Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301MundayGeorge Baker Mundayfirst name on this monument1814561870id: 8990
(2 images)

302MurvinGrace Murvinfirst name on this monument1862id: 6042
(2 images)
Elizabeth Whitaker1786781864

303Nance KievillThomas Nance Kievillfirst name on this monument1813471860id: 6190112
Samuel Luxtonnephew of Thomas Nance Kievill185911860
Mary E A M Dunnniece of Thomas Nance Kievill185381861
Mary Nance Kievillwife of Thomas Nance Kievill1810741884

304NancekivellEdward Nancekivellfirst name on this monument1841291870id: 907082
Ernest Edward Nancekivellson of Edward Nancekivell1870
Elizabeth Nancekivellwife of Edward Nancekivell1841291870

305NarrawaySarah Ann Narrawayfirst name on this monument1828171845id: 620016

306NewcombeGeorge Newcombefirst name on this monument1809691878id: 619161

307OatwayWilliam Oatwayfirst name on this monument1800541854id: 61037
George Oatwayson of William Oatway1828201848
Thamazin Oatwaywife of William Oatway1800541854

308OkeCarry Okefirst name on this monument186571872id: 8762131
John Okefather of Carry Oke
Annie Okemother of Carry Oke

309OkeJames Okefirst name on this monument1844221866id: 9167142

310OliverWilliam Oliverfirst name on this monument1835241859id: 885712died of consumption
Harriet Pillaunt of William Oliver1797681865
William Oliverfather of William Oliver
Ann Olivermother of William Oliver
William Pilluncle of William Oliver

311PaddonEliza Paddonfirst name on this monument1812691881id: 903191
Mary Hawkesleymother of Eliza Paddon

312PaddonJames Paddonfirst name on this monument1820621882id: 884114

313PaddonJohn Paddonfirst name on this monument1839341873id: 901041

314PaddonSamuel Paddonfirst name on this monument1837481885id: 9063108

315PalmerCharlotte Palmerfirst name on this monument1835341869id: 8776101
Matilda Thornedaughter of Charlotte Palmer1852251877
George Palmerhusband of Charlotte Palmer

316PalmerElizabeth Palmerfirst name on this monument1811691880id: 8947
(2 images)
Arthur Palmer1876111887
William Phillip Palmer1865751940

317PalmerHannah Palmerfirst name on this monument1842451887id: 878218
Alfred Palmerhusband of Hannah Palmer

318PascoeElizabeth Pascoefirst name on this monument1841141855id: 613923
Thomas Pascoefather of Elizabeth Pascoe
Mary Pascoemother of Elizabeth Pascoe

319PaskerJohn Paskerfirst name on this monument1795821877id: 6199191
Harriet Paskersecond wife of John Pasker1803851888

320PeakomeAnn Peakomefirst name on this monument1782901872id: 9198
(2 images)

321PedlerChristian Pedlerfirst name on this monument1814371851id: 6168141
Mary Jane Milsomdaughter of Christian Pedler1853631916
Florence Mabel Milsomgrand daughter of Christian Pedler1877
William Pedlerhusband of Christian Pedler Master mariner
John Shopland Milsomson-in-law of Christian Pedler

322PedlerMary Ann Pedlerfirst name on this monument1866id: 8997
(3 images)
Florence Annie Pedlerdaughter of Mary Ann Pedler1856221878
William Pedlerhusband of Mary Ann Pedler Master mariner
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323PerkinGertrude Ellen Perkinfirst name on this monument187751882id: 6078232
William Perkinfather of Gertrude Ellen Perkin
Mary Ann Perkinmother of Gertrude Ellen Perkin

324PerkinGertrude Ellen Perkinfirst name on this monument1882id: 60798

325PerkinMary Ann Perkinfirst name on this monument1853id: 616434

326PhillipsWilliam Phillipsfirst name on this monument1811721883id: 6039261
Ann Phillipswife of William Phillips1808751883

327PickardCatherine Pickardfirst name on this monument1822571879id: 6137
(2 images)
James Pickardhusband of Catherine Pickard1810771887

328PickardFrederick James Pickardfirst name on this monument186661872id: 876491
Richard Pickardfather of Frederick James Pickard
Elizabeth Pickardmother of Frederick James Pickard
Albert Frederick Pickardnephew of Frederick James Pickard188521887

329PickardMary Ann Pickardfirst name on this monument1855181873id: 914518
John Sanders Pickard1858201878
Mary Ann Pickard1821651886

330PickardWilliam Pickardfirst name on this monument1787811868id: 915552
Susan Pickardwife of William Pickard1786831869

331PickardWilliam Henry Pickardfirst name on this monument188311884id: 6077211
Walter Pickardbrother of William Henry Pickard1889
John Pickardfather of William Henry Pickard
Grace Pickardmother of William Henry Pickard

332PillfeantRichard Pillfeantfirst name on this monument1805591864no image41

333PittLovedy Pittfirst name on this monument1816621878id: 895861
James W Pitthusband of Lovedy Pitt

334PlucknettJames Plucknettfirst name on this monument1783781861id: 8793
(2 images)
William Elliottson-in-law of James Plucknett1816561872
Mary Plucknettwife of James Plucknett1797691866

335PollardGeorge Pollardfirst name on this monument1823631886id: 8930a5
Maria Pollardwife of George Pollard1834811915

336PollardSarah Pollardfirst name on this monument1816381854id: 615413
Anna Maria Hodge1813621875
Emma Truran1810661876

337PooleFrederick Charles Poolefirst name on this monument1857171874id: 8979212Late of Swansea
Charles F Poolefather of Frederick Charles Poole
Mary Poolemother of Frederick Charles Poole

338PoundJames Poundfirst name on this monument1845491894id: 902661
Willie Poundson of James Pound187211873
Ellen A Poundwife of James Pound1843821925

339PoundJulia Poundfirst name on this monument1845231868id: 8778171
Montague Poundson of Julia Pound1868

340PowRichard Powfirst name on this monument1813611874id: 9004
(2 images)
Mary Powdaughter of Richard Pow1836231859
Sally Powwife of Richard Pow1812701882

341PoweThomazine Powefirst name on this monument1824561880id: 61783
Robert Powehusband of Thomazine Powe1817721889

342PoweWilliam Powefirst name on this monument1825251850id: 6080326
William Powefather of William Powe
Elizabeth Powemother of William Powe1885

343PoweWilliam Henry Powefirst name on this monument1848id: 609191
Robert Powefather of William Henry Powe
Catherine Powemother of William Henry Powe
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344PranceJames Prancefirst name on this monument1807781885id: 9051
(2 images)
Mary Prancewife of James Prance1804831887

345PridhamDaniel Pridhamfirst name on this monument185921861id: 6073173
Thomas Pridhamfather of Daniel Pridham
Louisa Pridhammother of Daniel Pridham

346PrinceNancy Princefirst name on this monument1796771873id: 89293
Thomas Princehusband of Nancy Prince

347PrustGeorge Prustfirst name on this monument1861211882id: 88564
Thomas Prustfather of George Prust
Eliza Prustmother of George Prust
Sarah Ann Prustsister of George Prust1859271886

348PulmanThomas Pulmanfirst name on this monument1809741883id: 899517from Doniford Somerset

349QuickAnn Quickfirst name on this monument1835201855id: 61475

350QuickCatherine Quickfirst name on this monument1798721870id: 90735Died at Tapley Park Westleigh

351RadcliffeCatherine Radcliffefirst name on this monument1828581886id: 6130181
Thomas Radcliffehusband of Catherine Radcliffe

352RadcliffeCatherine Radcliffefirst name on this monument1828581886id: 8877132
Thomas Radcliffehusband of Catherine Radcliffe

353RadcliftJames Henry Radcliftfirst name on this monument187911880id: 8785
(3 images)
Alfred Bird Radcliftbrother of James Henry Radclift1887201907
James Radcliftfather of James Henry Radclift1855641919
Annie Radcliftmother of James Henry Radclift1855801935

354RedcleftAlma Mary Redcleftfirst name on this monument186181869id: 8875122
James Redcleftfather of Alma Mary Redcleft
Mary Redcleftmother of Alma Mary Redcleft

355RedcleftElizabeth Redcleftfirst name on this monument1797821879id: 6134144
William Redclefthusband of Elizabeth Redcleft1799851884

356RedcliffeWilliam Redcliffefirst name on this monument1832501882id: 8827
(4 images)
Edith Bellissa Hastiegrand daughter of William Redcliffe188121883
Arthur Redcliffeson of William Redcliffe1860231883

357RedcliftJames Redcliftfirst name on this monument1806771883id: 9102
(3 images)
Jane Redcliftwife of James Redclift1807801887

358RedcliftJohn Redcliftfirst name on this monument1814651879id: 895554

359RedcliftSally Redcliftfirst name on this monument1811601871id: 8805
(3 images)
James Redclifthusband of Sally Redclift
James Redcliftson of Sally Redclift1851161867

360ReedPhillip Allen Reedfirst name on this monument1802411843id: 62037
Helen Reeddaughter of Phillip Allen Reed1835101845

361RendleJohn Rendlefirst name on this monument1842201862id: 9189
(3 images)
Jonathan Rendlefather of John Rendle
Mary Rendlemother of John Rendle
Edward Rendleson of John Rendle1847201867
Mary Ann Rendleson of John Rendle1837281865

362RendleJonathan Rendlefirst name on this monument1809741883id: 9033
(2 images)
Mary Rendlefirst wife of Jonathan Rendle1817551872
Mary Ann Rendlesecond wife of Jonathan Rendle1810821892

363RichardsCharles Henry Richardsfirst name on this monument186091869id: 91413
William Richardsfather of Charles Henry Richards
Mary Richardsmother of Charles Henry Richards

364RichardsMary Ann Richardsfirst name on this monument1816591875id: 61104
John Richardshusband of Mary Ann Richards
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365RigsbyThomas Rigsbyfirst name on this monument1819651884no image93
Fanny Rigsbywife of Thomas Rigsby1816761892

366RobertsGeorge Robertsfirst name on this monument1839451884id: 917716
William Robertsfather of George Roberts
Mary Ann Robertsmother of George Roberts

367RobertsHarry Robertsfirst name on this monument183951844id: 62103
William Robertsfather of Harry Roberts
Mary Ann Robertsmother of Harry Roberts1804661870

368RowWilliam Rowfirst name on this monument1794801874id: 620582

369RoweCatherine Rowefirst name on this monument1797781875id: 6068
(2 images)
Henry Rowehusband of Catherine Rowe

370SandersJohn Sandersfirst name on this monument184631849id: 618310
Robert Sandersfather of John Sanders
Ann Sandersmother of John Sanders

371SanguinArthur John Sanguinfirst name on this monument185811859id: 883341

372ShambrookHenry Shambrookfirst name on this monument1797791876id: 909383
Jane Shambrookwife of Henry Shambrook1797751872

373ShapleyEliza Shapleyfirst name on this monument1804471851id: 61724
Thomas Shapleyhusband of Eliza Shapley

374ShepherdAgnes Shepherdfirst name on this monument1790581848id: 609342
Elizabeth Pickarddaughter of Agnes Shepherd1825541879
William Shepherdhusband of Agnes Shepherd
Thomas Pickardson-in-law of Agnes Shepherd1826821908

375ShepherdElizabeth Shepherdfirst name on this monument1860171877id: 8968161
Samuel Shepherdfather of Elizabeth Shepherd
Ann Shepherdmother of Elizabeth Shepherd

376ShepherdSamuel Shepherdfirst name on this monument1794841878id: 895721
Montague Shepherdson of Samuel Shepherd1867131880
Ann Shepherdwife of Samuel Shepherd

377ShepherdWilliam Shepherdfirst name on this monument1788681856id: 890432

378ShortNaomi Shortfirst name on this monument1809581867id: 9123
(3 images)
Stephen Shorthusband of Naomi Short1819481867
John Shortson of Naomi Short1846241870

379ShuttAlfred Shuttfirst name on this monument1865201885id: 618262
Thomas Shuttfather of Alfred Shutt1838781916
Mary Ann Shuttmother of Alfred Shutt1840851925

380SinkinsJoseph Nuth Sinkinsfirst name on this monument1819821901id: 90466
Elizabeth Sinkinsfirst wife of Joseph Nuth Sinkins1808621870
Sarah Sinkinssecond wife of Joseph Nuth Sinkins1817841901

381SlocombeHenry Slocombefirst name on this monument1803661869id: 8878144
Elizabeth Slocombewife of Henry Slocombe1808721880

382SmithHelen Smithfirst name on this monument186811869id: 9139
(2 images)
John Smith1835721907
Maria Jane Smith1833861919
Mary Smith1793821875

383SnellMary Snellfirst name on this monument1810461856id: 8907191
John Snellhusband of Mary Snell
Thomas Snellson of Mary Snell1836211857

384SpearmanMary Spearmanfirst name on this monument1788851873id: 90474
Mary Spearman1808701878
William Spearman
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385SquireFrancis Squirefirst name on this monument1836531889id: 9097
(3 images)
Mary Jane Squirewife of Francis Squire1841831924 Died at New York

386SquireRobert Squirefirst name on this monument1814741888id: 9196121
Studley Squireson of Robert Squire1857361893
Harriet Squirewife of Robert Squire1822801902

387StaceyWilliam Staceyfirst name on this monument1854331887id: 60975

388StapletonWilliam Stapletonfirst name on this monument1850231873id: 8980
(2 images)
Faith Harding1822621884
James Harding1821621883
Anne Stapletonwife of William Stapleton1851241875

389StentChristine winifred Stentfirst name on this monument1886441930id: 60565
Charles Stenthusband of Christine winifred Stent
William Montague Baker Stentson of Christine winifred Stent1883681951

390StevensElizabeth Hookway Stevensfirst name on this monument185171858id: 8862
(2 images)
Richard Stevensfather of Elizabeth Hookway Stevens
Thirza Stevensmother of Elizabeth Hookway Stevens
Helena Alberta Stevenssister of Elizabeth Hookway Stevens1860
Helena Feadore Stevenssister of Elizabeth Hookway Stevens1865
Thirza Amelia Stevenssister of Elizabeth Hookway Stevens186571872

391StevensRichard H Stevensfirst name on this monument1850231873id: 888168drowned at Buenos Ayres
William A Stevensbrother of Richard H Stevens1856221878 drowned in St Georges channel

392StevensThirza Stevensfirst name on this monument1825481873id: 9086
(3 images)
Richard Stevenswife of Thirza Stevens1827481875 Master mariner buried at Rhosilly

393StoneEllen Stonefirst name on this monument1845241869id: 9126
(3 images)
Thomas Stonehusband of Ellen Stone1839651904

394SussexWilliam Henry Sussexfirst name on this monument185211853id: 6156
(2 images)
William Sussexfather of William Henry Sussex1816701886
Elizabeth Sussexmother of William Henry Sussex1817671884

395SymonsSarah Elizabeth Symonsfirst name on this monument1858201878id: 62127

396TapperJohn Tapperfirst name on this monument1803521855id: 614581
Mary Tapperwife of John Tapper1803731876

397TardrewAnn Tardrewfirst name on this monument1806421848id: 6185123
Ann Tardrewdaughter of Ann Tardrew1848
Mary Elizabeth Tardrewdaughter of Ann Tardrew1833211854
William Tardrewhusband of Ann Tardrew Ironmonger
James Tardrewson of Ann Tardrew1845

398TaylorMary Melluish Taylorfirst name on this monument184311844id: 618629
Sally Turnbullaunt of Mary Melluish Taylor1788941882
Walter Andrew Turnbulluncle of Mary Melluish Taylor

399TaylorRichard Taylorfirst name on this monument1779741853id: 6155104
Ursula Taylorgrand daughter of Richard Taylor1852221874
Dinah Taylor
Christian Taylorwife of Richard Taylor1783861869

400ThompsonCaroline Emmett Kingdon Thompsonfirst name on this monument1828391867id: 6049323
Elizabeth Brendon Thompsondaughter of Caroline Emmett Kingdon Thompson1856111867
John Thompsonhusband of Caroline Emmett Kingdon Thompson1820701890
John Kingdon Thompsonson of Caroline Emmett Kingdon Thompson184981857

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Old Town Municipal Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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