St John and St Cuthbert (joint)'s Church burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701McKayIsabella McKayfirst name on this monument1798451843id: 90016010142
George McKaybrother of Isabella McKay
William McKaybrother of Isabella McKay1809241833
Isabella McKaydaughter of Isabella McKay
Alexander McKayfather of Isabella McKay1766541820
Isabella Shillinglawmother of Isabella McKay1760861846

702McKechnieMalcolm Sutherland McKechniefirst name on this monument1869171886id: 860605432
Frances A McKechnie188011881

703McLeanArchibald McLeanfirst name on this monument1772701842id: 90706012131

704McLeanWilliam McLeanfirst name on this monument1826id: 914860146187
Helen McLeandaughter of William McLean1852
Helen Russell Dymockgrand daughter of William McLean1853
George Yule Dymockgrand son of William McLean1847
Henry Towers Dymockgrand son of William McLean1837
James Dymockgrand son of William McLean1806
John Dymockgrand son of William McLean1841
Robert Dymockgrand son of William McLean1805
Thomas Brown Dymockgrand son of William McLean1849
William McLean Dymockgrand son of William McLean1848
Robert McLeanson of William McLean1819
William Dymockson-in-law of William McLean1826
Helen Russellwife of William McLean1825

705McLellanWilliam McLellanfirst name on this monument1851731924id: 708604789
Annie Ewingwife of William McLellan1927

706McNeillAlexander McNeillfirst name on this monument59id: 8760268122
Jessie McNeillgrand daughter-in-law of Alexander McNeill1834701904
Alexander Duncan McNeillgrand son of Alexander McNeill1829551884
James Henry McNeillgrand son of Alexander McNeill187221874
Catherine Kennedy McNeill1830131843
George William Ellis McNeill1836
Keith John McNeill183411835
Elizabeth Helen Turner1827161843
Anna Margaret McNeillwife of Alexander McNeill1862

707McNeillDonald McNeillfirst name on this monument1891id: 10376062743

708McNeillDonald McNeillfirst name on this monument1846id: 104160630112
Georgina McNeillwife of Donald McNeill1886

709McNeillElizabeth McNeillfirst name on this monument1868id: 103860628101

710MeggetArchibald Meggetfirst name on this monument1743351778id: 9092
(2 images)
William Cranstonfather-in-law of Archibald Megget
Mary Meggetwife of Archibald Megget1768

711MeikleGeorge Meiklefirst name on this monument1794601854id: 90596011553
William Meikleson of George Meikle1871
Mary Jamiesonwife of George Meikle1859

712MeinJohn Meinfirst name on this monument1835id: 8911600628
William Meinson of John Mein1827

713MelvilleJohn Melvillefirst name on this monumentid: 87785998973
Helen Lumsdaine Melvilledaughter of John Melville
Janet Erskine Melvilledaughter of John Melville
Margaret Dalyell
Melville Dalyell
Thomas Dalyell
Percy Douglas Selwyn
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714MenelawsWilliam Menelawsfirst name on this monument1798671865id: 4586036392
Marion Burn Menelawsdaughter of William Menelaws183441838
Christian Thomsonsister-in-law of William Menelaws74
Mary Thomsonwife of William Menelaws1806321838

715MenziesIsabella Menziesfirst name on this monument1813321845id: 90876012512
Andrew Scotthusband of Isabella Menzies

716MillarAndrew Millarfirst name on this monument1795551850id: 831259778294
Mary Ann Abercrombydaughter of Andrew Millar1836721908
David Baird Millarson of Andrew Millar1850
Francis Jeffrey Millarson of Andrew Millar1881
George Johnston Millarson of Andrew Millar1842
James Poland Millarson of Andrew Millar1885
John Crawford Millarson of Andrew Millar1888
William Henry Millarson of Andrew Millar1855
Jane Johnstonwife of Andrew Millar1796781874

717MillarJames Millarfirst name on this monumentid: 9028601105
Jane Millardaughter of James Millar1810351845
Margaret Millardaughter of James Millar1789761865
Mary Millardaughter of James Millar181721819
Marion Gardner Millardaughter-in-law of James Millar1894
George Fyfe Millarson of James Millar1913
James Millarson of James Millar1806631869
John S T P Millarson of James Millar1812431855
Marion Gardnerwife of James Millar1861

718MillarJames Millarfirst name on this monument1770681838id: 409603392
Elizabeth Lawsonwife of James Millar1779871866

719MillarJames Millarfirst name on this monument1823361859id: 831605321

720MillarJames Millarfirst name on this monument45id: 89836009511
Marion Millar1838321870

721MillarJohn Millarfirst name on this monument1837id: 8979600941
David Millarson of John Millar1849
John Millarson of John Millar1870
Marion wife of John Millar86

722MillarMichael Millarfirst name on this monument1802671869id: 96706078261
Alexander Grantgrand father of Michael Millar1899
Euphemia Millar Leishmangrand mother of Michael Millar1893

723MillarRobert Millarfirst name on this monument1863id: 8985600961
Elizabeth Lyon Millardaughter of Robert Millar
Janet Anne Millardaughter of Robert Millar1931
Jemima Millardaughter of Robert Millar
Elizabeth Lyonwife of Robert Millar

724MillerJames Duncan Millerfirst name on this monument1866751941id: 776605108
Ella Elizabeth Walkerdaughter-in-law of James Duncan Miller1913902003
James Cyril King Millerson of James Duncan Miller1903761979
Mary Jessie Simpsonwife of James Duncan Miller1870811951

725MillerJanet Millerfirst name on this monument1845id: 89406007713
James Crockatthusband of Janet Miller

726MillerNicol Millerfirst name on this monument1794481842id: 8907600591
Alexander Millerson of Nicol Miller1830231853
Elizabeth Graywife of Nicol Miller1873

727MilneAlexander Milnefirst name on this monument1758421800id: 8685
(2 images)
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728MitchelBaillie Robert Mitchelfirst name on this monument1676631739id: 91336014221
Janet Clarkwife of Baillie Robert Mitchel

729MitchelDavid Mitchelfirst name on this monument18id: 9136601432
Adam Mitchel
John Mitchel
Robert Mitchel

730MitchellCharles Mitchellfirst name on this monument1891no image607819
Mary Sophia Mitchelldaughter of Charles Mitchell
Isabella Stothertdaughter of Charles Mitchell
George Mitchellson of Charles Mitchell
John Mitchellson of Charles Mitchell
William Baillie Mitchellson of Charles Mitchell1914
Mary Ann Wightwife of Charles Mitchell1863
Mary Nisbet Hamilton Saunderssecond wife of Charles Mitchell1876

731MitchellEuphemia Mitchellfirst name on this monument1780851865id: 9413606902

732MitchellJane Mitchellfirst name on this monument1809721881id: 995960889312
Charlotte Mitchell Formandaughter of Jane Mitchell1905
Emily Scott Formandaughter of Jane Mitchell1895
Hannah Nairne Formandaughter of Jane Mitchell1848411889
Helen Jane Formandaughter of Jane Mitchell1852
Jane Helen Mary Formandaughter of Jane Mitchell1849421891
Mary Formandaughter of Jane Mitchell184221844
John Nairne Formanhusband of Jane Mitchell1807771884
George Thomson Formanson of Jane Mitchell184311844
James Charles Formanson of Jane Mitchell1840751915
John Formanson of Jane Mitchell1838441882
John Hannah Formanson of Jane Mitchell184211843
Robert Formanson of Jane Mitchell1839601899

733MitchellJohn Mitchellfirst name on this monument1809281837id: 9069
(2 images)
William Mitchellson of John Mitchell182511826
Catharine Calderwife of John Mitchell1756861842

734MitchellMary Mitchellfirst name on this monument1778801858id: 99636089021
Robert Mitchellhusband of Mary Mitchell1814
George Thomson Mitchellson of Mary Mitchell1813811894

735MoirGeorge Moirfirst name on this monument1800701870id: 8876055783
Euphemia Georgiana Moirdaughter of George Moir7
Mary Moirdaughter of George Moir1918
George Alexander Moirson of George Moir183261838
Flora Towerwife of George Moir1858

736MoneyAlexander Moneyfirst name on this monument1924731997id: 9517607251
Marian Moneywife of Alexander Money

737MonilawsWilliam Monilawsfirst name on this monument1790431833id: 95602723
Alexander Monilawsson of William Monilaws1829171846
Margaret Robina Nivisonwife of William Monilaws1797681865

738MonteithThomas Monteithfirst name on this monument1763471810id: 97386080323
William Monteithbrother of Thomas Monteith1765731838
Grace Monteith1839
Grizell Monteithsister-in-law of Thomas Monteith1774761850

739MoreCatharine Morefirst name on this monument1749781827id: 9356058331
George Morehusband of Catharine More1747801827
John Schank More1785761861
Margaret More81
Mary More1849
Mary Anne More1808841892
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740MoreGeorge Morefirst name on this monument1815id: 83805981311
Isabella Moredaughter of George More1803231826
William Moreson of George More1806251831

741MorisonAndrew Morisonfirst name on this monument1809id: 88646003372
Mary Emma Morisondaughter of Andrew Morison
Mary Herdman Morisondaughter of Andrew Morison
Jane Farquhar1838
Agnes Morison
Agnes Morison1803
John Morison1827
Mary Morison1796911887
D F Morisonson of Andrew Morison1795
Henry Morisonson of Andrew Morison
John Morisonson of Andrew Morison1815101825
Leofold Morisonson of Andrew Morison1822
Mary Herdmanwife of Andrew Morison1824

742MorisonCathrain Morisonfirst name on this monument1730711801id: 9714607971
David Morisonbrother of Cathrain Morison182761833
David Morisonbrother of Cathrain Morison1899
Donald Morisonbrother of Cathrain Morison1867
David Morisonfather of Cathrain Morison1782531835
Cathrain Frasermother of Cathrain Morison1798691867
Ann Morisonsister of Cathrain Morison1840151855
Robina Morisonsister of Cathrain Morison1910

743MorisonThomas Morisonfirst name on this monument1761591820id: 84415984511

744MorrisonElizabeth Ballantine Morrisonfirst name on this monument58id: 908360124121
Jane Morrisondaughter of Elizabeth Ballantine Morrison
William Ballantinefather of Elizabeth Ballantine Morrison39
Elizabeth Humblegrand mother of Elizabeth Ballantine Morrison
William Morrison Patersongrand son of Elizabeth Ballantine Morrison
Janet Humblemother of Elizabeth Ballantine Morrison34
James William Morrisonson of Elizabeth Ballantine Morrison

745MorrisonMary Morrisonfirst name on this monument1845id: 6506045071
Andrew Georgeson of Mary Morrison1840

746MossmanWilliam Mossmanfirst name on this monument65id: 9703607942
Agnes Margaret Mossmandaughter of William Mossman1864
Ann Mossmandaughter of William Mossman1877
Elizabeth Mossmandaughter of William Mossman1831841915
Hannah Mossmandaughter of William Mossman1836711907
Mary Mossmandaughter of William Mossman1828791907
Robert Mossmanson of William Mossman1829231852
Wiliam Mossmanson of William Mossman
William Mossmanson of William Mossman1842411883
Mary Falconerwife of William Mossman1801831884

747MouncyAnn Mouncyfirst name on this monument1809481857id: 809605256
Elizabeth Harperdaughter of Ann Mouncy184411845
James Harperhusband of Ann Mouncy1809601869
George Harperson of Ann Mouncy1816621878
James Harperson of Ann Mouncy1836181854

748MuirheadJames Muirheadfirst name on this monument1757861843id: 49260376142
Mary Watsondaughter-in-law of James Muirhead1800571857
Anne Muirheadgrand daughter of James Muirhead1832
Margaret Muirheadgrand daughter of James Muirhead1823651888
George Muirheadgrand son of James Muirhead1833811914
Claud Muirheadson of James Muirhead1782921874
Anne Cleghornwife of James Muirhead1751671818
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749MuirheadJane Muirheadfirst name on this monument1789411830id: 95236072871
Ann McColldaughter of Jane Muirhead1824351859
Jane McColldaughter of Jane Muirhead182781835
Margaret McColldaughter of Jane Muirhead1815281843
John McCollhusband of Jane Muirhead1791741865
John McCollson of Jane Muirhead1818151833

750MunroAlexander Munrofirst name on this monument1730791809id: 864059938193
George Abercromby Haldanebrother of Alexander Munro1858171875
Margaret Drummonddaughter of Alexander Munro1757761833 Thank you for opportunity to look at image of Munro gravestone. I am certain that this lady died on 23rd july 1853. There is a death notice in The Aberdeen Journal, Wed, 3rd Aug 1853. This would make her birth year 1777 which is more in keeping with the age of her husband, George Harley Drummond.
Robert Haldanefather of Alexander Munro1806711877
Mary Elizabeth Burdon Sandersonmother of Alexander Munro1855
Eliza Joanna Haldane1842671909
Margaret Erskine Munro
Mary Elizabeth Sanderson18251001925
Arthur Hugh Tollemache1799711870
Charles Hay Tollemache
Margaret Starkwife of Alexander Munro1735721807

751MunroAlexander Munrofirst name on this monument1761691830id: 8639
(2 images)
Elizabeth Munrodaughter of Alexander Munro1814721886
Wilbraham Francis Tollemacheson-in-law of Alexander Munro
Anne Jane Munrowife of Alexander Munro1783791862

752MunroGeorge Munrofirst name on this monument184531848id: 633604419
Robert Munrobrother of George Munro1853151868
William Munrohusband of George Munro1802761878
Jane Hendersonmother of George Munro1815581873
Ann Munrosister of George Munro185041854

753MunroGeorge Munrofirst name on this monument1837231860id: 872605504

754MunroHarry Munrofirst name on this monument1730711801id: 97206079812

755MunroLucy MacKinlay Munrofirst name on this monument1855621917id: 791605171

756MurdochJames Murdochfirst name on this monument1866id: 1276028510
Sarah Elizabeth Palmerdaughter-in-law of James Murdoch1839541893
James Murdochson of James Murdoch1914
Marion Urquhartwife of James Murdoch1789831872

757MurphyPatrick Murphyfirst name on this monument1816491865id: 95446073532
Murphydaughter of Patrick Murphy
Bridget Josephine Murphydaughter of Patrick Murphy1857221879
Helen Murphydaughter of Patrick Murphy186451869
Margaret Murphydaughter of Patrick Murphy185331856
Mary Murphydaughter of Patrick Murphy1850221872
Murphyson of Patrick Murphy
Murphyson of Patrick Murphy
Hugh Murphyson of Patrick Murphy1861201881
Patrick John Murphyson of Patrick Murphy185951864
B M Boylewife of Patrick Murphy1832621894

758MurrayAlexander Murrayfirst name on this monument1750451795id: 8848
(2 images)
6002574It looks to me that the birth date was 11th May 1736 not 1750 as given above. Is that right?
Amelia Jane Murraydaughter of Alexander Murray1777511828
John Archibald Murray1778811859
Mary Murray1788731861
William Murray1827111838
William Rigby Murray1774801854
Katherine Lindsaywife of Alexander Murray1737911828
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759MurrayAndrew Murrayfirst name on this monument1790491839id: 516603891

760MurrayDaniel Murrayfirst name on this monument1744361780id: 94296069821
Jean Murraydaughter of Daniel Murray177371780
Margaret Murraydaughter of Daniel Murray
Marion Murraydaughter of Daniel Murray

761MurrayGeorge Murrayfirst name on this monumentid: 9588607503

762MurrayJames Murrayfirst name on this monument1820721892id: 84805986334
Edith Barnes Murraydaughter of James Murray1871
Elizabeth Murraydaughter of James Murray1854891943
Margaret Douglas Murraydaughter of James Murray1905
James Murrayson of James Murray1853
Agnes Ritchiewife of James Murray1823741897

763MurrayJohn Murrayfirst name on this monument1857id: 90602694
Elizabeth Murraydaughter of John Murray1865
Mary Murraydaughter of John Murray1919
John Murrayson of John Murray1898
William Murrayson of John Murray1833
Mary Auchterloniewife of John Murray1859

764MurrayJohn Murrayfirst name on this monument1780691849id: 514603881

765MurrayJohn Murrayfirst name on this monument1856id: 63602562
William R Murrayson of John Murray1851
Ann Jane Borlandwife of John Murray1851

766MurrayRobert Murrayfirst name on this monument1843id: 8464
(3 images)
Eliza Mary 1806821888
William Oswald Hunter1809831892

767MurraySarah Potter Murrayfirst name on this monument1791651856id: 9443607051

768MylneGeorge Mylnefirst name on this monument1812731885id: 9989609032
Emilia Fletcherwife of George Mylne1835621897

769NairneCharles Nairnefirst name on this monument1795421837id: 8870600361
James Nairne1822441866
Amelia Forbes Bellwife of Charles Nairne1799751874

770NapierCharlotte Marcia Napierfirst name on this monument184461850id: 8362
(2 images)
Mark Napierfather of Charlotte Marcia Napier1798771875
Alice Jane Douglas Napiersister of Charlotte Marcia Napier184651851

771NapierFrancis Napierfirst name on this monument1770481818id: 836359808253
Alicia Colden Napierdaughter of Francis Napier1797201817
Mary Elizabeth Jane Douglas Hamiltonwife of Francis Napier1838

772NapierMark Napierfirst name on this monument1800id: 8716
(2 images)
Catherine Douglas Napierdaughter of Mark Napier1838
Jane Hamilton Napiergrand daughter of Mark Napier180061806
Margaret Symson Napiergrand daughter of Mark Napier180061806
Archibald Hamilton Napiergrand son of Mark Napier180331806
Mark Napierson of Mark Napier1843
Mary Symsonwife of Mark Napier1820

773NasmythAlexander Nasmythfirst name on this monument1758821840id: 6866046821

774NeilMargaret Neilfirst name on this monument1800811881id: 93506023041
Agnes Neilsister of Margaret Neil1798841882

775NeilsonCatherine Neilsonfirst name on this monument180881816id: 928760201322
Andrew Neilson1811741885
Anne Neilson1801541855
James Neilson1753681821
James Neilson1803391842
Jane Neilson1795361831
Johanna Neilson1800531853
Margaret Neilson1805231828
Mary Neilson1806651871
Robert Grierson Neilson1814251839
Stewart Neilson1800661866
William Neilson1891
Anne Stuart1777791856
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776NewbiggingMary Newbiggingfirst name on this monumentid: 9651607771

777NicholsonIsaac Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1809181827id: 9716059711
Thomas Nicholson1820221842

778NicolJohn Nicolfirst name on this monument1813401853id: 6366044312

779NicolJohn Nicolfirst name on this monument1785641849id: 22960321251
Agnes Nicoldaughter of John Nicol1833
Isabella Brown Nicoldaughter of John Nicol1822211843
Janet Nicoldaughter of John Nicol181611817
Janet Nicoldaughter of John Nicol1818631881
Elizabeth Balharydaughter-in-law of John Nicol1833541887
Christina Porteous Nicol34
Alexander Nicolson of John Nicol181411815
James Nicolson of John Nicol182941833
James Nicolson of John Nicol183421836
William Nicolson of John Nicol1894
Margaret McBeathwife of John Nicol1789781867

780NicollJohn Nicollfirst name on this monumentid: 191603074
Catharine Nicolldaughter of John Nicoll1836
Margaret Graywife of John Nicoll1813251838

781NivenWilliam Nivenfirst name on this monument1866691935id: 7116048071
Barbara Grieve Stewartwife of William Niven1867731940

782NobleAnne Noblefirst name on this monument1783501833id: 23460322144Anne Noble died 7th July 1833 at 4 Queensferry St, Edinburgh.
John Bairdfather-in-law of Anne Noble1834
William Bairdhusband of Anne Noble1863
Martha Leathermother-in-law of Anne Noble1812661878 Martha Baird widow of John Baird (he was a Plasterer Master). Martha died 30 April 1878 at 28 Barony St, Edinburgh. She was aged 66, cause of death Heart Disease. She was the daughter of James Leather and Betsy Leather maiden name not stated on death certificate (both parents deceased). Informant was William Baird her son his address was 9 Antigua Street, Edinburgh. Certificate number 318 District of St Andrews, Edinburgh. Appears James Leather was a Carting Contractor.
Charlotte Scott Baird
Mary Herbert Baird1893
William Baird
William Bairdson of Anne Noble

783OgilvieAlexander Ogilviefirst name on this monument52id: 52960393124
Eliza Ogilvina Ogilviedaughter of Alexander Ogilvie1821181839
Jane Ogilviedaughter of Alexander Ogilvie1834251859
Agnes Sophia Owen1792701862
John Ogilvie Owen184031843
Mary Agnes Owen1848
Thomas Owen183691845
Thomas Owen1779591838
Walter Cowdie Owen1844211865
William Cowdie Owen1840
Robert Ogilvie Temptleton183541839
Jane Ogilviesister of Alexander Ogilvie1750801830

784OgilvieAnn Ogilviefirst name on this monument1847id: 840659827181

785OgilvieJane Ogilviefirst name on this monument1798361834id: 961605907
Donald Hornehusband of Jane Ogilvie1787831870

786OgilvyClementina Julia Ogilvyfirst name on this monumentid: 929605801

787OgilvyGeorge Ogilvyfirst name on this monument1757561813id: 88756003912
Susanna Ogilvymother of George Ogilvy1814
Isabella Gray1907
Ann Ogilvy/Ramsay1788891877
Ann Ogilvywife of George Ogilvy1779761855

788OgilvyJohn Ogilvyfirst name on this monument1722id: 86605994621
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789OgilvySarah Augusta Janet Charlotte Ogilvyfirst name on this monument1834id: 931605829

790OgilvyWalter Ogilvyfirst name on this monument1764621826id: 930605812

791OliphantEbenezer Oliphantfirst name on this monument1819771896id: 998060901228
Mary Irvine Ormonddaughter of Ebenezer Oliphant1848771925
William Bruce Bruceson of Ebenezer Oliphant1854461900
Duncan Oliphantson of Ebenezer Oliphant185011851
E H Lawrence Oliphantson of Ebenezer Oliphant1860741934
Agnes McLaurinwife of Ebenezer Oliphant1821951916

792OliphantFrancis Oliphantfirst name on this monument1785551840id: 683604664
Euphemia Grievewife of Francis Oliphant1790851875

793OliphantWilliam Oliphantfirst name on this monument1773691842id: 997760900235
Elizabeth Greenockdaughter of William Oliphant1812781890
Margaret Morrisondaughter of William Oliphant1814711885
Mary Oliphantdaughter of William Oliphant1805281833
Martha Marshalldaughter-in-law of William Oliphant1804761880
Alison Aitkman Smithdaughter-in-law of William Oliphant1844841928
Isabella Steeldaughter-in-law of William Oliphant1813911904
Walter Oliphantgrand son of William Oliphant1868651933
William Oliphantgrand son of William Oliphant1843411884
David Oliphantson of William Oliphant1817271844
John Oliphantson of William Oliphant1809231832
Walter Oliphantson of William Oliphant1816301846
William Oliphantson of William Oliphant1807531860
Charles Morrisonson-in-law of William Oliphant1813771890
Mary Irvinewife of William Oliphant1776641840

794OliverRobina Oliverfirst name on this monument1840591899id: 8630599341

795OmondGeorgina Omondfirst name on this monument185021852id: 5626040852
Robert Traill Omondbrother of Georgina Omond1856581914
Robert Omondfather of Georgina Omond1806751881
Mary Eliza Traillmother of Georgina Omond1817811898
Helen Connley1816631879
Emily Traill Omondsister of Georgina Omond1841131854

796OrdRebecca Ordfirst name on this monument1804801884id: 98006082731
James Scott Raeburn1828811909
John Petrie Raeburn1850401890
Robert R Raeburn1819791898

797OrmistonJohn Ormistonfirst name on this monument1779711850id: 89776009372
Elizabeth Ormistondaughter of John Ormiston
Margaret Ormistondaughter of John Ormiston
Margaret Walkerwife of John Ormiston1789401829

798OswaldJohn Oswaldfirst name on this monument1870id: 806026412
Christina Oswalddaughter of John Oswald1898
John Oswaldson of John Oswald1890
Christina Morrisonwife of John Oswald1809731882

799OuchterlonyAnn Ouchterlonyfirst name on this monument1832id: 9666059321
John Ouchterlonyfather of Ann Ouchterlony

800PackIsabella Margaretta Packfirst name on this monument1788841872id: 1120606545
John Thomas Packfather of Isabella Margaretta Pack

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John and St Cuthbert (joint)'s Church burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

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There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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