St Mary Magdalene's Church burial ground, Yarm on Tees, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list with thumbnail images surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
imageGPR ref.viewedrequestednotes

201ReedJohn Reedfirst name on this monument78St Mary Magdalene
id: 362
Bridget Reedwife of John Reed1778261804
Mary Reedsecond wife of John Reed1755801835

202ReedJoshua Reedfirst name on this monument1730421772St Mary Magdalene
id: 170

203ReedMarion Reedfirst name on this monument1866161882St Mary Magdalene
id: 288
George Reedbrother of Marion Reed186301863
George Reedfather of Marion Reed
Elizabeth B Reedmother of Marion Reed

204RichardsonReubin Richardsonfirst name on this monument1802561858St Mary Magdalene
id: 211
John Cummins185651861

205RichardsonWilliam Richardsonfirst name on this monument1722711793St Mary Magdalene
id: 94
Hannah Daydaughter of William Richardson1756901846
William Daygrand aunt of William Richardson1769121781
Ann Daygrand daughter of William Richardson1783201803
Arrabella Daygrand daughter of William Richardson1779261805
William Ambrose Daygrand son of William Richardson1781
John Harrison1761741835
Thomas Dayson-in-law of William Richardson1747731820
Arrabella Richardsonwife of William Richardson1722731795

206RobinsonAnn Robinsonfirst name on this monument1753421795St Mary Magdalene
id: 109
Thomas Robinsonhusband of Ann Robinson1747811828
Mary Robinson64

207RobinsonRaper Robinsonfirst name on this monument1841261867St Mary Magdalene
id: 14
(5 images)
William Bainbridge Robinsonbrother of Raper Robinson1840261866
William Bainbridgeuncle of Raper Robinson1810711881
Isabella Bainbridgewife of Raper Robinson1817781895

208RobsonRobert Robsonfirst name on this monument1793681861St Mary Magdalene
id: 209
Elizabeth Robsonwife of Robert Robson1795781873

209RowlandJohnathan Rowlandfirst name on this monumentSt Mary Magdalene
id: 202
Jonathan Edward Rowlandbrother of Johnathan Rowland
Hannah Mary Rowlandsister-in-law of Johnathan Rowland1860
Sarah Rowlandwife of Johnathan Rowland1869

210RuddAmy Jarvis Ruddfirst name on this monument1879St Mary Magdalene
id: 40
William Ruddhusband of Amy Jarvis Rudd1919
William Oswald Rudd1947
Edward Kem Ruddson of Amy Jarvis Rudd1884

211RuddJohn Ruddfirst name on this monument1830581888St Mary Magdalene
id: 153
(2 images)

212RuddThomas Ruddfirst name on this monument1872St Mary Magdalene
id: 38
Mary Ann Ruddwife of Thomas Rudd1877

213RuddWilliam Ruddfirst name on this monument1812561868St Mary Magdalene
id: 37
Ann Rudddaughter of William Rudd1933
Elizabeth Smith Rudddaughter of William Rudd1930
Mary Rudddaughter of William Rudd1923
Ann Ruddwife of William Rudd1813801893

214RymerDorothy Rymerfirst name on this monument186141865St Mary Magdalene
id: 360
(2 images)
William Rymerfather of Dorothy Rymer1834591893
Elizabeth Rymermother of Dorothy Rymer1839411880
John Rymerson of Dorothy Rymer186961875

215SadlerAthelstan Cydric Sadlerfirst name on this monument1878St Mary Magdalene
id: 32
(2 images)
Fanny Millership Sadler1907
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216SayerWilliam Sayerfirst name on this monument1780781858St Mary Magdalene
id: 402
John Feethamfather-in-law of William Sayer
Margaret Sayerwife of William Sayer1787751862

217ScarlettRobert Scarlettfirst name on this monument1788541842St Mary Magdalene
id: 277

218ScobyWilliam Scobyfirst name on this monument1824561880St Mary Magdalene
id: 52
Mary Scobywife of William Scoby

219ScottFrances Scottfirst name on this monument1781St Mary Magdalene
id: 312
Robert Scottfather of Frances Scott
Elizabeth Scottmother of Frances Scott

220SherwoodMargaret Sherwoodfirst name on this monument1781St Mary Magdalene
id: 147
William Sherwoodbrother of Margaret Sherwood177931782
Thomas Sherwoodfather of Margaret Sherwood
Mary Sherwoodmother of Margaret Sherwood

221SherwoodThomas Sherwoodfirst name on this monument1786501836St Mary Magdalene
id: 148
John Sherwoodson of Thomas Sherwood1830
Jane Sherwoodwife of Thomas Sherwood1860

222SherwoodWilliam Sherwoodfirst name on this monumentSt Mary Magdalene
id: 171
Annie Sherwooddaughter of William Sherwood187221874
Sarah Sherwooddaughter of William Sherwood187131874
Frederick Sherwoodson of William Sherwood187041874
Lettice Sherwoodwife of William Sherwood

223SidgwickThomas Sidgwickfirst name on this monument1790821872St Mary Magdalene
id: 8

224SmeltAlice Maude Mary Smeltfirst name on this monument1864111875St Mary Magdalene
id: 63
Christopher Smeltfather of Alice Maude Mary Smelt
Ann Smeltmother of Alice Maude Mary Smelt
Fanny Jane Smeltsister of Alice Maude Mary Smelt186611867

225SmeltAnn Smeltfirst name on this monument1835421877St Mary Magdalene
id: 62
Christopher Smelthusband of Ann Smelt

226SmeltNewark Smeltfirst name on this monument1793691862St Mary Magdalene
id: 64
George Smeltson of Newark Smelt1834111845
John Smeltson of Newark Smelt1825371862
Jane Smeltwife of Newark Smelt1794651859

227SmeltWilliam Smeltfirst name on this monument1822481870St Mary Magdalene
id: 68

228SmithAnn Smithfirst name on this monument1813371850St Mary Magdalene
id: 155
Jabez Smithhusband of Ann Smith

229SmithAnn Smithfirst name on this monument1753871840St Mary Magdalene
id: 23
Ann daughter of Ann Smith1779771856
Joannah daughter of Ann Smith1777721849
William Smithhusband of Ann Smith1750681818

230SmithJames Smithfirst name on this monument1770691839St Mary Magdalene
id: 224
James Smithgrand son of James Smith1832381870
Margaret Smith1799721871
Thomas Smithson of James Smith1796661862
Isabella Smithwife of James Smith1770681838

231SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1815701885St Mary Magdalene
id: 150
Joseph Smithhusband of Mary Smith

232Spark Sparkfirst name on this monumentSt Mary Magdalene
id: 361

233SpenceMary Spencefirst name on this monument1781211802St Mary Magdalene
id: 192
Thomas Spencefather of Mary Spence1751701821
Mary Spencemother of Mary Spence1748741822

234SpenceWilliam Spencefirst name on this monument177821780St Mary Magdalene
id: 193
John Spencebrother of William Spence177861784
Thomas Spencefather of William Spence
Mary Spencemother of William Spence
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235SpencerMargaret Spencerfirst name on this monument1807781885St Mary Magdalene
id: 151
(2 images)
Robert Spencerhusband of Margaret Spencer

236StainsbyMatthew Stainsbyfirst name on this monument1730881818St Mary Magdalene
id: 100
Ann Stainsbywife of Matthew Stainsby1815

237StangerGeorge Stangerfirst name on this monument1762781840St Mary Magdalene
id: 265
Mary Stangerwife of George Stanger1760811841

238StaplesElizabeth Staplesfirst name on this monument179331796St Mary Magdalene
id: 51
John Staplesbrother of Elizabeth Staples1796
Thomas Staplesbrother of Elizabeth Staples1803221825
Francis Staplesfather of Elizabeth Staples1752711823
Elizabeth Staplesmother of Elizabeth Staples1760931853

239StephensonThomas Stephensonfirst name on this monument1843371880St Mary Magdalene
id: 50

240StonehouseElizabeth Stonehousefirst name on this monument180111802St Mary Magdalene
id: 102
George Stonehousebrother of Elizabeth Stonehouse1804
Marshall Stonehousefather of Elizabeth Stonehouse
Elizabeth Stonehousemother of Elizabeth Stonehouse

241StonehouseMarshall Stonehousefirst name on this monument1775591834St Mary Magdalene
id: 104
George Stonehouseson of Marshall Stonehouse1814471861
Elizabeth Stonehousewife of Marshall Stonehouse1769851854

242StonehouseMarshall Stonehousefirst name on this monument1803621865St Mary Magdalene
id: 103
James Stonehousebrother of Marshall Stonehouse1809691878
Marshall Stonehousefather of Marshall Stonehouse
Elizabeth Stonehousemother of Marshall Stonehouse
Mary Stonehousesister of Marshall Stonehouse1806751881

243StonehouseRichard Stonehousefirst name on this monument48St Mary Magdalene
id: 173
(2 images)
Dorothy Stonehousewife of Richard Stonehouse1709871796

244StricklandHenry Stricklandfirst name on this monument1846281874St Mary Magdalene
id: 18
(3 images)

245StricklandOliver Stricklandfirst name on this monument1844401884St Mary Magdalene
id: 17
Isabella Waugh Strickland1948
Robert Strickland1947
Eliza Jane Stricklandwife of Oliver Strickland1843691912

246SummerMargaret Summerfirst name on this monument1687761763St Mary Magdalene
id: 195
Thomas Summerhusband of Margaret Summer

247SwinburneElizabeth Swinburnefirst name on this monument1826591885St Mary Magdalene
id: 183
Joseph Swinburnehusband of Elizabeth Swinburne
Robert Swinburneson of Elizabeth Swinburne1850201870
Thomas Swinburneson of Elizabeth Swinburne1862251887

248SwinburneJoseph Swinburnefirst name on this monument1738821820St Mary Magdalene
id: 276
Jane Swinburnewife of Joseph Swinburne1767541821

249SwinburneMichael Swinburnefirst name on this monument1802821884St Mary Magdalene
id: 275
Michael Swinburneson of Michael Swinburne1833221855
Mary Swinburnewife of Michael Swinburne1798791877

250TaylorGeorge Taylorfirst name on this monument1851151866St Mary Magdalene
id: 346
William Taylorfather of George Taylor1809721881
Sarah Taylormother of George Taylor1814751889

251TaylorMartha Taylorfirst name on this monument1800651865St Mary Magdalene
id: 24
John Taylorhusband of Martha Taylor1790901880

252TebbsLilly C Tebbsfirst name on this monument188531888St Mary Magdalene
id: 189
(2 images)
Walter E Tebbsbrother of Lilly C Tebbs188801888
William R Tebbsfather of Lilly C Tebbs
Mary E Tebbsmother of Lilly C Tebbs
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253ThompsonWilliam Thompsonfirst name on this monument1815661881St Mary Magdalene
id: 25
Ann Isabella Thompsondaughter of William Thompson1848441892
Frances Jane Thompsonwife of William Thompson1896

254ToddJames Toddfirst name on this monument1805631868St Mary Magdalene
id: 332
Isabella Youngdaughter of James Todd1837351872
George William Toddson of James Todd1842171859
George Edmond Youngson-in-law of James Todd
Mary Toddwife of James Todd1799811880

255ToddJames Toddfirst name on this monument1770561826St Mary Magdalene
id: 355
Jane Todddaughter of James Todd179841802
Mary Ann Todddaughter of James Todd1801
Elizabeth Toddwife of James Todd1826

256TrotterGeorge Trotterfirst name on this monument1795221817St Mary Magdalene
id: 279

257TunstallJoshua Tunstallfirst name on this monument1733801813St Mary Magdalene
id: 82
Ann Tunstalldaughter of Joshua Tunstall1776421818
Elizabeth Tunstallwife of Joshua Tunstall1739751814

258TunstallThomas Tunstallfirst name on this monument1739731812St Mary Magdalene
id: 137

259UrwinWilliam Urwinfirst name on this monument1734361770St Mary Magdalene
id: 118

260WakeHannah Jane Wakefirst name on this monument1798711869St Mary Magdalene
id: 127
(3 images)
Thomas Wakefather of Hannah Jane Wake

261WaldieJohn Waldiefirst name on this monumentSt Mary Magdalene
id: 342
(4 images)
Dorothy Waldydaughter-in-law of John Waldie1726751801
John Waldiefather of John Waldie
Edward Waltersfather-in-law of John Waldie
Dorothy Waldygrand daughter of John Waldie176571772
Margaret Waldygrand daughter-in-law of John Waldie1732821814
John Waldygrand son of John Waldie1752801832
Thomas Waldygrand son of John Waldie1758251783
Edward Garmondsway Waldy1835521887
Jane Waldy1802291831
Thomas Willard Waldy
Edward Waldyson of John Waldie1715661781
Anne Waldiewife of John Waldie

262WaldyArthur Garmondsway Waldyfirst name on this monument1851641915St Mary Magdalene
id: 410

263WalkerElizabeth Walkerfirst name on this monument1834381872St Mary Magdalene
id: 269
Harriet Walkerdaughter of Elizabeth Walker1858141872
Jane Ann Walkerdaughter of Elizabeth Walker185741861
William Walkerhusband of Elizabeth Walker
Charles Walkerson of Elizabeth Walker186371870
William Walkerson of Elizabeth Walker185651861

264WalkerJoseph Walkerfirst name on this monument1782501832St Mary Magdalene
id: 71
(5 images)

265WaltonGeorge Waltonfirst name on this monument1823St Mary Magdalene
id: 343
Frances Coatesdaughter of George Walton
John Coatesgrand son of George Walton1850
William (paverley) Coatesgrand son of George Walton
Wheatley Coatesson-in-law of George Walton
Jane Waltonwife of George Walton1782651847

266WastellGeorge Wastellfirst name on this monument1803621865St Mary Magdalene
id: 252
Mary Wastellwife of George Wastell1801691870

267WatsonIsabella Watsonfirst name on this monument187301873St Mary Magdalene
id: 338
John Watsonfather of Isabella Watson
Richmal Toddmother of Isabella Watson
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268WatsonLeonard Watsonfirst name on this monument1800701870St Mary Magdalene
id: 241
Mary Watsonwife of Leonard Watson1807661873

269WattsJames T Wattsfirst name on this monument1816671883St Mary Magdalene
id: 273

270WaughMargaret Waughfirst name on this monument1804761880St Mary Magdalene
id: 16
Alexander Waughhusband of Margaret Waugh

271WeaverJohn Weaverfirst name on this monument1720621782St Mary Magdalene
id: 105

272WeddellNicholas Weddellfirst name on this monument1788St Mary Magdalene
id: 256

273WeddellWilliam Weddellfirst name on this monument1747491796St Mary Magdalene
id: 257
Margaret Weddelldaughter of William Weddell1779921871
Henry Ralph Weddellson of William Weddell1766581824
Nicholas Weddellson of William Weddell
Thomas Place Weddellson of William Weddell1792511843
William Weddellson of William Weddell1776211797
Elizabeth Weddellwife of William Weddell1750921842

274WhiteheadPaul Antony Whiteheadfirst name on this monument1973332006St Mary Magdalene
id: 319

275WhytallJohn Ewbank Whytallfirst name on this monument1785601845St Mary Magdalene
id: 271
John Whytallson of John Ewbank Whytall1826231849
Robert Donkin Whytallson of John Ewbank Whytall1807421849
Sarah Whytallwife of John Ewbank Whytall1784731857

276WhytallThomas Whytallfirst name on this monument1818571875St Mary Magdalene
id: 272
Hannah Robsonsister-in-law of Thomas Whytall1819641883
Sarah Whytallwife of Thomas Whytall1816711887

277WildAnn Wildfirst name on this monument1781561837St Mary Magdalene
id: 124
Charles Hoxourgrand son of Ann Wild185311854
George Wildhusband of Ann Wild
Henry Wildson of Ann Wild1809
Elizabeth Doughtysister of Ann Wild1807661873

278WilkinsonMary Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1797831880St Mary Magdalene
id: 166

279WilliamsStephen Williamsfirst name on this monument1797401837St Mary Magdalene
id: 21
Dorothy Thompson1865
Hannah Thompson1854
Elizabeth T Williams1832291861
James T Williams183431837
Thomas E Williams1837221859
Christian Williamswife of Stephen Williams76

280WilliamsonGeorge Williamsonfirst name on this monument1790St Mary Magdalene
id: 191
James Williamsonson of George Williamson1741551796
Mary Williamsonwife of George Williamson1790

281WilsonAnn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1781661847St Mary Magdalene
id: 84

282WilsonElizabeth Wilsonfirst name on this monument1838431881St Mary Magdalene
id: 270
Eliza Wilsondaughter of Elizabeth Wilson187261878
Eliza Ann Wilsondaughter of Elizabeth Wilson187961885
Jane Ann Wilsondaughter of Elizabeth Wilson1858201878
Henry Wilsonhusband of Elizabeth Wilson
J Wilsonson of Elizabeth Wilson1870191889

283WilsonGeorge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1731681799St Mary Magdalene
id: 83
Lydia Wilsonwife of George Wilson1742761818

284WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1781161797St Mary Magdalene
id: 227
Ralph Wilsonbrother of John Wilson1784271811
John Wilsonfather of John Wilson1754681822
Eleanor Wilsonmother of John Wilson1755681823
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285WilsonMargaret Wilsonfirst name on this monument1700671767St Mary Magdalene
id: 327
Thomas Wilsonhusband of Margaret Wilson1690871777

286WilsonRobert Wilsonfirst name on this monument1798671865St Mary Magdalene
id: 34
Ann Wilsonwife of Robert Wilson1808901898

287WindrossJohn Windrossfirst name on this monument1734841818St Mary Magdalene
id: 283
Ann Windrossdaughter-in-law of John Windross1805741879
Isabel Windrossdaughter-in-law of John Windross1794341828
Mary Windrossgrand daughter of John Windross1815691884
John Windrossgrand son of John Windross1817211838
Joseph Windrossgrand son of John Windross182311824
James Windrossson of John Windross1793731866
Catherine Windrosswife of John Windross1747381785
Ann Windrosssecond wife of John Windross1747751822

288WindrossMark Medd Windrossfirst name on this monument1772731845St Mary Magdalene
id: 284

289WindsorJane Windsorfirst name on this monument1807451852St Mary Magdalene
id: 158
Joseph Windsorhusband of Jane Windsor1805521857

290WinpennyElizabeth Winpennyfirst name on this monumentSt Mary Magdalene
id: 264
(4 images)
John Winpennyhusband of Elizabeth Winpenny1811881899

291WinpennyJohn Winpennyfirst name on this monument1811881899St Mary Magdalene
id: 403

292WintertonEdward Kem Jarvis Wintertonfirst name on this monument1850221872St Mary Magdalene
id: 35
Richard Spooner Jacques Wintertonbrother of Edward Kem Jarvis Winterton1844331877
John Allen Wintertonnephew of Edward Kem Jarvis Winterton1874

293WrightElizabeth Wrightfirst name on this monument1823401863St Mary Magdalene
id: 246
William Wrighthusband of Elizabeth Wright1815651880
William Wrightson of Elizabeth Wright1861

294WrightHenry Wrightfirst name on this monument1861181879St Mary Magdalene
id: 216
(2 images)
Henry Robert Wrightbrother of Henry Wright
Charles Wrightfather of Henry Wright
Annie Josephine Wrightsister of Henry Wright1870
Emma Wrightsister of Henry Wright186731870
Florence Emily Wrightsister of Henry Wright1875

295WrightMary Ann Wrightfirst name on this monument1827521879St Mary Magdalene
id: 36
Thomas Wrighthusband of Mary Ann Wright1824721896

296WrightWilliam Wrightfirst name on this monument1776St Mary Magdalene
id: 247
William Wrightfather of William Wright
Margaret Wrightmother of William Wright

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary Magdalene's Church burial ground, Yarm on Tees, Yorkshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery.The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument.The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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