Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1AchesonGladys Achesonfirst name on this monument18751001975Ford Road
id: 15376
Edward Achesonfather of Gladys Acheson

2AcuttMargaret Acuttfirst name on this monument1877921969Ford Road
id: 16559
Samuel G Culverwellhusband of Margaret Acutt
Anne MacKenziesister of Margaret Acutt1956

3AdamsCarol Jane Adamsfirst name on this monument1971302001Ford Road
id: 16806
Neil Adamsbrother of Carol Jane Adams
Derek Adamsfather of Carol Jane Adams
John Gudehusband of Carol Jane Adams
Ann Adamsmother of Carol Jane Adams

4AdamsThomas Adamsfirst name on this monument1912821994Ford Road
id: 16486
Maria Rose Cargillwife of Thomas Adams1915831998

5AdieJames Adiefirst name on this monument1829801909Ford Road
id: 16087
Helen Adiedaughter of James Adie1857191876
Margaret Adiedaughter of James Adie1943
Elizabeth McGregordaughter of James Adie
James Adieson of James Adie1878
John McGregorson-in-law of James Adie
Agnes McKenziewife of James Adie1832631895

6Agnes (Blind Aggie)James Agnes (Blind Aggie)first name on this monument1837521889Ford Road
id: 1030718
Martha Graham Duffniece of James Agnes (Blind Aggie)1858901948
Daniel Comrienephew-in-law of James Agnes (Blind Aggie)1865761941

7AikmanGeorge Aikmanfirst name on this monument1956Ford Road
id: 1040060
Janet R Hutchinswife of George Aikman1957

8AikmanIsabella Morrison Aikmanfirst name on this monument1942Ford Road
id: 15954
Margaret Baird Aikmansister of Isabella Morrison Aikman1952
Mary Aikmansister of Isabella Morrison Aikman1949

9AinsworthWilliam Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1827661893Ford Road
id: 15973
Catherine Halley Ainsworthdaughter of William Ainsworth185471861
Clara Ainsworthdaughter of William Ainsworth1856781934
Eliza Selina Ainsworthdaughter of William Ainsworth1949
Emma Mary Ainsworthdaughter of William Ainsworth186621868
Isabella Ainsworthdaughter of William Ainsworth
Charlotte Ann Cawdaughter of William Ainsworth1852611913
Andrew Devereux Ainsworthson of William Ainsworth
Henry George Ainsworthson of William Ainsworth187031873
William Thomas Ainsworthson of William Ainsworth1852611913
James Cawson-in-law of William Ainsworth
Ann Halleywife of William Ainsworth1831681899

10AitkenElla J Aitkenfirst name on this monument1864501914Ford Road
id: 16081
Archibald Aitkenhusband of Ella J Aitken1858651923

11AitkenIsabella Aitkenfirst name on this monument1965Ford Road
id: 16648
Elspeth McInnes Reaperdaughter of Isabella Aitken2008
John Reaperhusband of Isabella Aitken1967

12AitkenJohn Aitkenfirst name on this monument1902741976Ford Road
id: 16453
Catherine Davidsonwife of John Aitken1906891995

13AitkenMark Aitkenfirst name on this monument1828551883Ford Road
id: 1030976
Margaret Ann McDonalddaughter-in-law of Mark Aitken1857611918
Mark Aitkenson of Mark Aitken1854661920
Catherine Malcolmwife of Mark Aitken1822871909
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14AitkenWilliam Aitkenfirst name on this monument1926691995Ford Road
id: 1040321
Margaret (Gary) McPheewife of William Aitken1932762008

15AlexanderJames Alexanderfirst name on this monument1930Ford Road
id: 16205
Mary Stewartwife of James Alexander1947

16AlexanderJames D Alexanderfirst name on this monument1883721955Ford Road
id: 1040072
James Fernie Alexanderson of James D Alexander1913521965
Ellison Ferniewife of James D Alexander1874911965

17AllanCatherine Stuart Allanfirst name on this monument1878Ford Road
id: 1030844
Cathie Allan McNairdaughter of Catherine Stuart Allan189361899
Agnes Cowdaughter-in-law of Catherine Stuart Allan1860391899
James McNairhusband of Catherine Stuart Allan1882

18AllanDavid Allanfirst name on this monument1793941887Ford Road
id: 16077
Jessie Allandaughter of David Allan1840521892
William Allanson of David Allan1898

19AllanJ Allanfirst name on this monument1918Ford Road
id: 1030971

20AllanJohn Allanfirst name on this monument1834521886Ford Road
id: 1030717
Jessie Allandaughter of John Allan1948
Christina Rankinedaughter of John Allan1967
Christina McKenziewife of John Allan1843741917

21AllanMary Allanfirst name on this monument1955Ford Road
id: 15387
Gregor MacKenziehusband of Mary Allan1952
Archie MacKenzieson of Mary Allan1920541974

22AllanMoira Marie Allanfirst name on this monument196511966Ford Road
id: 1030514

23AllardycePat Allardycefirst name on this monument1949441993Ford Road
id: 1040358
Gillian Petriedaughter of Pat Allardyce
Laura Petriedaughter of Pat Allardyce
Suzanne Petriedaughter of Pat Allardyce
Alastair Petriehusband of Pat Allardyce

24AllenNora Allenfirst name on this monument1920Ford Road
id: 15526

25AllisonAndrew Watt Allisonfirst name on this monument1880631943Ford Road
id: 15420
Margaret Virtuewife of Andrew Watt Allison1877711948

26AllisonJames Allisonfirst name on this monument1848621910Ford Road
id: 15648
James Allisonson of James Allison1881231904
John Allisonson of James Allison1943
William Allisonson of James Allison1877481925
Mary Dickieson of James Allison1939
Margaret Wattwife of James Allison1852771929

27AllisonRobert Allisonfirst name on this monument1944Ford Road
id: 15642
Eileen Allisondaughter of Robert Allison2002
Mary H Wyliewife of Robert Allison1961

28AllisonWilliam Allisonfirst name on this monument1877481925Ford Road
id: 15419
Jean L H Thomsonwife of William Allison1883651948

29AlstonWilliam Alstonfirst name on this monument1860571917Ford Road
id: 15787
Madeline Gertrude Whellockdaughter-in-law of William Alston1967
William L Alstonson of William Alston1982
Mary Milliken Alstonwife of William Alston1944

30AndersonAlexander Andersonfirst name on this monument1840751915Ford Road
id: 16115
Jessie McNabwife of Alexander Anderson1832721904

31AndersonBill Andersonfirst name on this monument1927792006Ford Road
id: 16740
Mary Keenanwife of Bill Anderson1933712004

32AndersonElizabeth (Betty) Andersonfirst name on this monument1939692008Ford Road
id: 16692
Donnie Torrenshusband of Elizabeth (Betty) Anderson
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33AndersonElspeth J Andersonfirst name on this monument1949Ford Road
id: 15986
Grace M McFarlanedaughter of Elspeth J Anderson1985
Charles S McFarlanehusband of Elspeth J Anderson1915

34AndersonHenry J Andersonfirst name on this monument1907671974Ford Road
id: 16434
Peggy Anderson/McDonald1978
Besty McDonaldwife of Henry J Anderson1907841991

35AndersonHettie May Andersonfirst name on this monument1957Ford Road
id: 15979
James Williamsonhusband of Hettie May Anderson1887731960

36AndersonJames Andersonfirst name on this monument1870811951Ford Road
id: 16110
Bert Andersonson of James Anderson1902491951
Robert Andersonson of James Anderson
Margaret Andersonsister of James Anderson1871881959
Helen Ritchie Scrimgeourwife of James Anderson1873341907

37AndersonJames Andersonfirst name on this monument1847441891Ford Road
id: 1030676
Mary Greenwife of James Anderson1930

38AndersonJames A Andersonfirst name on this monument1880661946Ford Road
id: 16290
Edith Mary Pikewife of James A Anderson1964

39AndersonJames M Andersonfirst name on this monument1959Ford Road
id: 1040145
Jessie Ann MacKay Andersondaughter of James M Anderson1983
James W Andersonson of James M Anderson1988
Mary A MacKaywife of James M Anderson1964

40AndersonJane Andersonfirst name on this monument1818721890Ford Road
id: 1030597
James A Andersonfather of Jane Anderson

41AndersonJock Andersonfirst name on this monument1928581986Ford Road
id: 1040272
Mary Andersonwife of Jock Anderson

42AndersonJohn (Jacky) Andersonfirst name on this monument1911701981Ford Road
id: 16436
Agnes Lindsaywife of John (Jacky) Anderson1913952008

43AndersonJohn Blair Andersonfirst name on this monument1882871969Ford Road
id: 16663
Cora Barbara Cranstondaughter of John Blair Anderson1910631973
Janet Plenderleithwife of John Blair Anderson1882921974

44AndersonMargaret Andersonfirst name on this monument1924802004Ford Road
id: 16830
James Andersonhusband of Margaret Anderson1918892007

45AndersonRobert Andersonfirst name on this monument1979Ford Road
id: 16381
Agnes (Nan) Cameronwife of Robert Anderson1993

46AndersonSheila Jane Andersonfirst name on this monument1977Ford Road
id: 16416
Jennifer Andersondaughter of Sheila Jane Anderson
Kirsteen Andersondaughter of Sheila Jane Anderson
Ruth Andersondaughter of Sheila Jane Anderson
Alexander Andersonhusband of Sheila Jane Anderson1981
Stewart Andersonson of Sheila Jane Anderson

47AndersonThomas Andersonfirst name on this monument1934Ford Road
id: 1030742
Helen T Dewardaughter of Thomas Anderson1985
Margaret Hunterdaughter of Thomas Anderson1960
Janet McGregordaughter of Thomas Anderson1940
Peter Andersonson of Thomas Anderson1916
Peter A Hunterson-in-law of Thomas Anderson2002
Peter W Hunterson-in-law of Thomas Anderson
Margaret Lowwife of Thomas Anderson1945

48AndersonThomas Andersonfirst name on this monument1900751975Ford Road
id: 16458
Mary Crambwife of Thomas Anderson1896851981

49AngoveChristine May Angovefirst name on this monument1948471995Ford Road
id: 1040337
Billy Angovebrother of Christine May Angove
Joanne Angovedaughter of Christine May Angove
Michelle Angovedaughter of Christine May Angove
Victoria Angovedaughter of Christine May Angove
Caroline Angovesister of Christine May Angove
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50AnnatDavid Annatfirst name on this monument1882671949Ford Road
id: 1030550
Bunty Annatdaughter-in-law of David Annat
Allan Christie Annatson of David Annat2001
Charlotte F Christiewife of David Annat1876931969

51AntonioJoseph Antoniofirst name on this monument1844811925Ford Road
id: 15809
James Antonio
John Antonio1852641916
Joseph Antonio1817771894
Leilah Rachel Olga Antonio
Mary Antonio1854821936
Peter Antonio
William Antonio
Annie Cruickshank1969
Catherine Cruickshank1967
Helen Lindsay1942431985
John Lindsay
Elizabeth McVean1836711907
Rachel Anne Tyndall

52ArbuthnottGeorge Arbuthnottfirst name on this monument1860351895Ford Road
id: 1030583
Andrew Taylor Arbuthnottson of George Arbuthnott189111892
Elizabeth Taylorwife of George Arbuthnott1858891947

53ArklieBarbara Paton Arkliefirst name on this monument1847761923Ford Road
id: 15853
Florence Mary Arklie1912791991
Mary Boyle Arkliesister of Barbara Paton Arklie1856731929

54ArmstrongJames Armstrongfirst name on this monument1910942004Ford Road
id: 16764
Nette Armstrongwife of James Armstrong1915942009

55ArmstrongJohn Armstrongfirst name on this monument1840571897Ford Road
id: 16225
Janet Taylorwife of John Armstrong1839861925

56ArnotJane Arnotfirst name on this monument1898Ford Road
id: 15734
William McNaughtonhusband of Jane Arnot1914

57ArnottChrissie Arnottfirst name on this monument1909751984Ford Road
id: 1040293
Donald Pattonhusband of Chrissie Arnott1908851993

58ArnottHenry Arnottfirst name on this monument1867481915Ford Road
id: 15866
Allan Roy Arnottson of Henry Arnott1979
William Henry Arnottson of Henry Arnott1971
Margaret Allanwife of Henry Arnott1949

59ArnottJames Arnottfirst name on this monument1950Ford Road
id: 15382
Jeanie M Menzieswife of James Arnott1925

60ArnottJohn Philip Arnottfirst name on this monument1904741978Ford Road
id: 16401
Mildred (Bunty) Brownwife of John Philip Arnott1913902003

61ArnottRobert Arnottfirst name on this monument1802741876Ford Road
id: 1030948
Ann Drummond Arnottdaughter of Robert Arnott1835211856
Helen Stewart Arnottdaughter of Robert Arnott1839201859
John Arnottson of Robert Arnott1847341881
Robert Drummond Arnottson of Robert Arnott1865231888
Marjory Stewartwife of Robert Arnott1803751878

62ArnottWilliam Arnottfirst name on this monument1841831924Ford Road
id: 15865
Helen Fenton Arnottdaughter of William Arnott1874771951
Catherine Roywife of William Arnott1839721911

63AustinMargaret Austinfirst name on this monument1871561927Ford Road
id: 15432
Annie K Austin1874811955
Jessie Dewar Austin1876881964
William Austin1878691947
George McInnes1876591935
William Austin McInnes1917231940
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64AwburnJoseph Awburnfirst name on this monument1965Ford Road
id: 1030764
Ronald Awburn1924822006
Joe Awburnson of Joseph Awburn1918
Marjory Trotterwife of Joseph Awburn1969

65Awburn/WoodburnMary Awburn/Woodburnfirst name on this monument1925741999Ford Road
id: 1040044
Denis Woodburnson of Mary Awburn/Woodburn1951492000

66Ayer/WishartMargaret S Ayer/Wishartfirst name on this monument1907962003Ford Road
id: 16328
Jessie A M Turner/Wishart1915852000

67AylwardRowland Prior Aylwardfirst name on this monument1901701971Ford Road
id: 16616
Catherine (Lena) Taylorwife of Rowland Prior Aylward1977

68AytonCatherine Aytonfirst name on this monument1916852001Ford Road
id: 16777
Victor Gillieshusband of Catherine Ayton1919852004

69AytonElizabeth Aytonfirst name on this monument1928461974Ford Road
id: 16450
Maureen Laingdaughter of Elizabeth Ayton
Sylvia Laingdaughter of Elizabeth Ayton
Alexander Lainghusband of Elizabeth Ayton1927651992

70AytonWilliam Aytonfirst name on this monument1915551970Ford Road
id: 16574
James Aytonfather of William Ayton1882921974
Bridget Sweeneymother of William Ayton1889861975
Sarah Ruanewife of William Ayton1920822002

71BainDonald Bainfirst name on this monument1872411913Ford Road
id: 15749
Jessie Ann Sandiforddaughter of Donald Bain1962
James Sandiford Crawfordgrand son of Donald Bain195691965
Thomas Sandifordson-in-law of Donald Bain1967
Mary Sommervillewife of Donald Bain1872671939

72BainGrace Cameron Bainfirst name on this monument1872721944Ford Road
id: 16262
William Garrowhusband of Grace Cameron Bain1869871956

73BainJames Bainfirst name on this monument1841821923Ford Road
id: 15406
Annie Baindaughter of James Bain1965
Elizabeth Cumming Baindaughter of James Bain1965
Margaret Stenhouse Baindaughter of James Bain1939
Annie Cummingwife of James Bain1849841933

74BainRobert Bainfirst name on this monument1994Ford Road
id: 1040343
Donald Bainson of Robert Bain
Robin Bainson of Robert Bain
Christina Margaret Kirkmanwife of Robert Bain19061002006

75BainbridgeJane Margaret Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1857381895Ford Road
id: 1030579
E M Bainsbridgefather of Jane Margaret Bainbridge

76BairdGeorge M Bairdfirst name on this monument1890701960Ford Road
id: 1040116
Isabella K Bairdwife of George M Baird1891791970

77BairdGeorge M Bairdfirst name on this monument1858701928Ford Road
id: 15587
Jessie Taylor Allandaughter of George M Baird1909801989
Agnes J Bairddaughter of George M Baird1895601955
Isabella D Turnbulldaughter of George M Baird1900491949
Alexander Bairdson of George M Baird1898201918
Jessie Alexander Wilson Taylorwife of George M Baird1865751940

78BairdPeter Halley Bairdfirst name on this monument1916882004Ford Road
id: 16824

79BairdThomas Bairdfirst name on this monument1968Ford Road
id: 16587
Catherine MacOwan McDougallwife of Thomas Baird1977

80BakerEdith Bakerfirst name on this monument1958Ford Road
id: 1040107
Doris Elizabeth Baker1973
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81BakerS Howard Bakerfirst name on this monument1961Ford Road
id: 1040160
Gladys Westwoodwife of S Howard Baker1974

82BalfourCatherine Balfourfirst name on this monument1913Ford Road
id: 1030894
John Balfourfather of Catherine Balfour

83BalharrieElizabeth Balharriefirst name on this monument1855771932Ford Road
id: 15576
Robert Kinneshusband of Elizabeth Balharrie1873641937
Walter Kinnesson of Elizabeth Balharrie1884741958

84BallingallMary Ballingallfirst name on this monument1809471856Ford Road
id: 1030975
Robert Ballingallfather of Mary Ballingall
Isabella Ballingallsister of Mary Ballingall1801791880
Janet Ballingallsister of Mary Ballingall1895

85BallsErnest Edgar Ballsfirst name on this monument1941Ford Road
id: 15567
Elspeth R Alexanderdaughter-in-law of Ernest Edgar Balls2004
E George Ballsson of Ernest Edgar Balls1998
Catherine G Y Thomwife of Ernest Edgar Balls1955

86BannermanWilliam S Bannermanfirst name on this monument1899721971Ford Road
id: 16528
Jessie Mitchellwife of William S Bannerman1904721976

87BaranowskiAlbert Baranowskifirst name on this monument1917741991Ford Road
id: 1040214

88BaranowskiGeorge Albert Baranowskifirst name on this monument1951532004Ford Road
id: 16820

89BarclayIsabella Barclayfirst name on this monument1859401899Ford Road
id: 16102
Jessie S Rodgerdaughter-in-law of Isabella Barclay
William Royhusband of Isabella Barclay1859721931
Margaret Arnott More1950
John Rodger1946
Charles Roy1862461908
Charles B Royson of Isabella Barclay1963

90BarkerThomas Barkerfirst name on this monument1874761950Ford Road
id: 15685
Mary Andersondaughter-in-law of Thomas Barker
Andrew Barkerson of Thomas Barker1954
Christina Mallochwife of Thomas Barker1878841962

91BarlassWilliam Barlassfirst name on this monumentFord Road
id: 15726
Mary Barkerdaughter of William Barlass
Agnes Barlassdaughter of William Barlass
Dorothy Mary Barlassdaughter of William Barlass
Sam Barkerson-in-law of William Barlass
Agnes Barlasswife of William Barlass

92BarnesHelen Barnesfirst name on this monument1922651987Ford Road
id: 16151
Alfred Barnesson of Helen Barnes194521947

93BarnettIan Barnettfirst name on this monument1962Ford Road
id: 1040175

94BarrMargaret Barrfirst name on this monument1850731923Ford Road
id: 15478
David Barrfather of Margaret Barr

95BarrieAnnie Barriefirst name on this monument1874531927Ford Road
id: 15430
Annie Milne Eddiedaughter of Annie Barrie1907721979
Alexander Eddiehusband of Annie Barrie1870891959
James McIlvride Kiddson-in-law of Annie Barrie1899571956

96BarrieIsabella Barriefirst name on this monument1854831937Ford Road
id: 16082
Elizabeth Penman Curriedaughter of Isabella Barrie1958
Peter Curriehusband of Isabella Barrie18541001954

97BarrieThomas Barriefirst name on this monument1926Ford Road
id: 15497
Lilias Barriewife of Thomas Barrie1968

98BartonBarbara Bartonfirst name on this monument1809661875Ford Road
id: 1030907
Davidson Blackhusband of Barbara Barton
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99BatesIsabella Batesfirst name on this monumentFord Road
id: 15656
Anne Batessister of Isabella Bates1930

100BatesNellie Batesfirst name on this monument1971Ford Road
id: 16518
Ella Maud Eastcott1885921977

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

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