New Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

501ThomsonRobert Thomsonfirst name on this monument1810521862New Calton
id: 1110722
Anne Thomsonsecond wife of Robert Thomson1821801901

502ThomsonThomas Thomsonfirst name on this monument1818491867New Calton
id: 1110720

503TodRobert Todfirst name on this monument1772681840New Calton
id: 1110760
J G Greig
Jane E Greig1856
Eleanor Tod1798451843

504TorryJohn Torryfirst name on this monument1826731899New Calton
id: 1120051
Elspeth Shaw Branddaughter of John Torry1823681891
James Torryson of John Torry1821331854
Robert Brandson-in-law of John Torry

505TownsendWilliam H Townsendfirst name on this monument1813361849New Calton
id: 1120356
Annie Townsend1925
Ellen Mary Townsend1901
Frederick Joseph Townsend1911
George Frederick Townsend1900
Mary Townsend1847
Mary Ann Townsend1891
William Townsend1925
William Townsend1878

506TurnbullElizabeth Turnbullfirst name on this monument1822281850New Calton
id: 11401
William Turnbullhusband of Elizabeth Turnbull1881
James Turnbullson of Elizabeth Turnbull184861854

507TurnbullMathew Mck Turnbullfirst name on this monument1948New Calton
id: 11103
Alexa M I Turnbulldaughter-in-law of Mathew Mck Turnbull2011
Thomas A Turnbullson of Mathew Mck Turnbull2010
Janie Turnbullwife of Mathew Mck Turnbull1961

508TurnbullWilliam Mckenzie Turnbullfirst name on this monument1888New Calton
id: 11444
Elizabeth Mckenzie Turnbulldaughter of William Mckenzie Turnbull1893

509UrquhartElizabeth Urquhartfirst name on this monument1824501874New Calton
id: 11405
William Smith Urquhartgrand son of Elizabeth Urquhart1879271906
John Urquharthusband of Elizabeth Urquhart1819641883
John Urquhartson of Elizabeth Urquhart1849621911

510UrquhartJohn Urquhartfirst name on this monument1770671837New Calton
id: 11471
Janet Grubb1763661829
Thomas Grubb1764791843
Elizabeth Urquhartwife of John Urquhart1777831860

511UrquhartMarion Abernethy Urquhartfirst name on this monument188731890New Calton
id: 11408
William Urquhartfather of Marion Abernethy Urquhart1857511908
Alice Jane Abernethy Urquhartsister of Marion Abernethy Urquhart189461900

512VallanceJames Vallancefirst name on this monument1811371848New Calton
id: 11412
Isabella Vallancewife of James Vallance1811751886

513VeitchAlexander Davidson Veitchfirst name on this monument1835711906New Calton
id: 11143
Christina Simpson Veitchdaughter of Alexander Davidson Veitch1759671826
Anne Veitchwife of Alexander Davidson Veitch1825891914

514VeitchChristina Veitchfirst name on this monument1853New Calton
id: 11474
William Veitchhusband of Christina Veitch

515VetchHelen Vetchfirst name on this monument1837New Calton
id: 10901
??? Vetchhusband of Helen Vetch
George Vetch
Sarah Vetch
Sarah Mary Dehane Vetch187231875
Edward Vetchson of Helen Vetch1837
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imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

516VirtueJames Virtuefirst name on this monument1789631852New Calton
id: 1120324
Wilhelmina Laurie McEntiredaughter of James Virtue1822521874
Helen Virtue McEntiregrand daughter of James Virtue1846451891
Mary McEntiregrand daughter of James Virtue1875
David McEntiregrand son of James Virtue185691865
James Virtue McEntiregrand son of James Virtue
Robert McEntiregrand son of James Virtue1844511895
Eliza Matilda McEntiregrand sons wife of James Virtue1903
Jessie Virtuesister of James Virtue1780851865
Elizabeth Lauriesister-in-law of James Virtue1787861873
Robert McEntireson-in-law of James Virtue

517WaittMary Waittfirst name on this monument1788841872New Calton
id: 11177
Robert Eastonfather of Mary Waitt
Thomas Waitthusband of Mary Waitt
Mary Eastonmother of Mary Waitt
Alexander Balfour1808871895
Mary Balfour1813781891
Robert Waitt Balfour1850471897
Margaret Shiell
William Shiell
Willie Shiell1818711889

518WalkerAlexander Walkerfirst name on this monument1810621872New Calton
id: 11394
Catherine Walkerwife of Alexander Walker1823741897

519WalkerDavid G Walkerfirst name on this monument1882no image2560921069
William Walkerson of David G Walker1886
Margaret Walkerwife of David G Walker1887

520WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1815371852New Calton
id: 1120038
Marion Lindsay Spencedaughter of John Walker1821661887
Agnes Walkerdaughter of John Walker
Jane Walkerdaughter of John Walker
Janet Walkerdaughter of John Walker
Lillias Walkerdaughter of John Walker
Agnes Marion Spencegrand daughter of John Walker185801858
Charles R Spencegrand son of John Walker1884291913
George Spencegrand son of John Walker1813451858
John Walker Spencegrand son of John Walker185411855
Norman Spencegrand son of John Walker1856151871
William Spencegrand son of John Walker1902
Norman Spenceson-in-law of John Walker1821531874
Agnes Walkerwife of John Walker1800491849

521WallaceJames Wallacefirst name on this monument1760831843New Calton
id: 1110925
Margaret Wallacedaughter-in-law of James Wallace1830
James Wallaceson of James Wallace
Thomas Wallaceson of James Wallace1828
Janet Wallacewife of James Wallace1764781842

522WallaceRobert Wallacefirst name on this monument1809601869New Calton
id: 11420
Helen Wallacedaughter of Robert Wallace1811781889
Alison Dicksonsister-in-law of Robert Wallace1795801875
Marion Wallacewife of Robert Wallace1783961879

523WalshEliza Kerr Walshfirst name on this monument1801801881New Calton
id: 11054
Elizabeth Thomsondaughter of Eliza Kerr Walsh1883
Mary Aikman Wightfriend of Eliza Kerr Walsh1839841923
Andrew Kerrgrand son of Eliza Kerr Walsh1867
James Kerrgrand son of Eliza Kerr Walsh1862
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524WardenAdam Wardenfirst name on this monument1804461850New Calton
id: 1120145
Mary Greigdaughter of Adam Warden
Jessie Wardendaughter of Adam Warden1831361867
Jane Elderton Watsondaughter of Adam Warden
Adam Wardenson of Adam Warden183511836
Edward Wardenson of Adam Warden183051835
Robert Wardenson of Adam Warden1833251858
Thomas Wardenson of Adam Warden1787881875
Jane Wardenwife of Adam Warden1801631864

525WattWilliam Wattfirst name on this monument1776741850New Calton
id: 10965

526WebbAnn Webbfirst name on this monument1811821893New Calton
id: 11047
Anne Wilson Webbdaughter of Ann Webb1849891938
Alexander Webbhusband of Ann Webb1815941909
Charles William Webbson of Ann Webb1848451893

527WebsterJames Websterfirst name on this monument1885New Calton
id: 1120312
Lilias Websterwife of James Webster1885

528WeirAlexander Weirfirst name on this monument1826781904New Calton
id: 1110831
Isabella Weirdaughter of Alexander Weir186051865
John Weirson of Alexander Weir187541879
Marion Henderson Weirwife of Alexander Weir1832681900
Helen Catherine Weirsecond wife of Alexander Weir1858581916

529WestMathew Hood Westfirst name on this monument1843291872New Calton
id: 11093
Wilhelmina Westdaughter of Mathew Hood West1863
William Westfather of Mathew Hood West1820841904
Alison Westmother of Mathew Hood West
Alexander Charles Westson of Mathew Hood West1858441902
Charles Westson of Mathew Hood West184531848
John Westson of Mathew Hood West186061866
William Westson of Mathew Hood West185331856

530WhiteAndrew Whitefirst name on this monument1788641852New Calton
id: 1120165
Catherine Whitedaughter of Andrew White
Catherine Hunter Whitedaughter of Andrew White1835221857
Isabella Whitedaughter of Andrew White1832651897
Mary Whitedaughter of Andrew White1833471880
Edward Hebenton
Isabella Whitewife of Andrew White1791751866

531WhiteJames Whitefirst name on this monument1782771859New Calton
id: 11357
Margaret Whitewife of James White1780791859

532WhiteheadWilliam Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1804661870New Calton
id: 1120110
Jessie Whiteheaddaughter of William Whitehead182871835
Mary Ann Whiteheaddaughter of William Whitehead1834891923
Susan Whiteheaddaughter of William Whitehead1835811916
James Whiteheadson of William Whitehead183701837
John Whiteheadson of William Whitehead1830671897
Susan Whiteheadwife of William Whitehead1806711877

533WhyteIsabella Whytefirst name on this monument1877New Calton
id: 1120061
David Whytefather of Isabella Whyte
Anne Ferguson Whytesister of Isabella Whyte1875

534WightJames Wightfirst name on this monument1829801909New Calton
id: 11165
Eliza Glen Wightdaughter of James Wight186801868
Jessie Glen Wightdaughter of James Wight1855131868
Mary Wightdaughter of James Wight1861261887
Wilhelmina Glen Wightdaughter of James Wight186521867
Susan Fox1941
James Wightson of James Wight1865271892
Joseph Glen Wightson of James Wight186021862
Joseph Glen Wightson of James Wight1918
Elizabeth Wightwife of James Wight1829731902
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535WildingMargaret Stewart Wildingfirst name on this monument1814471861New Calton
id: 11125
Thomas Wildinghusband of Margaret Stewart Wilding
James Maxwell Wildingson of Margaret Stewart Wilding184451849
Maria Wildingsecond wife of husband of Margaret Stewart Wilding1840221862

536WilkieMatthew Wilkiefirst name on this monument1748831831New Calton
id: 11567
Matthew Wilkiefather of Matthew Wilkie
Catherine Wilkiemother of Matthew Wilkie
Amelia Wilkiesister of Matthew Wilkie1816201836

537WilkinsonElizabeth A Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1858631921New Calton
id: 11281
A J Wikinsonhusband of Elizabeth A Wilkinson

538WilliamsonJohn Williamsonfirst name on this monument1827651892New Calton
id: 11451
Elizabeth Williamsondaughter of John Williamson187221874
Jessie Nisbet Williamsondaughter of John Williamson186711868
Maria Nicholson Williamsondaughter of John Williamson187221874
Mary Ann Ewart Williamsondaughter of John Williamson187601876
Amy Nisbet Williamson191501915
Elizabeth Williamson1907
John Nisbet Williamson1869701939
Tina Williamson
Janet Williamsonwife of John Williamson1836641900

539WilsonAdam Wilsonfirst name on this monument1763821845no image2559431081
Henrietta Wilsondaughter of Adam Wilson1804391843
Jean Wilsondaughter of Adam Wilson1797701867
Susan Wilsonwife of Adam Wilson1765811846

540WilsonAndrew Wilsonfirst name on this monument1837New Calton
id: 11238
Anne Moir24
Charlotte Jane Moir1850
Ella Maitland Moir1820
James Moir1836
James Moir1842351877
John Moir
Margaret Moir183871845
Margaret Laing Moir1780751855
Margaret Louisa Heriot Moir
Elizabeth Wilsonwife of Andrew Wilson1771851856

541WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1785841869New Calton
id: 1120086
Mary Wilsonwife of John Wilson1790851875

542WotherspoonWilliam Wotherspoonfirst name on this monument1799841883New Calton
id: 1110906
Louisa Martha Wotherspoondaughter of William Wotherspoon1842281870
Jane Wotherspoondaughter-in-law of William Wotherspoon1838951933
Meta Alice Leadbettergrand daughter of William Wotherspoon1961
Claud Leadbettergrand daughters husband of William Wotherspoon
Charles Grey Wotherspoonson of William Wotherspoon183341837
Charles Grey Wotherspoonson of William Wotherspoon1837841921
John Barclay Wotherspoonson of William Wotherspoon1828
Robert Alexander Wotherspoonson of William Wotherspoon1837241861
Sarah Wotherspoonwife of William Wotherspoon1801841885

543WrightPeter Wrightfirst name on this monument1783761859New Calton
id: 1110818
Ann Thomsondaughter of Peter Wright1819681887
Elizabeth Wrightdaughter of Peter Wright1813331846
Mary Stewart Wrightdaughter of Peter Wright1817741891
Peter Wright Thomsongrand son of Peter Wright1856
Robert Wright Thomsongrand son of Peter Wright1851101861
Walter John Thomsongrand son of Peter Wright1863
Robert Wrightson of Peter Wright1808341842
Edward Anderson Thomsonson-in-law of Peter Wright1817731890
Agnes Wrightwife of Peter Wright1774781852
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544YoungAdam Youngfirst name on this monument1796601856New Calton
id: 10983
Eliza Jane Fleming Youngdaughter of Adam Young1897
Elizabeth Youngdaughter of Adam Young182901829
Johnina Graham McKenziegrand daughter of Adam Young186801868
Adam Youngson of Adam Young182901829
Andrew Pringle Mcleod Youngson of Adam Young1864
David Mccheyne Youngson of Adam Young1857
John Clark Youngson of Adam Young1888
John Youngwife of Adam Young1800791879

545YoungAlexander Kettle Youngfirst name on this monument1781601841New Calton
id: 1110795
Wilhelmina Mazwellaunt of Alexander Kettle Young
Thomas Kettle Youngfather of Alexander Kettle Young

546YoungAnne ? Youngfirst name on this monument61New Calton
id: 10979
Emily Youngdaughter of Anne ? Young
Donald S Younghusband of Anne ? Young
Harriet Blair ?1873
Charlotte Young

547YoungCatherine Youngfirst name on this monument1781591840New Calton
id: 11303
James Younghusband of Catherine Young

548YoungGeorgina Jean Youngfirst name on this monumentNew Calton
id: 1120007
James Youngfather of Georgina Jean Young1843
Jean Donaldsongrand daughter of Georgina Jean Young1846
George Donaldsongrand daughters husband of Georgina Jean Young
Mary Janet Youngmother of Georgina Jean Young1857

549YoungWilliam Youngfirst name on this monument1782411823New Calton
id: 11543

550YuleGeorge Yulefirst name on this monument1780791859no image2559621131
Jane Steel Yuledaughter of George Yule1892
Betty Andersonfriend of George Yule1787851872
Helen Yule73
Isabella Yule82
Mary Yule1854
William Yule
James Liddell Bell Yuleson of George Yule
John Yuleson of George Yule1793681861
Thomas Bell Yuleson of George Yule1834481882
Jemima Liddell Yulewife of George Yule1792281820
Margaret Yulesecond wife of George Yule1791411832
Elizabeth Yulethird wife of George Yule1788781866

551YuleJohn Yulefirst name on this monument1851New Calton
id: 1110914
Georgiana Findlaydaughter of John Yule1838941932
Jane Finlaydaughter of John Yule1875
Marion Morrison Yuledaughter of John Yule1840
John Yulefather of John Yule
Robert Brownefather-in-law of John Yule
Elizabeth Wilsonmother of John Yule
Marion Morrisonmother-in-law of John Yule
John Yuleson of John Yule1840
John Alexander Yuleson of John Yule1866
Thomas Findlayson-in-law of John Yule
George Finlayson-in-law of John Yule
J Morrison Yulewife of John Yule1870

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