St John's Church burial ground, Farsley, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AckroydJoseph Ackroydfirst name on this monument1828571885id: 246885633

2AppleyardHannah Appleyardfirst name on this monument1841221863id: 2588857342
Jabez Appleyardfather of Hannah Appleyard1805651870
Jane Appleyardmother of Hannah Appleyard1810731883
Sarah Ann Horn1842751917
Judith sister of Hannah Appleyard1836681904

3AppleyardJane Appleyardfirst name on this monument1849381887id: 206885473

4BannisterJohn Bannisterfirst name on this monument1837641901id: 1748852341
Hannah Bannisterwife of John Bannister1839711910

5BennettJoseph Bennettfirst name on this monument1835721907id: 179
(2 images)
Emiley Bennettdaughter of Joseph Bennett1862231885
Hannah Bennettmother of Joseph Bennett1814761890
Irwin Bennett1860651925
Margaret Bennettwife of Joseph Bennett1836761912
Margaret Ann Bennettwife of Joseph Bennett1865711936

6BerryJohn Berryfirst name on this monument1825641889id: 2598857411

7BrookWalter Brookfirst name on this monument1856561912id: 260885751
Martha Brookwife of Walter Brook1857781935

8BrookeGeorge Brookefirst name on this monument1809741883id: 160a8851611
Hannah Elizabeth Brookedaughter of George Brooke1852361888
Elizabeth Brookewife of George Brooke1828841912

9BusfieldWilfred Busfieldfirst name on this monument1859631922id: 247885642
Mary Ann Busfieldwife of Wilfred Busfield1860851945

10BusseyPeter Busseyfirst name on this monument1805641869id: 1948853742
Anetea Busseydaughter of Peter Bussey1867311898
Angelina Busseydaughter of Peter Bussey186291871
Hannah Busseywife of Peter Bussey1832711903

11ButlerEmma Butlerfirst name on this monument1857821939id: 195885381
Elsie Butlerdaughter of Emma Butler
Alfred William Butlerhusband of Emma Butler1859831942

12ButlerJohn Butlerfirst name on this monument1822621884id: 159
(4 images)
Rachel Butlerwife of John Butler1823651888

13ButlerJoseph Seeley Butlerfirst name on this monument1857181875id: 198885419
Joseph Butlerfather of Joseph Seeley Butler1833731906
Mary Ann Butlermother of Joseph Seeley Butler1835821917
Ada Sophia Butlersister of Joseph Seeley Butler186821870
Alice Butlersister of Joseph Seeley Butler187051875
John Butlersister of Joseph Seeley Butler1867411908
William Butlersister of Joseph Seeley Butler1869141883

14ButlerSamuel Butlerfirst name on this monument1851601911id: 159a885156
Emmeline Butlerdaughter of Samuel Butler1881151896
Mabel Woldedaughter of Samuel Butler1882641946
Charles Butler1889281917
Samuel Reginald Butler1893451938
Richard Butlerson of Samuel Butler1846441890
Hannah Butlerwife of Samuel Butler1855761931

15ChildMartha Childfirst name on this monument1849311880id: 193885366

16CroftThomas Croftfirst name on this monument1846531899id: 178885251
Hannah Croftwife of Thomas Croft1835891924

17CrossleyEthel Crossleyfirst name on this monument188201882id: 25488570151
Henry Crossleybrother of Ethel Crossley1887-11886
Mary H Benn
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18ElandSarah Elandfirst name on this monument1782491831id: 1688851741
Annie Evanssister of Sarah Eland1788431831

19ExelbyWilliam Exelbyfirst name on this monument1858651923id: 2668858110
Edith daughter of William Exelby1879221901

20GauntCissie Gauntfirst name on this monument1860321892id: 239885607
Arthur Gaunthusband of Cissie Gaunt1851531904

21GillEllen Gillfirst name on this monument1800831883id: 158885131

22GrimshawAnne Elizabeth Grimshawfirst name on this monument1850571907id: 1858853111

23GrimshawGrace Ann Grimshawfirst name on this monument1847251872id: 2048854591
Joseph Keighleyfather of Grace Ann Grimshaw1819611880
Hannah Keighleymother of Grace Ann Grimshaw1823641887

24HainsworthAnn Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1838601898id: 192885358
Joseph Hainsworthhusband of Ann Hainsworth1833751908

25HainsworthCharlotte Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1817511868id: 257885725
John Hainsworthhusband of Charlotte Hainsworth1819641883

26HainsworthHarold Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1877751952id: 150b88509131
Maud Hainsworthdaughter of Harold Hainsworth188011881
Arthur Hainsworthson of Harold Hainsworth187701877
Frances Hainsworthwife of Harold Hainsworth1876871963

27HainsworthJohn William Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1843451888id: 229
(4 images)
Ada Frances Hainsworthdaughter of John William Hainsworth188761893
Harriet Wilsondaughter of John William Hainsworth1873811954
John Hainsworthson of John William Hainsworth1866351901
Frances Hainsworthwife of John William Hainsworth1846731919

28HainsworthJoseph Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1824411865id: 218
(2 images)
Esther Ann Hainsworthdaughter of Joseph Hainsworth1862
Charles Hainsworthson of Joseph Hainsworth185611857
Hannah Hainsworthwife of Joseph Hainsworth1824661890

29HainsworthJoseph George Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1854291883id: 150a8850812
Leonard Hainsworthson of Joseph George Hainsworth1879381917
Mary Hainsworthwife of Joseph George Hainsworth1854921946

30HainsworthWright Hainsworthfirst name on this monument1821461867id: 2458856282
Emma Keighleydaughter of Wright Hainsworth1856741930
Irwin Keighleyson-in-law of Wright Hainsworth1852791931
Bethia Hainsworthwife of Wright Hainsworth1825731898

31HardistyJane Hardistyfirst name on this monument1841211862id: 1978854071
James Hollings Hardistyhusband of Jane Hardisty1839481887
Ann Eliza Hardisty1881
George William Hardisty187241876
Mary Ellen Hardisty187331876

32HiningsJohn Hiningsfirst name on this monument1821641885id: 2648857941
John Horn1838741912
Elizabeth Hiningswife of John Hinings1836651901

33HollingsHannah Elizabeth Hollingsfirst name on this monument1825241849id: 2008854254
John Hollings1818481866
Mary Hollings185421856
Joshua Gill Hollingsson of Hannah Elizabeth Hollings184961855

34HollingsJabez Hollingsfirst name on this monument1832491881id: 2658858019
Mary Elizabeth daughter of Jabez Hollings1863751938
Nina daughter of Jabez Hollings1868671935
Sarah Martha daughter of Jabez Hollings1871411912
James Hollingsson of Jabez Hollings186641870
Ann Hollingswife of Jabez Hollings1835691904
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35HollingsJohn Hollingsfirst name on this monument1778711849id: 201a88543102
Amos Hollingsson of John Hollings1819461865
Hannah Hollingswife of John Hollings1785711856

36HollingsThomas Hollingsfirst name on this monument1843711914id: 1878853211
Eva Hollingsdaughter of Thomas Hollings
Phoebe Hollingsdaughter of Thomas Hollings
Alice Hollingsgrand daughter of Thomas Hollings
Mary Hollingsgrand daughter of Thomas Hollings
Ada Hollings1871521923
Henry Hollings1877631940
Sarah Hollingswife of Thomas Hollings1840781918

37HudsonGeorge Hudsonfirst name on this monument1816631879id: 1718852031
Mary Barnes Hudsondaughter of George Hudson1847131860
Maria Hudsonwife of George Hudson1814721886

38HudsonJohn Hudsonfirst name on this monument1844561900id: 172885212
Elizabeth Hudsonwife of John Hudson1844631907

39KeighleyWright Keighleyfirst name on this monument1833581891id: 224
(2 images)
Ada Ann Gaunt Ada Ann (1861-10 Jan 1905) was daughter of Wright Keighley. She married Alfred Gaunt, Guardian of the Poor, Bramley Union Workhouse. They had a daughter then separated before the 1901 census. The daughter remained with her father.
Joseph Keighleyson of Wright Keighley1866271893
Samuel Keighleyson of Wright Keighley1867251892
Mary Ann Keighleywife of Wright Keighley1837671904 Mary Ann's maiden name was Kitson.

40LambertJohn Lambertfirst name on this monument1816791895id: 1768852441
Ann Lambertsister of John Lambert1818801898

41ListerJohn Listerfirst name on this monument1815721887id: 215
(2 images)
Emma Listerdaughter of John Lister185631859
Joseph Child Listerson of John Lister184841852
Elizabeth Listerwife of John Lister1817831900

42LonsdaleCharles Lonsdalefirst name on this monument1834531887id: 2078854891
Alice Lonsdaledaughter of Charles Lonsdale1871761947
Ann Wilkinsondaughter of Charles Lonsdale1866571923
Arthur Lonsdaleson of Charles Lonsdale1870521922
John Wilkinsonson-in-law of Charles Lonsdale1859811940
Ann Lonsdalewife of Charles Lonsdale1834751909

43MitchellDavid Mitchellfirst name on this monument1826801906id: 182885271
Farrar Mitchellson of David Mitchell1869
Sarah Ann Mitchellwife of David Mitchell1830511881

44OwstonAnthony Owstonfirst name on this monument1806781884id: 1738852222
George Anthony Owstongrand son of Anthony Owston1874161890
Elizabeth Owstonwife of Anthony Owston1799701869

45OwthwaiteWilliam Owthwaitefirst name on this monument1809541863id: 1838852831
Mary Owthwaitewife of William Owthwaite1810731883

46ParkinsonJohn Craven Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1850681918id: 184a885303
Elizabeth Parkinsonwife of John Craven Parkinson1813601873

47ParkinsonNanny Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1817761893id: 149885073
James Parkinsonhusband of Nanny Parkinson1812881900

48ParkinsonThomas Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1813611874id: 184
(2 images)
Ellen Emmett1811641875
Lois Parkinson
Thomas William Parkinson
Rebecca Parkinsonwife of Thomas Parkinson1814691883

49PearsonBenjamin Overend Pearsonfirst name on this monument1912id: 1548851041
John Overend Pearsonson of Benjamin Overend Pearson1915
Alma Pearsonwife of Benjamin Overend Pearson1915
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50PearsonWilliam Pearsonfirst name on this monument1811781889id: 2638857841
Hannah Pearsondaughter of William Pearson1855681923
John Pearsonson of William Pearson1858601918
Susannah Pearsonwife of William Pearson1819771896

51PickardJohn Pickardfirst name on this monument1821771898id: 205885461
Rebecca Pickardwife of John Pickard1822761898

52PickardWilliam Pickardfirst name on this monument1851291880id: 196885398
Lily Barron189041894
Maggie Barron188741891
Sarah Barron1850461896

53PopplewellThomas William Popplewellfirst name on this monument1867761943id: 261885763
Florrie Popplewelldaughter of Thomas William Popplewell
Mary Popplewellwife of Thomas William Popplewell1865851950

54RobertsAnn Robertsfirst name on this monument1792621854id: 220885553
Joseph Robertshusband of Ann Roberts1784891873

55RobertsHannah Robertsfirst name on this monument1834521886id: 189885332
Stephen Barker Robertshusband of Hannah Roberts1836821918

56RobertsJames Robertsfirst name on this monument1810761886id: 211885502
James Robertsnephew of James Roberts1866311897

57RobertsMatthew Robertsfirst name on this monument1778731851id: 210885494
Betty Robertsdaughter of Matthew Roberts1801581859
Hannah Roberts1804681872

58RobinsonWilliam Robinsonfirst name on this monument1816701886id: 250
(2 images)
Ann Elizabeth Hardistydaughter of William Robinson1843741917
Mary Robinsonwife of William Robinson1819661885

59SharpLizzie Sharpfirst name on this monument1847241871id: 191885347
James Sharphusband of Lizzie Sharp1909
Peter Hollings1822751897
Elizabeth Hollingswife of Lizzie Sharp1830791909

60ShortCharles William Shortfirst name on this monument184671853id: 214
(2 images)

61SlaterEmily Slaterfirst name on this monument1866161882id: 236
(3 images)
Elijah Slaterfather of Emily Slater1822771899
Frances Jane Slatermother of Emily Slater1839901929
Charles Henry Slater1858791937
Percival Slater1869971966
Sydney Arthur Slater1873281901

62SlaterGeorge Slaterfirst name on this monument1843611904id: 155
(2 images)
Ellis Slaterson of George Slater1877781955
Mary Slaterwife of George Slater1848751923

63SlaterHerbert Slaterfirst name on this monument1913id: 226885572
Elizabeth Slaterwife of Herbert Slater1902

64SunderlandJane Sunderlandfirst name on this monument1821611882id: 248885654
James Sunderlandhusband of Jane Sunderland1818741892
Ann Sunderland1830611891

65TaylorA Taylorfirst name on this monumentid: 249885663

66TaylorMargaret Taylorfirst name on this monument1876171893id: 241885612
Charles Taylorfather of Margaret Taylor1848601908
Hannah Taylormother of Margaret Taylor1853641917

67TurnerJoseph Turnerfirst name on this monument1814371851id: 212
(2 images)
Esther Turnerwife of Joseph Turner1829661895

68VarleyAlfred Varleyfirst name on this monument1855291884id: 169a885194
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69VarleySamuel Varleyfirst name on this monument1823651888id: 169
(2 images)
Sophie Varleywife of Samuel Varley1823551878

70VarleyWilliam Varleyfirst name on this monument1818461864id: 252a885699
Herbert Henry Varleyson of William Varley184911850
Apolina Varleywife of William Varley1815611876

71WadeJohn Wadefirst name on this monument1834521886id: 157885122
James Wadebrother of John Wade1827731900

72WadeThomas Turner Wadefirst name on this monument1858161874id: 251
(2 images)
Joseph Wadefather of Thomas Turner Wade1826351861
Amelia Farrar1830871917

73WardSamuel Wardfirst name on this monument1774841858id: 203885442
George Wardson of Samuel Ward1811581869

74WoodHannah Woodfirst name on this monument185921861id: 2558857161
John Woodbrother of Hannah Wood186181869
William Woodfather of Hannah Wood1815741889
Martha Woodmother of Hannah Wood1835761911

75YeadonWilliam Yeadonfirst name on this monument1835541889id: 2628857721
Elizabeth Applebydaughter of William Yeadon1870591929
Ann Ward1817801897
Mary Yeadonwife of William Yeadon1839651904

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John's Church burial ground, Farsley, Yorkshire, England.

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