London Road (section J) Cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1David first name on this monument1994id: TLRJ2567660832
Sheena wife of David 2017

2AdamsRobert Ernest Adamsfirst name on this monument1874851959id: TLRJ117658383
Mary Ann Adamsrelationship not known of Robert Ernest Adams1880931973

3AdcockRobert Adcockfirst name on this monument1875911966id: TLRJ1297659562

4AhoOlive Margaret Ahofirst name on this monument1924892013id: TLRJ2397660662

5AllisonN Allisonfirst name on this monument22id: TLRJ323
(5 images)
7661502Royal Air Force number 658469.
Dorothy Evelyn Allisonrelationship not known of N Allison1919882007 Wife of Eric Allison , daughter of Harriet and Albert C Makins.
Eric Macdonald Allisonrelationship not known of N Allison1911841995
Hector Charles Allisonrelationship not known of N Allison1910851995
Albert C Makinsrelationship not known of N Allison
Harriet Makinsrelationship not known of N Allison

6AllisonNellie Allisonfirst name on this monument1890711961id: TLRJ2
(2 images)
James Allisonrelationship not known of Nellie Allison1961 Died in May.

7AllisonWilliam Robert Allisonfirst name on this monument1873621935id: TLRJ324
(5 images)
Stanley William Allisonson of William Robert Allison1898191917 Killed in action.
Sarah Elizabeth Allisonwife of William Robert Allison1935
Clifford Allisonrelationship not known of William Robert Allison1985 The third son.
Madeline Allisonrelationship not known of William Robert Allison1983 First daughter.
Royden Allisonrelationship not known of William Robert Allison1976 The seventh son.

8AndersonThomas Edward Andersonfirst name on this monument1920611981id: TLRJ1947660212

9AshDavid John Ashfirst name on this monument1951381989id: TLRJ2317660581

10AshEdward Charles Ashfirst name on this monument1927681995id: TLRJ2307660572

11BacklogJohn W Backlogfirst name on this monument1907671974id: TLRJ457658722
Dorothy Rosa Backlogrelationship not known of John W Backlog1982

12BaileyArthur Baileyfirst name on this monument1889811970id: TLRJ1417659682
Gertrude Edith Baileywife of Arthur Bailey1892951987

13BaileyDaisy Baileyfirst name on this monument1890791969id: TLRJ1357659621

14BaileyFredrick Baileyfirst name on this monument1910771987id: TLRJ2057660321

15BaileyWilliam Baileyfirst name on this monument1897791976id: TLRJ1657659921
Florence May Baileywife of William Bailey1909861995

16BainJames Alexander Bainfirst name on this monument1930722002id: TLRJ3517661781

17BakerAda Beatrice Bakerfirst name on this monument1878571935id: TLRJ65
(2 images)
Charles Bakerrelationship not known of Ada Beatrice Baker1876691945

18BakerLilian Mary Bakerfirst name on this monument1910571967id: TLRJ1337659601
John Charles Bakerhusband of Lilian Mary Baker1916611977

19BaldwinJohn Baldwinfirst name on this monument1936762012id: TLRJ3547661811

20BarnesEliza Barnesfirst name on this monument1866891955id: TLRJ1207659471

21BarnettPearl Elizabeth Barnettfirst name on this monument193621938id: TLRJ277658541

22Barrett-ArchdeaconGrace Violet Barrett-Archdeaconfirst name on this monument1918801998id: TLRJ2737661001

23Barrett-ArchdeaconThomas Charles Barrett-Archdeaconfirst name on this monument1920812001id: TLRJ2727660991

24BeaumontLinda Margaret Beaumontfirst name on this monument1949632012id: TLRJ242766069

25BeckettWalter Beckettfirst name on this monument1904721976id: TLRJ1877660141
Hilda Beckettwife of Walter Beckett1905941999

26BenhamVera Elizabeth Benhamfirst name on this monument1917852002id: TLRJ3107661371

27BettsGeorge William Bettsfirst name on this monument1877721949id: TLRJ297658561
Arthur Henry Bettsbrother of George William Betts1876741950

28BettsJoseph John Bettsfirst name on this monument1881741955id: TLRJ367658631

29BiddallArthur Biddallfirst name on this monument1920651985id: TLRJ2067660331
Eileen Marguerite Biddallrelationship not known of Arthur Biddall1918691987
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30BlackVerne James Blackfirst name on this monument1971181989id: TLRJ2357660621

31BoddyAlice Louisa Boddyfirst name on this monument1879811960id: TLRJ967659231

32BoddyJames Edward Boddyfirst name on this monument1874661940id: TLRJ787659051

33BoggisCecil Frank Boggisfirst name on this monument1904881992id: TLRJ2507660771
Dorothy Maud Boggiswife of Cecil Frank Boggis1906942000

34BonnettHarry Bonnettfirst name on this monument1891711962id: TLRJ477658741
Mabel Bonnettwife of Harry Bonnett1889921981

35BootmanLily May Bootmanfirst name on this monument1895741969id: TLRJ1407659671

36BrewerBarbara G Brewerfirst name on this monument1936662002id: TLRJ3097661361

37BriersFrederick Benjamin Briersfirst name on this monument1930671997id: TLRJ2757661021

38BrownChristina Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1947612008id: TLRJ2877661141
Marcus Ernest Andrew Brownhusband of Christina Ann Brown1947632010

39BrownEmily Brownfirst name on this monument1887901977id: TLRJ1827660091

40BrownGeorge William Brownfirst name on this monument1909451954id: TLRJ1067659331

41BrownLily Ethel Brownfirst name on this monument1888641952id: TLRJ97765924

42BrowneDavid Brownefirst name on this monument1878721950id: TLRJ3607661871

43BurneyNancy Burneyfirst name on this monument1919822001id: TLRJ2967661231
Fred Burneyhusband of Nancy Burney1919932012

44ButcherWalter Butcherfirst name on this monument1920822002id: TLRJ3577661841
Olive Butcherwife of Walter Butcher1921922013

45CanhamCharles William Canhamfirst name on this monument1869611930id: TLRJ617658881
Annie Canhamwife of Charles William Canham1881781959

46CarterCyril H Carterfirst name on this monument1892601952id: TLRJ947659211
Beatrice Carterwife of Cyril H Carter1898571955

47CarterGeorge Thomas Carterfirst name on this monument1862871949id: TLRJ167658431

48CatchpoleEdward John Catchpolefirst name on this monument1862741936id: TLRJ21
(2 images)
Mary Ann Catchpolewife of Edward John Catchpole1867631930

49CatorChristopher Roy Catorfirst name on this monument1965181983id: TLRJ1977660241

50CatorVictor Norman Catorfirst name on this monument1900711971id: TLRJ1487659751
Edith Catorwife of Victor Norman Cator1904841988

51CawleyJosephine Cawleyfirst name on this monument1927752002id: TLRJ3377661641
John Joseph Cawleyhusband of Josephine Cawley1926802006

52ChamberlainPercy Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1890791969id: TLRJ136
(2 images)
Lily Beatrice Chamberlainrelationship not known of Percy Chamberlain1893951988

53ChargeGeorge Samuel Rayburn Chargefirst name on this monument1915872002id: TLRJ3087661351
Rosina Louise Chargewife of George Samuel Rayburn Charge1920872007

54ChilversLilian May Chilversfirst name on this monument1912791991id: TLRJ262766089
William James Chilvershusband of Lilian May Chilvers1917832000

55ClaydonEdward Claydonfirst name on this monument1886771963id: TLRJ427658691
Ellen Claydonwife of Edward Claydon1896981994

56ClementGerald Albert William Clementfirst name on this monument1933732006id: TLRJ3617661881
Jean Florence Clementwife of Gerald Albert William Clement1940732013
Amelia Freemanrelationship not known of Gerald Albert William Clement1908922000 Widow of Sidney Freeman.
Sidney Freemanrelationship not known of Gerald Albert William Clement

57ClowAnn Emma Clowfirst name on this monument1862861948id: TLRJ137658401Name may be Glow.

58CockEdward George Cockfirst name on this monument1888581946id: TLRJ887659151
May Blanche Cockrelationship not known of Edward George Cock1889851974

59ColeFlorence Vrede Colefirst name on this monument1910912001id: TLRJ3287661551

60CooperAlbert Cooperfirst name on this monument1962id: TLRJ110
(2 images)
Elizabeth Cooperwife of Albert Cooper1997

61CooperDaniel Elias Cooperfirst name on this monument1928802008id: TLRJ2277660541
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62CooperEileen Cooperfirst name on this monumentid: TLRJ2287660551

63CooperEllen A Cooperfirst name on this monument1908431951id: TLRJ957659221

64CooperFrank Cooperfirst name on this monument1907691976id: TLRJ1857660121
Dorothy Cooperwife of Frank Cooper1906761982

65CooperJohn Henry Cooperfirst name on this monumentid: TLRJ81
(2 images)
Eliza Cooperwife of John Henry Cooper1945

66CooperVictor Cooperfirst name on this monument1903751978id: TLRJ1787660051
Elsie Cooperwife of Victor Cooper1910831993

67CoppinOlive Maud Lucitania Coppinfirst name on this monument1918832001id: TLRJ2957661221
William Arthur Coppinhusband of Olive Maud Lucitania Coppin1919882007

68CowlesW Cowlesfirst name on this monument1972id: TLRJ1527659791

69CraigWilliam Craigfirst name on this monument1868761944id: TLRJ257658521
Margaret Colquhoun Craigrelationship not known of William Craig1874781952

70CrawfordLucy Crawfordfirst name on this monument1906881994id: TLRJ2477660741
Harry Crawfordhusband of Lucy Crawford

71CrickH Russell Crickfirst name on this monument1905711976id: TLRJ1867660131

72CrispKathleen Rose Crispfirst name on this monument1918781996id: TLRJ2617660881

73CromeCharlotte R Cromefirst name on this monument1889771966id: TLRJ1287659551

74CrumleyJohn Crumleyfirst name on this monument1932571989id: TLRJ2347660611

75CumbyRosemary Alice Cumbyfirst name on this monument1941451986id: TLRJ2107660371

76CunliffeAlice Ivy Cunliffefirst name on this monument1928581986id: TLRJ2127660391
Ernest Cunliffehusband of Alice Ivy Cunliffe1926711997

77CushionGeorge Cushionfirst name on this monument1883701953id: TLRJ101765928
Ellen Cushionrelationship not known of George Cushion1885931978

78DaniellAlfred Eric Daniellfirst name on this monument1918541972id: TLRJ1547659811
Lilian Elizabeth Daniellwife of Alfred Eric Daniell1923731996

79DannAdelaide Marjorie Dannfirst name on this monument1899901989id: TLRJ1667659931

80DaveyCharles Daveyfirst name on this monument1851791930id: TLRJ627658891
Jane Daveyrelationship not known of Charles Davey1854801934

81DavisLeslie Lucan Davisfirst name on this monument1923772000id: TLRJ2987661253
Olive Mary Daviswife of Leslie Lucan Davis1927872014

82DavisRose Elizabeth Davisfirst name on this monument1908881996id: TLRJ2777661041

83DawsonBeatrice Myrtle Dawsonfirst name on this monument1944id: TLRJ89
(2 images)

84DawsonConstance Myrtle Dawsonfirst name on this monument1920241944id: TLRJ90
(2 images)

85DiamondRegina Diamondfirst name on this monument1987222009id: TLRJ330
(2 images)
7661571The 1987 date is behind the flowers. I am assuming it is her birth date.

86DillonKevin Patrick Dillonfirst name on this monument1952572009id: TLRJ937659201

87DixonNora Marie Dixonfirst name on this monument1963id: TLRJ497658761
Florence Frederica Dixonrelationship not known of Nora Marie Dixon1966

88DoranDerek Doranfirst name on this monumentid: TLRJ3637661901
Nora Doranrelationship not known of Derek Doran

89DyerFrederick Dyerfirst name on this monument1926752001id: TLRJ3557661821

90EarwickerMarie Earwickerfirst name on this monument1917731990id: TLRJ2257660521
Ronald James Earwickerrelationship not known of Marie Earwicker1914771991

91EdwardsPeter Michael Edwardsfirst name on this monument1932682000id: TLRJ2807661071
David Norman Selby Edwardsson of Peter Michael Edwards1965512016
Rosemarie Doreen Edwardswife of Peter Michael Edwards1933842017

92EldredJulian Eldredfirst name on this monument197321975id: TLRJ1607659871Plus 6 months.

93ElliottMatthew Elliottfirst name on this monument1924772001id: TLRJ3297661561

94EllisAudrey Maude Ellisfirst name on this monument1973id: TLRJ99
(2 images)
Benjamin Ellishusband of Audrey Maude Ellis1910751985

95EllisEliza Ann Ellisfirst name on this monument1887721959id: TLRJ827659091
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96EllisJune Patricia Ann Ellisfirst name on this monument193931942id: TLRJ24
(2 images)

97EvansCarol Evansfirst name on this monument1946652011id: TLRJ233766060

98EvansClarence Albert George Evansfirst name on this monument1921681989id: TLRJ232766059
Phyllis Irene Evanswife of Clarence Albert George Evans1922882010

99EvansHilda Alison Evansfirst name on this monument1908881996id: TLRJ2917661181Wife of William Martin Evans.
William Martin Evanshusband of Hilda Alison Evans

100EverallFreda Lena Everallfirst name on this monument1911751986id: TLRJ2137660401
Robert Arthur Everallhusband of Freda Lena Everall1908932001

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for London Road (section J) Cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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