New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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2501TerrotSamuel Terrotrelationship not given of Marianne Terrotid: 1120276
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25610110721Died in infancy
2502Sarah Terrotrelationship not given of Marianne Terrot1901id: 1120276
(4 images)
25610110721Died 10th July
2503Sarah Ingram Terrot nee Woodrelationship not given of Marianne Terrot1855id: 1120276
(4 images)
25610110721Died September 5th

2504ThinCharles Davidson Thinson of John Thin181518249id: 111092325595610831Died 15th September
2505David Hunter Thinson of John Thin1817184124id: 111092325595610831Drowned on a voyage from Fernambuco to London; 18th January
2506George Elias Thinson of John Thin1813183118id: 111092325595610831Died 6th August
2507John Thinfirst name on the monument1765182762id: 111092325595610831Died 10th January
2508John Henry Thinson of John Thin1810182414id: 111092325595610831Died 7th June
2509Marion Thin nee Thomsonwife of John Thin1789183344id: 111092325595610831Died 21st May
2510William Edward Thinson of John Thin182218286id: 111092325595610831Died 6th November

2511ThomasCatherine Thomas nee Cockburnwife of John Thomas1802186563id: 112362562841075Died 3rd June
2512John Thomasfirst name on the monument1800186464id: 112362562841075Flint glass manufacturer; died 11th October

2513ThomsonAndrew Thomsonfather of Mary Anne Thomson1870id: 1128825630411364
2514Andrew Heatley Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1828185628id: 1128825630411364Died at sea 15th July
2515Ann Thomson nee Wrightdaughter of Peter Wright1819188768id: 111081825591610893Died 21st June
2516Anne Thomson nee Fitchetsecond wife of Robert Thomson1821190180id: 11107222558841075Born July; Died 15th February
2517D R Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1846186216id: 1128825630411364Died 16th October
2518Edward Anderson Thomsonson-in-law of Peter Wright1817189073id: 111081825591610893Minister of Free St. Stephen's Church. Born 5th September; Died 14th October
2519Eliza Mary Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson1834id: 1128825630411364Born 24th December; died 2nd April
2520Elizabeth Thomson nee Walshdaughter of Eliza Kerr Walsh1883id: 110542562131077Died 21st February
2521Elizabeth H Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson183818402id: 1128825630411364Born 26th May; died 3rd May
2522Elizabeth Margaret Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson182418251id: 1128825630411364Born 6th January; died 21st May
2523Helen M Thomsonsister of Mary Anne Thomson1843185714id: 1128825630411364Born 4th May; died 26th August
2524Henry Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson183018322id: 1128825630411364Born 7th October; died 7th March
2525Jane Thomsondaughter of Margaret Lindsay Thomson1888id: 11201532560551093Died October 14th
2526John Thomsonson of Margaret Lindsay Thomson1868id: 11201532560551093Commissariat Corps.
2527John Thomsonhusband of Margaret Lindsay Thomsonid: 11201532560551093
2528Margaret Thomsondaughter of Margaret Lindsay Thomson1888id: 11201532560551093Died December 20th
2529Margaret Lindsay Thomson nee Hoggfirst name on the monument1847id: 11201532560551093Died at Dreghorn; 30th April
2530Mary Thomson nee Traquairmother of Mary Anne Thomson1876id: 1128825630411364Born 24th May; died 21st May
2531Mary Anne Thomsonfirst name on the monument1870id: 1128825630411364Third and last surviving daughter
2532Peter Wright Thomsongrand son of Peter Wright1856id: 11108182559161089320th October. Infant.
2533Robert Thomsonfirst name on the monument1810186252id: 11107222558841075Died 23rd June.
2534Robert George Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson183318330id: 1128825630411364Born 22nd March; died 27th December
2535Robert Wright Thomsongrand son of Peter Wright1851186110id: 111081825591610893Died 4th December
2536Thomas Thomsonfirst name on the monument1818186749id: 11107202558831068Died 27th December 1867.
2537Walter John Thomsongrand son of Peter Wright1863id: 11108182559161089317th September. 9 months.
2538William Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1827183912id: 1128825630411364Died 2nd January
2539William Traquair Thomsonbrother of Mary Anne Thomson1841185716id: 1128825630411364Died 19th February

2540TodEleanor Todrelationship not given of Robert Tod1798184345id: 111076025589810761Died at Alexandria Egypt 9th December
2541Henry Todson-in-law of James Blyth1793187178id: 112006525601411413Writer to the Signet. Died 30th October
2542Isabella Tod nee Blythdaughter of James Blyth1858id: 112006525601411413Died 26th September
2543Isabella Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1841186625id: 112006525601411413Died 22nd December
2544James Todgrand son of James Blyth1840186828id: 112006525601411413Died at Shanghai; 10th February
2545Janet Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1834187036id: 112006525601411413Died 11th January
2546Lucy Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1838186830id: 112006525601411413Died 31st July
2547Margaret Todgrand daughter of James Blyth1850186212id: 112006525601411413Died 14th February
2548Robert Todfirst name on the monument1772184068id: 111076025589810761Died 5th November

2549TorryJames Torryson of John Torry1821185433id: 112005125600611122Only son. Banchory-Ternan. Died 30th January
2550John Torryfirst name on the monument1826189973id: 112005125600611122Solicitor. Clerk to the Commissioners of the Harbour and Docks of Leith; for 25 years. Born 8th January; died 23rd November
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2551TownsendAnnie Townsendrelationship not given of William H Townsend1925id: 112035625613110943Died 19th October
2552Ellen Mary Townsendrelationship not given of William H Townsend1901id: 112035625613110943Died 15th December
2553Frederick Joseph Townsendrelationship not given of William H Townsend1911id: 112035625613110943Died 5th November
2554George Frederick Townsendrelationship not given of William H Townsend1900id: 112035625613110943Died 24th October
2555Mary Townsend nee Randlerelationship not given of William H Townsend1847id: 112035625613110943Mother of George Frederick; died November
2556Mary Ann Townsend nee Hendersonrelationship not given of William H Townsend1891id: 112035625613110943Died 6th December; wife of George Frederick
2557William Townsendrelationship not given of William H Townsend1878id: 112035625613110943Father of George Frederick; died December
2558William Townsendrelationship not given of William H Townsend1925id: 112035625613110943Died 4th January
2559William H Townsendfirst name on the monument1813184936id: 112035625613110943Died 23rd January

2560TraquairElizabeth Traquair nee Hentleygrand mother of Mary Anne Thomsonid: 1128825630411364
2561John Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson180318030id: 1128825630411364Born 28th April; died November 8th
2562John Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1801181615id: 1128825630411364Born November 18th; died November 8th
2563Margaret Traquairaunt of Mary Anne Thomson1807182013id: 1128825630411364Born 9th April; died 21st June
2564Ramsay Heatley Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1820189777id: 1128825630411364Born 21st February; died 1st August
2565Robert George Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1812183321id: 1128825630411364Born 23rd August; died 22nd July
2566Thomas James Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1811184635id: 1128825630411364Born 6th December; died 2nd Aprl
2567William Traquairuncle of Mary Anne Thomson1810189585id: 1128825630411364Born 1st May; died 7th April
2568William Traquairgrand father of Mary Anne Thomson1777183356id: 1128825630411364Builder; born May 5th; died 23rd April

2569TurnbullAlexa M I Turnbulldaughter-in-law of Mathew Mck Turnbull2011id: 111032562311072Died 2nd February
2570Elizabeth Turnbull nee Mckenziefirst name on the monument1822185028id: 114012563501075Died 27th August
2571Elizabeth Mckenzie Turnbulldaughter of William Mckenzie Turnbull1893id: 1144425637110671Youngest daughter; died 23rd February
2572James Turnbullson of Elizabeth Turnbull184818546id: 114012563501075Died 11th November
2573Janie Turnbull nee Nelsonwife of Mathew Mck Turnbull1961id: 111032562311072Died 27th January
2574Mathew Mck Turnbullfirst name on the monument1948id: 111032562311072Died 13th July
2575Thomas A Turnbullson of Mathew Mck Turnbull2010id: 111032562311072Died 4th January
2576William Turnbullhusband of Elizabeth Turnbull1881id: 114012563501075
2577William Mckenzie Turnbullfirst name on the monument1888id: 1144425637110671Died 12th August

2578UrquhartAlice Jane Abernethy Urquhartsister of Marion Abernethy Urquhart189419006id: 114082563531087Born 20th August; died 5th March
2579Elizabeth Urquhart nee Paefirst name on the monument1824187450id: 114052563521104Died 26th March
2580Elizabeth Urquhart nee Grubbwife of John Urquhart1777186083id: 114712563831085Died at Vellore Castle; Stirlingshire; 15th March
2581John Urquhartson of Elizabeth Urquhart1849191162id: 114052563521104Died 3rd October
2582John Urquhartfirst name on the monument1770183767id: 114712563831085Magistrate of Edinburgh; died Vellore Castle; Stirlingshire; 9th January. Erected by his son
2583John Urquharthusband of Elizabeth Urquhart1819188364id: 114052563521104Died 4th June
2584Marion Abernethy Urquhartfirst name on the monument188718903id: 114082563531087Born October; died 2nd July
2585William Urquhartfather of Marion Abernethy Urquhart1857190851id: 114082563531087Born March; died 20th August
2586William Smith Urquhartgrand son of Elizabeth Urquhart1879190627id: 114052563521104Died 13th June

2587VallanceIsabella Vallance nee Watsonwife of James Vallance1811188675id: 114122563551072Died 7th June; also six of their children who died in infancy
2588James Vallancefirst name on the monument1811184837id: 114122563551072Died 31st July

2589VeitchAlexander Davidson Veitchfirst name on the monument1835190671id: 111432562461083Depute-Clerk of Justiciary; died 7th June
2590Anne Veitch nee Robertsonwife of Alexander Davidson Veitch1825191489id: 111432562461083Died 14th January
2591Christina Veitch nee Robertsonfirst name on the monument1853id: 1147425638510751Died 12th May
2592Christina Simpson Veitchdaughter of Alexander Davidson Veitch1759182667id: 111432562461083Only daughter; died 17th February
2593William Veitchhusband of Christina Veitchid: 1147425638510751

2594Vetch??? Vetchhusband of Helen Vetchid: 109012561561069
2595Edward Vetchson of Helen Vetch1837id: 109012561561069Died 26th April
2596George Vetchrelationship not given of Helen Vetchid: 109012561561069
2597Helen Vetchfirst name on the monument1837id: 109012561561069Died 3rd April
2598Sarah Vetchrelationship not given of Helen Vetchid: 109012561561069
2599Sarah Mary Dehane Vetchrelationship not given of Helen Vetch187218753id: 109012561561069Born 20th May; died 14th February

2600VirtueJames Virtuefirst name on the monument1789185263id: 112032425611910951Merchant; died 21st July

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Grave Monument Photographs

Names on Grave Monuments

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

The postcode for this cemetery is EH7 5BL - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

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