D2 Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

no.family surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbbottThomas Abbottfirst name on this monument1847611908id: 113092012
Ellen Abbottwife of Thomas Abbott1846831929

2AddisonFrederick Addisonfirst name on this monument1856521908id: 1130904151
Henrietta Addisonwife of Frederick Addison

3AlderGeorge Alderfirst name on this monument1864531917id: 113074535
Annie Alderwife of George Alder1886541940

4AldersonThomas Thompson Aldersonfirst name on this monument1897241921id: 113093023
Ernest Aldersonbrother of Thomas Thompson Alderson190081908
Mary E Aldersonmother of Thomas Thompson Alderson1868761944

5AllickJohn Allickfirst name on this monument1854651919id: 114017615
Rhoda Allickwife of John Allick1856781934

6AmblerWilliam Amblerfirst name on this monument1864601924id: 11307397
Elsie Amblerdaughter of William Ambler1896201916
Ada Amblerwife of William Ambler1876751951

7AndersonGeorge Andersonfirst name on this monument1877341911id: 11308075
Elizabeth Andersonwife of George Anderson1876481924

8AndersonGeorge H Andersonfirst name on this monument1856651921id: 1140171421
Ada Andersonwife of George H Anderson1864621926

9AngusGeorge Singlet Angusfirst name on this monumentid: 11309698
Ann Jane Anguswife of George Singlet Angus1819721891

10AppletonJohn Appletonfirst name on this monument1855621917id: 1130744211
Alice Maud Appletondaughter of John Appleton1879551934
Elizabeth Ann Appletonwife of John Appleton1855831938

11AppleyardAlice Appleyardfirst name on this monument1826821908id: 113092126

12ArchibaldEdith Martin Archibaldfirst name on this monument1902161918id: 113079217
William Wright Archibaldfather of Edith Martin Archibald1860651925
Robert George Archibald190531908

13ArgerEdgar Argerfirst name on this monument1892161908id: 113081315
Harvey Argerbrother of Edgar Arger1883491932
George Argerfather of Edgar Arger1846691915
Gertude Argermother of Edgar Arger1848821930

14AshmoreSarah Ashmorefirst name on this monument1836811917id: 1130738101
Eric Ashmorenephew of Sarah Ashmore1906231929

15AtkinsonMatthew Norton Atkinsonfirst name on this monument189981907id: 114009542
Frederick Atkinson1870831953

16AtkinsonThomas Richard Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1864421906id: 11401655
Elizabeth Haversmother of Thomas Richard Atkinson1844781922

17AtterburyWilliam Henry Atterburyfirst name on this monument186151866id: 113097913
John Atterburyfather of William Henry Atterbury1821691890
Annie Atterburymother of William Henry Atterbury1887

18AyreJohn Ayrefirst name on this monument1840491889id: 1130941261
Ann Ayredaughter of John Ayre186811869
Anni Elizabeth Ayredaughter of John Ayre1872211893
Maria Ayredaughter of John Ayre1875191894

19AyreLillie Ayrefirst name on this monument1872451917id: 11308637

20BagleyRydill Bagleyfirst name on this monument1880771957id: 1140123151
Sarah Bagleywife of Rydill Bagley1880831963

21BainbridgeAlice Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1892291921id: 113088214

22BainesCharles Bainesfirst name on this monument1859581917id: 113083624
Mary Baineswife of Charles Baines1860721932
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23BaisterEmma Baisterfirst name on this monument1851661917id: 1130823211
Louisa Baistersister of Emma Baister1861721933

24BaisterThomas Baisterfirst name on this monument1877311908id: 1130931131
Harriet Baisterwife of Thomas Baister

25BakerThomas Bakerfirst name on this monument1847591906id: 114016614
Sarah Margaret Baker1899151914
Margaret Bakerwife of Thomas Baker1846881934

26BallGeorge William Ballfirst name on this monument1890171907id: 114008032
James Henry Ballfather of George William Ball1862741936
Edith Annie Ballmother of George William Ball1866861952

27BarkerEveline Barkerfirst name on this monument1891181909id: 113089841
Edith Barkersister of Eveline Barker1881721953

28BarnettMary Barnettfirst name on this monument1842451887id: 11400047
John Barnetthusband of Mary Barnett

29BartonSusan Bartonfirst name on this monument1852541906id: 114016426
Flora Bartondaughter of Susan Barton188911890
Henry Bartonhusband of Susan Barton1848621910
John William Bartonson of Susan Barton1881381919

30BastimanAnnie Bastimanfirst name on this monument1852541906id: 11401313
Mary Jeffelsdaughter of Annie Bastiman1881471928

31BatyJoseph Batyfirst name on this monument1871481919id: 114004711
Sidney Batyson of Joseph Baty1884501934
Martha Batywife of Joseph Baty1873651938

32BeanEmily Beanfirst name on this monument1868191887id: 113098922
John Beanfather of Emily Bean
Ann Beanmother of Emily Bean
Charles Bean1871271898
Kate Beansister of Emily Bean1865261891

33BeanJohn Beanfirst name on this monument1837691906id: 1130990382
Edgar Hoyle1915
Anne Beanwife of John Bean1842741916

34BedfordJane Bedfordfirst name on this monument1856501906id: 114013851
George J W Bedfordhusband of Jane Bedford1857701927

35BellJohn Laverick Bellfirst name on this monument1871651936id: 1140128182
Richard Bellfather of John Laverick Bell1839661905
Margaretta Bellwife of John Laverick Bell1866661932

36BellJoseph Roy Bellfirst name on this monument1894221916id: 11307596

37BellasBenjamin Bellasfirst name on this monument1859751934id: 1130868191
Joseph Bellasson of Benjamin Bellas1887311918
Dorothy Ann Bellaswife of Benjamin Bellas1864721936

38BensonErnest Bensonfirst name on this monument1896271923id: 113068871
George J B Crone1880371917

39BerkleyJohn Leath Berkleyfirst name on this monument1859501909id: 113093710
Hannah Berkleywife of John Leath Berkley

40BestPhilip Bestfirst name on this monument1850701920id: 114005317
Jane Elizabeth Dovedaughter of Philip Best1874661940
Mary Ann Hibbertdaughter of Philip Best1885861971
Joseph Conrad Bestson of Philip Best1877421919
Herbert Hibbertson-in-law of Philip Best1883871970
Sarah Bestwife of Philip Best1852841936

41BiltonCharles Biltonfirst name on this monument1862461908id: 1140090164
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42BinghamFrank Binghamfirst name on this monument1846621908id: 1130785171
Sarah Ann Binghamwife of Frank Bingham1851781929

43BishopJohn James Bishopfirst name on this monument1876121888id: 11309626
J Bishopfather of John James Bishop
Mary Ellen Cliffgrand mother of John James Bishop1824681892
Ellen Bishopmother of John James Bishop1855561911

44BishopSarah Bishopfirst name on this monument1848611909id: 113090810
Elijah Bishophusband of Sarah Bishop1846691915

45BivensJames Bivensfirst name on this monument1837721909id: 11307805
Sarah Jane Bivensdaughter of James Bivens1864451909

46BlakeDoris Blakefirst name on this monument1899301929id: 11401426
Wilfred P Blakehusband of Doris Blake

47BlakeEdwin Arthur Blakefirst name on this monument1893251918id: 114012133
Alfred Stanley Blake190421906

48BlenkinsopWilliam Blenkinsopfirst name on this monument1848691917id: 113075251
Jane Robson-Blenkinsop1883581941
John Robson-Blenkinsop1921221943

49BoneJoseph Bonefirst name on this monument1854621916id: 114002118
Elizabeth Bonewife of Joseph Bone1855821937

50BorrieBeatrice Amelia Gertrude Borriefirst name on this monument1866551921id: 114017091
Albert Borriehusband of Beatrice Amelia Gertrude Borrie1929

51BovillThomas D Bovillfirst name on this monument1860571917id: 113071614
Alice Bovillwife of Thomas D Bovill

52BowenMaria Bowenfirst name on this monument1859691928id: 11401498
David Bowenhusband of Maria Bowen1856751931

53BoyesMary Elizabeth Boyesfirst name on this monument1853631916id: 1130748241
Henry Boyeshusband of Mary Elizabeth Boyes1854691923

54BraceAlbert Henry Bracefirst name on this monument1860571917id: 113084710
Susan Bracedaughter of Albert Henry Brace
Frank Braceson of Albert Henry Brace
Susan Bracewife of Albert Henry Brace

55BradyJohn Bradyfirst name on this monument1873431916id: 11400191
Mary Bradywife of John Brady

56BrownAnnie Brownfirst name on this monument1848711919id: 113098115

57BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1842751917id: 1130859111
Ellen Brownwife of John Brown1835851920

58BrownRachel Brownfirst name on this monument1841641905id: 114012911
George Brownhusband of Rachel Brown1839681907

59BrownSamuel Brownfirst name on this monument1866421908id: 113091716
Mary Brownmother of Samuel Brown1837751912

60BullenJohn Bullenfirst name on this monument1869801949id: 11309106
Alma Bullen1875561931
Margaret Bullen1869401909

61BurdonWilliam Burdonfirst name on this monument1863561919id: 114017714
Mary Ann Burdonwife of William Burdon1865581923

62BurnettElizabeth Ann Burnettfirst name on this monument1850571907id: 114006751
Whitfield Thompson Burnetthusband of Elizabeth Ann Burnett1848591907
Charles Cade Burnettson of Elizabeth Ann Burnett1887291916

63BurtonJoseph Burtonfirst name on this monument1881351916id: 113075128
Albert H Burtonson of Joseph Burton1916281944 Albert Henry Burton was the son of Joseph Henry and Bessie Maud Burton, of Middlesbrough; husband of Elsie Burton, of Middlesbrough. He served initially in The Green Howards but was transferred to the 6th Durham Light Infantry and landed in France on June 6th 1944 He was wounded in the Normandy breakout and despite being returned home died of wounds on June 17th 1944 He was 28 years old.

64BurttCharles Henry Burttfirst name on this monument1850591909id: 1130791131
Mary Burttwife of Charles Henry Burtt
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65BurwoodCreamer Burwoodfirst name on this monument1884211905id: 11401307
William Burwoodfather of Creamer Burwood1851611912
Sarah Burwoodmother of Creamer Burwood1840771917
William Burwood1864741938

66ButtHenry Buttfirst name on this monument1860571917id: 11306997
Henry Carpenter Buttgrand son of Henry Butt1924211945
Ellen Buttwife of Henry Butt1864861950

67CalvertAnnie Calvertfirst name on this monument1873431916id: 113075831
John Calverthusband of Annie Calvert

68CalvertMary Calvertfirst name on this monument1834751909id: 113092924
John Smales Calverthusband of Mary Calvert1836901926

69CalvertMary Ann Calvertfirst name on this monument1848681916id: 113072382
Thomas Calverthusband of Mary Ann Calvert1850871937

70CampbellCharles Campbellfirst name on this monument1888281916id: 11400333

71CantRobert Cantfirst name on this monument1851561907id: 11400629
Mary Jane Cantwife of Robert Cant1853831936

72CarleWilliam Carlefirst name on this monument1857501907id: 114007214

73CarrRichard Heckles Carrfirst name on this monument1879381917id: 113072113

74CarterE M Carterfirst name on this monumentid: 1130808102Eliza Mary nee Jefferson. Died 1921
Mary Grace Thurlowdaughter of E M Carter She was buried 21 Oct 1898 in Grave 6980 B. Her death is recorded on her parents headstone
Levi Thurlowfirst husband of E M Carter1851601911
Richard Cartersecond husband of E M Carter
Robert Thurlowson of E M Carter He was buried 23 Mar 1888 in Grave 3935 B. His death is recorded on his parents headstone
Thomas William Thurlowson of E M Carter He was buried on 4 Sept 1893 in Grave 6980 B. His death is recorded on his parents headstone

75CarterSamuel Carterfirst name on this monument1855641919id: 1130861132
Fredrica Carterwife of Samuel Carter

76CartwrightGeorge Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1847581905id: 114011941
Emily Cartwrightwife of George Cartwright1846661912

77CausierGeorge Causierfirst name on this monument1854621916id: 1140028452
May Causierdaughter of George Causier1941
John Causierson of George Causier1942
Jane Elizabeth Causierwife of George Causier1864701934

78ChambersNellie Chambersfirst name on this monument1889371926id: 113088041
Herbert Chambersson of Nellie Chambers191321915

79ChaplinJohn Chaplinfirst name on this monument1857741931id: 113079746
Ada Chaplindaughter of John Chaplin1890211911
Elizabeth Chaplinwife of John Chaplin1860931953

80ChapmanEleanor Mays Chapmanfirst name on this monument1893231916id: 113073414
James Chapmanbrother of Eleanor Mays Chapman1895201915

81CharltonEliza Charltonfirst name on this monument1851651916id: 11308503
John Edward Charltonhusband of Eliza Charlton1848781926

82ChirnsideWilliam Chirnsidefirst name on this monument1843451888id: 113095528
John Chirnsideson of William Chirnside1870301900

83ClareWiliam Clarefirst name on this monument1851661917id: 113069031
Elizabeth Clarewife of Wiliam Clare1852741926

84ClarkPolly Clarkfirst name on this monument1888id: 113095721
James Clarkfather of Polly Clark1847691916
Lucy Clarkmother of Polly Clark1851671918
Nelly Clarksister of Polly Clark1888

85ClarkThomas Clarkfirst name on this monument1846641910id: 11308928
Annie Clarkwife of Thomas Clark1849711920
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86ClarkThomas Clarkfirst name on this monument1843731916id: 113076210
Sarah Clarkwife of Thomas Clark

87ClayWilliam Clayfirst name on this monument1853341887id: 114000815
Maud Elizabeth Claydaughter of William Clay1883371920
Margaret Jane Claywife of William Clay1857791936

88CliffordEthel Cliffordfirst name on this monument1898211919id: 114005022
Mary Ann Cliffordmother of Ethel Clifford1874871961

89CloseSarah Danby Closefirst name on this monument1864541918id: 1130867241
John Closehusband of Sarah Danby Close1857741931

90CollisonSamuel (Sam) Collisonfirst name on this monument1897311928id: 11401466
Catherine Collisonwife of Samuel (Sam) Collison

91CollisonSamuel James Collisonfirst name on this monument1854741928id: 11401459
Catherine Collisonwife of Samuel James Collison1855761931

92CookJohn Cookfirst name on this monument1875421917id: 113067815
Kenneth Longstaffgrand son of John Cook1931111942
Mary Jane Joneswife of John Cook1879471926

93CornerFrederick William Cornerfirst name on this monument1862491911id: 1130793201
Susannah Cornerwife of Frederick William Corner

94CoultonFrank Coultonfirst name on this monument1862651927id: 1140172211
Jane Coultonwife of Frank Coulton1863761939

95CoverdaleEthel Coverdalefirst name on this monument1880371917id: 113069521
William Coverdalehusband of Ethel Coverdale1871691940

96CrispElizabeth Crispfirst name on this monument1850671917id: 113071263
Lily Crispdaughter of Elizabeth Crisp1883481931
Brasher Crisphusband of Elizabeth Crisp1850761926

97CrosthwaiteThomas Crosthwaitefirst name on this monument1857821939id: 1140056171
Jane Ann Crosthwaitewife of Thomas Crosthwaite1860821942

98CubittMary Cubittfirst name on this monument1871361907id: 114009442
Walter Cubitthusband of Mary Cubitt

99CunionJohn Cunionfirst name on this monument1856501906id: 1140106176
May Cuniondaughter of John Cunion1891171908
Austin Cunionson of John Cunion1895251920
Alberta Cunionwife of John Cunion1867531920

100CursonHilda Cursonfirst name on this monument1900101910id: 11309362
John William Cursonfather of Hilda Curson
Lily Cursonmother of Hilda Curson

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