St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Reedham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AlboroughHarriet Alboroughfirst name on this monument1828561884id: 961267741078
Thomas Alboroughhusband of Harriet Alborough1823711894

2AllcockAlbert James Allcockfirst name on this monument1901601961id: 7101271371092

3AllenGeorge Allenfirst name on this monument1834651899id: 6261270721074
Honor Allenwife of George Allen1827821909

4AmesHilda May Amesfirst name on this monument1895821977id: 7541271751079

5AppecateEllen Appecatefirst name on this monument1860481908id: 5951270481087
Robert Appecatehusband of Ellen Appecate

6AshbyWilliam John Ashbyfirst name on this monument1930581988id: 4991269721104
Audrey Ethel Ashbywife of William John Ashby1931792010

7AthertonMaria Elizabeth Athertonfirst name on this monument1863201883id: 17812684911041
Henry Athertonfather of Maria Elizabeth Atherton
Elizabeth Athertonmother of Maria Elizabeth Atherton

8AydenJohn Aydenfirst name on this monument1838621900id: 6531270901082

9BaileyWilliam Henry Baileyfirst name on this monument1915331948id: 1441268171086
Elsie Baileywife of William Henry Bailey

10BarberFrederick Charles Barberfirst name on this monument1929641993id: 2581269121080
Janet Mary Barberwife of Frederick Charles Barber1936652001

11BarkerStanley Barkerfirst name on this monument1921842005id: 4771269541078

12BarkerWilliam J C Barkerfirst name on this monument1870291899id: 6561270911071
Kate Barkerwife of William J C Barker

13BarnesAnn Barnesfirst name on this monumentid: 881267661093

14BarnesElizabeth Barnesfirst name on this monument1907id: 5921270461069
Richard Barneshusband of Elizabeth Barnes1913

15BarnesJohn Barnesfirst name on this monument16id: 2001268671069
William Barnesfather of John Barnes
Susanna Barnesmother of John Barnes

16BarnesSarah Barnesfirst name on this monument1853811934id: 4641269411069

17BarnesWilliam Barnesfirst name on this monument1777811858id: 19912686610671
Susanna Barneswife of William Barnes1777951872

18BarronWilliam Barronfirst name on this monumentid: 1961268641070
Sarah Barronwife of William Barron

19BassDerek Bassfirst name on this monument1936742010id: 971267751087

20BaxterBenjamin Frederick Baxterfirst name on this monument1923611984id: 4651269421077

21BeddingLeslie Edwin Beddingfirst name on this monument1909841993id: 2401268961079

22BeddingMartin Thomas Beddingfirst name on this monument1920842004id: 991267771082
Minnie Mary Beddingwife of Martin Thomas Bedding1921872008

23BeddingRalph Edwin Beddingfirst name on this monument1879711950id: 6451270871072
Edith Mary Beddingwife of Ralph Edwin Bedding1884721956

24BeddingRaymond John Beddingfirst name on this monument1946411987id: 4921269651091
Adam Beddingson of Raymond John Bedding
Donovan Beddingson of Raymond John Bedding
Rosemary Beddingwife of Raymond John Bedding

25BennsArthur John Bennsfirst name on this monument1875861961id: 7091271361076
Maud Bennswife of Arthur John Benns1881811962

26BennsCatharine Bennsfirst name on this monument1837281865id: 21212687810741
Henry Bennshusband of Catharine Benns

27BennsDaniel Bennsfirst name on this monument1825801905id: 5981270501072
Charlotte Bennswife of Daniel Benns

28BennsDaniel Bennsfirst name on this monument1875631938id: 5321270011085
Edith Mary Benns1878771955
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29BennsElizabeth Bennsfirst name on this monument1814741888id: 1551268281084
George Bennshusband of Elizabeth Benns

30BennsFrances Bennsfirst name on this monumentid: 1501268231072
John Bennshusband of Frances Benns

31BennsGeorge Bennsfirst name on this monument1810841894id: 15412682710751

32BennsJohn Bennsfirst name on this monument70id: 1511268241074

33BennsMary Ann Bennsfirst name on this monument1803741877id: 1491268221083
John Bennshusband of Mary Ann Benns

34BennsPhilip Bennsfirst name on this monument1822721894id: 1521268251071

35BennsWilliam Bennsfirst name on this monument1823id: 1301268071072

36BidwellFrederick Edward Bidwellfirst name on this monument1968id: 7331271581077

37BlandArthur Blandfirst name on this monument1829691898id: 63312707910821
Elizabeth Blandwife of Arthur Bland1821871908

38BlandMary J G Blandfirst name on this monument1872871959id: 6921271221072

39BloomAustin Bloomfirst name on this monument1927742001id: 47312695010881

40BloomFred Ernest Bloomfirst name on this monument189921901id: 6311270771094
Lambert Bloomfather of Fred Ernest Bloom
Rachel Bloommother of Fred Ernest Bloom

41BoasdHerbert Samuel Boasdfirst name on this monument1947id: 1461268191098

42BoneMary Irene Bonefirst name on this monument1926521978id: 7621271801072
Samuel Bonehusband of Mary Irene Bone1920611981

43BottomleyH Bottomleyfirst name on this monument1874721946id: 16012683310781
O Bottomley1960

44BradburyAudrey Rosamund Bradburyfirst name on this monument1934732007id: 2761269291091
Samuel Bradburyhusband of Audrey Rosamund Bradbury1926842010

45BrettElizabeth Brettfirst name on this monument1829821911id: 1691268401081
William Bretthusband of Elizabeth Brett1842721914

46BrettJonathan David Brettfirst name on this monument1952542006id: 2791269321084

47BrindedElanor Brindedfirst name on this monument1818861904id: 1121267901070
John Brindedhusband of Elanor Brinded

48BrindedJohn Brindedfirst name on this monument1817651882id: 1131267911074

49BristerCharles Bristerfirst name on this monument1925852010id: 2811269341102

50BristerSteven Charles Bristerfirst name on this monument196141965id: 7241271501073

51BroomElizabeth Hannah Broomfirst name on this monument1870671937id: 53312700210721
Robert George Broom1869691938

52BrowneCecil P L Brownefirst name on this monument1909441953id: 6711271021096

53BrowneFrederick George Brownefirst name on this monument1880751955id: 67812710910831
Eva Margaret Brownewife of Frederick George Browne1795821877

54BrowneGeorge Brownefirst name on this monument1830191849id: 2261268881073
Robert Brownefather of George Browne
Lucy Ann Brownemother of George Browne

55BrowneGeorge Arthur Brownefirst name on this monument1961id: 6871271181071
Millicent Patience Brownewife of George Arthur Browne1887771964

56BrowneNeville Charles Brownefirst name on this monument1902741976id: 7491271711073
Phyllis Edith Brownewife of Neville Charles Browne1913731986

57BrownePhilip Brownefirst name on this monument1814551869id: 1731268441072
Elizabeth Brownewife of Philip Browne

58BrownePhilip William Brownefirst name on this monument1868921960id: 7161271431081
Ellen Elizabeth Brownewife of Philip William Browne1871891960

59BrunningJohn Brunningfirst name on this monument1724851809id: 20512687210811

60BurgessElizabeth Burgessfirst name on this monument1802881890id: 1921268611073
James Burgesshusband of Elizabeth Burgess
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61BurgessFrederick James Burgessfirst name on this monument1905551960id: 7151271421079
Eileen Mabel Burgesswife of Frederick James Burgess1910922002

62BurgessJames Burgessfirst name on this monument1799641863id: 19112686010742
Elizabeth Burgesswife of James Burgess

63BurgessRobert Burgessfirst name on this monument1861791940id: 19312686210772
Elizabeth Burgesswife of Robert Burgess1867841951

64BurgessRosa Hannah Burgessfirst name on this monument1889101899id: 65812709310811
Benjamin Burgessfather of Rosa Hannah Burgess
Elizabeth Burgessmother of Rosa Hannah Burgess

65BurtonWilliam F Burtonfirst name on this monumentid: 6791271101072

66ButlerWilliam Butlerfirst name on this monument1877821959id: 6981271251072
Mildred Butlerwife of William Butler1878821960

67CableArthur Cablefirst name on this monument1830711901id: 61112705910961Arthur was a Grocer and Barber married to Ann Wales. Address was Grocers Shop, On the Hills, Reedham. They had 3 sons, James born 1854, Charles born 1858 and William born 1860. Father was Benjamin Cable. James married in Ireland in 1876 to Elizabeth Wilson.
Ann Cablewife of Arthur Cable1829841913

68CableHarry Cablefirst name on this monument1864641928id: 5251269961092
Marie Cablewife of Harry Cable1863771940

69CalverSusannah Matilda Calverfirst name on this monument1823521875id: 711267621074

70CareyShona Allison Careyfirst name on this monument1976181994id: 24212689810793

71CarltonEdna May Carltonfirst name on this monument1917731990id: 5071269801073

72CarterRoy Ernest Carterfirst name on this monument1915771992id: 68012711210882

73CarterRoyston Aubrey Carterfirst name on this monument1945121957id: 6801271111077

74ChapmanLydia Ellen Chapmanfirst name on this monument1884331917id: 56812702510751
Herbert William Chapmanhusband of Lydia Ellen Chapman

75ChesterWilliam Chesterfirst name on this monument1830691899id: 62012706610701
Mary Chesterwife of William Chester1832791911

76ChillmanArthur James Chillmanfirst name on this monument1931661997id: 2451269011079
Glenis Ann Chillmanwife of Arthur James Chillman1937611998

77ChipperfieldCharlotte Chipperfieldfirst name on this monument1882id: 1111267891079

78ChipperfieldFrederick Chipperfieldfirst name on this monument1835361871id: 11712679510841

79ClementCharles Edwin Clementfirst name on this monument1835501885id: 10012677810832

80CloverEric Cloverfirst name on this monument1915801995id: 2231268851084
Richenda Cloverwife of Eric Clover1912861998

81CluttenWilliam Cluttenfirst name on this monument1893801973id: 7451271681079
Marjorie Alice Mary Cluttenwife of William Clutten1981

82CockerillElizabeth Cockerillfirst name on this monument1772851857id: 891267671081
Ezekiel Cockerillhusband of Elizabeth Cockerill

83CockerillEzekiel Cockerillfirst name on this monument1824511875id: 931267711067

84CockerillEzekiel Cockerillfirst name on this monument1799691868id: 921267701079

85CockerillEzekiel Cockerillfirst name on this monument1775691844id: 901267681069

86CockerillJanet Cockerillfirst name on this monument45id: 17112684210922
Charles Robert Cockerillhusband of Janet Cockerill1820651885

87CockerillRuth Cockerillfirst name on this monument1796761872id: 911267691077

88CoffenAgnes Coffenfirst name on this monument1839601899id: 6191270651081

89CollettGladys Elizabeth Collettfirst name on this monument1907911998id: 24812690410861
Frank Christian Colletthusband of Gladys Elizabeth Collett1907761983

90CollinsDaniel C Collinsfirst name on this monument1793661859id: 20212686910711
Harriot Collinswife of Daniel C Collins1813721885

91CollinsEdith Wilhelmina Collinsfirst name on this monument1896631959id: 75312717410811
Constance Edith Muckettdaughter of Edith Wilhelmina Collins1920721992
Frank Samuel Collinshusband of Edith Wilhelmina Collins1889881977

92CollinsSarah Collinsfirst name on this monument1791531844id: 2031268701070
Daniel Collinswife of Sarah Collins
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93CollinsWilliam Brunning Collinsfirst name on this monument1819211840id: 2041268711084
Daniel Collinsfather of William Brunning Collins
Sarah Collinsmother of William Brunning Collins

94CooperFrederick William Cooperfirst name on this monument1921842005id: 27812693110711

95CooperGladys C Cooperfirst name on this monument1899541953id: 62212706810962
Frederick John Cooperhusband of Gladys C Cooper1893751968

96CooperHelen Christine Cooperfirst name on this monument1895661961id: 7011271281072
Charles Cooperhusband of Helen Christine Cooper1888891977
Russell James Cooperson of Helen Christine Cooper1923601983

97CooperJames Cooperfirst name on this monument1856801936id: 12312680110691
Sarah Ann Cooperwife of James Cooper1858831941

98CooperJeremiah Cooperfirst name on this monument187611877id: 14012681410852
Robert Cooperbrother of Jeremiah Cooper187431877
Mary Ann Coopermother of Jeremiah Cooper

99CooperJohn Ernest Cooperfirst name on this monument1941511992id: 2371268931069

100CooperMary Ann Cooperfirst name on this monument1849731922id: 1411268151069
Jeremiah Cooperhusband of Mary Ann Cooper1847801927

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Reedham, Norfolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is NR13 3UH - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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