Ladywell (part 4) Cemetery, Lewisham, London, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

1Charles first name on this monument1838601898Ladywell (part 4)
id: 454
Jane Margaret 1921

2Claude first name on this monument1893221915Ladywell (part 4)
id: 309
(3 images)
Christopher father of Claude 1866801946
Mary mother of Claude 1874731947
George William Richmond
Olive May Richmond1956

3AbbissFanny Abbissfirst name on this monument1896Ladywell (part 4)
id: 419
William Abbissfather of Fanny Abbiss1870711941
Fanny Abbissmother of Fanny Abbiss1865781943
Elizabeth Lee1837721909

4AbbissFrederick Abbissfirst name on this monument1834691903Ladywell (part 4)
id: 194
(5 images)
Florence Welchdaughter of Frederick Abbiss1869851954
Mary Buchanan79
Charlotte Abbisswife of Frederick Abbiss1846861932

5AgnesDoreen Agnesfirst name on this monument191631919Ladywell (part 4)
id: 249

6AllenAlex Allenfirst name on this monument1872291901Ladywell (part 4)
id: 176
(3 images)

7Ander?Emma Ander?first name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 173
(2 images)

8AndersonJohn Williams Andersonfirst name on this monument1912Ladywell (part 4)
id: 80
(2 images)
Annie Thomson Rennie Andersonwife of John Williams Anderson1912

9AndersonSamuel Burlace Andersonfirst name on this monument1829401869Ladywell (part 4)
id: 212
Elizabeth Underwood1836401876
Elizabeth Voisey Underwood1814691883
Jane Berrysister of Samuel Burlace Anderson1812601872

10AndrewsClara Mary Andrewsfirst name on this monument1836271863Ladywell (part 4)
id: 365
(3 images)
George William Andrewshusband of Clara Mary Andrews

11AndrewsGeorge William Andrewsfirst name on this monument1833531886Ladywell (part 4)
id: 365b

12AnnakinF J Annakinfirst name on this monument1885351920Ladywell (part 4)
id: 258

13ArmstrongThomas Edwin Armstrongfirst name on this monument1889471936Ladywell (part 4)
id: 319
(2 images)
Mary Ann Armstrongmother of Thomas Edwin Armstrong1863871950
Thomas Benjamin Joseph Armstrong1923501973
Alice Maud Armstrongwife of Thomas Edwin Armstrong1890721962

14AuguttEllen Auguttfirst name on this monument1914Ladywell (part 4)
id: 313
(2 images)
A Mary Shepherdgrand daughter of Ellen Augutt1912
William Rayment Augutthusband of Ellen Augutt1928
Edith Whit?1935
Edward Rayment White1938
Leonard John Auguttson of Ellen Augutt1922

15BackhouseB C Backhousefirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 403
(3 images)
F A Backhouse

16BackhouseGeorge Backhousefirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 403
(3 images)
Bertram Charles Backhouse
Florence Annie Backhouse1876731949
Stanley Fairman1922

17BaconLyford Baconfirst name on this monument1838221860Ladywell (part 4)
id: 146
Richard Baconfather of Lyford Bacon
Clarissa Mary Baconsister of Lyford Bacon1835271862

18BaileyArthur Baileyfirst name on this monument1862491911Ladywell (part 4)
id: 42
Mary Baileywife of Arthur Bailey1869641933

19Baillie SmithLily Baillie Smithfirst name on this monument4018791919Ladywell (part 4)
id: 276
Thomas Baillie Smithhusband of Lily Baillie Smith1955
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20BallEliza Ballfirst name on this monument1848751923Ladywell (part 4)
id: 364b
John Ballfather of Eliza Ball
Sarah Ballmother of Eliza Ball

21BallJohn Ballfirst name on this monument1821691890Ladywell (part 4)
id: 364
(4 images)
Sarah Ballwife of John Ball1828781906

22BallThomas Ballfirst name on this monument1854431897Ladywell (part 4)
id: 364
(4 images)
John Ballfather of Thomas Ball
Sarah Ballmother of Thomas Ball
Sarah Ballsister of Thomas Ball1865421907

23BanksOlive Banksfirst name on this monument1886401926Ladywell (part 4)
id: 128

24BarfieldSarah Barfieldfirst name on this monument1802751877Ladywell (part 4)
id: 460
John Barfieldhusband of Sarah Barfield

25BariloneAngela Barilonefirst name on this monument1877841961Ladywell (part 4)
id: 291
(3 images)
Antonio Rocco Barilonehusband of Angela Barilone1878871965

26BariloneCaetano Barilonefirst name on this monument1836851921Ladywell (part 4)
id: 291
(3 images)
Rocco Antonio Barilone1911731984

27BarnesWilliam Barnesfirst name on this monument1797681865Ladywell (part 4)
id: 337
Sarah Eliz? Bradforddaughter of William Barnes
Caroline Matilda Bradfordgrand daughter of William Barnes1857651922
Sarah Barneswife of William Barnes1876

28BarrettRichard Henry Barrettfirst name on this monument1848721920Ladywell (part 4)
id: 300
Editha Catherine Barrettdaughter of Richard Henry Barrett76
Alexandra Blanche Caroline Waterworthdaughter of Richard Henry Barrett60
J Halsted Waterworthson-in-law of Richard Henry Barrett
Catherine Barrettwife of Richard Henry Barrett1924

29BarryEdward Barryfirst name on this monument1828651893Ladywell (part 4)
id: 294
Joseph Barrybrother of Edward Barry1896
Charles Francis Barry1853791932
Joanna Barry1863881951
Augustine Barryson of Edward Barry1874451919
Edward Barryson of Edward Barry1854401894
James Barryson of Edward Barry1856701926
John Barryson of Edward Barry1868381906
Peter Barryson of Edward Barry1862551917
Ann Barrywife of Edward Barry1829731902

30BartonHugh Barclay Bartonfirst name on this monument1866301896Ladywell (part 4)
id: 241
James Bartonfather of Hugh Barclay Barton1834851919
Mary Barbara Bartonmother of Hugh Barclay Barton
Louisa Bartonsister of Hugh Barclay Barton1870451915

31BartonMary Bartonfirst name on this monument1798521850Ladywell (part 4)
id: 47
William Bartonhusband of Mary Barton1803671870
Oscar William Barton186241866
Ann Matthewssister of Mary Barton1816441860
Julia Tyler Bartonsecond wife of husband of Mary Barton1839821921

32BattramThomas E Battramfirst name on this monument1844611905Ladywell (part 4)
id: 95

33BellerocheEmma Maria Bellerochefirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 441
Edward Belleroche

34BenhamSarah Ann Elizabeth Benhamfirst name on this monument1834771911Ladywell (part 4)
id: 15
Florence Benhamdaughter of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Benham1872731945
Elsie Reiddaughter of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Benham
Alfred Benhamhusband of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Benham1841831924
Alfred Benhamson of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Benham186361869
James Benhamson of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Benham1869321901
William Elson Reidson-in-law of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Benham
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35BettsLouisa Bettsfirst name on this monument1914Ladywell (part 4)
id: 213

36BiggsJohn Biggsfirst name on this monument1833341867Ladywell (part 4)
id: 144
George Stubbssecond husband of wife of John Biggs
Mary Stubbswife of John Biggs1823581881

37BiggsSarah Biggsfirst name on this monument1805661871Ladywell (part 4)
id: 356
Richard Biggshusband of Sarah Biggs1875
Richard Thomas Biggsson of Sarah Biggs1922

38BiggsSarah Biggsfirst name on this monument1805661871Ladywell (part 4)
id: 165
Richard Biggshusband of Sarah Biggs1793821875
Richard Thomas Biggsson of Sarah Biggs1922

39BirdseyeStephen Birdseyefirst name on this monument1839751914Ladywell (part 4)
id: 252
Annie Birdseyewife of Stephen Birdseye1840771917

40BishopHannah Bishopfirst name on this monument1790841874Ladywell (part 4)
id: 451
(4 images)
Hannah Hughesdaughter of Hannah Bishop
Robert Bishophusband of Hannah Bishop
John Hughes1827

41BlakeElizabeth Eleanor Blakefirst name on this monument1801591860Ladywell (part 4)
id: 465
Christopher Blakebrother of Elizabeth Eleanor Blake1805821887
Martha Ann Haycroftsister of Elizabeth Eleanor Blake1798671865

42BlizardHarold Penstone Blizardfirst name on this monument188891897Ladywell (part 4)
id: 482
Alfred Reginald Blizardbrother of Harold Penstone Blizard188511886
Alfred James Blizardfather of Harold Penstone Blizard1944
Harriet Ellen Blizardmother of Harold Penstone Blizard1861871948
Ellen Muriel Blizardsister of Harold Penstone Blizard1892

43BloxhamMargaret Mary Kirkman Bloxhamfirst name on this monument1902251927Ladywell (part 4)
id: 29
Kirkman Smith1858831941
Mary Ann Smith1862791941

44BoakesSarah Boakesfirst name on this monument1844621906Ladywell (part 4)
id: 101
Alice Mace
Frederick Mace
Lucy Eleanor Mace189981907

45BolithoK J Bolithofirst name on this monument1893231916Ladywell (part 4)
id: 257
(4 images)

46BoneEllen Bonefirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 260
(2 images)

47BowlesEdwin George Bowlesfirst name on this monument1867691936Ladywell (part 4)
id: 369
Minnie Caroline Bowlesdaughter of Edwin George Bowles189571902
Caroline Minnie Bowleswife of Edwin George Bowles1869711940

48Br?Mary Br?first name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 197
Thomas Br?husband of Mary Br?

49BraddyAlice Henrietta Braddyfirst name on this monument1884401924Ladywell (part 4)
id: 398
(2 images)
Arthur William Braddyhusband of Alice Henrietta Braddy1880801960
Maud Emily Davis1984
Robert Thomas Davis1882511933

50BramleyThomas Bramleyfirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 87
(2 images)

51BrewerGeorge Bannister Brewerfirst name on this monument1823691892Ladywell (part 4)
id: 193
Mary Brewerwife of George Bannister Brewer1821721893

52BrigdenElizabeth Brigdenfirst name on this monument61Ladywell (part 4)
id: 387
Elizabeth Brigdendaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Brigden
Francis Brigdengrand son of Elizabeth Brigden188761893
George Brigdenhusband of Elizabeth Brigden75
George Frank Brigdenson of Elizabeth Brigden52

53BroganEileen A M Broganfirst name on this monument1920251945Ladywell (part 4)
id: 285
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54BrookerFanny ? Brookerfirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 340
James William Brookerhusband of Fanny ? Brooker

55BrookerJames Brookerfirst name on this monument1803741877Ladywell (part 4)
id: 339
(2 images)
Ann Brooker

56BroomeThomas Charles Broomefirst name on this monument1869571926Ladywell (part 4)
id: 255
Sarah Ann Broomewife of Thomas Charles Broome1872891961

57BrownAlfred Brownfirst name on this monument1855631918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 280
Ernest Cornwall Brownson of Alfred Brown1882351917
William Sommers Brownson of Alfred Brown1896221918
Eliza Brownwife of Alfred Brown1862761938

58BrownDudley Granville Brownfirst name on this monument1899191918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 263
(2 images)
Cecil R W Brownfather of Dudley Granville Brown1874541928
Emily Brownmother of Dudley Granville Brown1874561930
Cecily Brownsister of Dudley Granville Brown

59BrownJennie Brownfirst name on this monument1935Ladywell (part 4)
id: 271
(2 images)
Emily Maud Greenhalch1936
Alice Louisa Weekle1973
George Weekle1882731955

60BrownP G Brownfirst name on this monument1925211946Ladywell (part 4)
id: 36

61BryantGeorge ??ddlet Bryantfirst name on this monument1861501911Ladywell (part 4)
id: 22
George Vernon Bryantson of George ??ddlet Bryant1892451937
Emily Florence Bryantwife of George ??ddlet Bryant1860801940

62BurlesArchie Burlesfirst name on this monument188791896Ladywell (part 4)
id: 211
George Burlesfather of Archie Burles
Ann Burlesmother of Archie Burles1866501916
Florence Ada Burles

63BurlesJohn Burlesfirst name on this monument1854461900Ladywell (part 4)
id: 151
(2 images)
Edward Hobbssecond husband of wife of John Burles
Walter Charles Way1876401916
Kate Snow Hobbswife of John Burles1849581907

64BurtonGeorge Burtonfirst name on this monument1883301913Ladywell (part 4)
id: 134
Kitty Doylegrand niece of George Burton1896421938
Jane Levy Doyleniece of George Burton1861621923

65BurtonJane Burtonfirst name on this monument1844641908Ladywell (part 4)
id: 462
David Burtonhusband of Jane Burton1841951936

66ButlerCharlotte Eliza Butlerfirst name on this monument52Ladywell (part 4)
id: 3
Arthur Butlerhusband of Charlotte Eliza Butler1930
Arthur Butlerson of Charlotte Eliza Butler1943

67ByersNathaniel M Byersfirst name on this monument1838491887Ladywell (part 4)
id: 446
(2 images)
Alexander Prenter Byersson of Nathaniel M Byers1853281881
Nattie Prenter Byersson of Nathaniel M Byers1863171880
Jane Maria Byerswife of Nathaniel M Byers

68CainDoris Cainfirst name on this monument192111922Ladywell (part 4)
id: 396
(4 images)
Charles Cainfather of Doris Cain
Edie Cainmother of Doris Cain
Charles Cain1887811968
Edie Cain1894491943

69CampEmma Campfirst name on this monument1868Ladywell (part 4)
id: 168
(2 images)
Ann Ayres
Frederick Charles Camp

70CarpenterEllen Carpenterfirst name on this monument1843491892Ladywell (part 4)
id: 191
Thomas Pennfather of Ellen Carpenter
James Carpenterhusband of Ellen Carpenter1840591899
Martha Maria Pennmother of Ellen Carpenter1821821903
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71CartellieriGeorge Carl Cartellierifirst name on this monument1834631897Ladywell (part 4)
id: 155
(2 images)

72CarterJames Charles Carterfirst name on this monument1850671917Ladywell (part 4)
id: 150
James Charles Carterson of James Charles Carter1881371918
Alice Maud Cartersister of James Charles Carter1960
Mary Alice Carterwife of James Charles Carter1852761928

73CarterWilliam Carterfirst name on this monument1838651903Ladywell (part 4)
id: 238
Lilian Ellen Carterdaughter-in-law of William Carter1966
Ernest Edward Carterson of William Carter1881501931
Annie Carterwife of William Carter78

74CashFrederick William Cashfirst name on this monument1826711897Ladywell (part 4)
id: 196

75CastAlbert Edward Castfirst name on this monument1878581936Ladywell (part 4)
id: 374
(2 images)

76CaterJames Ernest Caterfirst name on this monument1863711934Ladywell (part 4)
id: 114
Fanny Caterwife of James Ernest Cater1865801945

77CatfordMabel Catfordfirst name on this monument189841902Ladywell (part 4)
id: 20
Frank Catfordbrother of Mabel Catford1893
J Catfordfather of Mabel Catford
E Catfordmother of Mabel Catford
Jane Arundel1861771938
Maria Arundel1863721935
Fanny Hay1859931952

78CatliffFrank Catlifffirst name on this monument1913Ladywell (part 4)
id: 11

79CazoletCharles H H Cazoletfirst name on this monument1857391896Ladywell (part 4)
id: 418
W W Cazoletfather of Charles H H Cazolet

80ChapmanFrederick Chapmanfirst name on this monument1893551948Ladywell (part 4)
id: 401
(2 images)
Jose Chapmandaughter of Frederick Chapman
Florence Selina Chapmanwife of Frederick Chapman1894851979

81ChristieFanny Ethel Christiefirst name on this monument1877Ladywell (part 4)
id: 352
William Alban Christiefather of Fanny Ethel Christie1845701915
Fanny Carr Christiemother of Fanny Ethel Christie1842801922
Gertude Lilian Christiesister of Fanny Ethel Christie1880271907

82ChurchLouisa Churchfirst name on this monument1861761937Ladywell (part 4)
id: 317
Frederick H S Churchhusband of Louisa Church1859791938

83ChurcherStephen Churcherfirst name on this monument1799701869Ladywell (part 4)
id: 124
Mark Leppard
William Leppard1803621865
Henry Leppardson-in-law of Stephen Churcher1836301866
Lucy Churcherwife of Stephen Churcher1794801874

84ClarkAlice Clarkfirst name on this monument1786821868Ladywell (part 4)
id: 206
William ? Clarkhusband of Alice Clark

85ClarkJames Clarkfirst name on this monument1841771918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 310
Emma Ellen Buxtondaughter of James Clark1885601945
Isabella Jordandaughter of James Clark1884391923
Christobel Emma Ethel Scalliongrand daughter of James Clark
Ralph Jeffreygrand son of James Clark191931922
Peter Scalliongrand son-in-law of James Clark1952
William Buxtonson-in-law of James Clark
Arthur Jeffreyson-in-law of James Clark1917
Alfred James Jordanson-in-law of James Clark1870761946

86ClarkMaud Elizabeth Clarkfirst name on this monument1887541941Ladywell (part 4)
id: 240
(3 images)
Colin Clark1920251945
Sylvia Maud Clark191631919
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87ClarkWinifred Clarkfirst name on this monument191471921Ladywell (part 4)
id: 268
Francis Dysterre Clarkfather of Winifred Clark
Sadie Clarkmother of Winifred Clark

88ClarkeEmily Rose Clarkefirst name on this monument1876751951Ladywell (part 4)
id: 316

89ClinchFrances Clinchfirst name on this monument1780811861Ladywell (part 4)
id: 71
(2 images)
John Clinchhusband of Frances Clinch1789741863

90CodlingF S H Codlingfirst name on this monument1908371945Ladywell (part 4)
id: 353

91CollinsEmma Collinsfirst name on this monument1847731920Ladywell (part 4)
id: 362
(2 images)
Ann Sophia Smith1870821952
Thomas Richard Smith1871711942
Florence Louise Stride1883651948
Fred Collinsson of Emma Collins1871441915

92CookeRosaline Agnes Cookefirst name on this monument190991918Ladywell (part 4)
id: 48
W H Cookefather of Rosaline Agnes Cooke
E A Cookemother of Rosaline Agnes Cooke

93CooperArthur Cooperfirst name on this monument1847221869Ladywell (part 4)
id: 413
(3 images)
Robert Cooperfather of Arthur Cooper1813711884
Sarah Coopermother of Arthur Cooper1816831899
Ho??re Cooper1856261882
Sarah Cooper1929
Eleanor Coopersister of Arthur Cooper55

94CoplandGrace Elizabeth Coplandfirst name on this monument1886181904Ladywell (part 4)
id: 244
(2 images)
H F Coplandfather of Grace Elizabeth Copland1925
A L Coplandmother of Grace Elizabeth Copland

95CorbettJames Albert Corbettfirst name on this monument1805701875Ladywell (part 4)
id: 9d
James Henry Corbettbrother of James Albert Corbett1876161892
Emma Corbettwife of James Albert Corbett1826861912

96CorbettJames Cooper Corbettfirst name on this monument1823531876Ladywell (part 4)
id: 9b
Frederick James Corbettgrand son of James Cooper Corbett1873571930
Henry James Corbettson of James Cooper Corbett1846531899

97CorbettRichard Corbettfirst name on this monument1802571859Ladywell (part 4)
id: 9c
Ann Corbett1849911940
H J Corbett
Robert Corbett1878401918
A E Gardiner1880651945
Jessie Emma Gardiner1871961967
Ly Ruth Gardiner1904591963

98CorbettSusannah Corbettfirst name on this monument1803811884Ladywell (part 4)
id: 171
Susan Emma Corbett1873831956
Emma Dickenson1846761922
Ruth Muriel Gardiner40

99CoslettE Or F Coslettfirst name on this monumentLadywell (part 4)
id: 45

100CostelloChristopher Arthur Costellofirst name on this monument1867471914Ladywell (part 4)
id: 209
(2 images)
Archibald Gordon Costelloson of Christopher Arthur Costello1891251916
Mary Jane Costellowife of Christopher Arthur Costello1866481914

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