New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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1601MacPhersonJohn MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1826190579id: 108712561471103Died 12th August
1602Margaret MacPhersonmother of Duncan MacPherson1765184580id: 11202072560731095Died 21st August
1603Peter MacPhersonfirst name on the monument1793186370id: 108712561471103Norton Place; died 12th December
1604Peter MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1855191661id: 108712561471103Died 19th March; interred at Aldershot
1605Walter MacPhersonson of Peter MacPherson1857189740id: 108712561471103Died 19th June

1606MacRitchieDavid MacRitchieson of William Dawson MacRitchie1851192574id: 110102561981084Youngest son; born 16th April; died 14th January
1607Elizabeth MacRitchie nee Elderwife of William Dawson MacRitchie1811188776id: 110102561981084Died 28th October
1608Elizabeth Elder MacRitchiedaughter of William Dawson MacRitchie1846190559id: 110102561981084Youngest daughter; born 2nd September; died 13th February
1609Euphemia Dawson MacRitchiedaughter of William Dawson MacRitchie1841192584id: 110102561981084Born 7th September; died 29th November
1610Thomas Elder MacRitchieson of William Dawson MacRitchie1850187525id: 110102561981084Died in Kansas; USA
1611William Dawson MacRitchiefirst name on the monument1800186363id: 110102561981084Of the late Med. Staff H.E.I.C.S St Helena 1821-36; died 16th December

1612ManticaJoseph Manticarelationship not given of John Paterson1852id: 11109262559581088Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 31st August

1613MarshallAgnes Marshallmother of Henry Marshall1778185173id: 11107312558901076Born Kilsyth 15th October; Died Edinburgh 11th June
1614Henry Marshallfirst name on the monument1806184034id: 11107312558901076Died 18th June. Assistant Surgeon 7th Dragon Guards

1615MartinAlexander Martinson of Robert Martin1837188649id: 1116725625510841Died 6th August
1616Ann Martindaughter of Matthew Martin1792187381id: 11109192559541067Died 10th February
1617Euphemia Martindaughter of Robert Martin1837188447id: 1116725625510841Died 8th March
1618Janet Martin nee Mcewanwife of Robert Martin1808188072id: 1116725625510841Died 30th January
1619Margaret Martindaughter of Robert Martinid: 1116725625510841
1620Mary Martin nee Archerwife of Matthew Martin1760183777id: 11109192559541067Died 16th December
1621Matthew Martinfirst name on the monument1761180948id: 11109192559541067Brasspounder; Died 24th December
1622Robert Martinson of Robert Martinid: 1116725625510841
1623Robert Martinfirst name on the monument1809188374id: 1116725625510841Died 4th January
1624William Martinson of Matthew Martin1789182738id: 11109192559541067Died 28th November

1625Mason??? Masondaughter of David Masonid: 111372562431070Died in infancy
1626Cecilia Masondaughter of George Low Mason1864188218id: 1108925622710891Died 15th April
1627Christina Martha Mason nee Muirwife of George Low Mason1844192278id: 1108925622710891Died 2nd March
1628David Masonfirst name on the monument1834186026id: 111372562431070Died 21st March
1629George Low Masonfirst name on the monument1838190567id: 1108925622710891Died 19th September
1630James Masonfather of David Mason1808184133id: 111372562431070Died 20th April; buried in South Leith churchyard
1631John Masonson of David Mason184218453id: 111372562431070Youngest son; died 7th October
1632Mary Mason nee Cairnswife of David Mason1807188174id: 111372562431070

1633MassonDonald T Massonson-in-law of Archibald Browne1826191387id: 1147725638611344
1634Grace Isabella Massongrand daughter of Archibald Browne1857191558id: 1147725638611344Died 18th March
1635Helen Jane Masson nee Brownedaughter of Archibald Browne1835190570id: 1147725638611344Died 8th October

1636MaxwellCatherine Maxwell nee Nessrelationship not given of David Ness1814186450id: 112002725599311343Died in Perth; 10th February. Interred here. Daughter of David.
1637Robert Maxwellrelationship not given of David Ness1802184038id: 112002725599311343of Maxwellton Place; Glasgow. Died at Strathwillam Cottage; Isle of Arran; 28th October. Interred in the College Churchyard; Glasgow. Son-in-law to David, married to Catherine.

1638MazwellWilhelmina Mazwellaunt of Alexander Kettle Youngid: 11107952559081081

1639McAlpinJane McAlpinsister of Martha McAlpinid: 11201182560371093
1640Martha McAlpinfirst name on the monument1819188970id: 11201182560371093Born at Wigton; Cumberland 13th April; died at Egremont; Cambuslang 18th April

1641McCartneyJohn McCartneyrelationship not given of John Paterson1840id: 11109262559581088Phrase at top of gravestone is “Lord; have mercy on your priests ...”? Died 24th June

1642McCourtAnn McCourt nee Boylanwife of Michael McCourt1822189270id: 11108122559141104Born 22nd October; Died 21st October
1643Michael McCourtson of Michael McCourt1849190253id: 11108122559141104Born 4th May; Died 6th August
1644Michael McCourtfirst name on the monument1816184933id: 11108122559141104Died 5th April

1645McCreaDonald McCreafirst name on the monument1846id: 114882563921077Missionary from Cromarty; died 18th August
1646Helen McCreasister of Donald McCrea1777185275id: 114882563921077Died 3rd January
1647Hugh McCreahusband of Jean McCrea1781186988id: 114812563881077Died 18th January
1648Jane McCreadaughter of Donald McCrea1847190760id: 114882563921077Died 5th September
1649Jean McCrea nee Reidfirst name on the monument1779184465id: 114812563881077Died 23rd January
1650Mary McCreadaughter of Donald McCrea1846id: 114882563921077Died October
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1651McCuaigDuncan McCuaigfirst name on the monument1785186782id: 1147925638710923Died 20th December
1652Janet McCuaig nee Simsonwife of Duncan McCuaig1798186567id: 1147925638710923Died 12th March

1653McDermottFrances McDermott nee Foxdaughter of Bernard Fox1816186044id: 112262562801099Died 18th June
1654James McDermottson-in-law of Bernard Foxid: 112262562801099Feather merchant.

1655McDonaldDonald McDonaldhusband of Elizabeth McDonald1773182956id: 11201312560431068122nd regt. Of Gordon Highlanders. Died 19th June
1656Elizabeth McDonaldfirst name on the monumentid: 112013125604310681

1657McDougallJane McDougallmother-in-law of John Bowie1761184786id: 1133725632211092Died 7th December

1658McDowallA A McDowallson-in-law of John Bowieid: 1133725632211092
1659Ann Amelia McDowall nee Sheffieldwife of William McDowall1811189483id: 112014125604710992Died 9th May
1660Charles McDowallfirst name on the monument1796183741id: 112014025604611064Died 27th July
1661Elizabeth Eugenie McDowalldaughter of William McDowall1836189660id: 112014125604710992Died on her birthday 14th June
1662Emily McDowalldaughter of William McDowall183418373id: 112014125604710992Died 30th May
1663James McDowallfirst name on the monument1787186174id: 11201422560481123Merchant in Leith. Died 27th May
1664Jane Margaret Sawers McDowall nee Finniewife of Charles McDowall1803187370id: 112014025604611064Born 30th June; Died 16th August
1665Jane Scott McDowalldaughter of Charles McDowall1833191582id: 112014025604611064Born 24th September; Died 3rd July
1666Joanna McDowall nee Bowiedaughter of John Bowie1781186685id: 1133725632211092Died in London; 25th February
1667John S McDowallgrand son of John Bowie1861189130id: 1133725632211092Died 28th June; aged 3 months
1668Louisa Ann McDowalldaughter of William McDowall184018422id: 112014125604710992Died 24th November; aged 2 years and 6 months
1669Margaret McDowall nee Scottwife of James McDowall1795186873id: 11201422560481123Died 31st August
1670Maxwell M Mcdougall McDowallgrand daughter of John Bowie1864189228id: 1133725632211092Died 10th February
1671Robert McDowallson of William McDowall1842185210id: 112014125604710992Born 24th May; died 9th June
1672William McDowallfirst name on the monument1848id: 112014125604710992Surgeon. Died 24th June
1673William Sheffield McDowallson of William McDowall1837191679id: 112014125604710992Died 29th December. Last survivor of the family

1674McEntireDavid McEntiregrand son of James Virtue185618659id: 112032425611910951Died 28th February
1675Eliza Matilda McEntiregrand sons wife of James Virtue1903id: 112032425611910951Died 28th August; wife of Robert McEntire Born about 1845, Belfast Ireland (from 1891 England, Wales and Scotland Census)
1676Helen Virtue McEntiregrand daughter of James Virtue1846189145id: 112032425611910951Eldest grandaughter; died 1st July; in London and was interred in Nunhead Cemetery
1677James Virtue McEntiregrand son of James Virtueid: 112032425611910951
1678Mary McEntiregrand daughter of James Virtue1875id: 112032425611910951Died 17th December
1679Robert McEntiregrand son of James Virtue1844189551id: 112032425611910951Eldest grandson; died 13th February
1680Robert McEntireson-in-law of James Virtueid: 112032425611910951Dublin Born about 1811 ( from 1851 Scotland census)
1681Wilhelmina Laurie McEntire nee Virtuedaughter of James Virtue1822187452id: 112032425611910951Died in Melbourne; Australia 3rd November

1682McFarlaneJames McFarlanerelationship not given of Michael McCourt1905197267id: 11108122559141104Died 8th August
1683Mary McFarlane nee Mcewanrelationship not given of Michael McCourt1904198783id: 11108122559141104Died 13th April
1684Maureen Ann McFarlanerelationship not given of Margaret Murphy1936194812id: 111082125591710731Died 22nd August

1685McIntoshAnne McIntoshdaughter of Donald McIntosh1815188166id: 11200442560041072Died 5th November
1686Donald McIntoshfirst name on the monument1790184151id: 11200442560041072Merchant; died 8th December
1687Mary McIntosh nee Mcgregorwife of Donald McIntosh1789182334id: 11200442560041072Died 18th March

1688McIntyreEliza McIntyre nee Brownrelationship not given of Andrew Brownid: 112032225611810821
1689John D McIntyrerelationship not given of Andrew Brownid: 112032225611810821

1690McKayChristina McKayfirst name on the monument1767183265id: 114912563931075Died 21st September

1691McKechneyThomas McKechneyson-in-law of Caroline Kent1886id: 11202182560781070Born January; died August

1692McKennaElizabeth McKennafirst name on the monument1886190620id: 110282562031092Died 14th September
1693John McKennarelationship not given of Elizabeth McKenna1871191342id: 110282562031092Died 12th February

1694McKenzieElizabeth Jane McKenziewife of George Richard MacKenzie1830191181id: 1120425627110822Born 3rd June; died 1st October
1695Johnina Graham McKenziegrand daughter of Adam Young186818680id: 109832561901092Born 10th and died 16th May

1696McKinnellCatherine McKinnell nee Hastiemother of William McKinnell1823187855id: 1120013
(3 images)
25598610831Died 27th June
1697Grace McKinnelldaughter of William McKinnell1877190225id: 1120013
(3 images)
25598610831Eldest daughter; died 23rd April
1698Hannah Davidson McKinnell nee Kentdaughter of Caroline Kent1908id: 11202182560781070Died 17th March
1699James McKinnellson of William McKinnell1875188914id: 1120013
(3 images)
25598610831Died 13th July. Second son
1700John McKinnellfather of William McKinnell1820188565id: 1120013
(3 images)
25598610831Died 6th June

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