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grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Clark nee Barrie
1952261926aunt of
Elizabeth Holmes
2011901921aunt of
Mary Daly
1948741874aunt of
Elizabeth McGuire nee Lynch
1990951895aunt of
Jeanie Kelly
aunt of
Alex Stark
1934 brother of
Robert Stark
1946 brother of
Hugh Duffy Clements
2008 brother of
Joseph Gough
1974571917brother of
David Young
1979561923brother of
James McGuire
1984541930brother of
Joseph Russell
1970591911brother of
James Holmes
1961411920brother of
Stanley Smith
brother of interred in Birmingham
Alexander Bell
brother of
William Calder
1962781884brother of
Henry Kalinsky
1979671912brother of
Robert Ferrie
1955601895brother of
James McGlynn
brother of
James McGlynn
1941421899brother of husband of Helen McDermott
Bernard McLinden
1968851883brother of
Robert McLean
1962 brother of
Michael Ferns
1966341932brother of husband of Margaret Cassidy
Daniel Cox
1987 brother of
John Johnston
1971731898brother of
Adam Johnston
1985741911brother of
Hugh Fulton Robertson
1953451908brother of husband of Matilda Logue
Anthony Brown
1966761890brother of husband of Margaret Swinburne
Antonio Verrecchia
brother of died in infancy
William Daukris
1981701911brother of
Daniel Bradley
1991 brother of
Neil McCallum
2007781929brother-in-law of
Joseph Middleton
1993661927brother-in-law of
Archibald Black
1959641895brother-in-law of
James Cunning
2006741932brother-in-law of husband of Ann Cox
John Foley
1987551932brother-in-law of
Francis Darcy
1974631911brother-in-law of
John Sim
1973661907brother-in-law of
Andrew Lusk
1968791889brother-in-law of
Eddie Wilson
2007681939brother-in-law of
William Colligan
1960771883brother-in-law of
Robert Welsh
1977 cousin of
Mary Stewart nee Mcphail
1938281910cousin of wife of Daniel Stewart
Peter McGunnigal
1943 cousin of
Annie Miller nee Silvester
2007781929daughter of
Alexanderina Hunter
2010701940daughter of
Margaret Thomson
2000391961daughter of
Sheila Kennedy
daughter of died in infancy
Sharon Spencer
1972 daughter of died in infancy
Mary Spencer
1972 daughter of died in infancy
Jean Young
1987511936daughter of
Margaret Grieve
1981541927daughter of
Jean Mcdougall Scott
1991 daughter of
Jane Walker nee Davidson
1971641907daughter of
Jean Currie
1985 daughter of
Elizabeth Stewart
daughter of died in infancy
Ann Stewart
daughter of died in infancy
Agnes Baird nee Mcnally
1979751904daughter of
Retta McLeod
1933311902daughter of
Catherine Reid Strathern
1975721903daughter of
Elizabeth M Strathern
1987881899daughter of
Margaret Trainer
1983901893daughter of
Nannie Trainer
1983761907daughter of
Sarah Hoolahan
1955451910daughter of
Jeannie "Mabel" Latimer
1997821915daughter of
Nan McPherson nee Dunsmuir
1968431925daughter of wife of Gordon McPherson
Violet Baird
1955181937daughter of
Mary McAnulty
1914501864daughter of
Jessie Campbell Lynch nee Clarkson
1979781901daughter of
Isabella W Paterson nee Patrick
1969591910daughter of
Beth McIntyre nee Barron
2006801926daughter of
Mary Madden
1993751918daughter of
Mary Russell
1982711911daughter of
Barbara Gallie Blake nee Turnbull
2006761930daughter of
Margaret D Lees nee Milligan
1976611915daughter of
Sarah O'Neill
1995901905daughter of
Bridie Cairney
1983511932daughter of
Elizabeth Hutcheson nee Conroy
1973601913daughter of
Elizabeth McCreadie nee Milligan
1944361908daughter of
Roseleen McManus
194661940daughter of
May Gosney
1986711915daughter of
Agnes S Reddiex nee Reynolds
1976691907daughter of
Annie McVey
1983721911daughter of
Jean Limerick
1938 daughter of
Margaret Henderson nee Limerick
1990 daughter of wife of David Henderson
Jean Wilson
1997811916daughter of
Elizabeth Lavelle
1943121931daughter of
Annie Presavage
1940211919daughter of
Jean Wildman nee Jardine
1971441927daughter of wife of Richard Wildman
Mary McGowan
194391934daughter of
Jean McGowan
1989481941daughter of
Betty McGowan
2004651939daughter of
Margaret Wallace nee Dunsmuir
2006801926daughter of
Mary Ann Quinn nee Mcmanus
2001871914daughter of
Cathie Devine
2005591946daughter of
Christina Docherty
2010 daughter of
Catherine Reynolds nee Miller
2007891918daughter of
Margaret Coyle nee Devlin
1982711911daughter of
Rose Devlin
1991681923daughter of
Mary Shankie nee Cain
1996661930daughter of died in the USA
Janet McKenzie nee Calder
1997891908daughter of
Annie Calder
2000961904daughter of
Elizabeth "Cissie" McDougall nee Clyde
1971491922daughter of
Catherine Hutcheson
1990461944daughter of accidentally killed in USA
Maureen Hutcheson
2007 daughter of
Susan Jardine
1989631926daughter of
Matilda Holmes
daughter of died in infancy
Frances McCool
1987861901daughter of
Nellie Tonner nee Cullen
1942251917daughter of also her 2 infant sons
Mary Cullen
1978711907daughter of
Rosie Jenkins nee Dempsey
2004861918daughter of
Elizabeth Bagen
1943211922daughter of
Margaret Ann Bagen
2000761924daughter of
Bridget Cain nee Higgins
1944301914daughter of
Grace Feeley nee Higgins
1996861910daughter of
May Halbert
daughter of died in infancy
Agnes McKenzie nee Kerr
1986641922daughter of wife of William McKenzie
Kate Mathieson
1950601890daughter of
Maggie Mathieson
1970 daughter of
Helen Dick
1945141931daughter of
Ann Christie
daughter of died in infancy
Agnes Smith
1951331918daughter of
Cathie Power
1997831914daughter of
Mary "Maud" Kelly
1996791917daughter of
Annie "Nan" Thomson nee Kelly
1998781920daughter of
Helen O'bohye Miller nee Meeneghan
1976551921daughter of
Agnes Johnston
193221930daughter of
Marie Pollock nee Cornfield
1993571936daughter of
Agnes "Bunty" Jack
daughter of
Dorothy Jack
1954121942daughter of
Mary Russel "Moira" Jack
daughter of
Isa MacMillan
daughter of
Barbara Cavanagh
2000601940daughter of
Catherine Morgan
1940131927daughter of
Catherine Tomany
daughter of died in infancy
Isobel Hart nee Bennoch
1986421944daughter of
Caroline Marshall
daughter of died in infancy
Theresa Mills
1973681905daughter of
Elizabeth Griffen
1978781900daughter of
Elizabeth Donnelly
1984511933daughter of
Eileen McGlynn nee Connachan
1998641934daughter of
Elizabeth Wright
daughter of died in infancy
Nancy Chalmers
2003 daughter of
Jenny Mitchell
1991821909daughter of
Margaret Wilson
1997641933daughter of
Jean H S Wilson
2003 daughter of
Myra Mackintosh
1988431945daughter of
Elizabeth Gilmour
1985351950daughter of
Agnes Tempany
1994721922daughter of
Mary Rodgers
1982901892daughter of
Jean Dickson
1995791916daughter of
Julia Jogis
1964531911daughter of
Margaret S Napier nee Chalmers
1969541915daughter of
Margaret Allison nee Mclean
1963261937daughter of wife of James Allison
Betty McLean
daughter of
Helen McWilliam
daughter of died in infancy
Anne Wood
daughter of
Matilda McClenaghan
1988621926daughter of
Morag McClenaghan
1998641934daughter of
Joan S McCreadie nee Stewart
1992691923daughter of
Nellie Brown
1945181927daughter of
Mabel Neilson nee Cumberford
1980791901daughter of
Rebecca McGranaghan
1984781906daughter of
Elizabeth Speirs
1986811905daughter of
Margaret Allardice Westwood
1946421904daughter of
Jean Campbell
1996 daughter of twin of Andrew - died in infancy
Agnes McArthur nee Robertson
1987831904daughter of
Margaret Brown nee Little
1964581906daughter of
Mary Bowie Liddell nee Little
2004941910daughter of
Annie Train
1986671919daughter of
Annie Gilmour
189521893daughter of
Annie Speirs
1939481891daughter of
Chrissie Murie nee Carmichael
1997791918daughter of
Cathie Beggs
1941171924daughter of
Ida Beggs
1968371931daughter of
Janet Miller Watret
1978741904daughter of
Mary Madden
1993751918daughter of
Annie Wyper nee Stevenson
1995691926daughter of
Patricia Boyle
1978411937daughter of
Mary McClenaghan
1995621933daughter of
Elizabeth Robertson Brownrigg
1997801917daughter of
Kathleen Hutcheson
1985401945daughter of
Agnes Connor
1986651921daughter of
Jessie Connor
1996741922daughter of
Agnes Kane
2006601946daughter of
Carol Frew
daughter of
Ann Cox Cunning nee Frew
daughter of
Essie Murphy nee Robertson
1998511947daughter of
Peggy Cochrane nee Paton
1999621937daughter of
Sadie McQuade
1981451936daughter of
Helen Crawford
1995391956daughter of
Eliza Mcquade Thomson nee Brown
2007661941daughter of
Nan Nesbit
1997601937daughter of
Marion Lees
192261916daughter of
Jeanette Hassan
2007781929daughter of
Sharon Ward
1985161969daughter of
Betty Kelly
1982381944daughter of
Margaret McCafferty nee Mcglynn
1987461941daughter of
Jean Flannigan
1995411954daughter of
Catherine McQueenie
1975461929daughter of
Agnes McCann
1992621930daughter of
Jessamine Blake nee Stalker
1985491936daughter of
Mary Howard
daughter of
Ann Allan
daughter of
Elvera Valerio nee Santoro
1977791898daughter-in-law of
Catherine Speirs nee Crossar
2000841916daughter-in-law of
Agnes Copland nee Wilson
1971791892daughter-in-law of
Jean R Paterson nee Muir
1956631893daughter-in-law of wife of William Paterson Jr
Kathleen Lanaghan
2006861920daughter-in-law of
Annie Gunn Wylie nee Chassels
2005871918daughter-in-law of
Jeanie Davidson nee Steel
1941521889daughter-in-law of killed by enemy action
Elizabeth Richmond nee Bryson
1990831907daughter-in-law of
Elizabeth White
1953511902daughter-in-law of
Mary McDonagh nee Ross
1950301920daughter-in-law of
Patricia Aitken
1977 daughter-in-law of wife of William Aitken
Ellen Brown
1997671930daughter-in-law of
Susanna C Dempsey
daughter-in-law of
Irene Train
daughter-in-law of
Sarah Swain
daughter-in-law of
Martha Buchanan
daughter-in-law of
Nellie Tennent
daughter-in-law of
Joan Gardner
daughter-in-law of
Margaret Hampsey nee Mckechnie
2009871922daughter-in-law of
Janet Steele
daughter-in-law of
Jenny McLachlan
daughter-in-law of
Lilian McGoran
daughter-in-law of
Catherine Hutchison
daughter-in-law of
Sylvia Wales
daughter-in-law of
Beth McQuade
daughter-in-law of
Flora Miller
daughter-in-law of
Alexander MacKenzie
1974711903father of
Frank Lehmann
1991691922father of
Charles Rodgers
1991821909father of
Patrick Duffy
1990651925father of
Hugh Anderson
1955 father of
Neil McCallum
1932411891father of
Hugh McGlinchie
1996841912father of
John Kennedy
1953801873father of
John Cleland
1947891858father of
John Alexander Clarkson
1948791869father of
David Milligan
1989861903father of
Peter Hartman
1974691905father of
Bernard Innes
1985811904father of
Andrew Johnston
1957531904father of
Andrew Patrick Tennyson
1952491903father of
Harry Beetham
1967851882father of
Michael McGuire
1978791899father of
Michael Daly Maguire
1991801911father of
James Walsh
1987761911father of
Thomas McMurtie
1949621887father of
Joseph Russell
1954751879father of
George Cleary
father of
Alexander Semple
1943481895father of
Joseph Wilson
1946661880father of
James George Lavelle
1960621898father of
James McGaulley
1958761882father of
Archibald Russell
1961751886father of
Owen Flynn
1959541905father of
James McGuire
1968711897father of
John Madden
1978 father of
James McGuinness
1974811893father of
Francis Gilluley
1978671911father of
George Macfarlane Kilpatrick
1973 father of
William Muir
father of
John Wilson
1978781900father of
Ernest Dolan
father of
William Jones Sr
1981741907father of
William Walker
1955 father of
George Wilson
1956541902father of
James McLinden
1957811876father of
John Jackson
1999801919father of
Peter Cornfield
1957521905father of
James MacMillan
1964701894father of
Joseph Sweeney
1951 father of
Daniel Longmuir
1969651904father of
Patrick Burns
1950511899father of
James Kerr
2000871913father of
James Brown
1953591894father of
Archibald Orr
1977741903father of
Richard H Keatt
1988721916father of
Anton Sankus
1989881901father of
Patrick McPake
1958 father of
Charles McClinton
1961511910father of
Samuel Wright
1987 father of
James McGeachan
1968661902father of
Matthew McPhail
1994851909father of
Duncan Hamilton
father of
John Muir
1948701878father of
James D Smith
1978701908father of
Walter King
1956651891father of
Andrew Strang
1971711900father of
Alex McGrath
father of
John Scobbie
father of
Michael Cummiskey
1967631904father of
Daniel Smith
1941811860father of
David Dunsmuir
1929351894father of
Thomas Speirs
1938691869father of
Robert Robertson
1947711876father of
John Beveridge
1959771882father of
Matthew Boyle
father of
Angelo Verrecchia
1969741895father of
Woodford Russell
1996811915father of
Tom Kerr
father of
James Gillan
father of
William McInulty
1988821906father of
Frank Larkins
father of
Robert Craig
1987481939father of
Thomas B Crane
father-in-law of
John Allan
1976661910father-in-law of
James McInally
1960731887father-in-law of
Mary Jackson
1957521905friend of
Antonia Concetta Valerio
194781939grand daughter of
Sarah Taggart
1997651932grand daughter of
Margaret Thomas McKendry nee Mcanulty
2001791922grand daughter of
Maggie McAnulty
191491905grand daughter of
Margaret McAnulty
1924251899grand daughter of
Janet Frances
grand daughter of died in infancy
Christina Helen
grand daughter of died in infancy
grand daughter of died in infancy
Yvonne Kirk
grand daughter of
grand daughter of
Joyce Gilluley
196911968grand daughter of
Jean Queen
1977 grand daughter of
Catherine Black
1975 grand daughter of died in infancy
Irene McLaughlin
196071953grand daughter of
grand daughter of died in infancy
Helen Campbell
grand daughter of died in infancy
Anne Chambers nee Benson
2001601941grand daughter of
Elizabeth Cunningham
197041966grand daughter of
Catherine Wood
grand daughter-in-law of
Yvonne Wylie
grand daughter-in-law of
David Clements
grand father of
George Hunter
1945 grand father of
Thomas Barrie
1978781900grand father of
William McAnulty
1955721883grand father of
John Taylor
1966661900grand father of
Hugh Fleming
1943751868grand father of
Thomas Mogan
1950791871grand father of
Alison Brown
198421982great grand daughter of
Graham McLachlan
1974 great grand son of
Lindsay McPhee
great grand son of died in infancy
Catherine Clements nee Duffy
1988801908grand mother of wife of late David Clements
Sarah Erskine
1972711901grand mother of
Catherine Barrie nee Brodie
1969661903grand mother of
Janet Muir
1961811880grand mother of
Granny Loughbridge
1985981887grand mother of
Dinah Best
grand mother of
Mary Mogan
1944661878grand mother of
Tommy Valerio
1982571925grand son of
grand son of died in infancy
Norman Morrison
193021928grand son of
John O'neill Whitters
1963 grand son of
Peter McGurk
grand son of died in infancy
grand son of died in infancy
Patrick Lanaghan
1942 grand son of died in infancy
Hugh Lanaghan
1950 grand son of died in infancy
Jim Wallace
1998511947grand son of husband of Catherine Wood
Thomas Boyd
2003471956grand son of
Jimmy Cain Shankie
2008491959grand son of
Peter Dempsey
1943 grand son of
John Daly
grand son of died in infancy
William McMonagle
grand son of
1975 grand son of
1957 grand son of
Edward Maguire
1993531940grand son of
Samuel McLean
1991371954grand son of
grand son of
grand son of
Stuart N Thomson
1999321967grand son of
Christopher Paul Norris
2009341975grand son of
Grahame Wood
1966 grand son of
James Cuthill
1957341923grand son of
David Cuthill
1966 grand son of
David Paton
1982201962grand son of
William McInulty
1971 grand son of
Patrick Druggan
1970 grand son of
Iain "Fletch" Fletcher
2005251980grand son of husband of Yvonne Wylie; father to Ewan; Lauren; Iain; son of Margaret
Hugh McNamee
1979261953grand son of died in Hong Kong
Dennis William McKendry
2003841919grand son-in-law of
James Silvester
1981861895husband of
Henry McCarroll
1986701916husband of
George MacVicar
husband of
Noble Leishman
1999651934husband of
Joseph Devlin
1990771913husband of
Charles McAuley
2005 husband of
John Conquer
1992861906husband of
Anthony DePlacido
1998861912husband of
Philip J Spencer
1995531942husband of
Andrew Watson
1997571940husband of
James Young
1971701901husband of
Alexander Scott
1942751867husband of
Matthew Davidson
1944801864husband of
Hugh McFarlane
husband of
Sam Currie
1943 husband of
David Cunningham
husband of
Daniel McNally
1953921861husband of
Duncan McLeod
1950741876husband of
Albert Hambley
1984901894husband of
Alexander McKenzie
1958881870husband of
John Baird
1975681907husband of husband of Agnes Cunningham
Robert B Crane
1962731889husband of
William Longmuir
1977771900husband of
Robert Howieson
1977831894husband of
Peter Copland
1921741847husband of
William Paterson
1945781867husband of
Andrew McLachlan
1954801874husband of
Ralph Thomson
husband of
William Cleland
1972871885husband of
David Jeffrey
husband of
James Gilmour
1956731883husband of
Archibald Russell
1955791876husband of
Peter L Crichton
2003771926husband of
William Moreland
1963811882husband of
Patrick Conroy
1958691889husband of
Gilbert Mail
1954751879husband of
Archibald Pennell
1954841870husband of
John Limerick
1960 husband of
Michael Daly
1983881895husband of
David Nicol
1966561910husband of
John Walker
1964641900husband of
John C Mains
1962 husband of
Robert Regan
1969841885husband of
William Irvine
husband of
Edward Morgan
1977651912husband of
William Devine
1955511904husband of
Bernard Fitzpatrick
1965 husband of
James Fitzpatrick
1975 husband of
Michael Sanaghan
1971891882husband of
Charles Docherty
1966 husband of
John Cushley
1976631913husband of
Felix Dolan
1993801913husband of
James Calder
1977951882husband of
William Clyde
1982801902husband of
Philip Lyons
1993841909husband of
William MacDonald
2003851918husband of
William Allan
1982601922husband of
Robert Allan
1991761915husband of
David Mauchline
1976721904husband of
William Smith
1973821891husband of
William McLean
1950801870husband of
James Lyon
1947671880husband of
Robert Murdoch
1948811867husband of
James Crookston
1981801901husband of
Robert Paterson
1946721874husband of
John Cormack
husband of
Cormac Higgins
1972851887husband of
William Halbert
1989791910husband of
John Kerr
1943731870husband of
James McKean
1955811874husband of
John White
1960801880husband of
James Houston
1953531900husband of
John McNay
husband of
James Gardner
2001881913husband of
Robert Duff
husband of
John Allan
2010761934husband of
Charles Taggart
husband of
James R Weir
husband of
Thomas McGrail
1953651888husband of
John Findlay
1982 husband of
Henry Gibson
1968691899husband of
James Kelly
1960761884husband of
Robert Johnston
1982591923husband of
James Calderwood
1998801918husband of
Matthew Russell McLean
1968861882husband of
Anthony Meeneghan
1958651893husband of
Richard Sergison
1995811914husband of
David Houston
husband of
Thomas McDermott
husband of
Henry Johnston
husband of
David Cook
1979611918husband of
Robert Cavanagh
1940 husband of
Patrick Morgan
1963641899husband of
Thomas Allan
1953561897husband of
Edward Burns
1958821876husband of
Alexander Maguire
2007901917husband of
David Downie
1962611901husband of
Walter Park
1993771916husband of
Robert McAspurn
1964671897husband of
Alex Wilson
husband of
John Wailes
1968741894husband of
William McKay
1976711905husband of
Robert Tennent
1963 husband of
James McAdams
1978751903husband of
Daniel Kelly
1985851900husband of
James Speirs
1962551907husband of
Charles O'Neill
1973721901husband of died in Australia
Thomas Moore
husband of
Bernard O'Neill
husband of
William McPhee
1972761896husband of
William Singer
1999851914husband of
John Easton
husband of
George Gourley
1996881908husband of
John Whiteford
1980 husband of
Robert Moore
1981771904husband of
David Gillespie
1960741886husband of
John Robertson
1967681899husband of
David Hamilton
1970701900husband of
Andrew D Cunningham
1998841914husband of
Nickodemus Kakta
1953771876husband of
James Tempany
1952601892husband of
Robert Boyd
1949721877husband of
Robert Moonie
1975821893husband of
David Kelso
1957811876husband of
James Allan
2006871919husband of
Thomas McGauchie
1965781887husband of
Tom Thomson
husband of
Thomas Simpson
1965 husband of
John D Chalmers
1958691889husband of
John Taylor
1979801899husband of
William Wilson
1954791875husband of
Alexander Bain Chisholm
husband of
James McDonald
1951781873husband of
John Gilmour
1996741922husband of
Richard M Stewart
1958581900husband of
Robert McCormack
husband of
William Milligan
1938 husband of
William McGranaghan
1953821871husband of
William S Braidwood
husband of
John Campbell
1983 husband of
William Little
1959831876husband of
James Jeffrey
1958851873husband of
Alexander Croll
husband of
William Forrest Lindsay
1962801882husband of
James Buchanan
husband of
George Speirs
1953811872husband of
William McGranaghan
1984821902husband of
John Beggs
1951691882husband of
James Gilmour
1956731883husband of
John F MacLachlan
1956531903husband of
James Brown
husband of
John Aitken
1985 husband of
Robert Clyde
2007831923husband of
Mark Brownrigg
1977961881husband of
Robert Fotheringay Riddell
1970 husband of
John Hutcheson
husband of
Thomas Mulvanny
1997861911husband of
Andrew Muir
1981751906husband of
John O'Neil
1981691912husband of
Andrew Daly
husband of
Andrew Sneddon
husband of
Peter Rooney
1979751904husband of
Patrick Ward
1981791902husband of
Edward McMillan
1980 husband of
John McManus
husband of
John G Lees
1978911887husband of
Patrick Smyth
1990781912husband of
Peter Sim
1979701909husband of
Hugh Craig
1974661908husband of
Thomas Devlin
1990721918husband of
Thomas Murphy
1970661904husband of
Michael Campaigne
1973551918husband of
Thomas Wilson
1988861902husband of
James Smith
1978931885husband of
Hugh McDade
1985831902husband of
James McKean
1971591912husband of
William Babes Marshall
1976701906husband of
John Holland
1989781911husband of
David Wallace
husband of
Joseph Berry
1984 husband of
James Rooney
1998801918husband of
William Hope
husband of
Robert Murphy
1999791920husband of
James E A Elliott
husband of
Philip Lyons
first husband of wife of
Peter Smith
second husband of
Philip Lyons
second husband of wife of
John Duncan
second husband of wife of
David Allison
1981481933second husband of wife of
Catherine L MacKenzie nee Bell
1992911901mother of
Nellie Rodgers
1986741912mother of
Morag Duffy
1998681930mother of
Christina Anderson
1969 mother of
Jessie Carruthers
1931861845mother of
Helen McCallum
1969761893mother of
Charlotte McGlinchie nee Torley
1994801914mother of
Agnes Kennedy
1951771874mother of
Agnes Milligan
1994901904mother of erected by Auchinraith School
Mary Hartman
1975661909mother of
Martha Innes nee Mccready
1962571905mother of
Annie M Johnston nee Fisher
1983 mother of
Annie Mcculloch McNulty
1950351915mother of
Mary McGuire nee Mcguigan
1961641897mother of
Sarah Maguire nee Boyle
1998851913mother of
Isabella Walsh
1979741905mother of
Gladys McMurtie
1987871900mother of
Margaret Russell nee Crane
1954731881mother of
Mary Ann Cleary
mother of
Elizabeth Holmes
mother of
Alice Semple
1978791899mother of
Jeanie Wilson
1966801886mother of
Isabella Lavelle
1988851903mother of
Margaret Flynn
1996921904mother of
Margaret McGuire
1972731899mother of
Annie McGuinness
1955601895mother of
Catherine Gilluley
1969561913mother of
Margaret Muir nee Kennedy
1961551906mother of
Matilda Wilson
1978761902mother of
Jane Dolan
mother of
Isa Jones
1984721912mother of
Mary Connolly
1980981882mother of
Martha Ferrie nee Wynn
1901401861mother of
Jeanie Stephenson
2005871918mother of
Nellie Jackson nee Miller
1988691919mother of
Martha McClements nee Gallacher
1986711915mother of
Janet Neill nee Nodwell
1966741892mother of
Helen Cassidy
1939841855mother of
Margaret Mccormick Houston
1968621906mother of
Agnes Cornfield
1987821905mother of
Hannah MacMillan nee Dent
1959641895mother of
Mary Sweeney
1942 mother of
Catherine Coatgrieve
1957821875mother of
Marion Longmuir nee Ferns
1969691900mother of
Margaret Holmes nee Balfour
1948761872mother of
Marion Small nee Fisher
1964741890mother of
Jeanie Burns
1978751903mother of
Janet Russell
1947781869mother of
Helen Livingstone Kerr nee Orr
1988771911mother of
Janet Brown
mother of d 197??
Susan Orr nee Neilson
1989861903mother of
Annie Hill nee Currie
1954 mother of
Annie Ferns
1955831872mother of
Elizabeth Keatt
2006881918mother of
Bridget McClinton
1975591916mother of
Janet McDermid
1963781885mother of
Mary McGeachan nee Docherty
1980781902mother of
Alice Devlin
1962781884mother of
Jean McPhail
1978631915mother of
Mary T Hamilton
1996861910mother of
Margaret Smith
1974681906mother of
Margaret King
1978761902mother of
Janet Strang nee Mcclellan
1959541905mother of
Isa McGrath
mother of
Mary Scobbie
mother of
Mary C Smith
1953831870mother of
Janet Speirs
1932631869mother of
Agnes Robertson
1961811880mother of
Margaret Thompson
1936821854mother of
Christina Beveridge
1964751889mother of
Elizabeth Pender nee Jamieson
1961871874mother of
Elizabeth Boyle nee Fenton
1964621902mother of
Antonia Verrecchia nee Valerio
1979811898mother of
Janet Russell nee Stewart
1974591915mother of
Margaret Brown
1991821909mother of
Annie Paterson
1991711920mother of
Moira Kerr
mother of
Margaret Gillan
mother of
Agnes Larkins
mother of
Christina Crane nee Paton
1959641895mother-in-law of
Catherine Boyd
1937 mother-in-law of
Barbara Green
1955 mother-in-law of
Rose Barry nee Mcghee
1947661881mother-in-law of
Hellen Allan
2002901912mother-in-law of
David Brown
195821956nephew of
Thomas Allan
1950371913nephew of
David Brown
195821956nephew of
Ronald Moncrieff
1999551944nephew of husband of Margaret
Jean Gallagher nee Mackenzie
2008711937relationship not given of
James Gallagher
relationship not given of
Iain David Clements
1995311964relationship not given of son of Hugh and Nettie Clements
Hugh Clements
relationship not given of
Nettie Clements
relationship not given of
Peter O'Brien
1983 relationship not given of
Annie Dempsey
1985771908relationship not given of
Agnes Simpson nee Tulloch
1944 relationship not given of
James Simpson
1947 relationship not given of
William McIntyre
1991751916relationship not given of
Letitia Jardine McIntyre
2001851916relationship not given of
Anne Hepburn
relationship not given of died in infancy
Peter Dawson
1995581937relationship not given of
Bessie Greenhorn
1966 relationship not given of
Daniel Stewart
relationship not given of
Ronald Graham
1970 relationship not given of
James Graham
2005791926relationship not given of husband of Margaret Graham
Margaret Graham
relationship not given of
Sarah Agnes O'Brien
1967621905relationship not given of
Michael O'Brien
1984781906relationship not given of
Jean Barrie Whyte
2002631939relationship not given of
John Reynolds
2006 relationship not given of
Jean Barrett
2000 relationship not given of
Michael Kane
1995381957relationship not given of
Albert Christie
1974591915relationship not given of
Mary Duffy
2006591947relationship not given of
Ursula Millar
1980901890relationship not given of
Jessie Hamilton nee Smith
1960641896relationship not given of
James Hamilton
2003741929relationship not given of husband of Evelyn Lyon
Evelyn Smith
relationship not given of
James Wylie
relationship not given of erected stone
Jessie Wylie
relationship not given of erected stone
Margaret Warnock
1957 relationship not given of
James Warnock
1957 relationship not given of
John Warnock
1946 relationship not given of
George Crichton
1945581887relationship not given of
Sarah Farquhar nee Crichton
1953711882relationship not given of
Nellie McDowell nee Gallacher
1992711921relationship not given of
John McDowell
1997761921relationship not given of
Elizabeth M Houston
1980801900relationship not given of
David King
1977721905relationship not given of
Mary Theresa McDonagh
13 relationship not given of
Catherine Campbell nee Borland
1966741892relationship not given of
Isabella Mcguire McGlynn
1995571938relationship not given of
James Wilson
1931331898relationship not given of
Michael Laird
194411943relationship not given of
Elizabeth Brown
1946 relationship not given of
Annie Brown
1949 relationship not given of
Mary Brown
1952 relationship not given of
Samuel McMurray
1952 relationship not given of
Jenny McMurray
1962 relationship not given of wife of Samuel McMurray also sons Edward and Pat
Janette Brown nee Cook
2000551945relationship not given of wife of Crawford Brown
Crawford Brown
relationship not given of
193941935relationship not given of
Sarah Marshall nee Holmes
2003901913relationship not given of
Thomas Doyle
1972631909relationship not given of
Catherine Doyle nee Tolland
1993 relationship not given of
Alex Orr
1957541903relationship not given of
Margaret Bell
1987731914relationship not given of
James Griffen
1983821901relationship not given of
Johnny McKay
1964621902relationship not given of
Patrick McKay
1965581907relationship not given of
John "Cutty" McKay
2008701938relationship not given of
Helen Kelly
1951821869relationship not given of
Jemima Rankin
1953 relationship not given of
Letty McClenaghan nee Hill
2007781929relationship not given of
Martin Cassidy
1965 relationship not given of
Patrick McHugh
1979721907relationship not given of
Mary Allan
1964821882relationship not given of
Edward Carabine
1966851881relationship not given of
Jane Carabine
1971851886relationship not given of
Mary Carabine
1980611919relationship not given of
David Jack
1954 relationship not given of died in infancy
Elizabeth Izzett
1995921903relationship not given of
David Jack
2003761927relationship not given of
Johnnie Jack
2004551949relationship not given of
Agnes McLachlan
1988541934relationship not given of at rest in Preston
Malcolm Rodgers
1983621921relationship not given of
Christina McGowan
2005811924relationship not given of
Mary Cain
1991851906relationship not given of
Agnes Barry
2001811920relationship not given of
Tommy McClelland
1998741924relationship not given of
John Beggs
1963671896relationship not given of
John Beggs
1987641923relationship not given of husband of Martha
Martha Beggs
relationship not given of
Peter Leggate
2010711939relationship not given of
Mary Nelson Mcmurdo McCulloch
1987691918relationship not given of
Margaret O'Neil
4 relationship not given of
Mary McGuigan
relationship not given of died in infancy
John McKinnon
relationship not given of died in infancy
William Wilson
2000461954relationship not given of
Catherine Wilson
2010761934relationship not given of
George "Midge" Wilson
2011851926relationship not given of
Marion Kane
2002741928relationship not given of
Wee Isobel
193751932relationship not given of
Violet Robertson
2009881921relationship not given of
Jimmy Smith
relationship not given of
Robert Wilson
1970 relationship not given of
Cornelius O'Donnell
1988621926relationship not given of
William Duncan
1993531940relationship not given of
Lilian Paterson
2004841920relationship not given of
Ellen Pitcairn
2004861918relationship not given of
Marion Crichton
1985341951relationship not given of
William Todd
1985301955relationship not given of
Alex Bathgate
2005 relationship not given of
Alice F Hawkins
1989 relationship not given of
John Mulvaney
1997811916relationship not given of
Catherine Mulvaney nee Barrett
1999811918relationship not given of
Peter Mulvaney
2005591946relationship not given of husband of Liz
Liz Mulvaney
relationship not given of
Anne McNaught
1987671920relationship not given of
Isaac Cook
1978761902relationship not given of
Susan Melrose
relationship not given of
Rachel Mullen
relationship not given of
James Mullen
relationship not given of
Cairon Reynolds
1999 relationship not given of died in infancy
James Henderson
1998731925relationship not given of
Elizabeth Faulds
1973821891relationship not given of
Norman McKay
1999681931relationship not given of
Margaret O'Neill
1989551934niece of
Alice Mcdermott McGlynn
194541941niece of daughter of James and Helen
Margaret Moncrieff
niece-in-law of
Isobel Stark
1988511937son of
Michael Valerio
1965891876son of
Peter Stewart
2002551947son of
George Stewart
2010561954son of
David Mcdougall Tallis
2000621938son of
Raymond Connelly
1964 son of served with Royal Highland Fusiliers
Elizabeth Latta
1976661910son of
William Leishman
1977121965son of
Michael J McDermott
2010 son of
David Ritchie
2010611949son of
Patrick Phairs
1998671931son of
Nicolas Cavanagh
son of died in infancy
Jim Docherty
2011661945son of
George Slivinski
2002641938son of husband of Susanna C Dempsey
Matthew Speirs
1999811918son of
John McNally
1978781900son of
Kenneth McLeod
1918211897son of killed in Action in France
Michael Hoolahan
1983651918son of
Edwin Hambley
2005831922son of husband of Irene Train
Alexander Thomas Mct McKenzie
1992681924son of
Hugh Paterson Longmuir
1998591939son of died in Australia
William Tait
1976711905son of husband of Sarah Swain
William Sharp
1966561910son of
Hugh McGlinchie
1952191933son of died in Malaya
Hugh McDougall
1980561924son of
James Copland
1916401876son of accidentally drowned in India
John Copland
1941631878son of
Adam Kerr Paterson
1951471904son of died New Plymouth; New Zealand
William Paterson
son of
James Clarkson
1960631897son of husband of Martha Buchanan
George Jeffrey
1982561926son of
Thomas F Maguire
2005 son of
Archibald Russell
1992831909son of
Gordon Leggate
son of died in infancy
Ricky Leggate
son of died in infancy
Edward O'Neill
1960591901son of
James Cairney
2004741930son of
Barbara Crothers
1998721926son of
John McLachlan
son of died in infancy
Andrew McVey
1974741900son of
Ronald Semple
1963381925son of
Andrew Campbell Limerick
2002771925son of
Richard Wilson
2011821929son of
Patrick Jackson
191351908son of
James Jackson
1948361912son of
William Lanaghan
1980681912son of
Hugh McGowan
1980601920son of
Martin Daly
2009721937son of
Vera Smith
1991 son of
James Lynch
2003501953son of
William Feechan
2002761926son of
Bernard Fitzpatrick
1972 son of
James Robertson
1974461928son of
Joseph Corker
1990571933son of
Thomas J MacDonald
2010711939son of
John Sanaghan
1976581918son of
William Anderson
1977 son of
Thomas Anderson
1977 son of
James Rouse
2011831928son of
John Boyd
2001861915son of
Emma Dolan
2009681941son of
James Cain
1996681928son of
Archie McLachlan
2007561951son of
Edward Chassels
1989561933son of
George Chassels
1989541935son of
Frank McQuade
1998641934son of
John McQuade
2003581945son of
David Speirs
1988691919son of
James McGrorty
2008771931son of
Henry Blyth
2007571950son of
Hugh McDougall
1980561924son of
Thomas Cunning
2005651940son of
Robert Hutcheson
2007 son of
Paul Brennan
1993251968son of
John Smith
1950261924son of
Alexander Holmes
193221930son of
Robert Holmes
son of died in infancy
Thomas McCool
1985821903son of
William R Cunningham
1927241903son of interred at Wellington; NZ
John Cunningham
1934391895son of died New York; interred Blantyre
Catherine "Kate" Nimmo
1951801871son of
John Crookston
193751932son of
Patrick Ferrie
1970831887son of
John Smith
1918221896son of died in Germany
William Smith
1937381899son of
Private James Davidson RSF
1918211897son of killed in France
Richard Davidson
1941521889son of killed by enemy action
George Farquhar
1970631907son of
John Thomas Bagen
194071933son of
James Daly
1944421902son of
Alexander Richmond
5 son of
Roxburgh Richmond
son of died in infancy
James Richmond
son of died in infancy
Thomas Richmond
1978711907son of
George Beaton
194491935son of
William Kerr
1967681899son of
Hugh Guy
1986831903son of
George White
1965611904son of husband of Elizabeth
Frank McDonagh
son of
Robert Keltie Devlin
2006781928son of
Alexander G "Elky" Campbell
1992701922son of
Bobby Campbell
1990751915son of
1963531910son of
John Gibson
1986671919son of
Thomas Gibson
2008691939son of
John McLean
son of died in action
John McClements
2011591952son of
George Muirhead Baird
son of died in Infancy
Edward Cassidy
1933 son of
Joseph McMonagle
son of
James McMonagle
son of
John Michael McMonagle
son of
William Allan
son of died in Infancy
Robert Allan
son of died in Infancy
James Allan
1984661918son of
John Cornfield
son of died in infancy
Andrew Marshall Jack
1938 son of twin of Agnes (Bunty) he died aged 8 weeks
John Morgan
1995751920son of
Andrew Edgar Cropp
1980401940son of
Joseph Stewart Nicol
1941 son of
John Mckay Mackintosh
1992551937son of
Isobel Stark
1988511937son of
Alex Stark
1934 son of
Robert Stark
1946 son of
Helen McCallum
1948 son of
John Park
194961943son of
Thomas Fox
1983471936son of
Margaret McGowan
1948631885son of
Hugh McKay
1985461939son of
David McInally
1997701927son of
Dougald Tennent
2008 son of
Michael Dickson
1980481932son of Husband of Joan Gardner
John Hampsey
1982631919son of
Thomas Callaghan
1956231933son of
Robert Aitken
1960561904son of
James Aitken
1970611909son of
William Aitken
1973641909son of
Roddy O'Neill
2004571947son of
Charles McClinton
son of
Brian Gerard O'Neill
1962 son of
Patrick Connachan
1989591930son of
Norman McInally
1999651934son of
John Cropp
2005601945son of
James T S "Bud" Cropp
2009611948son of
John George Fairley
1976701906son of
David Gillespie
1988681920son of
Matthew Leggat
1957291928son of
Robert Gibb Baxter
1936 son of died in infancy
Peter Smith
1982621920son of
Alexander Robertson
1972691903son of
Robert McGauchie
1978661912son of
Bobby Bruce
1952131939son of
William Smith
1983531930son of husband of Janet Steele
Matthew Wilson
1940271913son of
John McWilliam
1992601932son of
Angus McLachlan
1986481938son of died in Australia - father of Colin; Jennifer; Paul
Robert McDonald
1921101911son of
John Wallace
1972 son of
John McLean
son of died in infancy
Ronald McClenaghan
194121939son of
William McClenaghan
1994621932son of
Richard M Stewart
2002751927son of
David Dunsmuir
192541921son of
Thomas McCallum
1938221916son of
Robert Black
1930 son of
Andrew Campbell
1996 son of twin of Jean - died in infancy
Daniel Smith
1971411930son of accidentally drowned - husband of Lilian McGoran
James Train
1936161920son of
Andrew Gilmour
189541891son of
Thomas Gilmour
189511894son of
Samuel Gilmour
190011899son of
Gunner G Buchanan
1946231923son of 14414042 - Gunner Royal Artillery
Peter Stewart
2002551947son of
George Stewart
2010561954son of
William Benson
1917211896son of killed in action
Thomas Benson
1991791912son of
John B Hutchison
1998691929son of
Peter Hutchison
2009721937son of husband of Catherine; father of Steven
William Aitken
son of
Francis Joseph Doonin
2008851923son of
William Kielbasinski
197461968son of
Archie Russell
2008671941son of
Joseph Wilson
1999621937son of
Alexander Hamill
1999541945son of
Andy Sneddon
1993421951son of
Alex Wales
1992371955son of husband of Sylvia
Francis McQuade
1989561933son of
James McQuade
1998571941son of
Terry McQuade
2000531947son of
Michael Hugh McQuade
2004601944son of husband of Beth
Patrick O'Mailley
1976401936son of
Thomas J Mcnab Ewing
1976421934son of
Thomas Cunningham
2006431963son of
Forrest Pringle
2002671935son of
Alex Frew
1993681925son of
Pte Peter Dunn
1942201922son of RAMC - killed on active service
Hugh Craig
2009691940son of
James Murphy
2006681938son of husband of Flora Miller
William Milligan
son of
Robert Milligan
son of
James Miller
2010791931son-in-law of
Mary Craig nee Farrell
1994521942son-in-law of
David Duncan Adamson
1979751904son-in-law of
Adam Wallace
1968431925son-in-law of
Jimmy Quinn
2003901913son-in-law of
Patrick Reynolds
2007871920son-in-law of
Williamina Kalinsky nee Mccormack
2001811920son-in-law of
Rose Fanning
1977521925son-in-law of
Mary Ferrie nee Mcgowan
1937401897son-in-law of
Mary Johnston
1974611913son-in-law of
Henry S Napier
1953331920son-in-law of
George W C McIvor
1983541929son-in-law of husband of Betty McLean
Robert Neilson
1977751902son-in-law of
Jessie Black nee Lawson
1979801899son-in-law of
John Neil
1958521906son-in-law of
Samuel Brown
1968551913son-in-law of
Robert Reid Murie
1987661921son-in-law of
Margaret Brown nee Swinburne
1983881895son-in-law of
2007901917son-in-law of husband of Jessie Connor
Alexander McEwan
1977631914son-in-law of husband of Mary Howard
Arthur Trussler
1977641913son-in-law of husband of Ann Allan
Margaret Donald
1955521903sister of
Elizabeth Moncrieff
1984821902sister of
Anzie Whalen
1998731925sister of
Annie McGuinness
2005891916sister of
Annie Sloey
sister of
Agnes MacDonald
1957591898sister of
Isobel Boyle nee Devlin
1986601926sister of
Catherine Bell
1971 sister of
Mary Esplin nee Campbell
2007661941sister of
Jean M W McPhail
2005591946sister of
Jane McGrath
195261946sister of
Elsie Robertson
1932131919sister of
Elizabeth Moncrieff
1984821902sister of mother of Ronald
Mary Meechan
1970631907sister of
Margaret Keeney nee Gillan
2011841927sister of
Yvonne Bett
1977 sister of
Norah Broadleday
2008861922sister of
Barbara Daukris
2002821920sister of
Margaret Legge nee Mains
sister of
Jeannie N Fraser
1994871907sister of
Janet Bell nee Kilpatrick
1988 sister-in-law of wife of Alexander Bell
Helen Mcgillvery McGlynn nee Mcdermott
1970691900sister-in-law of wife of late James McGlynn
Helen McDermott
sister-in-law of
Margaret Cassidy
sister-in-law of
Matilda Logue
sister-in-law of
Gordon McPherson
son-in-law of
Hugh Stevenson Lynch
1979801899son-in-law of
William Paterson
son-in-law of
John McIntyre
son-in-law of
David T Mcg Blake
1992641928son-in-law of
James Lees
1958431915son-in-law of
Alex Hutcheson
1992831909son-in-law of
David Boyd
1954301924son-in-law of drowned in Buenos Aires
Charles Reddiex
1944421902son-in-law of
David Henderson
son-in-law of
Richard Wildman
son-in-law of
William Coyle RASC
1942 son-in-law of killed POW North Africa
Colin McKenzie
1985841901son-in-law of
William McKenzie
son-in-law of
William Bruce
1997531944son-in-law of husband of Mary (Moira) Russell Jack (cremated remains here)
Thomas Bowie
1982701912son-in-law of husband of Isa MacMillan
James Allison
son-in-law of
Jack Wood
son-in-law of
Samuel Brown
son-in-law of
Henry Blake
son-in-law of
Matthew "Matt" McGrorty
1997841913uncle of
Daniel Torley
1946 uncle of accidentally killed
Thomas Bell
1960741886uncle of
Peter McGuire
1949571892uncle of
Delia N Joyce nee McInally
wife of
Maria Valerio nee Marzella
1946841862wife of
Christina Valerio nee Kirkwood
2002 wife of
Elizabeth Stewart nee Mclachlan
1985671918wife of
Agnes Tallis nee Mcdougall
1997831914wife of
Ellen Reynolds nee Murray
2002791923wife of
Minnie McQuade nee Sloan
1971721899wife of
Margaret Latta nee Tolland
1996881908wife of
Peggy Stewart nee McInally
wife of
Theresa Kelly nee McInally
1999791920wife of
Mary Robertson nee Wotherspoon
1990871903wife of
Betsy McDermott nee Eadie
2004741930wife of
Ann Girvan nee Patton
2003831920wife of
Janet Ritchie nee Smith
2006941912wife of
Molly Phairs nee Conlan
1989831906wife of
Thomasina Cavanagh nee McInally
2005841921wife of
Annie Lynn Thomson nee Paterson
1977501927wife of
Annie Morris nee Greer
2009891920wife of
Mina McInally nee Cassidy
2004851919wife of
Maria Reynolds nee McInally
1972481924wife of
Annie Ramsay nee Barton
1997821915wife of
Mary Kennedy nee Docherty
1985701915wife of
Alice Docherty nee Preece
1998871911wife of
Catherine Bordon nee Kelly
2002821920wife of
Maureen Grieve nee Mcwhirter
2005801925wife of
Josephine Lyons nee Mcmonagle
1985771908wife of
Elizabeth McCulloch nee McInally
wife of
Margaret Slivinski nee Smith
1991831908wife of
Jeanie Forrest nee Waddell
1986841902wife of
Frances Young nee McInally
wife of
Helen Grieve nee Corrigan
1957671890wife of
Kate Hasson nee Mcknight
1999771922wife of
May Stewart nee Lindsay
2006861920wife of
Georgina Speirs nee Maxwell
1956691887wife of
Jane Strathern nee Burnett
1946791867wife of
Charlotte Young nee McInally
1970 wife of
Jean Symington nee McInally
2008901918wife of
Annie Sweenie nee Harper
1957741883wife of
Sarah Hoolahan nee Mcenearney
1956701886wife of
Margaret Hunter Wilson nee Perrie
1979751904wife of
Jeannie Latimer nee Young
1974781896wife of
Margaret McKenzie nee Mctavish
1988841904wife of
Elizabeth Dunsmuir nee Russell
1973811892wife of
Janet Crane nee McInally
wife of
Mary Welsh nee McInally
wife of
Agnes Mackie nee Mcbride
1961671894wife of
Mary Tait nee Shanks
1959831876wife of
Alice Izett nee Munro
1999951904wife of Interred in Thurso
Grace Sharp nee Willis
1961771884wife of
Eliza Baird nee Fulston
1985791906wife of
Sarah McGuire nee Malonas
1993791914wife of
Annie Scott nee Middleton
1992671925wife of
Margaret McDougall nee Inglis
1991891902wife of
Margaret Russell nee McInally
wife of
Joan Pate nee Stewart
1950721878wife of
Janet Weir Pate nee Nelson
2000881912wife of
Jeanie Bonham nee Anderson
1986891897wife of
Christina Williams nee Boyd
1989891900wife of
Janet Patrick nee Winter
1954801874wife of
Elizabeth Young nee Brown
1955751880wife of
Mary Barron nee Borland
1961651896wife of
Isabella Jeffrey nee Nicol
1994851909wife of died in New Zealand
Elizabeth Wildman nee McInally
wife of
Mary Innes nee Mcgowan
1977721905wife of
Margaret Madden nee McInally
1954661888wife of
Frances Maguire nee Farrell
1954381916wife of
Margaret Inglis nee Boyd
1964741890wife of
Isabella McDougall nee Beetham
1971791892wife of
Barbara Turnbull nee Urquhart
1992941898wife of
Ann McCartney nee McInally
1981841897wife of
Jean Cairney nee Reid
1962631899wife of
Annie Taggart nee McInally
1952801872wife of
Isabella Smith nee McInally
wife of
Molly Crothers nee McInally
1956 wife of
Mary Greenhorn nee McInally
wife of
Mary McLachlan nee Reynolds
2003951908wife of
Elizabeth Milligan nee Dewar
1961711890wife of
Jane McManus nee Sheridan
1973681905wife of
Rosina Gosney nee Strang
1971821889wife of
Catherine McVey nee McInally
1937591878wife of
Catherine Davner nee McInally
wife of
Agota Presavage nee Pricevicius
1950571893wife of
Catherine Jackson nee Mcginn
1940651875wife of
Mary Jardine nee Mcinertny
1973871886wife of
Maria Mulvanny nee Mallon
1970651905wife of
Jean McGowan nee Robertson
1946341912wife of
Elizabeth Barron nee Simpson
1988821906wife of
Bett McGowan nee Waugh
1961801881wife of
Helen Brown nee Robertson
1975581917wife of
Mary Russell nee Boyd
1982711911wife of
Jane Rodgers nee McInally
1955681887wife of
Ona Smith nee McInally
1959 wife of
Catherine McGuire nee McInally
wife of
Mary Dunsmuir nee Regan
1955651890wife of
Elizabeth McClenaghan nee Wright
1957651892wife of
Helen Brown nee Malley
1988 wife of
Elizabeth McManus nee Mcguire
1957741883wife of
Winifred Lynch nee Gillespie
2001741927wife of
Elizabeth Sloey nee McInally
1992 wife of
Catherine Feechan nee Stockes
1972791893wife of
Mary Robertson nee Mcdowell
1965651900wife of
Mary Cosgrove nee McInally
wife of
Mary Corker nee Traynor
1963701893wife of
Margaret MacDonald nee Burns
1975701905wife of
Marie Tully nee Mcinally
1990691921wife of
Marion Carroll nee Small
1975561919wife of
Flora Donnelly nee Cameron
1964661898wife of
Jeanie Anderson nee McInally
1977 wife of
Mary Rouse nee McInally
1995851910wife of
Peter Scullion nee McInally
1962701892wife of
Annie Bell nee Mclinden
1972701902wife of
Christina Boyd nee McInally
1965801885wife of
Else Sweeney nee Werner
1993821911wife of
Catherine Murray nee Flannigan
1989841905wife of
Rose McGilligan nee Starrs
1975701905wife of
Margaret Miller nee McInally
1973801893wife of
Thomas Daisley nee McInally
1968731895wife of
Margaret Cain nee Mcaleenan
1995921903wife of
Elizabeth Cox nee Lusk
1971801891wife of
Winifred Wilson nee McInally
wife of
Annie Madden nee Mulholland
1987701917wife of
George Chassels nee McInally
1988871901wife of
Agnes McLean nee Davidson
1972641908wife of
Jeanie Verdun Milligan nee Flannigan
1999821917wife of
Isabella Simpson nee Stuart
1986891897wife of
Mary Reynolds nee Kelly
2002931909wife of
Christina Pettorelli nee Valerio
1982821900wife of
Sarah Smith nee Mclernon
2003941909wife of
Annie Graham nee McInally
2000761924wife of
Margaret McQuade nee Nelson
1981691912wife of
Janet Speirs nee Frame
1979851894wife of
May Laughran nee Donnelly
1994681926wife of
Agnes Shearer nee Mclachlan
1980591921wife of
Margaret "Peggy" Morrison nee Donnelly
1989 wife of
Sarah Duffy nee McInally
1978651913wife of
Annie Brokas nee Millar
1994781916wife of
Jane Blyth nee Courtney
1981651916wife of
Annie Pollock nee Buchanan
1984761908wife of
Mary Shaw Duncan nee Danskin
1997901907wife of
Margaret McDougall nee Inglis
1991891902wife of
Janette Cochran nee Callison
1997511946wife of
Ruby Cunning nee Marshall
1981761905wife of
Christina Jardine nee Mclean
1995931902wife of
Margaret Brown nee Black
1991821909wife of
Grace B Hamilton nee McInally
wife of
Janet Tennant nee Davidson
1969741895wife of
Jane McCool nee Farrell
1953751878wife of
Jessie Cunningham nee Lamond
1948801868wife of
Agnes Bimson nee Forbes
1955691886wife of
Jessie Wylie nee McInally
1972871885wife of
Margaret Wardrope nee Brownlie
1961891872wife of
Agnes Allan nee Wood
1967851882wife of
Helen Cullen nee Hannah
1937611876wife of
Agnes Smith nee Hamilton
1954801874wife of
Annie Dempsey nee McInally
1938551883wife of
Helen Davidson nee Paterson
1941761865wife of
Margaret Boyd nee Crookston
1950751875wife of
Agnes Fleming nee Cowan
1942711871wife of
Joan McWilliam nee Fraser
1945 wife of
Janet McDowell nee Mccall
1989861903wife of
Mary Dennison McCredie nee Hepburn
1946801866wife of
Margaret Bagen nee Gallacher
1969751894wife of
Catherine Daly nee O'neil
1961831878wife of
Janet Richmond nee Williamson
1956741882wife of
Eliza Brown nee Aitchison
1956781878wife of
Isabella Clark nee Brown
2002911911wife of
Elizabeth Bell nee McInally
wife of
Margaret Beaton nee McInally
1986741912wife of
Elizabeth McLachlan nee Johnston
1961711890wife of
Margaret Paterson nee Glen
1970771893wife of
Jane Livingston nee Donaldson
1946681878wife of
Catherine Jane Cossar nee Ross
1946791867wife of
Margaret Dick nee Kay
1976791897wife of
Janet Christie nee Gore
1960641896wife of
Helen Guy nee Dempsey
1957781879wife of
Annie McDonagh nee Devlin
1979801899wife of
Margaret Devlin nee Keltie
1965681897wife of
Annie Watt nee Duncan
1992821910wife of
Margaret Gallacher nee McInally
wife of
Jane McGill nee Tennant
1976681908wife of
Annie nee Sorbie
1954861868wife of
Isabella Smith nee Mccue
1963791884wife of
Mary A Cavanagh nee Fleming
1995 wife of cremated at Daldowie
Alice Bowman nee McInally
1957 wife of
Catherine Stewart nee Cushley
1977871890wife of
Lizzie Young nee Gilluley
1983771906wife of
Margaret Tose nee Flynn
1959 wife of
Margaret Brown nee Bryce
1957691888wife of
Mary Smith nee Forrest
1984981886wife of
Susan McManus nee McInally
wife of
Catherine Corrigan nee Logie
78 wife of
Agnes Chalmers nee Mcmillan
1973 wife of
Catherine Little nee Reid
2009811928wife of
Jeanie Marie Clark nee Baumgarten
1938 wife of died at Troon
Janet Muirhead nee McInally
wife of
Jenny McNaught nee McInally
1982811901wife of
Iris Welch nee Rhodes
2008 wife of
Rosina Cassidy nee McInally
1962571905wife of
Elizabeth McMonagle nee Bobin
wife of
Agnes Barton nee Easton
1972851887wife of
Catherine Docherty nee Colligan
1939571882wife of
Susan Hamilton nee McInally
wife of
Jean Mohan nee McInally
wife of
Margaret "Meg" Jack nee Mccreadie
1985681917wife of
Agnes McLelland nee Stirling
1988751913wife of
Annie E Fisher nee Wallace
1961841877wife of
Jeanie McGowan nee McInally
wife of
Elizabeth Stewart nee McInally
wife of
Mary Gallacher nee McInally
wife of
Margaret Tomany nee Starrs
1998851913wife of
Theresa Allan nee Mclinden
1977861891wife of
Martha Bennoch nee Gallacher
1984621922wife of
Mary Fox nee Meechan
1974771897wife of
Sarah Holmes Marshall nee McInally
wife of
Janet Mackintosh nee Russell
1970621908wife of
Margaret Houldsworth nee McInally
1976941882wife of
Catherine Maguire nee McInally
1996801916wife of
Isabella N Naismith nee McInally
1953751878wife of
Betty Moran nee McInally
1954601894wife of
Mary McLean nee Mcmonagle
1963 wife of
Rose McLaughlin nee McInally
wife of
Margaret McInally nee McInally
wife of
Elizabeth Kelly nee Dollochan
1980761904wife of
Mary W Horne nee McInally
2008901918wife of
Helen McInally nee Dickson
1968761892wife of
Lizzie Rankin nee Duffy
1989681921wife of
Nellie McAdams nee Allan
1987811906wife of
Mary McAuslin nee Clarkin
1957621895wife of
Marjory Friel nee McInally
wife of
Elizabeth Nelson nee Mclean
1983811902wife of
Margaret Hampsey nee Mulvanny
1968791889wife of
Mary Callaghan nee McInally
2005921913wife of
Ellen Ferns nee O'donnell
1976671909wife of
Grizzel Edgar nee McInally
wife of
Catherine Murray nee McInally
wife of
Jean Pirrie nee Kerr
1982621920wife of
Esther Donnelly nee Dalton
1961631898wife of
Bridget Fitzpatrick nee Mcgurk
1991 wife of
Rose Cox nee McInally
1964 wife of
Isabella Crichton nee Steele
1981801901wife of
Margaret Kelly nee Clark
1964561908wife of
Helen Connachan nee McInally
1968631905wife of
Margaret White nee Frew
1967531914wife of
Helen Norris nee McInally
2002931909wife of
Barbara McInally nee Campbell
1979761903wife of
Mary Reid nee Mclaughlin
2006701936wife of
Agnes Watson nee O'neill
2009951914wife of
Mary McPhail nee Kilpatrick
1981831898wife of
Helen Speirs nee Brown
1979561923wife of
Jane Silvester nee McInally
wife of
Tilly Lambie nee McInally
wife of
Agnes McIntyre nee McInally
wife of
Margaret McKay nee Mcgeachan
1968471921wife of
Brigid Lennon nee Mcspurren
1965591906wife of
Elizabeth MacBeth nee McInally
wife of
Margaret Naismith nee Clark
1986741912wife of
Elizabeth Leggate nee Izatt
1991901901wife of
Margaret Jeffrey nee Macdougall
2004841920wife of
Agnes Archibald nee Hamilton
1981871894wife of
Elizabeth J Campbell nee Benham
1973861887wife of
Jenny Rask nee Anderson
1981771904wife of
Agnes Chalmers nee Mackie
1964761888wife of
Jessie Batters nee Crombie
1972651907wife of
Lilias Robertson nee McInally
wife of
Mary Mitchell nee Sangster
1965871878wife of
Sarah Fairley nee Veitch
1960801880wife of
Isa Currie nee McInally
wife of
Margaret Wilson nee Struthers
1975801895wife of
Margaret B Gilmour nee McInally
2000781922wife of
Elizabeth F Leggat nee McInally
1993901903wife of
Mary McKay nee Campbell
1984851899wife of
Margaret Connor nee McInally
wife of
Helen Tempany nee McInally
1980801900wife of
Martha Park nee Foy
1999851914wife of
Mary Ann Carroll nee McInally
wife of
Henrietta Torrance nee Brodie
1965731892wife of
Catherine McCormack nee Lennon
1964621902wife of
Flora Ann Fraser nee Clark
1964771887wife of
Marion Dickson nee Coats
1965861879wife of
Elizabeth Baxter nee Austin
1987811906wife of
Marion Smith nee Crichton
1961771884wife of
Anne Martin nee Mccormack
1987841903wife of
Lily Robertson nee Creep
1961721889wife of
Agnes McLachlan nee Neilson
1964741890wife of
Margaret Abbott nee Lindsay
1983901893wife of
Winnie Bruce nee McInally
wife of
Mary Dow nee Mccormick
1952591893wife of
Mary Smith nee Gray
1958761882wife of
Mary Geddes nee Frew
1985891896wife of
Johan Naismith nee McInally
wife of
Violet Simpson nee McInally
wife of
Elizabeth Fergusson nee McInally
wife of
Teresa McDonagh nee May
1975801895wife of
Catherine McLean nee McInally
1980751905wife of
Jean McWilliam nee Hendry
1997891908wife of
Lilias McLachlan nee Smith
1976831893wife of
Catherine Fleming nee McInally
wife of
Jane Walker nee McInally
wife of
Elizabeth McLean nee Sinclair
1983781905wife of
Elizabeth Brown nee Thomson
1987871900wife of
Teresa McCormick nee Traynor
1959811878wife of
Lilias Scobbie nee Russell
2003911912wife of
Sarah McClenaghan nee Fleming
1972771895wife of
Elizabeth Brown nee Baird
1970761894wife of
Helen Mathie nee McInally
wife of
Mary Cochrane nee Murray
1973831890wife of
Isabella McCallum nee Kilpatrick
1959811878wife of
Margaret Westwood nee Allardice
1951 wife of
Janet Cook nee Frame
1966811885wife of
Annie Train nee Mcmillan
1942571885wife of
Mary A Gilmour nee Cook
1948821866wife of
Annie Hawkins nee McInally
1974721902wife of died in Nelson B.C. Canada
Christina Carmichael nee Baird
1967731894wife of
Elizabeth Nimmo nee Marshall
2010871923wife of
Elizabeth Stewart nee Mclachlan
1985671918wife of
Margaret Watret nee Murray
1948801868wife of
Vincenza Lombardi nee Santoro
1979 wife of
Jane Benson nee Smith
1947731874wife of
Mary Barrett nee McInally
wife of
Mary Innes nee Mcgowan
1977721905wife of
Margaret Madden nee McInally
1954661888wife of
Catherine Doonin nee Dolan
1966801886wife of
Kathleen Fitzsimmons nee Reid
1988741914wife of
Jane Kyle nee Devlin
1999761923wife of wife of John Duncan
Agnes Kelly nee Speirs
1997901907wife of
Ellen Dickson nee Mckillop
1969831886wife of
Rose Law nee Girvan
1987701917wife of
Bessie Eadie nee McInally
74 wife of
Gloria Crolla nee Verrecchia
1997721925wife of
Agnes McClenaghan nee Boyd
1991781913wife of
Elizabeth Kelly nee Graham
1981781903wife of
Sarah McGuire nee Malonas
1993791914wife of
Marion Kielbasinski nee Connor
1994671927wife of
Sarah Connor nee McInally
1981891892wife of
Margaret Braidwood nee Willis
2004921912wife of
Mary Wilson nee Simpson
1981721909wife of
Marion Mulvanny nee McInally
wife of
Mary Kane nee Canning
1997801917wife of
Janette Cox nee McInally
wife of
Ellen Robertson nee Ward
2010911919wife of
Elizabeth Foley nee McInally
wife of
Catherine E O'Neill nee Smyth
1985841901wife of
Catherine Daly nee Murray
1996891907wife of
Isabella Miller nee Stewart
1984801904wife of
Robina Mccourt Reilly nee Stevenson
1979 wife of
Annie Hamill nee O'brien
1980681912wife of
Esther Meechan nee Flynn
1988771911wife of
Annie Paton nee Logue
1983771906wife of
Anna McAleenan nee Lyons
2003771926wife of
Jane Garvie nee McInally
wife of
Mary Forrest nee Clarkson
1987771910wife of
Francesca Viola nee D'arpino
1999751924wife of
Anne Stafford nee Howell
2011851926wife of
Nan Wales nee Tallis
2002841918wife of
Nan Cain nee Duffy
2004701934wife of
Frances Shaw nee Smith
1981671914wife of
Mary Allan nee O'hare
1981741907wife of
Helen Crawford nee Farrell
1985551930wife of
Helen Brown Denniston nee McInally
wife of
Annie O'Mailley nee Kennedy
1980771903wife of
Jeannie MacNeil nee McInally
2009741935wife of
Margaret Ewing nee Mullen
1979 wife of
Jessie Nesbit nee Kelly
1992801912wife of
Anne Connachan nee Russell
1997841913wife of
Annie Docherty nee Longworth
1996821914wife of
Margaret Cunningham nee Mcdonald
2008721936wife of
Margaret Glen nee Montgomery
1993811912wife of
Jessie Brown nee McInally
wife of
Catherine Hassan nee Mcdonald
1974691905wife of
Agnes Frew nee Gallacher
1973711902wife of
Catherine Clark nee McInally
wife of
Kathleen Barrett nee McInally
2002931909wife of
Elizabeth Kelly nee Young
1996 wife of
Margaret W Milligan nee McInally
wife of
Annie Dunn nee Mcgrorty
1984811903wife of
Helen Penney nee McInally
wife of
Martha Beetham nee Lloyd
2003881915wife of
Margaret McGuire nee McInally
wife of
Mary Smith nee Preston
1988791909wife of
Margaret Murphy nee Colquhoun
1995861909wife of
Catherine Broadleday nee Darcy
2006871919wife of
Hector "Hicky" Smith nee McInally
wife of
Jane Murdoch nee McInally
1989691920wife of
Mary Dauksris nee Johnson
1988761912wife of
Helen Aitken nee Mcinally
1988711917wife of
Anne Mains nee McInally
wife of
Flora Flannigan nee Mathieson
1982601922wife of
Doris Allan nee McInally
wife of
Andrew Burns nee McInally
1975801895wife of
Mary Mogan nee Gormley
1988851903wife of
Margaret McCann nee McInally
1987851902wife of
Catherine Smith nee Skelton
1994881906wife of
Josephine Sweeney nee Mcmonagle
1985771908wife of also wife of Philip Lyons
Annie McGurk nee Gilluley
1997821915wife of
Catherine McLaughlin nee Maloney
1984861898wife of
Elizabeth Stalker nee Sneddon
1970631907wife of
Sarah Latta nee McInally
wife of
Matilda Howard nee Mclaughlin
1971821889wife of
Jeannie Allan nee McInally
1981721909wife of
Flora Meldrum nee Gibson
2009 wife of
Mary Crossar nee Gibson
2005871918wife of
Jane Boyle nee McInally
2011881923wife of
John Fletcher nee McInally
1979761903wife of
Kate Collins nee Mcgowan
1994 wife of
Helen Lawson Dunn nee McInally
wife of
Mary McAnaw nee Gallagher
1981851896wife of
Theresa Mundell nee O'neil
1999631936wife of
Margaret MacDonald nee McInally
wife of
Jessie Hood nee Hillhouse
1980741906wife of
Mary Allan nee Kelly
1971771894wife of
Agnes Cunningham
second wife of husband of
Ona Presavage nee Galinitas
1975771898second wife of husband of
Mary Cushley nee Carlin
2002751927second wife of husband of
Catherine N Gardner nee Morgan
1979621917second wife of husband of
A Mildred Lindsay nee Luff
1960811879second wife of husband of
May Aitken
1985 second wife of husband of
Margaret Murray nee Adam
1980491931second wife of husband of

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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

The calculated dates of birth should be treated with caution as in many cases it can be one year out.

The calculated dates of birth should also be treated with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate.

The names above are all the names that are listed on the grave monument. It is most likely that only the entries with dates and ages are interred in the grave.

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