Municipal Cemetery, Ellalong, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdamsEliza Kathleen Adamsfirst name on this monument1901931994id: 3031076
John Glen Adamsrelationship not known of Eliza Kathleen Adams1906761982

2AllenAlbert Forbes Allenfirst name on this monument1906811987id: 2901124h; f; gf

3AllenEdna Alice Allenfirst name on this monument1912701982id: 2911092w; m; gm

4AllenJohn Thomas Allenfirst name on this monument1872691941id: 2931089h; f
Amy Jane Allenwife of John Thomas Allen1875811956 w; m

5AllenRobert Leslie Allenfirst name on this monument1879191898id: 2951086

6AllenSamuel Allenfirst name on this monument1845341879id: 2941088

7AllenSarah Ann Allenfirst name on this monument1848701918id: 2961089w/Samuel George
Samuel George Allenhusband of Sarah Ann Allen

8AllenWilliam V A Allenfirst name on this monument1877751952id: 3901087h; f
Dorothea E Allenwife of William V A Allen1879821961 w; m

9AndrewsEunice Ann Andrewsfirst name on this monument1938722010id: 781081w; m; gm; ggm
Robert Stephen Andrewshusband of Eunice Ann Andrews1938772015 h; f; gf; ggf

10AndrewsLynette Hay Andrewsfirst name on this monument1945662011id: 4601077m; gm

11AnthonyAlexander Mcpherson Anthonyfirst name on this monument1933591992id: 91073

12AshardElaine Adele Ashardfirst name on this monument1935561991id: 4571074

13AskerJames Askerfirst name on this monument1799721871id: 1001081

14BaileyDaphne Mavis Baileyfirst name on this monument1919962015id: 2751082

15BakerAlan John Bakerfirst name on this monument1950351985id: 4131090h; f

16BakerErnest Leslie Bakerfirst name on this monument1927681995id: 4171089f

17BakerJoan Marie Bakerfirst name on this monument1928792007id: 4161080w/Norman; m; gm
Norman Bakerhusband of Joan Marie Baker

18BakerN A Bakerfirst name on this monument1921741995id: 4151079h/Joan; f; R.A.A.F.
Joan Bakerwife of N A Baker

19BakerStanley John Bakerfirst name on this monument1923842007id: 4181079h; f; gf; ggf
Shirley Joyce Bakerwife of Stanley John Baker1929832012 w; m; gm; ggm

20BakerWilliam Bakerfirst name on this monument1882601942id: 4121083h; f
Clive Bakerson of William Baker1918251943 s

21BakerWilliam Bakerfirst name on this monument1825591884id: 981079h
Janet Bakerwife of William Baker1836841920 w

22BakerWilliam Bakerfirst name on this monument1856621918id: 1201075

23BeckettAmy W Beckettfirst name on this monument1880731953id: 3991104w; m
William Becketthusband of Amy W Beckett1879831962 h; f
John Beckettson of Amy W Beckett s
Ken Beckettson of Amy W Beckett s

24BeckettBaby Beckettfirst name on this monument1966id: 2141074

25BeckettRaymond D Beckettfirst name on this monument1924782002id: 2131094

26BockGladys May Bockfirst name on this monument1906871993id: 141074w; m
Lewis Conrad Bockhusband of Gladys May Bock1894861980 h; f

27BorthwickRobert Steven Borthwickfirst name on this monument1968191987id: 171076

28BorthwickThomas Alexander Borthwickfirst name on this monument1941652006id: 181076

29BranchLauren Branchfirst name on this monument1989252014id: 2151074w/Mitchell
Mitchell Branchhusband of Lauren Branch

30BridgeArthur Edward Bridgefirst name on this monument1880771957id: 1291073h; f

31BridgeBenjamin Bridgefirst name on this monument1838341872id: 921072h
Johannah Catherine Bridgewife of Benjamin Bridge1840821922 w; m; gm; ggm

32BridgeBenjamin Bridgefirst name on this monument1817581875id: 1331073h/Susannah
Susannah Bridgewife of Benjamin Bridge

33BridgeEmily M Bridgefirst name on this monument1879251904id: 2561072d/William and Martha
William Bridgefather of Emily M Bridge
Martha Matilda Bridgemother of Emily M Bridge
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34BridgeErnest A Bridgefirst name on this monument1868701938id: 1941069h; f
Edna Lucy Bridgedaughter of Ernest A Bridge1921411962 d
Elsie Bridgedaughter of Ernest A Bridge d
Elizabeth H Bridgewife of Ernest A Bridge1883841967 w; m

35BridgeEuphemia Bridgefirst name on this monument1859861945id: 1301075w
Edward Bridgehusband of Euphemia Bridge1856691925 h

36BridgeGeorge Bridgefirst name on this monument1856491905id: 1421072

37BridgeGeorgina Harriette Bridgefirst name on this monument1865761941id: 2531073
Henry William Bridgerelationship not known of Georgina Harriette Bridge1861851946

38BridgeHenry Roland Bridgefirst name on this monument1907531960id: 1931078s; b

39BridgeIlma Ivanette Bridgefirst name on this monument190621908id: 2511071d/Henry and Georgina
Henry Bridgefather of Ilma Ivanette Bridge
Georgina Bridgemother of Ilma Ivanette Bridge

40BridgeIlma L Bridgefirst name on this monument1907601967id: 3891072w; m
Eric Clieve Noel Bridgehusband of Ilma L Bridge1899981997 h; gf; gf; ggf

41BridgeIris Lorna Bridgefirst name on this monument1911101921id: 1311083d/Arthur and Beatrice
Arthur Bridgefather of Iris Lorna Bridge
Beatrice Bridgemother of Iris Lorna Bridge

42BridgeIsaac Bridgefirst name on this monument1861551916id: 1911068h; f
Emily Jane Bridgewife of Isaac Bridge1862911953 w; m

43BridgeIsabella Bridgefirst name on this monument1854421896id: 1411072w/George
Albert Edward Bridgeson of Isabella Bridge187881886 s

44BridgeJohn Bridgefirst name on this monument1836721908id: 1341073
Jane Ann Bridgerelationship not known of John Bridge1838811919

45BridgeJoseph Bridgefirst name on this monument1840761916id: 2591073
Hassan Aubrey Bridgerelationship not known of Joseph Bridge1879
Rose Anna Eliza Bridgerelationship not known of Joseph Bridge1840761916

46BridgeMay Elizabeth Bridgefirst name on this monument1885441929id: 1921074
Roy Campbell Bridgerelationship not known of May Elizabeth Bridge1887891976

47BridgeReginald Albert Bridgefirst name on this monument1899601959id: 2381068h; f
Elsie Victoria Bridgewife of Reginald Albert Bridge1898831981 w; m

48BridgeSusannah Bridgefirst name on this monument1820901910id: 1321070

49BridgeValentine Joseph Bridgefirst name on this monument1881841965id: 2581083h; f
Hilda May Bridgewife of Valentine Joseph Bridge1888851973 w; m

50BridgeWalter William Bridgefirst name on this monument1870701940id: 1351070

51BurgessArthur Burgessfirst name on this monument1887id: 1601069

52BurgessCaroline Burgessfirst name on this monument1821591880id: 1581076m
Sarah Burgessdaughter of Caroline Burgess186331866 d

53BurgessClarence George Burgessfirst name on this monument1888721960id: 1101069

54BurgessDavid Burgessfirst name on this monument1856721928id: 1571074h

55BurgessEdna Burgessfirst name on this monument1902231925id: 4011069w/Basil
Basil Burgesshusband of Edna Burgess

56BurgessElizabeth Ann Burgessfirst name on this monument1854841938id: 1561068m

57BurgessHarriett Emily Burgessfirst name on this monument1887id: 1611072

58BurgessHector R H Burgessfirst name on this monument1916731989id: 1651071f; gf

59BurgessHerbert Andrew Burgessfirst name on this monument1878671945id: 1631078h
Ernest Andrew Burgessson of Herbert Andrew Burgess1919461965 s
Florence May Burgesswife of Herbert Andrew Burgess1894771971 w

60BurgessJames Burgessfirst name on this monument1818691887id: 1591073

61BurgessLeslie Roy Burgessfirst name on this monument1945672012id: 2261069f; gf

62BurgessLila Burgessfirst name on this monument1924842008id: 1091117m; gm
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63BurgessLindsay Gordon Burgessfirst name on this monument195111952id: 1661079s; b

64BurgessLucy May Burgessfirst name on this monument1889711960id: 1081095

65BurgessMabel Grace Burgessfirst name on this monument1884851969id: 1541070w/Reuben
Reuben Burgesshusband of Mabel Grace Burgess

66BurgessMary Burgessfirst name on this monument1849781927id: 1621071
Joseph Burgessrelationship not known of Mary Burgess1854811935

67BurgessRaymond Cecil Burgessfirst name on this monument1923772000id: 2271069h; f
Mavis June Burgesswife of Raymond Cecil Burgess1931822013 w; m; gm; ggm

68BurgessReuben Burgessfirst name on this monument1882641946id: 1551073h/Mabel
Mabel Burgesswife of Reuben Burgess

69BurgessThomas James Burgessfirst name on this monument1881651946id: 1071069h
Evaline Ada Burgesswife of Thomas James Burgess1884811965 w

70BurgessWilfred Burgessfirst name on this monument1888711959id: 1531073h; f
Ada May Burgesswife of Wilfred Burgess1896651961 w; m

71BurkeDavid Eugene Burkefirst name on this monument1882731955id: 4781072h; f
Lillian Burkewife of David Eugene Burke1892751967 w; m

72BurkeLaura May Burkefirst name on this monument1923802003id: 4771069a

73BurkeLeslie Charles Burkefirst name on this monument1915561971id: 4791069b

74BurkePatrick J Burkefirst name on this monument1860861946id: 371069

75BurkeStanley Eugene Burkefirst name on this monument1946491995id: 4761068s/John and Joy
John Burkefather of Stanley Eugene Burke
Joy Burkemother of Stanley Eugene Burke

76BurnsRyan William Burnsfirst name on this monument2000id: 1861069

77CabanClara C Cabanfirst name on this monument1855801935id: 2701075
John C Cabanrelationship not known of Clara C Caban1852771929

78CabanElsie I Cabanfirst name on this monument1900371937id: 2411071w

79CabanEmily Edith Cabanfirst name on this monument1881571938id: 4001069
Amos Henry Cabanrelationship not known of Emily Edith Caban1883751958

80CabanFlorence Mary Cabanfirst name on this monument1880291909id: 1721069
Robert Cabanrelationship not known of Florence Mary Caban1875371912

81CabanFreeman T W Cabanfirst name on this monument1893621955id: 2081078h; f
Christena Cabanwife of Freeman T W Caban1888831971 w; m

82CabanJean Cabanfirst name on this monument1927782005id: 4361078w; m; gm

83CabanJohn Samuel Thomas Cabanfirst name on this monument1877851962id: 4341079h; f
Annie Rose Cabanrelationship not known of John Samuel Thomas Caban1887801967

84CabanMalcolm Willie Cabanfirst name on this monument1905331938id: 4331071h; f
Adele Mary Cabanwife of Malcolm Willie Caban1907831990 w; m

85CabanRobert Cabanfirst name on this monument1845431888id: 3621074

86CabanRobert Cabanfirst name on this monument1920761996id: 43710781h/Jean; f; gf; ggf

87CabanRobert John Cabanfirst name on this monument1946562002id: 4351071

88CabanRonald Arthur Cabanfirst name on this monument1899761975id: 2401077

89CabanViolet Eveline Cabanfirst name on this monument188121883id: 2691076d/John and Clara
John Cabanfather of Violet Eveline Caban
Clara Cabanmother of Violet Eveline Caban

90CabanWilliam Cabanfirst name on this monument1849471896id: 3611073
Sarah Jane Cabanrelationship not known of William Caban1855711926

91CabanWilliam Roy Cabanfirst name on this monument1878871965id: 2241076

92CabanWillie Cabanfirst name on this monument1878641942id: 1771079h; f
Stanley Arthur Cabanson of Willie Caban1909581967 s
Rebecca Jessie Amelia Cabanwife of Willie Caban1883841967 w; m; gm

93CadmanHenrietta Harriett Cadmanfirst name on this monument1810631873id: 30710771
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94CadmanSamuel Cadmanfirst name on this monument1817741891id: 3061067

95CameronAgnes Cameronfirst name on this monument1823921915id: 3151078m

96CameronAileen Margaret Cameronfirst name on this monument1942401982id: 321076m; gm

97CameronAlexander Henry Cameronfirst name on this monument1906501956id: 3541093
Mona Grace Cameronrelationship not known of Alexander Henry Cameron1912761988

98CameronAngus Easton Cameronfirst name on this monument1900551955id: 3171068h; f
Mary Elizabeth Cameronwife of Angus Easton Cameron1904671971 w; m

99CameronColin Cameronfirst name on this monument1923902013id: 601072
Elizabeth Cameronrelationship not known of Colin Cameron1926862012

100CameronColin Cameronfirst name on this monument82id: 3131071

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