letting me see a higher res image of the gravestone - I have now worked out the system!


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