James Frederick Tulk grave monument in Chingford Mount Cemetery, Chingford, Essex, England

James Frederick Tulk grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Guardsman James Frederick Tulk
27/09/1940231917first name on monumentGrenadier Guards [Sno: '2620927'] :
Aircraftman 2nd Clas Charles Sidney Tulk
15/11/1940291911brother of James Frederick TulkRoyal Air Force Volunteer Reserve [Sno: '1258546'] :

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Geographic location of this grave

Geo-north/south: 5137'15.53N

Geo-east/west: 0 0'59.64W

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Location of the above James Frederick Tulk monument

Chingford Mount Cemetery, Chingford, Essex, England

Chingford Mount Cemetery, Chingford
Chingford Mount Cemetery

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