All Saints' Church burial ground, Ashover, Derbyshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbbottIsaiah Abbottfirst name on this monument1831681899id: p1695963872
Elizabeth Abbottdaughter-in-law of Isaiah Abbott1884781962
Robert Abbottson of Isaiah Abbott1883761959
Bridget Abbottwife of Isaiah Abbott1840741914

2AdlingtonW Adlingtonfirst name on this monument1896221918id: p1825964893

3AllenAlice Allenfirst name on this monument1759351794id: 3959498182
George Allenhusband of Alice Allen
Grace Allen1717771794

4AllenBenjamin Allenfirst name on this monument1762711833id: 265948541
Jane Allenwife of Benjamin Allen1764781842

5AllenJoseph Allenfirst name on this monument1866551921id: p111595889
Annie Allensister of Joseph Allen1873451918

6AllenMorris Allenfirst name on this monument1889731962id: p2625971510
Florence Annie Allensister of Morris Allen1899881987

7AllenSarah Jane Allenfirst name on this monument1908681976no image595273
Leonard Marriott1915691984

8AllenWilliam Allenfirst name on this monument1790601850id: 275948653
Charles Allenson of William Allen1831131844
Margaret Allenwife of William Allen1797361833

9BarberJohn Barberfirst name on this monument1897641961id: p268597206
Ada Barberwife of John Barber1897751972

10BarberKate Barberfirst name on this monument1893821975id: p267597194
Sarah Barbersister of Kate Barber1891871978

11BarkerElizabeth Barkerfirst name on this monument1719591778id: p645954813
Robert Barkerhusband of Elizabeth Barker1720821802

12BarkerElizabeth Barkerfirst name on this monument1845791924id: p220596812

13BartonJames Bartonfirst name on this monument1800851885id: p184596502

14BeardowEliza Beardowfirst name on this monument1875671942id: p278597302
George A Beardow1872751947

15BeardowFrank Beardowfirst name on this monument1887841971id: p289597406

16BeardowSarah Beardowfirst name on this monument1825821907id: p1075958481
Thomas Beardowhusband of Sarah Beardow1829871916

17BeardowThomas Joseph Beardowfirst name on this monument1829871916id: p2895974141

18BennettWilliam Bennettfirst name on this monument1836581894id: p168596373
Ellen Bennett1867911958
George Bennettson of William Bennett1883341917
Barbara Bennettwife of William Bennett1844801924

19BeresfordHannah Beresfordfirst name on this monument1883721955id: p2725972434
William Beresfordhusband of Hannah Beresford1878791957

20BeresfordPaul Beresfordfirst name on this monument1819681887id: p1255960281

21BirksJohn Birksfirst name on this monument1837721909id: p13959612226
Mary Birkswife of John Birks1841701911

22BlanksbyWilliam Blanksbyfirst name on this monument1718561774id: p7159552164

23BoarJohn Boarfirst name on this monument1777591836id: 44595032

24BodenWilliam Bodenfirst name on this monument1893361929id: p21659678201
Charles Bodenfather of William Boden
Maria Capper Bodenmother of William Boden

25BodenWilliam Bodenfirst name on this monument1738591797id: p2915974310
Ann Bodendaughter of William Boden1780641844

26BollingtonWilliam Bollingtonfirst name on this monument1783581841id: p96595746
George Bollingtonson of William Bollington181681824
James Bollingtonson of William Bollington1816171833
John Bollingtonson of William Bollington1821
Ann Bollingtonwife of William Bollington1791361827
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27BowerGeorge Bowerfirst name on this monument1813791892id: p11359590142
Ann Bowerwife of George Bower1827651892

28BowerLeonard Bowerfirst name on this monument1724751799id: p9959577122
Benjamin Marriott
Susanna Marriott1771451816
Susanna Bowerwife of Leonard Bower1823741897

29BowerLeonard Bowerfirst name on this monument1765451810id: p975957592
John Bowerson of Leonard Bower1804491853
Peggy Bowerwife of Leonard Bower1770781848

30BowerMary Hannah Bowerfirst name on this monument1852251877id: p18359649233
Emmanuel Bowerhusband of Mary Hannah Bower1816761892 Emmanuel Bower was the father of Mary Hannah Bower (not her husband).
Elizabeth Ann Bower1854621916 Daughter of Emmanuel Bower
George Bower Husband of Elizabeth Ann Bower

31BowerSarah Bowerfirst name on this monument1810491859id: p100595781

32BowlerAlice Bowlerfirst name on this monument1752801832id: p92595701

33BownBower Bownfirst name on this monument1836201856id: p895956713

34BownEmma Eliza Bownfirst name on this monument1883661949id: p2425970011
Eliza Bowndaughter of Emma Eliza Bown1909972006
Andrew Bownhusband of Emma Eliza Bown1877851962

35BownEva Bownfirst name on this monument1943602003id: p240596983

36BownFrancis Henry Bownfirst name on this monument1902531955id: p27059722151
Annie Eliza Bown1903831986
Harry Bown1929732002

37BownRose Bownfirst name on this monument1917811998id: p241596991

38BownSamuel Bownfirst name on this monument1889591948id: p2825973431
Lilian Bownwife of Samuel Bown1902851987

39BownSamuel Bownfirst name on this monument1859671926id: p1575962884
Alice Bownwife of Samuel Bown1865831948

40BownSamuel Bownfirst name on this monument1859671926no image597531
Alice Bownwife of Samuel Bown1865831948

41BoyleMargaret Boylefirst name on this monument1880id: p1065958391
Jemima Eliza Marian Boyledaughter of Margaret Boyle1844921936
Connolly Boylehusband of Margaret Boyle

42BradleyFrederick T Bradleyfirst name on this monument1878451923id: p2005966771
Susannah Bradleydaughter-in-law of Frederick T Bradley1901661967
Joseph Frederick Bradleyson of Frederick T Bradley1902821984
Edith Bradleywife of Frederick T Bradley1868561924

43BradleyHannah Bradleyfirst name on this monument1809771886no image595155
Isaac Bradleyhusband of Hannah Bradley1801861887

44BradleyWilliam John Bradleyfirst name on this monument1872781950id: p2195968081
Sarah Bradleywife of William John Bradley1957

45BrailsfordEthel Brailsfordfirst name on this monument1884571941id: p13459607121
Paul Brailsfordhusband of Ethel Brailsford1877661943

46BrailsfordPaul Brailsfordfirst name on this monument1777801857id: p7959557125
Sarah Brailsfordwife of Paul Brailsford1771821853 Parish records show burial as 23 Jan 1859 (not 1853).

47BrailsfordRonald Richard Brailsfordfirst name on this monument193721939id: p23859696201
Ronald Brailsfordfather of Ronald Richard Brailsford1910922002
Jessie Brailsfordmother of Ronald Richard Brailsford1914882002

48BrailsfordWilliam Brailsfordfirst name on this monument1873751948id: p2835973515
Ethel Brailsfordwife of William Brailsford1896671963

49BrocksoppHilda Brocksoppfirst name on this monument1905261931id: p203596702
Edward Brocksopphusband of Hilda Brocksopp1904721976
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50BrownDavid Brownfirst name on this monument1849731922id: p189596551

51BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1852661918id: p118595952
Sarah Brownwife of William Brown1872431915

52BuckleyRachel Buckleyfirst name on this monument1744601804id: p28759738222
Elizabeth Buckleydaughter of Rachel Buckley178321785
John Buckleyhusband of Rachel Buckley
Thomas Buckleyson of Rachel Buckley1787

53CantrillRoger Cantrillfirst name on this monument1900761976no image595263
Lucy Cantrillwife of Roger Cantrill1899881987

54CarlineEthel May Carlinefirst name on this monument1900351935id: p237596954
Vera Carlinedaughter of Ethel May Carline1929681997
George Henry Carlinehusband of Ethel May Carline1892551947

55CarlineLeonard Carlinefirst name on this monument1928551983no image595192

56CawoodGeorge Cawoodfirst name on this monument1774721846id: p76
(2 images)
Sarah Cawoodwife of George Cawood1783831866

57ChambersJames Henry Chambersfirst name on this monument1870571927id: p21459677221
Alice Martha Chambersdaughter of James Henry Chambers1910781988
Alice Chamberswife of James Henry Chambers1884831967

58ChappellDorothy Mary Chappellfirst name on this monument1id: p1935966061

59ChappellJoseph Albert Chappellfirst name on this monument1895871982id: p1935965983
Elizabeth Chappellwife of Joseph Albert Chappell1900831983

60CheethamWilliam Cheethamfirst name on this monument1856581914id: p1765964312
Hannah Cheethamwife of William Cheetham1864581922

61CockayneHenry Cockaynefirst name on this monument1875621937id: p2305969041
Clara Cockaynewife of Henry Cockayne1875741949

62CowleyWilliam Cowleyfirst name on this monument1736841820id: 355949443

63CrosslandJohn William Crosslandfirst name on this monument1862641926id: p2265968772
Sarah Crosslandwife of John William Crossland1860871947

64CundeyIsaac Cundeyfirst name on this monument1798701868no image59518131
Mary Cundeywife of Isaac Cundey

65CurleyCaroline Lowe Curleyfirst name on this monument1915771992id: p142596155
George Curleyhusband of Caroline Lowe Curley1916862002

66DaviesCatherine Bassett Daviesfirst name on this monument1861561917no image5975711
George Davieshusband of Catherine Bassett Davies1862781940

67DavisThomas Davisfirst name on this monument1822531875id: p535953912

68DeardenHannah Deardenfirst name on this monument1888711959id: p264597175
Charles Edwin Dearden1878821960

69DentonFrederic George Dentonfirst name on this monument1836361872id: p725955332frederic george denton was the son of samuel best denton of hornsea in yorkshire who also was a surgeon he died in 1884 aged 86 years

70DymondLucy Dymondfirst name on this monument1895751970id: p194596611
Fred Dymondhusband of Lucy Dymond

71EdgeWilliam Edgefirst name on this monument1858721930id: p234596927
Hagar Edgedaughter of William Edge1897721969
Joseph William Edgeson of William Edge1904581962
Martha Edgewife of William Edge1865721937

72EdggeAnn Edggefirst name on this monument1748491797id: p605954522
William Edggehusband of Ann Edgge

73EllisHannah Ellisfirst name on this monument1780551835id: p91595691
John Ellishusband of Hannah Ellis1778861864

74EllseGeorge Ellsefirst name on this monument1824601884id: p11459591101
Mary Adlingtondaughter of George Ellse50
Mary Ann Ellsewife of George Ellse1827831910
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75EllseThomas Ellsefirst name on this monument1822721894id: p1815964734
Emily Eva Ellsedaughter of Thomas Ellse186281870
Elizabeth Ellsewife of Thomas Ellse1823491872
Elizabeth Ellsewife of Thomas Ellse1827751902

76ElseJohn Elsefirst name on this monument1780631843id: p7859556156

77EtchesWinifred Ivy Etchesfirst name on this monument1899231922id: p188596545

78EvansSarah Evansfirst name on this monument1770581828id: p67595501
Luke Evans1782201802

79EvansSarah Evansfirst name on this monument1772251797id: p70595514
George Evanshusband of Sarah Evans

80FarmerleySamuel Farmerleyfirst name on this monument1771401811id: p101595794

81FeatherstoneJohn Featherstonefirst name on this monument1908541962id: p2215968210

82FeatherstoneJohn Featherstonefirst name on this monument1844751919id: p11259589122
Ann Featherstonedaughter of John Featherstone187941883
Eliza Featherstonedaughter of John Featherstone186751872
Mary Featherstonedaughter of John Featherstone187821880
Fanny Wiseman1868501918
Thomas Wiseman
John Featherstoneson of John Featherstone187131874
Fanny Featherstonewife of John Featherstone1846761922

83FeatherstoneMay Featherstonefirst name on this monument191081918id: p22259683121
John Samuel Featherstone1929
Matilda Featherstone1887651952
Samuel Featherstone1882661948

84FletcherErnest Edward Fletcherfirst name on this monument1879661945no image595385
Ethel Fletcherwife of Ernest Edward Fletcher1888841972

85FretwellAlice Fretwellfirst name on this monument1839671906id: p158596296
Thomas Fretwellhusband of Alice Fretwell1833801913

86FretwellAlice Fretwellfirst name on this monument1839671906no image597528
Thomas Fretwellhusband of Alice Fretwell1833801913

87FretwellEliza Fretwellfirst name on this monument1826331859id: 155947832
John Fretwellhusband of Eliza Fretwell

88FretwellGeorge Fretwellfirst name on this monument1791781869id: 1659479142
John Fretwell1751711822
Susannah Fretwell
Maria Fretwellwife of George Fretwell1790851875

89FurnissWilliam Furnissfirst name on this monument1865141879id: p1855965161
William Furnissfather of William Furniss
Elizabeth Furnissmother of William Furniss

90GerrisonJames Gerrisonfirst name on this monument1749461795id: p284597362
Lydia Gerrisonwife of James Gerrison1745691814

91GoodwinSarah Goodwinfirst name on this monument1822901912id: p124596012

92GrassickThomas Grassickfirst name on this monument1902731975no image5953012
Ian Grassickson of Thomas Grassick1941592000
Jane Ann Grassickwife of Thomas Grassick1908871995

93GriffinRobert Durie Griffinfirst name on this monument1832761908id: p10559582151
Connolly Boylefather-in-law of Robert Durie Griffin
Julia Griffinwife of Robert Durie Griffin1924

94GunterHerbert Urien Gunterfirst name on this monument1915511966no image595347
Catherine Matilda Gunterwife of Herbert Urien Gunter1926752001

95GunterHerbert Urien Gunterfirst name on this monument1915511966id: p2595971216
Catherine Matilda Gunterwife of Herbert Urien Gunter1926752001
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96HallamJohn Bassett Hallamfirst name on this monument1865601925no image597568
Maria Prycesister of John Bassett Hallam1867721939

97HanbyGeorge Hanbyfirst name on this monument1753591812id: p2855973791
Elizabeth Hanbydaughter of George Hanby1793111804
Mary Hanbydaughter of George Hanby177931782
Sarah Hanbywife of George Hanby1756941850

98HandburyDorothy Handburyfirst name on this monument1837821919id: p1235960011

99HandburyHenry Handburyfirst name on this monument1702591761id: 25946953
Sarah Handburydaughter of Henry Handbury1766
Mary Handburywife of Henry Handbury

100HandburyJohn Handburyfirst name on this monument1824591883id: p1225959921
Charlotte Handburywife of John Handbury1830771907

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, Ashover, Derbyshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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