Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201BuddenSamuel William Buddenfirst name on this monument1909761985id: 6667444181072
Eileen Theresa Buddenwife of Samuel William Budden1907932000
Ethel Agnes Dinterrelationship not known of Samuel William Budden1899971996

202BudekEugeniusz Budekfirst name on this monument1916711987id: 6447443961068Born Warsaw , Poland

203BudekNatalia Budekfirst name on this monument1925782003id: 6457443971069Born Kilikyev , Ukraine

204BuffierBertha Buffierfirst name on this monument1900321932id: 12547450051069

205BuffierBrian Joseph Buffierfirst name on this monument1909831992id: 5377442891070
Mercia Joan Buffierrelationship not known of Brian Joseph Buffier1914801994

206BuffierBulger B Buffierfirst name on this monument1856641920id: 12527450031068

207BuffierFrancis P Buffierfirst name on this monument1893771970id: 15307452811068
Joyce Mildred Buffierrelationship not known of Francis P Buffier1921862007
Mildred Buffierrelationship not known of Francis P Buffier1897831980

208BuffierHannah Buffierfirst name on this monument1867821949id: 12537450041068

209BuffierHenry A Buffierfirst name on this monument1895721967id: 12257449761069

210BuffierImelda Buffierfirst name on this monument1904id: 12517450021068

211BuffierJoan Buffierfirst name on this monument1906351941id: 12587450091069

212BuffierMary Buffierfirst name on this monument1907781985id: 12557450061069

213BuffierMary Josephine Buffierfirst name on this monument1890731963id: 10937448441068
Walter Francis Buffierrelationship not known of Mary Josephine Buffier1890731963

214BuffierPeter Buffierfirst name on this monument1961552016id: 237437751069

215BuffierRobert Francis Buffierfirst name on this monument1928802008id: 2967440481070

216BugajnyJosefa Bugajnyfirst name on this monument1925591984id: 7427444941073Born Pinczow , Poland

217BugajnyStanislaw Bugajnyfirst name on this monument1921792000id: 2757440271070Born Kurzelow , Poland

218BuntValerie Buntfirst name on this monument1948391987id: 6317443831069

219BurgAndrew Burgfirst name on this monument1885681953id: 11337448841068

220BurgAndrew Burgfirst name on this monument1860601920id: 11347448851069
Mary Theresa Burgwife of Andrew Burg1951

221BurgAnnie Burgfirst name on this monument1861381899id: 11317448821069w/Andrew
Andrew Burghusband of Annie Burg

222BurgAubrey W Burgfirst name on this monument1898751973id: 16457453961068
Kathleen May Burgrelationship not known of Aubrey W Burg1905851990

223BurgBarbara Eve Burgfirst name on this monument1931842015id: 697438211069w/Frank
Frank Burghusband of Barbara Eve Burg

224BurgBernard J Burgfirst name on this monument1897id: 11327448831068
Margaret Burgrelationship not known of Bernard J Burg1902

225BurgClarence Andrew Burgfirst name on this monument1895661961id: 13337450841068
Hilda May Burgrelationship not known of Clarence Andrew Burg1895911986

226BurgErnest Burgfirst name on this monument1887371924id: 8597446111068

227BurgF A Burgfirst name on this monument1924862010id: 687438201069h/Barbara. R.A.A.F.
Barbara Burgwife of F A Burg

228BurgFrancis Joseph Burgfirst name on this monument1904461950id: 13797451301068
Ann Thelma Burgrelationship not known of Francis Joseph Burg1905731978

229BurgSteve Burgfirst name on this monument1964241988id: 6067443581070

230BurgessBrian Burgessfirst name on this monument1937772014id: 447437961068

231BurgessGwendoline May Burgessfirst name on this monument1919801999id: 4887442401069
Raymond James Burgesshusband of Gwendoline May Burgess1917972014

232BurgessKenneth Charles Burgessfirst name on this monument1914491963id: 12317449821072
Mona Joyce Burgessrelationship not known of Kenneth Charles Burgess1916781994
Ethel Mary Dornrelationship not known of Kenneth Charles Burgess1887731960

233BurgessKenneth Michael Burgessfirst name on this monument1942241966id: 11797449301068
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234BurgessLeo Francis Burgessfirst name on this monument1912871999id: 15827453331068

235BurgessMargaret Maude Burgessfirst name on this monument1929842013id: 2827440341069
Thomas Edward Burgesshusband of Margaret Maude Burgess1919952014

236BurgessMatilda Agnes Burgessfirst name on this monument1887701957id: 9577447091071
Charles Burgessrelationship not known of Matilda Agnes Burgess1874881962

237BurgessMuriel Emily Burgessfirst name on this monument1912591971id: 15837453341068

238BurgessPaul Burgessfirst name on this monument1963422005id: 2817440331069

239BurgessRevvie Josephine Burgessfirst name on this monument1918681986id: 6937444451070
Craig Peter O'briengrand son of Revvie Josephine Burgess1969181987 Ashes
John Charles Burgesshusband of Revvie Josephine Burgess1910851995

240BurkeBarry Burkefirst name on this monument1960id: 10327447841068

241BurkeCatherine Burkefirst name on this monument1876771953id: 8037445551070
Agnes Bridget Brookesister of Catherine Burke1888821970

242BurkeThomas Joseph Burkefirst name on this monument1837571894id: 11227448731068
Sarah Agnes Burkerelationship not known of Thomas Joseph Burke1874291903

243BurleyMary Jane Burleyfirst name on this monument1886821968id: 14997452501070
Francis Burleyhusband of Mary Jane Burley1896821978

244BurnsDaniel Ryan Burnsfirst name on this monument1920671987id: 6967444481070

245BushAllan William Bushfirst name on this monument1930732003id: 6057443571086

246BushAnthony James Bushfirst name on this monument1948431991id: 5307442821070

247BushFreda Betty Bushfirst name on this monument1927782005id: 1857439371071w/Colin
Colin Bushhusband of Freda Betty Bush

248BushMonica Kathleen Bushfirst name on this monument1922651987id: 19327456831070

249BushRoslyn Joan Bushfirst name on this monument1949391988id: 5987443501070

250ButlerEllen Butlerfirst name on this monument1909521961id: 12367449871070

251ButlerJohn Butlerfirst name on this monument1908651973id: 16527454031070
Dorothy Butlerwife of John Butler1912831995

252ByfieldMichelle Ann Byfieldfirst name on this monument1968271995id: 4207441721068w/Stephen
Stephen Byfieldhusband of Michelle Ann Byfield

253ByrneAndrew William Byrnefirst name on this monument1911651976id: 9317446831070

254ByrneDavid Allen Byrnefirst name on this monument196131964id: 9307446821069

255ByrneJames Byrnefirst name on this monument1800541854id: 12217449721068h/Mary. Born Co. Kilkenny , Ireland
Mary Byrnewife of James Byrne

256ByrneMichael E Byrnefirst name on this monument1911461957id: 9857447371068
Nita Byrnerelationship not known of Michael E Byrne1914471961

257ByrneWilhelmina Mary Byrnefirst name on this monument1928762004id: 2067439581069

258ByrnesMichael Byrnesfirst name on this monumentid: 12227449731068
Bridget Byrnesrelationship not known of Michael Byrnes1884
Joseph Byrnesrelationship not known of Michael Byrnes1885

259CagneyIrene Agnes Cagneyfirst name on this monument1907861993id: 4897442411072

260CallaghanClarence James Callaghanfirst name on this monument1910922002id: 3067440581070
Florence May Callaghanrelationship not known of Clarence James Callaghan1905972002

261CallaghanJohn Joseph Callaghanfirst name on this monument1844641908id: 11387448891070
Harriet Callaghanwife of John Joseph Callaghan1847781925

262CallaghanLaura Callaghanfirst name on this monument1886801966id: 11407448911068

263CallaghanLaura Callaghanfirst name on this monument1876931969id: 11397448901068

264CallaghanMaud Josephine Callaghanfirst name on this monument1896641960id: 10227447741071
Francis Joseph Callaghanhusband of Maud Josephine Callaghan1897661963

265CallaghanPaul Roy Callaghanfirst name on this monument1928591987id: 7077444591068

266CallaghanWilliam Thomas Callaghanfirst name on this monument1845751920id: 11417448921069

267CallaryMargaret Beckett Callaryfirst name on this monument1920691989id: 5517443031070Ashes
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268CallinanShelagh Callinanfirst name on this monument1934531987id: 6387443901070

269CampbellAlfred W Campbellfirst name on this monument1912711983id: 7417444931070
Madge W Campbellwife of Alfred W Campbell1913821995

270CampbellArthur George Campbellfirst name on this monument1932541986id: 6467443981068

271CampbellJoseph Patrick Campbellfirst name on this monument1916922008id: 15407452911069
Sheila Joan Campbellwife of Joseph Patrick Campbell1924902014

272CampbellLuke Campbellfirst name on this monument1986id: 17807455311072s/Michael and Evette
Michael Campbellfather of Luke Campbell
Evette Campbellmother of Luke Campbell

273CampbellPaul Campbellfirst name on this monument1969472016id: 257437771069

274CannonAgnes Matilda Cannonfirst name on this monument1927852012id: 1777439291071w/Stan
Stan Cannonhusband of Agnes Matilda Cannon

275CannonS F Cannonfirst name on this monument1923852008id: 1767439281072h/Agnes. 55th Infantry Battalion
Agnes Cannonwife of S F Cannon

276CantwellFlorence Ruby Cantwellfirst name on this monument1908531961id: 11617449121070

277CantwellJoseph Cantwellfirst name on this monument1879711950id: 13907451411070

278CantwellMichael Alphonsus Cantwellfirst name on this monument1903921995id: 11627449131070

279CareyEmma Careyfirst name on this monument1965id: 14397451901074
Walter Ferryrelationship not known of Emma Carey1975

280CareyKathleen Careyfirst name on this monument1901601961id: 10357447871071

281CareyMargaret Elizabeth Careyfirst name on this monument1886771963id: 10797448301069

282CareyReginald Careyfirst name on this monument1927501977id: 17877455381069
Mary Laureen Careywife of Reginald Carey1927822009

283CareyTerence Patrick Careyfirst name on this monument1928671995id: 3847441361070

284CareyThomas Clarence Careyfirst name on this monument1931822013id: 3417440931069
Margaret Clare Careywife of Thomas Clarence Carey1934621996

285CarltonEllen Carltonfirst name on this monument1822811903id: 12787450291073
James R Carltonrelationship not known of Ellen Carlton1870691939

286CarltonJames Carltonfirst name on this monument1820721892id: 12777450281072Born Co. Fermanagh , Ireland

287CarmodyDaniel Joseph Carmodyfirst name on this monument1898661964id: 10057447571070
Josephine Agnes Carmodywife of Daniel Joseph Carmody1898911989

288CarmodyEdward Carmodyfirst name on this monumentid: 317437831070

289CarmodyJames Francis Carmodyfirst name on this monument1915611976id: 17487454991071

290CarmodyJulia Veronica Carmodyfirst name on this monument1914771991id: 17477454981070

291CarmodyMaxwell Joseph Carmodyfirst name on this monument1922792001id: 10067447581074

292CarmodyNeville Francis Carmodyfirst name on this monument1928762004id: 7327444841070h/Marcia
Marcia Carmodywife of Neville Francis Carmody

293CarmodyPeter Edward Carmodyfirst name on this monument1951211972id: 12897450401077

294CarmodyVeronica Carmodyfirst name on this monument1896701966id: 12887450391072
Edward Leo Carmodyhusband of Veronica Carmody1903851988

295CarraroRino Carrarofirst name on this monument1927671994id: 4287441801071Born Camposampiero , Italy

296CarrickGregory Carrickfirst name on this monument192651931id: 14217451721072s/Clarence and Bernadette
Clarence Carrickfather of Gregory Carrick
Bernadette Carrickmother of Gregory Carrick

297CarrollLeigh W Carrollfirst name on this monument195981967id: 13037450541075
Dianne N Hicksonrelationship not known of Leigh W Carroll1952201972

298CarrollPatricia Joan Carrollfirst name on this monument1930661996id: 9637447151068

299CarterMary Grace Carterfirst name on this monument1909651974id: 16777454281075
Irwin Freeman Carterhusband of Mary Grace Carter1907701977

300CarterMichael John Carterfirst name on this monument1942652007id: 1357438871075

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (Catholic section) Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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