Omaka 2 Military Cemetery, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

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List of names found on Omaka 2 Military Cemetery tomb monuments surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1201O'LearyArthur Daniel O'Learyfirst name on the monument1942id: 34428515218died July
1202Catherine O'Learyrelationship not given of Humphrey O'Leary1876189317id: 11728490162died 13 Nov 1893
1203Cornelius Hunphrey O'Learyfirst name on the monument1873194875id: 13828493111died 2 Jul 1948
1204D O'Learyhusband of Sarah O'Learyid: 111284895251
1205Denis O'Learyrelationship not given of Humphrey O'Leary1880189515id: 11728490162died 26 Apr 1895
1206Dennis O'Learyson of Thomas O'Leary1872189321id: 11928490371died 9 May 1893
1207Elizabeth O'Learyrelationship not given of Humphrey O'Leary1877189417id: 11728490162died 29 Aug 1894
1208Ellen O'Learyfirst name on the monument1843190764id: 5328482712died 7 Jan 1907
1209Ellen O'Learywife of Thomas O'Leary1841193190id: 11928490371died 11 Dec 1931
1210Hannah O'Learyfirst name on the monument1859192162id: 2772850825died 1 May 1921
1211Helena O'Leary nee Prindivillefirst name on the monument1883191734id: 21828501914died 26 Aug 1917
1212Helena Mary O'Learywife of Cornelius Hunphrey O'Leary1877194972id: 13828493111died 28 Oct 1949
1213Humphrey O'Learyfirst name on the monument1806189185id: 11728490162died 8 Oct 1891, Age 55
1214Humphrey O'Learyhusband of Ellen O'Leary1839191172id: 5328482712died 21 Oct 1911
1215Humphrey O'Learyhusband of Helena O'Learyid: 21828501914
1216Humphrey O'Learyfirst name on the monument1847191568id: 91
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284871231husband of Sarah; died 30 Apr 1915
1217John O'Learyrelationship not given of Humphrey O'Leary188318918id: 11728490162died 18 Oct 1891
1218John O'Learyfirst name on the monument1842190361id: 33
(2 images)
284805143died at Tuamarina; 9 Aug 1903
1219Kathleen Mary Theresa O'Learyfirst name on the monument1891191827id: 2728479910died 20 Nov 1918
1220Margaret O'Learywife of Michael O'Leary1869189526id: 1162849003died 19 Apr 1895
1221Mary O'Learywife of Arthur Daniel O'Leary1965id: 34428515218Died November
1222Mary O'Learyrelationship not given of Humphrey O'Leary1844191773id: 11728490162died 29 Sep 1917
1223Mary O'Learywife of Humphrey O'Learyid: 11728490162
1224Michael O'Learyfirst name on the monument1857190548id: 1162849003died 22 Sep 1905
1225Sarah O'Learyfirst name on the monument1850189242id: 91
(2 images)
28487221wife of Humphrey; died 6 Mar 1892
1226Sarah O'Learyfirst name on the monument1858190143id: 111284895251died 16 Sep 1901
1227Sylvester John O'Learyrelationship not given of Kathleen Mary Theresa O'Leary1907id: 2728479910Died 18 Mar 1907 aged 4 months; twin of Aloysius Patrick
1228Thomas O'Learyfirst name on the monument1839187738id: 11928490371died 6 Feb 1877
1229Timothy Joseph O'Learyrelationship not given of Kathleen Mary Theresa O'Leary1894191723id: 2728479910KIA at Messines 14 Jun 1917
1230Zillah Mary O'Learywife of John O'Leary1938id: 33
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1231O'MeacherElizabeth Mary O'Meacherwife of James O'Meacher1871194776id: 380
(3 images)
2851893died 2 Oct 1947.
1232Elizabeth Mary O'Meacherrelationship not given of Madeleine Mary O'Meacher1871194776id: 380
(3 images)
2851887died 2 Oct 1947. wife of James
1233James O'Meacherfirst name on the monument1862192159id: 380
(3 images)
2851893died 12 Aug 1921.
1234James O'Meacherrelationship not given of Madeleine Mary O'Meacher1862192159id: 380
(3 images)
2851887died 12 Aug 1921. Husband of Elizabeth Mary
1235Madeleine Mary O'Meacherfirst name on the monument1915194631id: 380
(3 images)
2851887died 16 June 1946

1236O'SullivanAnnie Elizabeth O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1881194160id: 36128516925died 7 Nov 1941
1237Bill O'Sullivanfather of Marie Catherine Toddid: 4862852951561
1238Catherine O'Sullivanwife of Vincent Paul O'Sullivanid: 14228493520
1239Catherine Mary O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Vincent Paul O'Sullivan1900195454id: 14228493520probably wife; died 28 Jan 1954
1240Clara Agnes O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1858194789id: 140284933291died 25 Nov 1947
1241Clara Agnes O'Sullivanmother of Eileen Mabel O'Sullivanid: 55428536229
1242Colleen O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1934id: 2962851048died 26 Mar 1934
1243Con O'Sullivanbrother of Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanid: 11428489819
1244Cornelius O'Sullivanfather of Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanid: 11428489819
1245Cornelius Peter O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Laura Evelyn Mabel O'Sullivan1878194769id: 22728503151died 29 Jan 1947
1246Eileen Mabel O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1901197574id: 55428536229died 29 Oct 1975
1247Evelyn May O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Selina Mary O'Sullivan1912198573id: 2262850308died 3 Mar 1985
1248Francis O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1844187329id: 84
(4 images)
2848627born Nelson; NZ; 1844. Died Renwick; NZ; 1873
1249Frederick Joseph O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1896193842id: 3152851236died 2 Apr 1938
1250John O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument18061976170id: 84
(4 images)
2848612born Clonakilty; Ireland. Died Picton; NZ 1876
1251John O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1837191275id: 84
(4 images)
2848632died 28 Nov 1912
1252Kathleen O'Sullivanwife of Percival O'Sullivanid: 22528502928
1253Laura O'Sullivanmother of Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanid: 11428489819
1254Laura Evelyn Mabel O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1890192333id: 22728503151died 16 May 1923
1255Laurence O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Clara Agnes O'Sullivan1874194975id: 140284933291died 23 Oct 1949
1256Laurence O'Sullivanfather of Eileen Mabel O'Sullivanid: 55428536229
1257Lewis O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1890194959id: 24528504913died 4 Dec 1949
1258Margaret O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1847192073id: 84
(4 images)
28486019died 23 Apr 1920
1259Margaret O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Patrick O'Sullivan1834192995id: 1132848973died 29 Jul 1929
1260Margaret O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1914id: 432848176died 7 Mar 1914
1261Margaret O'Sullivanson of Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanid: 11428489819
1262Margaret O'Sullivanrelationship not given of John O'Sullivan1847192073id: 84
(4 images)
2848612died 23 Apr 1920
1263Mary Hilary O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1979id: 120
(7 images)
28490426Sister of Mercy
1264May O'Sullivanson of Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanid: 11428489819
1265Monica O'Sullivanfirst name on the monumentid: 33528514341age 28 Birth year 1886 Burial year 1914 Monica Madeline OSullivan married Archibald Dann Lincoln 17/05/1911 their daughter Joan Mary Lincoln was born 03/03/1912
1266Nora O'Sullivanmother of Marie Catherine Toddid: 4862852951561
1267Patrick O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1836188549id: 1132848973Of Co. Kerry; Ireland; died 20th -?- 1885
1268Patrick Stephen O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Annie Elizabeth O'Sullivan1877195376id: 36128516925died 14 may 1953
1269Percival O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1925id: 22528502928died 21 Jun 1925
1270Selina O'Sullivanson of Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanid: 11428489819
1271Selina Mary O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1917198063id: 2262850308died 25 Mar 1980
1272Terrence O'Sullivanrelationship not given of Colleen O'Sullivan1935id: 2962851048died 12 Aug 1935
1273Thomas Patrick O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1914199985id: 11428489819born 11 Jun 1914; died 23 Aug 1999
1274Vincent Paul O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1945id: 14228493520died 5 Oct 1945
1275William Leo O'Sullivanfirst name on the monument1928id: 33428514216Canterbury Regiment; Private no 29286; died 8 Jan 1928
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1276OakleyClarence Thomas Oakleyfirst name on the monument1901199493id: 597285405191
1277Gladys Mary Oakleywife of Clarence Thomas Oakley1974id: 597285405191died 8 Dec 1974
1278Roy Calrence Oakleyson of Clarence Thomas Oakley1925200681id: 597285405191born 18 Nov 1925; died 23 July 2006

1279OliverJohn Oliverhusband of Waltraud Oliverid: 62428543221
1280Roland Sydney Oliverson of Waltraud Oliver1970200131id: 62428543221born 7-3-1970; died 21-8-2001. On painted stone by headstone; ove U Dad; love Mark
1281Waltraud Oliverfirst name on the monument1933197542id: 62428543221born 11-3-1933; died 19-6-1975

1282OramsJames Alfred Oramsfirst name on the monument1879197394id: 50228531152died 16 Mar 1973
1283Margaret Ann Oramswife of James Alfred Orams1887197891id: 50228531152died 18 Jan 1978

1284PalmerDorothy Grace Palmerrelationship not given of Seymour Laurence Palmer1910197464id: 588285396121
1285Seymour Laurence Palmerfirst name on the monument1899197475id: 588285396121
1286Terrence Palmerrelationship not given of Everardus Smitsid: 57728538512husband also of Cornelia Josephina SMITS

1287ParkeMargaret Beatrix Parke nee Chapmandaughter of Reginald Beech Chapman1921194625id: 23428503819died 29 Dec 1946

1288ParkerGeorge James Parkerhusband of Ivy Edith Parker1001108180id: 6612854694died 12 May 1981
1289Ivy Edith Parkerfirst name on the monument1904197773id: 6612854694died 22 Mar 1977

1290ParsonageBruce Parsonagefather of Margaret Mary Parsonageid: 932848749
1291Kathleen Parsonagemother of Margaret Mary Parsonageid: 932848749
1292Margaret Mary Parsonagefirst name on the monument1946id: 932848749died 17 Jan 1946 aged 11 days

1293ParsonsEdmund Russell Parsonsfirst name on the monument1910id: 10928489319died 27 Mar 1910
1294Mary Parsonswife of William Cramond Parsonsid: 221285022161
1295William Cramond Parsonsfirst name on the monument1876191539id: 221285022161died 13 Mar 1915

1296PatchettAda Mary Patchettfirst name on the monument1895197580id: 574285382152died 23 Jan 1975
1297Balance Patchetthusband of Ada Mary Patchettid: 574285382152
1298Beatrice Maude Patchettfirst name on the monument1891197483id: 598285406163died 6 Jun 1974
1299Bob Patchettson of Henry Gordon Patchettid: 501285310261
1300Elizabeth Ellen Patchettfirst name on the monument1881194362id: 354285162112died 3 Sep 1943

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