St Michael's Church burial ground, Ngawha, Northland, New Zealand

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AkehurstFrederick Akehurstfirst name on this monument1911721983id: 9717361101086h f gf
Barrie Ivan Akehurstrelationship not known of Frederick Akehurst1938692007

2AkehurstHanna Huia Perehia Akehurstfirst name on this monument1966id: 9677361061088

3AkehurstRonald Paul Akehurstfirst name on this monument1941702011id: 9687361071081s b u

4AnaniaJack Joseph Ananiafirst name on this monument1950542004id: 1027362311081h f gf b

5AngellGrace Angellfirst name on this monument1925541979id: 2973616410901Safe in the arms of the Lord. M gm

6AshbyCecelia Anne Ashbyfirst name on this monument1943511994id: 1547362691085
Leaine Juanita Ashbydaughter of Cecelia Anne Ashby1963351998 Forever in the hearts of Howard , Tania , Andrew and Mark

7BakerBasil Bakerfirst name on this monumentid: 2097363151082
Robin Gary Bakerrelationship not known of Basil Baker

8BakerBoysey Bakerfirst name on this monument1937601997id: 2127363171080
Erana Bakerwife of Boysey Baker1937601997 m and f gp ggp b s u a

9BakerDave Bakerfirst name on this monumentid: 2057363121083
Dave Bakerrelationship not known of Dave Baker1941151956 4 sided monument

10BakerDavid Richard Bakerfirst name on this monument1957562013id: 2147363191084from Australia
Christine Susan Bakerwife of David Richard Baker1958572015 p of Bradley , Robin , Carley-Ann ml and fl gm and gp

11BakerFrancis Frederick Bakerfirst name on this monument1966201986id: 2117363161083Much loved son

12BakerHuiarangi Bakerfirst name on this monument1892481940id: 637361951083m
Jack Bakerrelationship not known of Huiarangi Baker1893491942 possible h of above

13BakerMack Bakerfirst name on this monument1911641975id: 607361921080h of Hilda. Remembered always by all of his family.
Hilda Bakerwife of Mack Baker

14BakerMack Bakerfirst name on this monumentid: 317361661083

15BakerParekura Edward Bakerfirst name on this monument1919581977id: 597361911085f gf Safe in the arms of the Lord.

16BakerRobin Gary Bakerfirst name on this monument196231965id: 2077363131089Same monument

17BakerTe Tane Bakerfirst name on this monument1930571987id: 327361671080h of Celia f of Steven and Jan
Celia Bakerwife of Te Tane Baker

18BakerUrukahinga Bakerfirst name on this monument1909841993id: 2047363111081Forever our precious Nan

19BakerWinnie Isobel Bakerfirst name on this monument1970402010id: 2137363181098w of Graeme m of Hayley , Jamie , Jared and Cobe d s a
Graeme Bakerhusband of Winnie Isobel Baker

20BannisterRobert M Bannisterfirst name on this monument1897941991id: 677361991079

21BeachamTe Horeana Beachamfirst name on this monument1926822008id: 237361581084d of Henare and Moeawhi
Henare Beachamfather of Te Horeana Beacham
Moeawhi Beachammother of Te Horeana Beacham

22BeazleyChristian Toby Hamlyn Beazleyfirst name on this monument1974382012id: 397361741082

23BeazleyDaisy Marie Beazleyfirst name on this monument1913882001id: 127361471082w of Toby m of Thomas Henry and Isobel Francis. Gm
Toby Beazleyhusband of Daisy Marie Beazley

24BeazleyEric Richard Beazleyfirst name on this monument1988id: 527361851083Father

25BeazleyGeorge Thomas Beazleyfirst name on this monument1925601985id: 9617361001093h of Nellie f gf
Nellie Beazleywife of George Thomas Beazley

26BeazleyHannah Marie Beazleyfirst name on this monument1923721995id: 477361801089

27BeazleyHeni Hikitia Sherron Beazleyfirst name on this monument2007id: 507361831087d of Harrison Kiriana

28BeazleyIsobel Francis Beazleyfirst name on this monument195031953id: 197361541086d of Toby and Daisy
Toby Beazleyfather of Isobel Francis Beazley
Daisy Beazleymother of Isobel Francis Beazley

29BeazleyJames Seddon Beazleyfirst name on this monument1913892002id: 427361771084h of Ngakura
Ngakura Beazleywife of James Seddon Beazley

30BeazleyLouis Sonny Beazleyfirst name on this monument2013id: 417361761084

31BeazleyLynnis Beazleyfirst name on this monument1953221975id: 9627361011084
Thompson Beazleyrelationship not known of Lynnis Beazley1948

32BeazleyNellie Georgina Beazleyfirst name on this monument1925691994id: 487361811081d of Rongo Hoori Nell w of George Thomas
Rongo Hoori Nell Wellsfather of Nellie Georgina Beazley
George Thomas Beazleyhusband of Nellie Georgina Beazley
Calvin Kelly Matthews-Robertsonrelationship not known of Nellie Georgina Beazley199411995 b age 9mths age 9mths - s of Kelly and Wayne b of Ethan
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33BeazleyTe Aohau Beazleyfirst name on this monument1936611997id: 437361781082h of Caroline
Caroline Beazleywife of Te Aohau Beazley1937601997 w of Te Aohau
Aingel Glory Grace Pawa-Beazleyrelationship not known of Te Aohau Beazley1998

34BeazleyToby Hamlyn Alfred Beazleyfirst name on this monument1914591973id: 117361461079h f fl gf
Thomas Henry Beazleyson of Toby Hamlyn Alfred Beazley194101941 age 8 mths - s of Toby Hamlyn Alfred.

35BeazleyWiki Beazleyfirst name on this monument2013id: 387361731087

36BeazleyWilliam Wehunga Beazleyfirst name on this monument1923621985id: 9607360991081h f and gf of Hana

37BeazleyWinnifred Lois Beazleyfirst name on this monument1960512011id: 407361751091Our family chain is broken , nothing seems the same , but as God calls us one by one , the links shall join again.

38BeckhamEsther Melia Beckhamfirst name on this monument1897851982id: 17361361087

39BroomfieldClaire Chistine Broomfieldfirst name on this monument2013id: 967362251082

40CopemanNeville Spencer Copemanfirst name on this monument1972211993id: 1037362321097Accidentally killed. S of Allen and Kotahi
Allen Copemanfather of Neville Spencer Copeman
Kotahi Copemanmother of Neville Spencer Copeman

41CottonTe Kooti Cottonfirst name on this monument1910811991id: 337361681081h ofPuti(Rosie)
Puti Cottonwife of Te Kooti Cotton
Puti Cottonwife of Te Kooti Cotton1913811994 p ofBetty , Chris , George , Wills and Emma

42CottonWilliam Taurua Cottonfirst name on this monument1937792016id: 9907361261081

43CurryAnn Curryfirst name on this monument1938782016id: 1797362901083m gm ggm

44EbbTom Fearn Ebbfirst name on this monument1951572008id: 997362281086

45EdmondsBarney Edward Edmondsfirst name on this monument195501955id: 577361891083age 5mths

46EdmondsCaroline Susan Edmondsfirst name on this monument1922651987id: 687362001079

47EdmondsDavid William Edmondsfirst name on this monument1927421969id: 57361401080f.

48EdmondsDesmond Hira Edmondsfirst name on this monument1944481992id: 707362021084h. f. gf.

49EdmondsElizabeth Edmondsfirst name on this monument1950-181932id: 787362101081

50EdmondsElla Edmondsfirst name on this monument1897861983id: 717362031083m gm w of Tom
Tom Edmondshusband of Ella Edmonds1899901989 h of Ella. F. and gf.

51EdmondsH H Edmondsfirst name on this monument1888811969id: 10017361351081Maori Pioneer Btn.

52EdmondsHira Edmondsfirst name on this monument1917261943id: 737362051080KIA in Italy
Ngaro Edmondsrelationship not known of Hira Edmonds1919231942 Killed at Alamein. A wonderful nature true and kind , loved by all they left behind. Tribute from his wife , parents and family.

53EdmondsJames Allan Edmondsfirst name on this monument1940622002id: 247361591081h of Rita f b u gf
Rita Edmondswife of James Allan Edmonds

54EdmondsJeanette Edmondsfirst name on this monument1960572017id: 1597362741084

55EdmondsJohn Raymond Edmondsfirst name on this monument1933651998id: 1847362951088h of Martha
Martha Edmondswife of John Raymond Edmonds

56EdmondsJohn Tucker Edmondsfirst name on this monument1833851918id: 767362081079h of Eliza
Eliza Edmondswife of John Tucker Edmonds This is a 4 sided obelisk type monument

57EdmondsJoyce Edmondsfirst name on this monument1934171951id: 727362041082d of Tom and Ella

58EdmondsMarguerita Edmondsfirst name on this monumentid: 257361601087w of James Allan
James Allan Edmondshusband of Marguerita Edmonds

59EdmondsMark Anthony Edmondsfirst name on this monument1964512015id: 1817362921081

60EdmondsMaunsell Edmondsfirst name on this monument1895831978id: 27361371086f gf ggf

61EdmondsMoe Awhi Edmondsfirst name on this monument1898661964id: 47361391086

62EdmondsPercy Harold Edmondsfirst name on this monument1963231986id: 9807361171079

63EdmondsPeter Edmondsfirst name on this monument2003id: 747362061083

64EdmondsRaihi Iramana Edmondsfirst name on this monument1855761931id: 777362091081

65EdmondsRaymond John Gardiner Edmondsfirst name on this monument1951361987id: 9977361331080h f. Rea

66EdmondsRaymond Karepori-kahu Edmondsfirst name on this monument1998id: 1857362961081

67EdmondsSamuel Joseph Edmondsfirst name on this monument1931631994id: 667361981080f of Wanits sl of Charles gf of Joseph , William Osaisa , Chelsea and Angeleeka

68EdmondsW W Edmondsfirst name on this monument1886201906id: 757362071081

69EdmondsWaiharera Edmondsfirst name on this monument1996id: 9737361111080

70FaulknerPeti Faulknerfirst name on this monument1867671934id: 1747362861088
Baby Cherringtonrelationship not known of Peti Faulkner stillborn d of Owen and Rangi
Owen Poplar Faulknerrelationship not known of Peti Faulkner1874281902 reverse of above
Agnes Watlingrelationship not known of Peti Faulkner
Baby Watlingrelationship not known of Peti Faulkner1949 stillborn son of Sidney and Agnes
Sidney Watlingrelationship not known of Peti Faulkner
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71GrantBella Grantfirst name on this monument1947-421905id: 1677362811078Angels in heaven angels above please protect the one we love. Sent with a hug sent with a kiss , who we dearly miss and always be cherished in our hearts
Bella Grantrelationship not known of Bella Grant reverse. A wife and mother

72HakaraiaDorothy Julia Weale Hakaraiafirst name on this monument1913661979id: 1557362701083Provided the font insise the church

73HakaraiaHohaia Huranga Jacob Hakaraiafirst name on this monument1937702007id: 1007362291083

74HareAtareta Harefirst name on this monument1885201905id: 1307362481085

75HarrisArihi Cassidy Ripia Harrisfirst name on this monument1909761985id: 9817361181081

76HarrisEdmond Harrisfirst name on this monument1965291994id: 1107362391082

77HarrisKerry-anne Harrisfirst name on this monument197751982id: 9657361041083d of Tautoro and Bernie
Tautoro Harrisfather of Kerry-anne Harris
Bernie Harrismother of Kerry-anne Harris

78HarrisMinnie May Harrisfirst name on this monument2018id: 1117362401082Relative of Edmond Jnr.

79HarrisonFan Harrisonfirst name on this monument1949291978id: 9637361021082w of Dave m of Dave Jnr. Also Carol and baby
Dave Harrisonhusband of Fan Harrison

80HauIwingaro Edith Haufirst name on this monument1921331954id: 77361421081
George Haurelationship not known of Iwingaro Edith Hau195041954
Kathleen Haurelationship not known of Iwingaro Edith Hau194771954
Ngarie Haurelationship not known of Iwingaro Edith Hau195401954 b age 3 mths age 3 mths - Guessing it to be a mother and her children
Sidney Haurelationship not known of Iwingaro Edith Hau194951954

81HauSidney Ranga Haufirst name on this monument1916381954id: 67361411080

82HealyJoseph Vincent Healyfirst name on this monument1934662000id: 9957361311081

83Henry-EdmondsThomasina Parewhakarongotai Henry-Edmondsfirst name on this monument201202012id: 567361881080age 4mths

84HepplestoneMargaret Darlene Hepplestonefirst name on this monument1950622012id: 227361571083Relative of Neville

85HerbertMarereira Herbertfirst name on this monument1939662005id: 1567362711087w m gm ggm

86HeremaiaNgawati Heremaiafirst name on this monument1901501951id: 1327362501088

87HeremaiaNgawati Hone Mate Heremaiafirst name on this monument1953592012id: 1907363001082
Christine Anne Heremaiawife of Ngawati Hone Mate Heremaia1951632014

88HeremaiaTahuhunuiorangi Heremaiafirst name on this monument1932692001id: 1887362991086
Tekapuarangi Matthewsrelationship not known of Tahuhunuiorangi Heremaia

89HorotaiPahemata Horotaifirst name on this monument1819831902id: 1767362871085

90HuruPeter Hurufirst name on this monument1916801996id: 467361791088h f gf.(Caroline)

91KaiheNeha Kaihefirst name on this monument1932551987id: 1577362721086h of Kath. One of lifes Gentleman loved by all families

92KaihePaul Alvin Kaihefirst name on this monument1940561996id: 1657362791086f gf ggf b u

93KaiheRoger Kaihefirst name on this monument2008id: 1717362831086

94KaiheTe Wahangu Maunsell Kaihefirst name on this monument2013id: 1587362731081

95KarakaErana M Karakafirst name on this monument1882221904id: 1317362491081

96KauwhataHepa Kauwhatafirst name on this monument1935551990id: 1627362761080

97KauwhataPerepe Wehi Kauwhatafirst name on this monument1905901995id: 16473627810911h of Arihi
Arihi Kauwhatawife of Perepe Wehi Kauwhata1905891994 w of Perepe Wehi p of Wyniard Wehi and Hira

98KauwhataRauriki Kauwhatafirst name on this monument190121903id: 1527362681084

99KauwhataWyniard Wehi Kauwhatafirst name on this monument1930792009id: 1667362801080b of Hira s of Perepe Wehi and Arihi
Hira Kauwhatabrother of Wyniard Wehi Kauwhata1940732013 s of Perepe Wehi and Arihi

100KingAdrian Wayne Kingfirst name on this monument1957482005id: 9947361301082

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