Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1201McIntyreAlexander McIntyrefirst name on this monument1866391905id: 15699801881074

1202McIntyreArchibald McIntyrefirst name on this monument1937id: 15757802391072
Betsy Crambwife of Archibald McIntyre1970

1203McIntyreNellie McIntyrefirst name on this monument1884161900id: 10305157916110812
James McIntyrebrother of Nellie McIntyre1878331911
James McIntyrefather of Nellie McIntyre1884701954 The burial year should be 1924. He died in Crieff on 25.7.1924
Jessie Andersonmother of Nellie McIntyre1856621918
Annie McIntyresister of Nellie McIntyre1877861963
Ella McIntyresister of Nellie McIntyre1889161905

1204McIntyreStewart W McIntyrefirst name on this monument1911581969id: 16581809271075
Martha Taylorwife of Stewart W McIntyre1912831995

1205McKayAlison McKayfirst name on this monument1988id: 1040242797441073

1206McKayHector McKayfirst name on this monument1974id: 1030498791441085
Kathleen McKaygrand daughter of Hector McKay
Gary McKaygrand son of Hector McKay
Robert McKayson of Hector McKay1939
Elizabeth Fergusonwife of Hector McKay1986

1207McKayHenry McKayfirst name on this monument1878781956id: 1040054795741074
Elizabeth Wardwife of Henry McKay1879861965

1208McKayMarlyn McKayfirst name on this monument1969312000id: 1040373798651078
Gary McLaganhusband of Marlyn McKay

1209McKayWilliam McKayfirst name on this monument1959id: 10401447965610908
Alexander (Sandy) McKayson of William McKay
Elizabeth Stevensonwife of William McKay1969

1210McKayWilliam T McKayfirst name on this monument1918id: 15604800961078
Elizabeth T McKay1883601943

1211McKechnieKen McKechniefirst name on this monument1929742003id: 16327807181070

1212McKeeWilliam Charles McKeefirst name on this monument1840721912id: 15679801681079
Annie Bultonwife of William Charles McKee1830841914

1213McKeithThomas McKeithfirst name on this monumentid: 158848035410751
Jane Millardaughter of Thomas McKeith1887401927
Elizabeth McGibbonwife of Thomas McKeith1852511903

1214McKenzieAlexander (Sandy) McKenziefirst name on this monument1928701998id: 16844811571078
Sandy McKenzieson of Alexander (Sandy) McKenzie1950512001
Georgina (Jean) Newlandswife of Alexander (Sandy) McKenzie1920872007

1215McKenzieDaniel McKenziefirst name on this monumentid: 16086805251077
James McKenzieson of Daniel McKenzie1869
Helne McEwanwife of Daniel McKenzie1808671875

1216McKenzieDuncan R McKenziefirst name on this monument1907id: 1030970795141077
John F Don1865841949
Elizabeth McKenzie1984
Donald Robertson1979
James S McKenzie Robertson2
John S P Robertson1932381970
Betsy S McKenzie Donwife of Duncan R McKenzie1945

1217McKenzieJohn D McKenziefirst name on this monument1870531923id: 153997991610711
Isabella Baxterwife of John D McKenzie1875701945

1218McKenzieRobert McKenziefirst name on this monument1858701928id: 1030707792991082
Jessie McKenziedaughter of Robert McKenzie1892551947
John McKenzieson of Robert McKenzie1888451933
Elizabeth Thomsonwife of Robert McKenzie1862831945
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1219McKenzieRobert McKenziefirst name on this monument1941id: 15469799741071
Elizabeth McKenziedaughter of Robert McKenzie1982
John S McLeodson-in-law of Robert McKenzie1980
Cecilia I Brownwife of Robert McKenzie

1220McKenzieWilliam McKenziefirst name on this monument1847771924id: 15770802521099
Margaret Ritchiedaughter of William McKenzie1952
William Ritchieson-in-law of William McKenzie1872921964
Helen Rodgerwife of William McKenzie1849811930

1221McKenzieWilliam McKenziefirst name on this monument1844731917id: 16317807141086
Elizabeth McKenziedaughter of William McKenzie1880611941
Isabella McKenziedaughter of William McKenzie1874591933
Jessie McKenziedaughter of William McKenzie1877111888
Donald McKenzieson of William McKenzie1873651938
Duncan McKenzieson of William McKenzie1869351904
John McKenzieson of William McKenzie1923
Malcolm McKenzieson of William McKenzie
John Douglasson-in-law of William McKenzie1870321902
Elizabeth Brownwife of William McKenzie1846401886

1222McKercharJohn McKenzie McKercharfirst name on this monument1884201904id: 15800802791075

1223McKerrowJames Dickson McKerrowfirst name on this monument1941id: 160948053110782
Isabella Lawcock McKerrowdaughter of James Dickson McKerrow1940
Katherine Brownwife of James Dickson McKerrow1901

1224McKilliganEliza Gray McKilliganfirst name on this monument1900511951id: 10309377949110711
Douglas G McLennanhusband of Eliza Gray McKilligan1895861981
Douglas George McLennanson of Eliza Gray McKilligan1924651989

1225McKinlayAgnes Campbell McKinlayfirst name on this monument1842901932id: 162028061210723
Duncan McKinlayfather of Agnes Campbell McKinlay

1226McKinnieBessie B McKinniefirst name on this monument1928id: 15859803291072
Stuart McKinniebrother of Bessie B McKinnie1907
John McKinniefather of Bessie B McKinnie1940
Annie Brownmother of Bessie B McKinnie1937

1227McKnightAlexander McKnightfirst name on this monument1892id: 15418799341074

1228McLachlanMartha McLachlanfirst name on this monument1850671917id: 157608024210721
William Mortonhusband of Martha McLachlan

1229McLagganAnne Gertrude McLagganfirst name on this monument1885891974id: 16472808261070
J A F Deanhusband of Anne Gertrude McLaggan

1230McLagganChristina McLagganfirst name on this monument1949id: 15988804471071
Peter Burnshusband of Christina McLaggan1958

1231McLagganGeorge McLagganfirst name on this monument1861841945id: 16126805581095
Isabella McLaggandaughter of George McLaggan
Jessie McLaggandaughter of George McLaggan1912
Mary McLaggandaughter of George McLaggan1986
Margaret Peddiedaughter of George McLaggan1896831979
Alexander McLagganson of George McLaggan1938
George McLagganson of George McLaggan1918
John McLagganson of George McLaggan1902751977
Robert McLagganson of George McLaggan1922
William Peddieson-in-law of George McLaggan1897791976
Margaret Arnottwife of George McLaggan1943

1232McLagganJames McLagganfirst name on this monument1946id: 16014804691071
Isabella Barbourwife of James McLaggan1988
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1233McLarenA McLarenfirst name on this monument1916id: 15826803001073

1234McLarenAlexander McLarenfirst name on this monument1803871890id: 1030609792271092
Elizabeth Lawsondaughter of Alexander McLaren1934
Jessie McLarendaughter of Alexander McLaren1936
Charles McLarenson of Alexander McLaren1922
James McLarenson of Alexander McLaren1910
John Lawsonson-in-law of Alexander McLaren
John Smithson-in-law of Alexander McLaren1840531893
Isabella Sharpwife of Alexander McLaren1820721892

1235McLarenElizabeth Sharp McLarenfirst name on this monument1910631973id: 16500808521081
Alexander Baynehusband of Elizabeth Sharp McLaren1911771988

1236McLarenGuy McLarenfirst name on this monument1915631978id: 16400807731070
Maryse McLarenwife of Guy McLaren1923641987

1237McLarenJames A McLarenfirst name on this monument1897631960id: 1040128796421068
Isabel (Tush) Hudsondaughter of James A McLaren1926822008
James A (Hamish) McLarenson of James A McLaren1932782010
Margaret Blackwife of James A McLaren1896891985

1238McLarenJames Robert McLarenfirst name on this monument1912851997id: 16831811441080
K R J (Janie) Crawfordwife of James Robert McLaren

1239McLarenJane McLarenfirst name on this monument1946id: 156398012810731
David Simhusband of Jane McLaren18581001958

1240McLarenJanet McLarenfirst name on this monument1915id: 15870803401072
Andrew Duffhusband of Janet McLaren1920

1241McLarenJohn McLarenfirst name on this monumentid: 1030817793881068
Isabella Clarkwife of John McLaren

1242McLarenJohn McLarenfirst name on this monument1860681928id: 10309857952710702b. 09.06.1860 d. 20.06.1928
Elizabeth Reid Guilddaughter-in-law of John McLaren1910801990 b. 18.03.1910 - d. 22.06.1990
John McLarenson of John McLaren1906751981 b. 10.02.1906 - d. 08.03.1981
John McLarenson of John McLaren1947 age 2 months b. 05.06.1947 - d. 14.08.1947
Margaret Stirling Sharpwife of John McLaren1880821962 b. 07.05.1879 - d. 12.03.1962

1243McLarenPeter McLarenfirst name on this monument1789711860id: 10309507950210723
Jane Menziesdaughter-in-law of Peter McLaren1851
Lillias Ferguson1792651857
James McLarenson of Peter McLaren1813741887
Isabella Fergusonwife of Peter McLaren1790691859

1244McLarenWilliam D McLarenfirst name on this monument1913481961id: 1040174796811073
Marion Caldwellwife of William D McLaren

1245McLartyMargaret McLartyfirst name on this monument1809791888id: 1030814793851081

1246McLaughlinMary Ellen McLaughlinfirst name on this monument1982id: 16366807501074
Robert Reidhusband of Mary Ellen McLaughlin1984

1247McLeanAlexander McLeanfirst name on this monument1827651892id: 1030748793381113
John McLeanbrother of Alexander McLean1825551880
Jane McLeandaughter of Alexander McLean1940
Margaret McLeandaughter of Alexander McLean1933
Mary McLeandaughter of Alexander McLean1952
David Christie McLeanson of Alexander McLean1932
Edward McLeanson of Alexander McLean1944
Ann Christiewife of Alexander McLean1839771916

1248McLeanAnne McLeanfirst name on this monument1938id: 15435799511102
Janet Stuart Lambdaughter of Anne McLean1959
Robert Peter Lambhusband of Anne McLean1941
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1249McLeanDonald McLeanfirst name on this monument1828791907id: 15728802111090
Mary McLeandaughter of Donald McLean1854821936
Agnes McMillanwife of Donald McLean1812751887

1250McLeanFrederick McLeanfirst name on this monument1986id: 16349807361075
Frederick McLeanson of Frederick McLean1997
Flora Grantwife of Frederick McLean2005

1251McLeanJames McLeanfirst name on this monument1790821872id: 1030869794291068
Ann Andersonwife of James McLean1800711871

1252McLeanRachel McLeanfirst name on this monumentid: 15457799671094
Annie McLeansister of Rachel McLean1939

1253McLeanWilliam McLeanfirst name on this monument1818811899id: 1030684792801099
Christina McLeandaughter of William McLean1855241879
Christina Ritchie Duncangrand daughter of William McLean1879551934
Charles Spencer Duncangreat grand son of William McLean1944
Charles Duncangrand son-in-law of William McLean1882841966
John McLeanson of William McLean1852471899
Catherine McLagganwife of William McLean1816761892

1254McLeishGeorge Sidey McLeishfirst name on this monument188711888id: 1030784793641097
Alexander McLeishfather of George Sidey McLeish1852811933
Jessie Buchanmother of George Sidey McLeish1852861938
Alexander McLeish1877851962
Jessie Marjory McLeish1885981983
Roberta McLeish1878731951

1255McLeishJohn McLeishfirst name on this monument1909661975id: 16462808221081
John McLeishson of John McLeish50
Margaret (Meg) McLeishwife of John McLeish1904841988

1256McLellanAngus John McLellanfirst name on this monument191151916id: 156218011210831
Catherine McMillanmother of Angus John McLellan1885401925
Norman McLellan1937

1257McLellanArthur McLellanfirst name on this monument1946451991id: 10402807977810771
George McLellanfather of Arthur McLellan1904811985
Bridget Townsleywife of Arthur McLellan

1258McLellanGeorge McLellanfirst name on this monument1968372005id: 16726810521076
Arthur McLellanfather of George McLellan
Bridget McLellanmother of George McLellan

1259McLellanIris McLellanfirst name on this monument1938421980id: 164028077510673
Grahame McLellanson of Iris McLellan1959432002

1260McMahonDaniel McMahonfirst name on this monument1973id: 1030760793501072
Peter McMahonfather of Daniel McMahon1939
Sarah McMahonmother of Daniel McMahon1929
Margaret Halleywife of Daniel McMahon1983

1261McMahonMargaret McMahonfirst name on this monument1895471942id: 1030758793481077
Patrick McHughhusband of Margaret McMahon1889551944

1262McMahonP McMahonfirst name on this monument1894251919id: 1030762793511070

1263McMasterAngus McMasterfirst name on this monument1961id: 1040113796281070
Elizabeth Brownwife of Angus McMaster1965

1264McMillanJean McMillanfirst name on this monument1921842005id: 16854811651075

1265McMillanJohn McMillanfirst name on this monument1883741957id: 1040083796031074
Dinah McMillandaughter of John McMillan1910601970
John McMillanson of John McMillan1993
Elizabeth Smithwife of John McMillan1882851967
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1266McMillanMarion McMillanfirst name on this monument1887651952id: 1030520791641068
Angus McInallygrand son of Marion McMillan194371950
Michael McInallyhusband of Marion McMillan1878841962

1267McNabCecilia McNabfirst name on this monument1840671907id: 158998036810932
Ann McGregordaughter of Cecilia McNab1861841945
Elizabeth McDonalddaughter-in-law of Cecilia McNab1944
Peter McGregorhusband of Cecilia McNab1830831913
Peter McGregorson of Cecilia McNab1863741937

1268McNabJames McNabfirst name on this monument1852461898id: 160448049510842
Jane Foster McNabdaughter of James McNab1867151882
Marion Rolland McNabdaughter of James McNab1869781947
Alexander McNabson of James McNab185911860
Marion Rollandwife of James McNab1832701902

1269McNabRobert McNabfirst name on this monument1872541926id: 154257994110841
Margaret Fotheringhamwife of Robert McNab1945

1270McNamaraNora Teresa McNamarafirst name on this monument1928191947no image802361067

1271McNaughtonJohn (Jack) McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1948id: 10306637926610701
Margaret Hoatsonwife of John (Jack) McNaughton1978

1272McNaughtonJoseph Barclay McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1929id: 1030585792161075
Kenneth Barclay McNaughtonson of Joseph Barclay McNaughton1916211937
Gertrude McNaughtonwife of Joseph Barclay McNaughton1962

1273McNaughtonRobert McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1887721959id: 153977991410731
Mary McNaughtondaughter of Robert McNaughton1921792000
David Duffyson-in-law of Robert McNaughton1918892007
Jessie Thomsonwife of Robert McNaughton1880511931

1274McNaughtonWilliam McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1906401946id: 1030581792131073
Mary J Clanaghanwife of William McNaughton

1275McNaughton/ScottMargaret McNaughton/Scottfirst name on this monument1937id: 15727802101076

1276McNeeArchibald McNeefirst name on this monument1830771907id: 162468064711112
Mary Irvinedaughter of Archibald McNee1957
Jane Ross McNeedaughter of Archibald McNee1860101870
Margaret McNeedaughter of Archibald McNee1872221894
Archibald McNeeson of Archibald McNee
Peter McNeeson of Archibald McNee
Margaret McWhanellwife of Archibald McNee1806821888

1277McNeillDaniel McNeillfirst name on this monument1835691904id: 157238020710861
Jane McNeilldaughter of Daniel McNeill1870321902
Mary Jane McNeillgrand daughter of Daniel McNeill
Daniel McNeillgrand son of Daniel McNeill
Ann McInneswife of Daniel McNeill1839741913

1278McNeillJohn McNeillfirst name on this monument1902611963id: 15750802331088
James McNeillfather of John McNeill1875281903
Helen Martin Hendrywife of John McNeill1978

1279McNeillJohn McNeillfirst name on this monument1898381936id: 154457996010841
Margaret M Millerdaughter-in-law of John McNeill1930782008
William Wallace McNeillson of John McNeill1928752003
Gracie Wallacewife of John McNeill1897891986

1280McNeillWilliam McNeillfirst name on this monument1975id: 15697801861091
Elizabeth Whittenwife of William McNeill2004

1281McNieJane McNiefirst name on this monument1949id: 1040033795561072
Jenny Sinclairdaughter of Jane McNie
John Sinclairhusband of Jane McNie1965
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1282McOmishDonald McOmishfirst name on this monument1835701905id: 16107805421089
Elizabeth McOmishdaughter of Donald McOmish1876391915
Jessie McOmishdaughter of Donald McOmish1866171883
Donald McOmishson of Donald McOmish1868291897
Malcolm McOmishson of Donald McOmish1873761949
Arthur P Grimwoodson-in-law of Donald McOmish
Ann Grahamwife of Donald McOmish1922

1283McOmishHugh McOmishfirst name on this monument1966id: 1030756793461079
Agnes McMahonwife of Hugh McOmish1981

1284McOwanBessie A McOwanfirst name on this monument1878211899id: 1040030795531075
Peter Brown
Jeanie McOwan185881866
Maggie McOwan1902

1285McOwanDuncan McOwanfirst name on this monument1867631930id: 10304687912710791
Helen Elizabeth McOwandaughter of Duncan McOwan1904861990
Willie McOwanson of Duncan McOwan1900101910
Kate McGregorwife of Duncan McOwan1868831951

1286McOwanEuphemia Niven McOwanfirst name on this monument1884221906id: 1040031795541073

1287McOwanJames McOwanfirst name on this monument1873711944id: 1030470791291074
Charlotte Grerarwife of James McOwan1870801950

1288McOwanJames McOwanfirst name on this monument1818821900id: 10304697912810881
Mary McOwandaughter of James McOwan1877301907
Elizabeth Corriedaughter-in-law of James McOwan1848741922
Jean B Grantdaughter-in-law of James McOwan1908681976
Alexander McOwanson of James McOwan1875381913
John McOwanson of James McOwan1843531896
John Alexander McOwanson of James McOwan1903631966
Betsy McRobbiewife of James McOwan1812821894

1289McOwanPeter McOwanfirst name on this monument1941id: 15471799761075
Jessie Kerrdaughter of Peter McOwan1954
Isabella Gillwife of Peter McOwan1929

1290McPhersonAlexander McPhersonfirst name on this monument1893231916id: 157838026410751

1291McPhersonDonald McPhersonfirst name on this monument1861661927id: 15694801831083
Janet McPhersondaughter of Donald McPherson1897821979
Donald (Wee Dan) McPhersonson of Donald McPherson190021902
Duncan McPhersonson of Donald McPherson1894231917
Agnes McAndrewwife of Donald McPherson1868591927

1292McPhersonJohn McPhersonfirst name on this monument1803851888id: 160228047610731
Donald McPhersonbrother of John McPherson1863
Laughlan McPhersonbrother of John McPherson1812741886
Elizabeth McPhersonsister of John McPherson1900
Marjory McPhersonsister of John McPherson1861

1293McQueenAnnie M McQueenfirst name on this monument1884261910id: 163038070310781
Alexander McLeishhusband of Annie M McQueen1881871968

1294McQueenJanet Barclay McQueenfirst name on this monument1871381909id: 15909803781086
James McQueenfather of Janet Barclay McQueen1892
Janet Brownmother of Janet Barclay McQueen1912
Catherine Jane McQueen1912
James McQueen1889
Robert Wishart

1295McRaeDonald McRaefirst name on this monument1912882000id: 16374807551067
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1296McRaeJohn McRaefirst name on this monument1835421877id: 1030846794141075

1297McRobbieJ E McRobbiefirst name on this monument1886321918id: 16028804821068

1298McRobbieRobert McRobbiefirst name on this monument1868631931id: 162048061410941
Robert Gloag McRobbieson of Robert McRobbie1900381938
Charlotte Addison Campbellwife of Robert McRobbie1866861952

1299McRostiePeter McRostiefirst name on this monument1862671929id: 160258047911053
William McRostiebrother of Peter McRostie1867
William McRostiefather of Peter McRostie1782831865
Betsy Neishmother of Peter McRostie1832641896
Jane Ann Nivenwife of Peter McRostie1862801942

1300McRostyDan McRostyfirst name on this monumentid: 162828068310711
Kirstie McRosty
Norah McRosty
Sandy McRosty

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

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