B3 Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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1AitkenHannah Aitkenfirst name on this monument1826621888id: 14099692416

2AllanMartha Ann Allanfirst name on this monument1845371882id: 563997056152
Ralph Jeffersonbrother of Martha Ann Allan1857241881
Thomas Jeffersonbrother of Martha Ann Allan1861151876
James Low Allanhusband of Martha Ann Allan

3AndersonGeorge Stanley Dodgson Andersonfirst name on this monument1908201928id: 656299799261

4AppletonAlice Newton Appletonfirst name on this monument1854351889id: 11099667420
Joseph Appletonhusband of Alice Newton Appleton

5AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1823611884id: 56099703228

6AtkinsonWilliam Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1838561894id: 8199641428
Eleanor Maud Atkinsondaughter of William Atkinson188321885
Florance Anne Atkinsondaughter of William Atkinson1866241890

7AyresFlorence Rosetta Ayresfirst name on this monument1882461928id: 655699793650
Florence Mildred Ayresdaughter of Florence Rosetta Ayres191311914
Mary Rosetta Ayresdaughter of Florence Rosetta Ayres1917892006
Edgar Ralph Ayreshusband of Florence Rosetta Ayres1880781958

8BaileySarah Ellen Baileyfirst name on this monument1874301904id: 14399695529
Thomas Hugillfather of Sarah Ellen Bailey
Joseph Arthur Baileyhusband of Sarah Ellen Bailey
Rebecca Hugillmother of Sarah Ellen Bailey

9BainbridgeJane Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1829561885id: 88996463901
Robert Bainbridgehusband of Jane Bainbridge1822811903

10BairdAnnetta Jane Bairdfirst name on this monument1869351904id: 6699630759
Andrew Bairdhusband of Annetta Jane Baird
Gwenllian Edwards1875391914

11BallSarah Ballfirst name on this monument1854331887id: 107996644352
Henry Ballhusband of Sarah Ball
Harry Whybert Ballson of Sarah Ball187611877
Melton Watson Ballson of Sarah Ball1882241906

12BallanThomas Ballanfirst name on this monument1822701892id: 616997434303
Mary Ann Ballandaughter of Thomas Ballan1844341878
Sarah Ballanwife of Thomas Ballan1812701882

13BarkerThomas Barkerfirst name on this monument1830761906id: 636997623381
Elizabeth Barkerwife of Thomas Barker1841761917

14BastimanMary Bastimanfirst name on this monument1814671881id: 8799645470
Thomas Bastimanhusband of Mary Bastiman

15BattisonGeorge Battisonfirst name on this monument1834701904id: 6530997673262
Mary Battisonwife of George Battison1921

16BattyMary Battyfirst name on this monument1816701886id: 12899684351
Thomas Battyhusband of Mary Batty

17BeethamThomas Beethamfirst name on this monument1810771887id: 11499670429
John Beethamson of Thomas Beetham1832281860
Elizabeth Beethamwife of Thomas Beetham1813771890

18BennettAlfred Bennettfirst name on this monument1867241891id: 59199728420

19BennettWilliam Bennettfirst name on this monument1854501904id: 6799631364
Louisa Wooddaughter of William Bennett1867721939
Ann Bennettwife of William Bennett1846771923

20BewickGeorge Bewickfirst name on this monument1841661907id: 632997582921

21BirdArthur Birdfirst name on this monument1832741906id: 6540997776601
Ann Birdwife of Arthur Bird1838811919
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22BivensThomas (Timmy) Bivensfirst name on this monument1881351916id: 660999842371
Thomas Bellwood Bivensson of Thomas (Timmy) Bivens1908111919
Laura Annie Bivenswife of Thomas (Timmy) Bivens1885351920

23BlackieEleanor Blackiefirst name on this monument1853771930id: 12699682473
Eleanor Blackiedaughter of Eleanor Blackie1877641941
William Blackiehusband of Eleanor Blackie1925
William Charles Blackieson of Eleanor Blackie1874131887

24BladesJohn Bladesfirst name on this monument1801801881id: 657599811363
Ann Bladeswife of John Blades1901

25BousfieldJohn Thomas Bousfieldfirst name on this monument1859581917id: 6589998255131
Hannah Mary Bousfieldwife of John Thomas Bousfield1858971955

26BowenElizabeth Bowenfirst name on this monument1800331833id: 57199712487
Annie Bowendaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Bowen
B J Bowenson of Elizabeth Bowen1871311902

27BowenElizabeth Bowenfirst name on this monument1805791884id: 59799733265

28BowkerMary Ann Bowkerfirst name on this monument1880451925id: 58699724351
Frank Bowkerhusband of Mary Ann Bowker1880821962

29BraithwaiteHenry Braithwaitefirst name on this monument1850331883no image996135661
Jane Ann Brentnallwife of Henry Braithwaite1855311886

30BraithwaiteRichard Braithwaitefirst name on this monument1862591921id: 659599831521
Tabitha Charlton Braithwaitewife of Richard Braithwaite1869661935

31BriggsFanny Briggsfirst name on this monument1885id: 10199658568
Frances Vera Briggsdaughter of Fanny Briggs
Alfred Briggshusband of Fanny Briggs
Matthew Thomas Briggsson of Fanny Briggs1894241918

32BrownAnnie Brownfirst name on this monument1851211872id: 116996732951
Easter Elizabeth Readsister of Annie Brown1840521892

33BrownEdward (Trevannion) Brownfirst name on this monument1848391887id: 11699672321

34BrownJacob Brownfirst name on this monument1828621890id: 6602998382891
Mary Ann Brownwife of Jacob Brown1829771906

35BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1814691883id: 575997142931
Chrisyopher Brownson of William Brown1847821929
Jane Brownwife of William Brown1819661885

36BruceLaura Brucefirst name on this monument1865361901id: 662099852325
William Joseph Brucehusband of Laura Bruce

37BrumptonRobert Brumptonfirst name on this monument1926id: 589997275131
John Spensley1853731926
Martha A Spensley
Esther Isabel Brumptonwife of Robert Brumpton1871871958

38BurdonJohn Burdonfirst name on this monument1855301885id: 73996353361
Charlotte Burdonwife of John Burdon1860601920

39BurrowsMary Burrowsfirst name on this monument1828521880id: 62399750460
Alice Burrowsdaughter-in-law of Mary Burrows
William Burrowshusband of Mary Burrows1826631889
Robert Burrowsson of Mary Burrows1857561913

40BurtonHannah M Burtonfirst name on this monument1861611922id: 662499856346
Marjorie Elizabeth Newcombgrand daughter of Hannah M Burton192721929

41BurtonJohn Burtonfirst name on this monument1847591906id: 63199757485
Lily Isabel Burtondaughter of John Burton1878311909
Ann Burtonwife of John Burton1849621911

42ButterfieldGeorge T Butterfieldfirst name on this monument1862431905id: 655199788222
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43BuxtonJohn Buxtonfirst name on this monument1817701887id: 11599671301
Rachel Buxtonwife of John Buxton1824691893

44CalvertJohn Calvertfirst name on this monument1811821893id: 6567998043181
Priscilla Calvertwife of John Calvert1813841897

45CalvertWilliam Calvertfirst name on this monument1868241892id: 12599681495
John Calvertfather of William Calvert
Bertha Calvertmother of William Calvert

46CapplemanFred Capplemanfirst name on this monument1895311926id: 59299729360
Margaret Capplemanwife of Fred Cappleman

47CapplemanGeorge Capplemanfirst name on this monument1862841946id: 59399730386
Emily Capplemanwife of George Cappleman1861961957

48CattermoleJane Cattermolefirst name on this monument1851351886id: 13399687561
William Cattermolehusband of Jane Cattermole

49ChapmanAlfred Cook Chapmanfirst name on this monument188121883id: 619997469643
Walter Chapmanbrother of Alfred Cook Chapman188821890

50ClarkMary Clarkfirst name on this monument1835691904id: 654399780247
George Clarkhusband of Mary Clark1826991925

51CockshottHarry Sugden Cockshottfirst name on this monument1861641925id: 7099634301
Sarah Ann Cockshottwife of Harry Sugden Cockshott1879551934

52ColbeckWilliam Hill Colbeckfirst name on this monument1852331885id: 74996362551

53ColeyEmily Coleyfirst name on this monument1860221882id: 60999741342
John Coleyhusband of Emily Coley1859461905

54CollierJane Elizabeth Collierfirst name on this monument1857701927id: 59599731278
Richard Collierhusband of Jane Elizabeth Collier

55ComptonAnnie Comptonfirst name on this monument1899id: 6399627278
Howard Comptonhusband of Annie Compton1914

56ComptonEdwin Howard Comptonfirst name on this monument1928id: 6299626298
Laura Comptonwife of Edwin Howard Compton

57CooperMary Cooperfirst name on this monument187681884id: 5819972019113
William Cooperfather of Mary Cooper
Margaret Coopermother of Mary Cooper

58CooperTemperance Cooperfirst name on this monument1845591904no image99766211
James Cooperhusband of Temperance Cooper1843701913

59CopleyElijah Copleyfirst name on this monument1836471883id: 60599737483
Amelia Copleydaughter-in-law of Elijah Copley1866801946
John Copleyson of Elijah Copley1874681942
Elizabeth Copleywife of Elijah Copley1836781914

60DackCharles Dackfirst name on this monument1920id: 6580998165031
Elizabeth Littledaughter of Charles Dack1964
Sarah Dackwife of Charles Dack1923

61DanielsRichard Danielsfirst name on this monument1839671906id: 11299668189

62DarbyHannah Darbyfirst name on this monument1838411879id: 660399839255
Theophilus Darbyhusband of Hannah Darby

63DaviesAaron Daviesfirst name on this monument1862251887id: 113996696711
Richard Daviesfather of Aaron Davies
Elizabeth Daviesmother of Aaron Davies
Emily Margaret Daviesson of Aaron Davies1808231831

64DaviesCaroline Daviesfirst name on this monument1851381889id: 6499628252
Emily Lillian Daviesdaughter of Caroline Davies188761893
Edward Davieshusband of Caroline Davies79

65DaviesEsther Daviesfirst name on this monument1817611878id: 661799849254
John Davieshusband of Esther Davies
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66DavisonEleanor Davisonfirst name on this monument1813711884id: 9499652383
William Davisonhusband of Eleanor Davison1813721885

67DawsonJohn Dawsonfirst name on this monument1818641882id: 610997422311
Isabella Dawsonwife of John Dawson1821671888

68DeanWilliam Deanfirst name on this monument1846621908id: 56999710523
Annie Deandaughter of William Dean1883161899
Edith Deandaughter of William Dean187851883
Dorothy Deandaughter-in-law of William Dean
Harold Deanson of William Dean1888301918
Thomas W Deanson of William Dean1890271917
Elizabeth Ann Deanwife of William Dean1851781929

69DentonJohn Dentonfirst name on this monument1836701906id: 653499771259
Mary Ann Dentonwife of John Denton1839841923

70DucharsAlbert A H Ducharsfirst name on this monument1861241885id: 139996913083
Jabez Ducharsfather of Albert A H Duchars1836831919
Margaret Ducharsmother of Albert A H Duchars1838751913

71DuncanMary Ann Duncanfirst name on this monument1862211883id: 578997175782
Alfred Chrystal Duncanhusband of Mary Ann Duncan

72EarlHenry Earlfirst name on this monument1815681883id: 10299659231
Edward Earlson of Henry Earl1850311881
Mary Earlwife of Henry Earl1809841893

73EasonEmma Easonfirst name on this monument1849561905id: 6550997874172Born Dec 1848 Sittingbourne, Kent, England Married 25 Jun 1870,Milton, Kent, England
Thomas William Easonhusband of Emma Eason1846821928 Born 10 Mar 1846, Milton, Kent, England

74EllisEdwin Ellisfirst name on this monument1858631921id: 660199837260
Sarah Ellen Elliswife of Edwin Ellis1859901949

75EllisElizabeth Ann Ellisfirst name on this monument1885711956id: 660099836184

76EmbletonEdward Ranson Embletonfirst name on this monument1818671885id: 7899638303
Mary Ann Embletonwife of Edward Ranson Embleton1818831901

77EsmarchA D Esmarchfirst name on this monument1845431888id: 5899622195

78FalconerJames Falconerfirst name on this monument1876111887id: 5699620381
James Falconerfather of James Falconer1841881929
Margaret Douglas Falconermother of James Falconer1843841927

79FallowsWilliam Fallowsfirst name on this monument17971021899id: 10999666813
Annie Fallowsdaughter of William Fallows1831861917
Emma Honour Fallowsdaughter of William Fallows1838741912
Jane Catherine Fallowsdaughter of William Fallows1833721905
Jane Fallowswife of William Fallows1798871885

80FarmerMary Farmerfirst name on this monument1817601877id: 662299854227
Thomas Vaux Farmerhusband of Mary Farmer1813731886

81FettisGeorge Fettisfirst name on this monument1816711887id: 11999676274
Margaret Fettiswife of George Fettis1828591887

82ForbesJohn Forbesfirst name on this monument1852821934id: 90996485452
Jane Anne Forbesdaughter of John Forbes1882
Albert Edward Forbesson of John Forbes1883371920
James Forbesson of John Forbes1880451925
Stephen Edwardes Forbesson of John Forbes1876311907
Annie Forbeswife of John Forbes1853321885
Jane Ann Forbessecond wife of John Forbes1857831940

83FothergillErnest Richard Fothergillfirst name on this monument188131884id: 9399651562
Richard Fothergillfather of Ernest Richard Fothergill1850411891
Elizabeth Fothergillmother of Ernest Richard Fothergill1850811931
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84GatesBetsy Ann Gatesfirst name on this monument1864211885id: 10499661773
Betsy Ann Gatesdaughter of Betsy Ann Gates1885
William Thomas Gateshusband of Betsy Ann Gates

85GatesJames Gatesfirst name on this monument1834451879id: 6586998223561
Charles Frederick Gatesson of James Gates1877
James Gatesson of James Gates1872571929
Elizabeth Gateswife of James Gates1837761913

86GouldJohn Gouldfirst name on this monument1860211881id: 6570998065443
Charles James Gouldbrother of John Gould1876
Joseph Gouldfather of John Gould
Thirza Gouldmother of John Gould
Thirza Mary Gouldsister of John Gould186421866

87GrahamAlice Grahamfirst name on this monument1860231883id: 61899745449
George Grahamhusband of Alice Graham
Bertie Grahamson of Alice Graham1882

88GrahamThomas Grahamfirst name on this monument1853471900id: 13599689564
Ada Lillian Grahamdaughter of Thomas Graham1889
John James Grahamson of Thomas Graham188131884
Ann Eliza Grahamwife of Thomas Graham1855661921

89GreenMark Greenfirst name on this monument1853691922id: 58399722204
Tamar Greendaughter of Mark Green188311884
Ann Greenwife of Mark Green1853781931

90HackneySylvia W (née Lawrence) Hackneyfirst name on this monument1913451958id: 6579998152921
Benjamin Hackneyfather-in-law of Sylvia W (née Lawrence) Hackney1872471919

91HainingThomas Hainingfirst name on this monument1853531906id: 633997593111Thomas born 13 nov 1853 lordsmill st , chesterfield , derbyshire----------------------------------- married harriet coulson(born 4 feb 1850 st johns st , bridlington) 24 feb 1873 holy trinity church , north ormsby--------------------------------------- children william 8 march 1874 middlesbrough married louisa fletcher----------------------------------- ann eliza 24 feb 1878 10 whin st , middlesbrough----------------------------- john thomas 1881------------------------------------ agnes 17 1 1883 80 nelson st middlesbrough---------------------------- parents of thomas john haining and hannah reyner have a lot more info if required

92HammondElizabeth Sarah Hammondfirst name on this monument1816621878id: 659299828209
Robert Hammondhusband of Elizabeth Sarah Hammond1817901907

93HardingWilson Hardingfirst name on this monument1807771884id: 55799700228
Hannah Hardingwife of Wilson Harding1803641867

94HarlandMartha Harlandfirst name on this monument1856561912id: 606997382971
Thomas Harlandhusband of Martha Harland1853661919
Albert Edward Harlandson of Martha Harland1892241916

95HarrisonFundray Harrisonfirst name on this monument1858241882id: 56199704182

96HarrisonIsabell Harrisonfirst name on this monument1879id: 655899795278
William Hopperfather of Isabell Harrison
William Harrisonhusband of Isabell Harrison
Mary Hoppermother of Isabell Harrison

97HarveyMargaret Wilhelmina Harveyfirst name on this monument1849291878id: 6635998673614
Robert Hallfather of Margaret Wilhelmina Harvey
George Harveyhusband of Margaret Wilhelmina Harvey
Wilhelmina Hallmother of Margaret Wilhelmina Harvey
Robert Tindall Harveyson of Margaret Wilhelmina Harvey187351878

98HawEllen Hawfirst name on this monument1846751921id: 659999835315
Robert Hawhusband of Ellen Haw1846761922
George Salton Hawson of Ellen Haw1886311917

99HawkinsAlice Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1815691884no image99702558
Hannah Hawkinsdaughter of Alice Hawkins1845681913
Henrietta Hawkinsdaughter of Alice Hawkins3
George Hawkinshusband of Alice Hawkins1815771892
Louisa Hawkins1855681923
Henry Hawkinsson of Alice Hawkins
Henry Hawkinsson of Alice Hawkins
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100HeronElizabeth Ann Heronfirst name on this monument1853271880id: 657399809510

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