Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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301CaseyAllen Caseyfirst name on this monument1880721952id: 8007445521070

302CaseyMinnie Caseyfirst name on this monument1904811985id: 6697444211069
Leo Shirley Caseyhusband of Minnie Casey1898931991

303CastledineCedric Linten Castledinefirst name on this monument1895831978id: 16867454371070
Josephine Lucy Castledinerelationship not known of Cedric Linten Castledine1890861976

304CavanaghJohn Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1851761927id: 14907452411073
Veronica Cavanaghdaughter of John Cavanagh1888521940
Alice Cavanaghwife of John Cavanagh1853831936

305CavanaghKathleen Eileen Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1893741967id: 14157451661073

306CavanaghMary Catherine Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1924331957id: 9547447061074
Noel Vincent Cavanaghrelationship not known of Mary Catherine Cavanagh1922661988

307CavanaghPatrick Bernard Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1924701994id: 4677442191074

308CavanaghVincent Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1891911982id: 14147451651073

309ChambersJoseph Chambersfirst name on this monument1817671884id: 11947449451068Born Portsmouth , England

310ChambersMary Chambersfirst name on this monument1824721896id: 11967449471068

311ChampJemima Alice Champfirst name on this monument1906901996id: 76874452010751
Maurice Melville Merrittson of Jemima Alice Champ1929852014
Rodney Edward Merrittson of Jemima Alice Champ1933792012

312ChandlerDoris Mary Chandlerfirst name on this monument1915962011id: 15367452871071

313ChandlerMarilyn Joy Chandlerfirst name on this monument1952552007id: 8987446501069

314ChantAgnes Chantfirst name on this monument1958id: 9647447161071

315ChapmanColin Chapmanfirst name on this monument1915962011id: 967438481075
Joan Catherine Chapmanwife of Colin Chapman1915982013

316ChapmanSusan Chapmanfirst name on this monument1841541895id: 8507446021079
Charles Myallrelationship not known of Susan Chapman1857711928
Mary Jane Myallrelationship not known of Susan Chapman1865831948 w/Charles

317CheneryAllan David Cheneryfirst name on this monument1947692016id: 847438361072

318CheneryCharles Keith Cheneryfirst name on this monument1912561968id: 13787451291074
Aisne Gloria Lille Chenerywife of Charles Keith Chenery1916781994

319CheneryHayley Anne Cheneryfirst name on this monument198721989id: 5707443221072

320CheneryJohn Raymond Cheneryfirst name on this monument1916641980id: 837438351074
Thelma Jean Chenerywife of John Raymond Chenery1924872011

321CheneryNerril Evonne Cheneryfirst name on this monument1932792011id: 9274384410731
Edward Clarence Cheneryhusband of Nerril Evonne Chenery1929872016

322CheneryWilliam Cheneryfirst name on this monument1880821962id: 11147448651072
Florence Agatha Chenerywife of William Chenery1884881972

323ChidgeyJohn James Chidgeyfirst name on this monument1911641975id: 17217454721088
Kathleen Chidgeyrelationship not known of John James Chidgey1909801989

324ChidgeyMarie Chidgeyfirst name on this monument1937792016id: 87437601089

325ChipperfieldTerry Anthony Chipperfieldfirst name on this monument1970251995id: 4177441691072

326CikanRuby Elaine Cikanfirst name on this monument1933461979id: 19067456571073
Wladislaw Cikanrelationship not known of Ruby Elaine Cikan1923782001

327ClaydenMary Amy Claydenfirst name on this monument1923892012id: 1297438811070

328ClearyEmma L Clearyfirst name on this monument1890731963id: 10657448161070
Angela Clearydaughter of Emma L Cleary193111932
Marcella Clearydaughter of Emma L Cleary192801928
Cecil J Clearyhusband of Emma L Cleary1888771965
Peter Clearyson of Emma L Cleary192701927

329ClearyVincent Francis Clearyfirst name on this monument1898631961id: 12327449831072
Helen Catherine Clearyrelationship not known of Vincent Francis Cleary1909711980
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330CleggC M Cleggfirst name on this monument1926681994id: 4607442121073Corps of Elec. and Mech. Engineers

331ClemensAnne Clemensfirst name on this monument1841671908id: 12167449671073Born Co. Limerick , Ireland

332ClemensJohn Richard Clemensfirst name on this monument1826551881id: 12157449661072Born Cornwall , England

333ClemensMary Ellen Clemensfirst name on this monument2id: 12177449681073

334ClementsEmma Mary Clementsfirst name on this monument1993id: 18637456141068

335CluffAugustus Clufffirst name on this monument1883761959id: 9477446991070
Ellen Cluffrelationship not known of Augustus Cluff1875901965

336CluffDarcy Alfred Clufffirst name on this monument1911611972id: 15947453451072
Mary Patricia Cluffrelationship not known of Darcy Alfred Cluff1909871996

337CoffeyClement Matthew Coffeyfirst name on this monument1924611985id: 6787444301075
Marjorie Doris Coffeywife of Clement Matthew Coffey1928722000

338ColeloughJoshua Michael Coleloughfirst name on this monumentid: 16167453671068

339CollMary Collfirst name on this monument1791901881id: 12667450171070w/John. Born Co. Donegal , Ireland
John Collhusband of Mary Coll
Patrick Collson of Mary Coll1839981937

340CollinsBrian Mackay Collinsfirst name on this monument1949491998id: 2837440351077

341CollinsWayne Noel Collinsfirst name on this monument1952522004id: 2057439571076

342ColmanClara Colmanfirst name on this monument1895511946id: 15097452601071
Clifford Colmanrelationship not known of Clara Colman1925411966
William Colmanrelationship not known of Clara Colman1891611952

343ColmanDouglas George Colmanfirst name on this monument1942732015id: 8147445661071Ashes

344ColmanMaxwell John Colmanfirst name on this monument1940151955id: 8137445651070
Ada Colmanrelationship not known of Maxwell John Colman1908851993 Ashes
William John Colmanrelationship not known of Maxwell John Colman1915751990

345ComerfordBrian John Comerfordfirst name on this monument1924741998id: 8697446211068

346ComerfordPatrick Mulhall Comerfordfirst name on this monument1818721890id: 8707446221069
Ellen Comerfordwife of Patrick Mulhall Comerford1825791904

347ComerfordRichard Comerfordfirst name on this monument1862671929id: 8357445871070
Norah Comerfordrelationship not known of Richard Comerford1860781938
Richard J Comerfordrelationship not known of Richard Comerford1895631958

348ComerfordRichard Marum Comerfordfirst name on this monument1835561891id: 8687446201069

349ComptonAnne Comptonfirst name on this monument1930872017id: 3967441481073
Noel Joseph Comptonhusband of Anne Compton1927691996

350ComptonBryan Francis Comptonfirst name on this monument1925772002id: 2457439971076
Mary Constable Comptonrelationship not known of Bryan Francis Compton1926872013

351ComptonEileen Comptonfirst name on this monument190211903id: 11777449281071

352ComptonFrancis Alexander Comptonfirst name on this monument1932712003id: 9417446931070

353ComptonHenry Comptonfirst name on this monument1892801972id: 9357446871071

354ComptonKatrina Louise Comptonfirst name on this monument1959181977id: 18037455541076
Richard John Comptonfather of Katrina Louise Compton1929882017

355ComptonLionel Stanley Comptonfirst name on this monument1906611967id: 11927449431072
Essie Barnes Comptonwife of Lionel Stanley Compton1911701981

356ComptonMary Adele Comptonfirst name on this monument1930151945id: 15237452741075
Ellen Ethel Comptonrelationship not known of Mary Adele Compton1893901983
Francis Herbert Comptonrelationship not known of Mary Adele Compton1897831980

357ComptonStella Elizabeth Comptonfirst name on this monument1900591959id: 9407446921070
Robert Victor Comptonrelationship not known of Stella Elizabeth Compton1897701967

358ComptonSusan Comptonfirst name on this monument1864821946id: 11767449271074
Henry Comptonrelationship not known of Susan Compton1860921952

359ConnellCatherine Monica Connellfirst name on this monument1920862006id: 6437443951070

360ConnolleyEthel May Connolleyfirst name on this monument1904741978id: 18127455631068
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361ConnolleyThomas James Connolleyfirst name on this monument1930561986id: 6497444011072

362ConnollyA J Connollyfirst name on this monument1922822004id: 13567451071073RAAF

363ConnollyElla Veronica Connollyfirst name on this monument1914641978id: 18357455861070

364ConnollyJohn Ernest Connollyfirst name on this monument1890901980id: 8257445771071
Ernest Patrick Connollyrelationship not known of John Ernest Connolly1923641987

365ConnollyJosephine Connollyfirst name on this monument1890661956id: 8247445761071
Ida Connollydaughter of Josephine Connolly1916531969

366ConnollyMadge Elizabeth Connollyfirst name on this monument1927852012id: 13577451081073w/Anthony
Anthony Connollyhusband of Madge Elizabeth Connolly

367ConnollyMichael Connollyfirst name on this monument1861911952id: 7987445501070
Anne Connollyrelationship not known of Michael Connolly1863911954

368ConnollyMichael Leo Connollyfirst name on this monument1920872007id: 18337455841068

369ConnollyPatricia Mary Connollyfirst name on this monument1917821999id: 7517445031068

370ConnollyPatrick William Connollyfirst name on this monument1876571933id: 13557451061073
Ella Myra Connollyrelationship not known of Patrick William Connolly1884721956

371ConnollySarah Clare Connollyfirst name on this monument1925651990id: 18347455851068

372ConnorLeslie Connorfirst name on this monument1893601953id: 16047453551068
Geoffrey Harold Connorson of Leslie Connor1916681984
Amy Connorrelationship not known of Leslie Connor1892791971

373ConnorsJames Patrick Connorsfirst name on this monument1914821996id: 3797441311068
Daphne Phyllis Connorswife of James Patrick Connors1919812000

374ConnorsJoseph Connorsfirst name on this monument1866841950id: 15067452571068

375ConnorsMichael James Connorsfirst name on this monument1899691968id: 15347452851069

376ConnorsMoria Connorsfirst name on this monument1889711960id: 10217447731068

377ConnorsRosanna Mary Connorsfirst name on this monument1879641943id: 15357452861070
Patrick Connorshusband of Rosanna Mary Connors1879841963
Max Connorsson of Rosanna Mary Connors1923201943

378ConnorsRose Connorsfirst name on this monument1868781946id: 15077452581068

379ConroyArthur Patrick Conroyfirst name on this monument1907501957id: 9127446641070
Patricia Mary Wilksdaughter of Arthur Patrick Conroy1935281963
Elva Mary Conroywife of Arthur Patrick Conroy1912841996 Ashes

380CookBenjamin Cookfirst name on this monument1835521887id: 12907450411070Born Dublin , Ireland
Mary Ann Robinsonwife of Benjamin Cook1882241906 Born Londonderry , Ireland

381CookCarol Ann Cookfirst name on this monument1950451995id: 1587439101069

382CookDarrell William Cookfirst name on this monument1921812002id: 2037439551069
Marion Cookwife of Darrell William Cook1927772004

383CookEllen Nellie Cookfirst name on this monument1894541948id: 14527452031068
Harold John Cookhusband of Ellen Nellie Cook1897861983

384CookEva Irene Cookfirst name on this monument1897731970id: 8497446011072
Mark Cookhusband of Eva Irene Cook1886851971
Doreen Mary Christensenrelationship not known of Eva Irene Cook1926752001

385CookHannah Mary Cookfirst name on this monument1903611964id: 10487447991068
Jack Ernest Cookrelationship not known of Hannah Mary Cook1903621965

386CookMay Isabella Cookfirst name on this monument1888731961id: 11697449201068

387CookNancy Pamela Cookfirst name on this monument1929832012id: 18417455921068

388CookWilliam Glass Cookfirst name on this monument1923842007id: 1577439091068
Ann Marie Cookrelationship not known of William Glass Cook1922912013

389CookWilliam Joseph Cookfirst name on this monument1921922013id: 7917445431068
Mark Joseph Cookson of William Joseph Cook1954612015

390CoolahanFamily Coolahanfirst name on this monumentid: 14307451811069

391CooneyThomas Francis Cooneyfirst name on this monument1888741962id: 11487448991068
Muriel Doris Cooneyrelationship not known of Thomas Francis Cooney1892951987
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392CooperDorothy Cooperfirst name on this monument1942411983id: 12687450191070

393CooperRonald Balfour Cooperfirst name on this monument1943652008id: 1097438611069

394Cooper-StigSuzanna Maree Cooper-Stigfirst name on this monument199601996id: 18657456161068

395CopotKarl Copotfirst name on this monument194891957id: 8867446381068
Frank Copotrelationship not known of Karl Copot195071957

396CopotMaria Copotfirst name on this monument1947101957id: 8877446391068
Julia Copotrelationship not known of Maria Copot194981957

397CorbettWilliam Patrick Corbettfirst name on this monument1887771964id: 10837448341069
Mary Margaret Corbettrelationship not known of William Patrick Corbett1904651969

398CornellJohn Thomas Cornellfirst name on this monument1910731983id: 19447456951068
Dorothy Charlotte Cornellwife of John Thomas Cornell1915942009

399CosstickAnnie Ellen Cosstickfirst name on this monument1908851993id: 4727442241069
Thomas Edmund Cosstickrelationship not known of Annie Ellen Cosstick1906901996

400CostelloeCarmel Mary Costelloefirst name on this monument1924912015id: 5967443481070w/Kenneth
Kenneth Costelloehusband of Carmel Mary Costelloe

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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