New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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1901NairneAlexander Nairneson of Alexander Nairne184118432id: 110722562221082Died 13th June
1902Mary Julia Nairnedaughter of Alexander Nairne1843id: 110722562221082Died 3rd July; aged 4 months

1903NapierCatherine Napier nee Mcbainwife of William Napier1822189169id: 1115325625010831Died 16th March
1904Catherine Napierdaughter of William Napier1854191763id: 1115325625010831Died 24th May
1905Margaret Napierdaughter of William Napier185718581id: 1115325625010831Died 10 May; aged 11 months
1906William Napierson of William Napier1852187119id: 1115325625010831Died 16th March
1907William Napierfirst name on the monument1820186848id: 1115325625010831Died 10th April

1908NeilMary Agnes Neilfirst name on the monument1854189642id: 111822562631071Erected by her pupils and fellow teacher of the John Neilson Instituion; Paisley; born 5th May; died 20th September

1909NeilieMary Neilie nee Falconerwife of David McNeilie1792185563id: 112023625608410862Born 23rd April; died 15th November

1910NeillAnnie Neill nee Fraserdaughter of William Fraser1830188858id: 11107292558891091Died 8th June

1911NeilsonAndrew Neilsonrelationship not given of Elizabeth Cameronid: 111081525591510921

1912NelsonAlfred Nelsonson of David Nelson1904id: 112025225609010942Died July
1913Anne Nelson nee Rentonwife of David Nelson1777184972id: 112025225609010942
1914David Nelsonfirst name on the monument1856id: 112025225609010942
1915David Nelsongrand son of David Nelsonid: 112025225609010942
1916Eliza Nelson nee Simpsondaughter-in-law of David Nelson1811187463id: 112025225609010942
1917Frances Nelson nee Wilkiedaughter-in-law of David Nelson1821188564id: 112025225609010942Died 25th April
1918Isabella Nelson nee Dewardaughter-in-law of David Nelson1861189837id: 112025225609010942Died 26th November; year may be wrong.
1919James Nelsongrand son of David Nelsonid: 112025225609010942
1920Oliver Nelsongrand son of David Nelsonid: 112025225609010942
1921Robert R Nelsonson of David Nelson1899id: 112025225609010942Died 28th December
1922Stewart Nelson nee Millerdaughter-in-law of David Nelson1938id: 112025225609010942Died 26th December
1923Thomas Nelsongrand son of David Nelson1878193254id: 112025225609010942Died January 10th
1924Thomas P Nelsonson of David Nelson1892id: 112025225609010942Died 5th May

1925NessDavid Nessfirst name on the monument1786185266id: 112002725599311343Sculptor; Leith Walk. Died October 19th.
1926Elizabeth Ness nee Jacksonwife of John Ness1787186275id: 1094025617110842Died 8th August
1927Esther Fleming Nessrelationship not given of David Ness1761183978id: 112002725599311343Died August 7th Esther is the wife of David Ness, not buried there, and the mother of the David listed there, and also of William
1928Jessie Nessrelationship not given of David Ness1902id: 112002725599311343Died at Portobello; 3rd May. David's daughter, born 1818 in Leith, Edinburgh.
1929John Nessfirst name on the monument1774183561id: 1094025617110842Builder; died 17th October
1930John Nessson of John Ness1814183925id: 1094025617110842Baker; died 3rd August
1931Katherine Ness nee Whitewife of David Ness1860id: 112002725599311343Died May 4th.
1932Margaret Nessrelationship not given of David Ness1885id: 112002725599311343Died December 16th. Born 1821 in Edinburgh. Daughter of David.
1933Robert Nessrelationship not given of David Ness182318252id: 112002725599311343Died April 10th

1934NewbiggingRobert Newbiggingfirst name on the monument1768183769id: 113602563361072Sometime of Wapherflatt in the county of … born 10th November; died 26th March

1935NewtonMary Newton nee Warcupwife of William Hood Newton1775184873id: 112005525600810812Died January 27th
1936William Hood Newtonfirst name on the monument1771185079id: 112005525600810812Died January 24th

1937NicolEliza Nicol nee Websterfirst name on the monumentid: 112752562991092
1938John Nicolhusband of Eliza Nicolid: 112752562991092

1939NicolsonDavid Nicolsonfirst name on the monument1791186170id: 11200792560211100Died 31st January. For nearly half a century merchant in Canongate and for many years a magistrate of that burgh.

1940NimmoArchibald Nimmofather of Catherine Jane Robertson1799187980id: 112034625612410811Cashier; British Linen Company Bank; born 1st April; died 2nd January
1941Janet Clark Nimmo nee Youngmother of Catherine Jane Robertson1801188988id: 112034625612410811Died April

1942NisbetJames Nisbetson-in-law of Mary Hayid: 1085125613911014
1943Mary Nisbet nee Haydaughter of Mary Hay1819187354id: 1085125613911014Died 28th January

1944OliverMargaret Oliver nee Youngwife of Robert Oliver1812187058id: 11107662559011071Died 4th October
1945Robert Oliverfirst name on the monument1808187769id: 11107662559011071Died 15th March
1946Susan Oliverwife of Thomas Oliver1800188787no image2563781070Died after surviving her husband more than 40 years; 27th August
1947Thomas Oliverfirst name on the monument1844no image2563781070Lochend; died 30th March

1948OmanCharles Omanfirst name on the monument1766182559no image25630610962Died 16th August
1949Grace Oman nee Burnwife of Charles Oman1776184468no image25630610962Died 26th October

1950OrmistonMargaret Ormistonfriend of Robert Bryson1801187473id: 1151025640110982Upwards of 50 years a faithful servant in the family; died 19th July
1951Susan Roy Ormistonfirst name on the monument1848188234id: 11107612558991072Died 2nd april
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1952OrrCatherine Orr nee Dentonwife of Thomas Orr1786184660id: 11200392560011075Died 3rd August
1953John Orrrelationship not given of Thomas Orr1812185543id: 11200392560011075Died at Montreal; 20th April
1954Thomas Orrfirst name on the monument45id: 11200392560011075Died 11th March

1955PaeGeorge Paeson of James Paeid: 112018725607010811
1956James Paeson of James Pae1811188473id: 112018725607010811Died 1st December
1957James Paefirst name on the monument1774185581id: 112018725607010811Died 31st August
1958John Paeson of James Paeid: 112018725607010811
1959Margaret Pae nee Kirkhamwife of James Pae1779186081id: 112018725607010811Died March 26th
1960Mary Paedaughter of James Paeid: 112018725607010811

1961PaganElizabeth Miller Pagan nee Mckenzierelationship not given of John MacKenzie1800183737id: 11108932559441093Died 8th August; with her new born infant.
1962George Mckenzie Paganrelationship not given of John MacKenzie1827184114id: 11108932559441093Born 30th September; Died 11th February
1963Helen M Paganrelationship not given of John MacKenzie1829184213id: 11108932559441093Born 20th October; Died 8th July
1964S A Paganrelationship not given of John MacKenzieid: 11108932559441093

1965PageAndrew Pagefirst name on the monument1785182742id: 113482563291087Surgeon; one of the best of sons; brothers and friends; born 3rd February; died 26th May

1966PantonAnn Jane Panton nee Kentfirst name on the monument1860id: 114182563581073Died 25th April

1967PatersonAdam Patersonson of Andrew Paterson1814184127id: 112112562741091Eldest son; died at Paris; Upper Canada 21st March; buried there.
1968Andrew Patersonfirst name on the monument1765183772id: 112112562741091Solicitor Supreme Courts; died 17th September
1969Andrew Murray Patersonson of Andrew Paterson1824186238id: 112112562741091Died at Deercassel; Germany; 26th June
1970Ann Patersonfirst name on the monument1766184983id: 109772561861066
1971Christian Patersonwife of Andrew Paterson1791186877id: 112112562741091Died at Wardie Villa 15th March
1972Eliza Patersondaughter of Andrew Paterson1821187049id: 112112562741091Died at Stow; March
1973Elizabeth Paterson nee Patondaughter of John Paton1852191260id: 11203522561281078Died 26th January
1974George Patersonson-in-law of John Patonid: 11203522561281078
1975James Wyld Patersongrand son of Andrew Paterson1826184014id: 112112562741091Died at Wardie Villa; June
1976Jessie Patersondaughter of Robert Paterson182618359id: 109902561911082Died 5th December; aged 9½
1977John Patersonson of Andrew Paterson1827184215id: 112112562741091Youngest son; died at Newcastle 16th June
1978John Patersonfirst name on the monument1834id: 11109262559581088Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 26th July
1979Josephine Laura Paterson nee Stirlingwife of Robert Paterson1785184964id: 109902561911082Died 26th January
1980Lizzie Jack Patersonadopted daughter of John Paton1888191325id: 11203522561281078Died 17th December
1981Mary Georgina Janette Patersongrand niece of Jane Monro187218775id: 109322561671069Born 11th October; died 29th January
1982R Patersonhusband of Ann Patersonid: 109772561861066
1983Robert Patersonfirst name on the monument1794185561id: 109902561911082Music Seller; died 24th October
1984Robert Paterson Patersonrelationship not given of Jane Monroid: 109322561671069Younger of Montgomerie Ayrshire.

1985Patison??? Patisonfirst name on the monumentid: 11202102560751066To the dear memory of the Patison family; 1817-1922

1986PatonElizabeth Paton nee Martinwife of John Paton1828189264id: 11203522561281078Died 13th April
1987Elizabeth Mary Kirkpatrick Paton nee McDowalldaughter of Charles McDowall1835191681id: 112014025604611064Youngest daughter; born 28th July; died 5th April
1988John Patonfirst name on the monument1822187957id: 11203522561281078Died 20th November
1989Robert Patonson-in-law of Charles McDowallid: 112014025604611064Retired civil engineer; London

1990PattersonIsabella Anderson Patterson nee Shawdaughter of Lewis Shaw1851193079id: 11107232558851073Died 1st October.
1991Peter Hume Pattersonson-in-law of Lewis Shaw1845191267id: 11107232558851073Died 9th March

1992PattisonAgnes Pattisondaughter of G Pattison1808188476id: 1086225614210691Born 6th July; died 10th July
1993Agnes Pattisonwife of G Pattison1770184979id: 1086225614210691Born 14th February; died 8th March
1994Agnes Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1845186015id: 1086225614210691Born 6th January; died 30th September
1995Car Edv Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1896191822id: 1086225614210691died 2nd April
1996Elizabeth Pattisondaughter of G Pattison1800187474id: 1086225614210691Born 16th April; died 22nd May
1997Elizabeth Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1843188441id: 1086225614210691Born 12th June; died 7th August
1998G Pattisonfirst name on the monument1770183969id: 1086225614210691Merchant with wooler in Northumbria; Born 4th May; died 26th March; name is Gul...m???
1999G Ralph Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1837187235id: 1086225614210691Born 12th July; died 26th March
2000George Pattisonrelationship not given of G Pattison1839185718id: 1086225614210691Born 6th November; died 10th August

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Names on Grave Monuments

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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