Armley Hill Top F Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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601StorrHarry Storrfirst name on this monument1905701975id: 86130
Kathleen Mary Haigh1912791991

602SummersKathleen Summersfirst name on this monument1954181972id: 58791

603SutcliffeReggie Sutcliffefirst name on this monument1917631980id: 8452

604SuttonCatherine Suttonfirst name on this monument1919611980no image13
Nicholas Sutton1918842002

605TanteMichael Tantefirst name on this monument1895771972id: 9059
Encarnacion Tante1903871990

606TaylorCharles Taylorfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 9598
Hilda Taylorwife of Charles Taylor1929671996

607TaylorCharles Taylorfirst name on this monument1895651960id: 50283
Jane Taylorwife of Charles Taylor1898851983

608TaylorFlorence Taylorfirst name on this monument1893571950id: 11288
Grant Taylorhusband of Florence Taylor1890691959
David Taylorson of Florence Taylor1923471970

609TaylorJames Arthur Taylorfirst name on this monument1911621973id: 42791
Olive Mary Taylorwife of James Arthur Taylor1913761989

610TaylorJohn James Taylorfirst name on this monument1910621972id: 4227
Elsie Taylorwife of John James Taylor1910831993

611TaylorNellie Taylorfirst name on this monument1909501959id: 50413
Fred Taylorhusband of Nellie Taylor1901851986

612TaylorPhoebe Elizabeth Taylorfirst name on this monument1892801972id: 63461
Benjamin Taylorson of Phoebe Elizabeth Taylor1945

613ThirtleErnest Thirtlefirst name on this monumentid: 4649
Lydia Thirtle

614ThompsonArthur Henry Thompsonfirst name on this monument1899621961id: 35615

615ThompsonHerbert Thompsonfirst name on this monument1884781962id: 4427
Alice Thompsonwife of Herbert Thompson1882881970

616ThompsonJohn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1891501941id: 1166172
Mary Florence Thackraysister-in-law of John Thompson1899791978
Lily Thompsonwife of John Thompson1892861978

617ThornePhyllis Thornefirst name on this monument1922501972id: 10848

618ThorntonWillie Thorntonfirst name on this monument1960id: 1076131

619ThorpArthur Thorpfirst name on this monument1910791989id: 114120
Stanley Thorpson of Arthur Thorp193541939

620ThorpVeronica Thorpfirst name on this monument1914531967id: 35424
Alan Thorphusband of Veronica Thorp1910651975

621ThorpeBertie Thorpefirst name on this monument1899591958id: 366263Bertie was born 13th March 1899 in Leeds. He served as KOYLI, Kings Rifles and QVRs in WWI. They had 2 children. My mother Doreen b.1925 and my Uncle Albert b. 1924. Most of my memories of my Grandad was when he worked as a van driver for Thrift Stores at Kirkstall.
Edna Thorpewife of Bertie Thorpe1905901995 Edna was b. 5th August 1905. She worked as cleaner at Jones Sewing Machine Shop in Leeds and at Boots Chemist on the parade of shops at Armley Rd/Wyther Park. For most of her adult life she lived at 51 Wyther Park Hill, moving to a ground floor flat on Wyther Park Mount in her latter days.

622ThorpeWilliam Thorpefirst name on this monument1914641978id: 80110
Martha Thorpewife of William Thorpe1918711989

623ThrippletonBarbara Thrippletonfirst name on this monument1932321964id: 4096

624ThrowerMary Jane Throwerfirst name on this monument1905741979id: 88936

625TiernanMartin Joseph Tiernanfirst name on this monument1924511975id: 86513

626TiffanySydney Tiffanyfirst name on this monument1909741983id: 113810MBE

627TilleyLily Tilleyfirst name on this monument1919501969id: 47914
Walter Tilleyhusband of Lily Tilley1918661984
May Tilley

628TitchmarshElizabeth E Titchmarshfirst name on this monument1895671962id: 5778
Robert G Heslop1924802004
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629ToulsonWilliam Toulsonfirst name on this monument1900521952id: 10921067
Allan Dean1980 The small monument says Elsie Toulson and Allan Dean,died together April 1980..they died in a plane crash in Tenerife..Elsie was wife of Allan Dean and daughter of William and Nellie(nee Brierley)Toulson..
Joan Megretton1928581986
Kathryn Vater
Mark Vater1985 1 day
Paul Vater
Nellie Toulsonwife of William Toulson1902911993

630TownendRoy Townendfirst name on this monument1925501975id: 98014

631TowsonFrances Towsonfirst name on this monument1895831978id: 799132
Madge Linleydaughter of Frances Towson1922681990
Arthur Linley1915751990

632TowsonKathleen Towsonfirst name on this monument1921601981id: 9875
John Towsonhusband of Kathleen Towson2004

633TrueloveJohn William Truelovefirst name on this monument1897641961id: 52714
Gladys Truelovewife of John William Truelove1901861987

634TruemanHarry Truemanfirst name on this monument1925741999id: 9299
Gloria Truemanwife of Harry Trueman1931752006

635TuoheyMartin Tuoheyfirst name on this monument1979id: 81415
Hannah Tuohey1995

636TurnerBenjamin Turnerfirst name on this monument1886751961id: 35715
Sarah Emma Turnerwife of Benjamin Turner1885841969

637TurnerHerbert Turnerfirst name on this monument1886551941id: 11335
Herbert Alan Turnerson of Herbert Turner1928581986
Mary Eleanor Turnerwife of Herbert Turner1885931978

638TurnerLeonard Turnerfirst name on this monument1917561973id: 63016
Ella Withingtonwife of Leonard Turner1922832005

639TurnerMary Jane Turnerfirst name on this monument1880831963id: 5694
Henry Turner1881871968

640TurnerSam Turnerfirst name on this monument1974id: 88312
Margaret Whitehead1912831995

641TynanMatthew Tynanfirst name on this monument1900551955id: 111920
Michael Tynangrand son of Matthew Tynan1957 3 months

642UmblebyWilliam Blackburn Umblebyfirst name on this monument1909541963id: 56620

643VarleyFlorence May Varleyfirst name on this monument1931762007id: 93872
Dennis Varleyhusband of Florence May Varley1931772008

644VickersFred W K Vickersfirst name on this monument1894741968id: 55210

645VickersJohn William Vickersfirst name on this monument1883731956id: 8204
Ethel Vickerswife of John William Vickers1888831971

646WadeJennifer Ethel Wadefirst name on this monument1946121958id: 46129
Ronald Wadefather of Jennifer Ethel Wade
Ethel Wademother of Jennifer Ethel Wade
Florence Reynard1896901986
William H Reynard1896861982

647WagstaffDoris Wagstafffirst name on this monument1898721970id: 416141
Thomas Wagstaffhusband of Doris Wagstaff1900771977

648WalkerAnthony George Walkerfirst name on this monument194981957id: 113264
Charles Swinton Lanegrand father of Anthony George Walker1883611944
Lily Lanegrand mother of Anthony George Walker1891811972
John Swinton Lane1920641984

649WalkerBeryl Walkerfirst name on this monument1931291960id: 4468

650WalkerDot Walkerfirst name on this monument1936652001id: 3289
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651WalkerEmily Walkerfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 105210
William Walkerhusband of Emily Walker1882821964
Louisa Walker1901751976

652WalkerFred Walkerfirst name on this monument1914631977id: 6517
Olive Walkerwife of Fred Walker1917892006

653WalkerGilbert Walkerfirst name on this monumentid: 110014
May Walker

654WalkerJesse Walkerfirst name on this monument1895671962id: 10286
Elizabeth Walker1896851981

655WalkerMary A Walkerfirst name on this monument1883761959id: 3998
Walter Walkerhusband of Mary A Walker1884851969

656WalkerTom Walkerfirst name on this monument1965id: 4377
Evelyn Walkerwife of Tom Walker1971

657WallWilliam Wallfirst name on this monument1975id: 83623
Patsy Donegan1992

658WalshRobert Walshfirst name on this monument1933401973id: 48621
Mary Bruce1895871982

659WardAlice Wardfirst name on this monument1896731969id: 5499
Harold Wardhusband of Alice Ward1900921992

660WardEnoch Binks Wardfirst name on this monument1890741964id: 46912

661WardJack Winston Wardfirst name on this monument1941541995id: 97714

662WardMargaret Mary Wardfirst name on this monument1947351982id: 11115
Catherine Ward1926731999
Herbert Ward1922842006

663WardWillie Wardfirst name on this monument1881771958id: 36961
Annie Wardwife of Willie Ward1884781962

664WardellJohn Wardellfirst name on this monument1922571979no image6
Dorothy Wardell1926641990

665WasylenkoFred Wasylenkofirst name on this monument93id: 8034

666WatersSydney L Watersfirst name on this monument1912591971id: 4196

667WatsonAgnes Watsonfirst name on this monument1912831995id: 93749
Brian James McGannson-in-law of Agnes Watson1929742003

668WatsonDon Watsonfirst name on this monument1984id: 77721
Olive Watsonwife of Don Watson2002

669WatsonHerbert Watsonfirst name on this monument1889671956id: 910141
Sarah Ann Watsonwife of Herbert Watson1891711962

670WatsonRonnie Watsonfirst name on this monument1926511977id: 787221
Renee Watsonwife of Ronnie Watson

671WaudbyDerek L Waudbyfirst name on this monument1938321970id: 42891
Anne Waudbywife of Derek L Waudby

672WebbGrace Webbfirst name on this monument1908671975id: 8596
Herbert Edward Webbhusband of Grace Webb1901741975

673WebberThomas Webberfirst name on this monument1887731960id: 1077552
Albert Webberadopted son of Thomas Webber1920441964
Matilda Webber Daviesdaughter of Thomas Webber1907871994
Florence Webberdaughter-in-law of Thomas Webber
Norma Daviesgrand daughter of Thomas Webber
Alan Daviesgrand son of Thomas Webber
Harold Daviesson-in-law of Thomas Webber1900851985
Mabel Webberwife of Thomas Webber1885831968

674WebsterAlfred Websterfirst name on this monument1921551976id: 88153
Maureen Webster1957462003
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675WebsterAnnie E Websterfirst name on this monument64id: 452332
John William Websterhusband of Annie E Webster74
Karen Gardner1963402003
John Websterson of Annie E Webster14

676WebsterHarry Websterfirst name on this monument1925501975id: 9065

677WebsterMark Andrew Websterfirst name on this monument1967281995id: 9489

678WelchDolly Welchfirst name on this monument1904651969id: 112621
Betty Broadley1930661996
Joshua Luke Broadley1989 6 weeks
Anthony McLoughlin1997
Mary Elizabeth Thorpe1883621945
Robert Henry Thorpe1885701955

679WelldonOlive Welldonfirst name on this monument1880671947id: 11766
Albert Welldonhusband of Olive Welldon

680WellerJohn Wellerfirst name on this monument1883641947id: 3888
Harriet Pollardwife of John Weller1884771961

681WestwoodJohn Westwoodfirst name on this monument1892691961id: 4065
Louisa Westwoodwife of John Westwood1894801974

682WhartonNellie Whartonfirst name on this monument1916631979id: 784102
Fred Whartonhusband of Nellie Wharton1917852002

683WhatmoughJune Whatmoughfirst name on this monument1946151961id: 49927

684WhitakerElizabeth Whitakerfirst name on this monument1878721950id: 38916
Herbert Whitakerhusband of Elizabeth Whitaker1875821957

685WhitakerJoseph William Whitakerfirst name on this monumentid: 3518
Bertha Stamper1921691990

686WhiteHarry Whitefirst name on this monument1925461971id: 34610
Emily Holt1889891978
Ronnie Holt1914701984
Timothy John Holt1959381997

687WhiteSamuel John D Whitefirst name on this monument1927772004id: 92812
Phyllis May P White1913912004

688WhitehouseTheresa Whitehousefirst name on this monument1956id: 513192

689WhittakerHarold Whittakerfirst name on this monument1907731980id: 82516
Alice Whittakerwife of Harold Whittaker1909751984

690WhittinghamJessie Whittinghamfirst name on this monument1901811982id: 87629

691WhitworthViolet Whitworthfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 1048571
Herbert Whitworthhusband of Violet Whitworth1886711957
Herbert Whitworthson of Violet Whitworth1912551967

692WiderClifford Widerfirst name on this monument1911611972id: 58871
Edna May Widerwife of Clifford Wider1915902005

693WilcockStanley Wilcockfirst name on this monument1979id: 78543
Carol Anne Wilcockdaughter of Stanley Wilcock1947572004
Elsie Wilcockwife of Stanley Wilcock

694WildFrank Wildfirst name on this monument1898521950id: 1094
(2 images)
Gladys Elsie Wildwife of Frank Wild1897851982

695WilliamEdward Richard Williamfirst name on this monument1883681951id: 38731
Florence May Martinwife of Edward Richard William

696WilliamsArthur Williamsfirst name on this monument1898591957id: 3714

697WilliamsLlewellyn Williamsfirst name on this monument1892701962id: 46729
Ada Ann Williamswife of Llewellyn Williams18941031997

698WilsonAnne Wilsonfirst name on this monument1895771972id: 3435
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699WilsonArthur Wilsonfirst name on this monument1913261939id: 11626
George William Wilsonfather of Arthur Wilson1875841959
Minnie Wilsonmother of Arthur Wilson1878821960

700WilsonElsie Wilsonfirst name on this monument1900701970id: 4019
Kenneth Wilsonson of Elsie Wilson1924661990

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