All Saints' Church burial ground, Lanchester, Durham, England

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401ThompsonJohn Thompsonfirst name on this monument1686441730id: 3221068

402ThompsonJoseph Thompsonfirst name on this monument1741651806id: 72
(2 images)
1065Stone at a very low angle and difficult to photograph clearly
Mary Thompsonwife of Joseph Thompson1765801845

403ThompsonJoseph Thompsonfirst name on this monument1770721842id: 81701067curate of the parish for 35 years upwards

404ThompsonJoseph Thompsonfirst name on this monument1770721842id: 80821069
Hannah Thompsondaughter of Joseph Thompson1797281825
Mary Thompsonwife of Joseph Thompson1769751844

405ThorntonSarah Clarke Thorntonfirst name on this monument1855801935id: 2741070
Luke Thorntonhusband of Sarah Clarke Thornton1844911935

406TomlinsonGeorge Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1848741922id: 791069
Joe Tomlinsonson of George Tomlinson1889291918 Killed in Action France
Maria Tomlinsonwife of George Tomlinson1856791935

407TowardElizabeth Ann Towardfirst name on this monument185921861id: 16010831
Ralph Towardfather of Elizabeth Ann Toward
Eleanor Towardmother of Elizabeth Ann Toward

408TowardJohn Towardfirst name on this monument1750801830id: 7931
(2 images)
Isabella Oswalddaughter of John Toward1870 Age below ground
John Towardson of John Toward1793391832
Thomas Towardson of John Toward1786591845
William Towardson of John Toward1797771874
Thomas Oswaldson-in-law of John Toward1785301815 Husband of Isabella
Mary Towardwife of John Toward1757711828

409TowardRalph Towardfirst name on this monumentid: 803310871
John Thomas Towardson of Ralph Toward1878 detail eroded away
Ralph Towardson of Ralph Toward detail eroded away
Robert Towardson of Ralph Toward187261878
Robert Anthony Towardson of Ralph Toward1886201906
Isabella Towardwife of Ralph Toward

410TunstallHannah Meggie Tunstallfirst name on this monument1903181921id: 81031071
Henry Stephenson Tunstallbrother of Hannah Meggie Tunstall191011911
Robert Tunstallfather of Hannah Meggie Tunstall
Mary Ellen Tunstallmother of Hannah Meggie Tunstall1869591928

411TurbettThomas Turbettfirst name on this monument1794711865id: 79681068
Mary Harrisondaughter of Thomas Turbett1835851920 of Croft House , Leadgate. Interred at Leadgate
Isabella Ann Turbettdaughter of Thomas Turbett1830151845
Richard Turbettson of Thomas Turbett1826701896 interred at Galashiels
Robert Turbettson of Thomas Turbett1824761900
Thomas John Turbettson of Thomas Turbett1829161845 Killed by an engine at Stanley
Mary Turbettwife of Thomas Turbett1798661864

412TurnbullEllen Baker Turnbullfirst name on this monument1829481877id: 805210781
Lucy Ann Lawsondaughter of Ellen Baker Turnbull Wife of Robert
Henry Turnbullhusband of Ellen Baker Turnbull1817651882
John Baker Turnbull1866631929 died at Red Houses Consett
Thomas John Turnbull1862671929 Died in South Africa
Robert Lawsonson-in-law of Ellen Baker Turnbull1861631924 interred at Corbridge Cemetery

413TurnbullJane Turnbullfirst name on this monument1815171832id: 3261069
John Turnbullbrother of Jane Turnbull1773911864 Husband of Mary
John Turnbullnephew of Jane Turnbull1790561846 Son of John and Mary
Mary Turnbullsister-in-law of Jane Turnbull1774721846

414TurnbullJoseph Henry Turnbullfirst name on this monument61id: 78531071Third forname and year eroded away
Elizabeth Turnbullwife of Joseph Henry Turnbull Year , age and childrens names eroded away
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415TurnbullRobert Turnbullfirst name on this monument1834201854id: 7972
(2 images)
1068of Satley Mill
John Turnbullfather of Robert Turnbull1789851874 of Durham Hill
Isabella Turnbull1767841851
Percival Turnbull1761721833 of Hamsteels Hall
Percival Turnbull1795631858

416TurnbullWilliam Turnbullfirst name on this monument1806451851id: 173
(2 images)
1070of Annfield Plain
Patience Browndaughter of William Turnbull1838701908
Deborah Parkerdaughter of William Turnbull1853661919
Jane Turnbull1784681852
Matthew Turnbull1778751853 Reverse side of stone. Husband of Jane
William Turnbullson of William Turnbull1839291868
Isabella Turnbullwife of William Turnbull1807641871

417TurnerJoseph Turnerfirst name on this monument1824291853id: 79031066of Shotley Bridge

418UrwinRobert Urwinfirst name on this monument1764711835id: 81151070of Dipton

419WakeMatthew Wakefirst name on this monument1857591916id: 2941069
Annie Catherine Wakedaughter of Matthew Wake1916 age obscured
Mary Wakedaughter of Matthew Wake1968 age obscured below ground
Mary Ann Wakewife of Matthew Wake1850931943

420WalesGeorge Walesfirst name on this monument1770681838id: 795810841of Fines House
Edward Wales
Elizabeth Wales1808361844 Wife of Edward
Isabella Wales1829221851 Daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
John Wales1755761831
William Wales1767731840
Isabella Waleswife of George Wales1785251810

421WalkerJoseph Walkerfirst name on this monument1759471806id: 81741066Curate of the parish

422WallAnn Wallfirst name on this monument1808681876id: 81111070Stone damaged at the top
Jane Walldaughter of Ann Wall1834151849
Margaret Walldaughter of Ann Wall1837351872
John Wallhusband of Ann Wall1801801881

423WallJane Wallfirst name on this monument1840511891id: 79501065
Elizabeth Jane Wallgrand daughter of Jane Wall1891
Richard Wallhusband of Jane Wall of Hamsteels Colliery Inn

424WallMark Wallfirst name on this monument1773691842id: 7952
(2 images)
Ann Walldaughter-in-law of Mark Wall
Mark Wallgrand son of Mark Wall1849321881
Elizabeth Wall1804861890 Widow of William
George Wall1800681868
George Wall Husband of Margaret
Joseph Wall1849241873 Son of William of Cornsay
Margaret Wall1843211864 Daughter of George and Margaret
Margaret Wall
Mark Wall1845281873 Son of William of Cornsay
William Wall1840361876 Son of William of Cornsay
William Wall of Cornsay. Husband of Elizabeth
George Wallson of Mark Wall1813501863
Joseph Wallson of Mark Wall1811701881 Husband of Ann
William Wallson of Mark Wall1808441852
Jane Wallwife of Mark Wall1774421816
Margaret Wallsecond wife of Mark Wall1774761850

425WallerIsabella Sarah Wallerfirst name on this monument1858651923id: 861074
John Wallerhusband of Isabella Sarah Waller1862811943 Cremated
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426WaltonHannah Waltonfirst name on this monument1710701780id: 79261066of Coldrowley
Thomas Waltonhusband of Hannah Walton1785 6? Rest below ground

427WaltonJacobina Gibbon Waltonfirst name on this monument1873421915id: 8102
(2 images)
James Waltonhusband of Jacobina Gibbon Walton of Hallgarth House

428WaltonJohn Waltonfirst name on this monument1817741891id: 79911075Builder
Jane A Waltondaughter of John Walton1859491908 interred at St Andrews Cemetery. Newcastle on Tyne.
John James Waltonson of John Walton1852
Ann Waltonwife of John Walton1820891909

429WaltonJohn Waltonfirst name on this monument1841621903id: 80611088Late of Medomsley
Arthur Byram Waltonson of John Walton1874121886 interred at Medomsley
Joseph Waltonson of John Walton1871381909
Hannah Waltonwife of John Walton1846661912

430WaltonJohn Waltonfirst name on this monument1836731909id: 1951079
John William Waltonson of John Walton1874351909
Margaret Waltonwife of John Walton1835761911

431WaltonMary Margaret Waltonfirst name on this monument1842481890id: 79901066
Ralph Waltonhusband of Mary Margaret Walton1847601907

432WaltonRalph William Waltonfirst name on this monument1878751953id: 78921073
Ada Waltonwife of Ralph William Walton1882721954

433WardCuthbert Wardfirst name on this monument1689811770id: 79421065
Cuthbert Ward1742611803 Nephew of the son Cuthbert
Edward Ward1785301815 of London
John Ward1780731853
William Ward1746671813
Cuthbert Wardson of Cuthbert Ward1720791799

434WardDorothy Wardfirst name on this monument1846731919id: 2481065

435WardJonathan Wardfirst name on this monument1806771883id: 15310781
Dorothy Warddaughter-in-law of Jonathan Ward
Eleanor Wardgrand daughter of Jonathan Ward1873151888
John Wardgrand son of Jonathan Ward1874351909
Jonathan Wardgrand son of Jonathan Ward1869341903
William Thomas Wardgrand son of Jonathan Ward187631879
Thomas Wardson of Jonathan Ward1826581884
Jane Wardwife of Jonathan Ward1814781892

436WatsonJohn Joseph Watsonfirst name on this monument1876711947id: 80451069

437WatsonJoseph Watsonfirst name on this monument1886711957id: 2101079
Margaret Watsonwife of Joseph Watson1893721965

438WaughIsaac Waughfirst name on this monument1821721893id: 80401076
Ann Waughwife of Isaac Waugh1822721894

439WaughJoseph Waughfirst name on this monument1827341861id: 79081065

440WaughRichard Waughfirst name on this monument1715651780id: 3161065

441WeighillRobert W Weighillfirst name on this monument1871691940id: 3011066
Hannah Weighillwife of Robert W Weighill1877851962

442WestgarthGeorge Wilkinson Westgarthfirst name on this monument1872631935id: 2661074
Elizabeth J Westgarthwife of George Wilkinson Westgarth

443WheatleyGeorge W Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1822651887id: 78691080died suddenly
Elizabeth Wheatleyson of George W Wheatley186721869
Mary Wheatleywife of George W Wheatley1826691895

444WheatleyJohn Wheatleyfirst name on this monument179261798id: 79161070
John Wheatleyfather of John Wheatley1769801849
Mary Wheatleymother of John Wheatley1771771848
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445WheatleyJohn William Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1886id: 8143
(2 images)
1079age not clear 1?
William Wheatleyfather of John William Wheatley
Elizabeth Wheatley1 Year not clear 189?

446WheatleyRalph Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1767471814id: 7865
(2 images)
Mary Wheatleydaughter of Ralph Wheatley1786481834 age eroded away
George Wheatleyson of Ralph Wheatley1796201816
Patrick Wheatleyson of Ralph Wheatley1802141816
Isabel Wheatleywife of Ralph Wheatley1841 year and age eroded away

447WheatleyWilliam Wheatleyfirst name on this monument1742841826id: 198
(2 images)
Timothy Wheatleyson of William Wheatley1794171811
Margaret Wheatleywife of William Wheatley1750681818

448WheldonGeorge Wheldonfirst name on this monument1790821872id: 8028
(2 images)
Anne Wheldondaughter of George Wheldon1882 No age given
Eleanor Wheldondaughter of George Wheldon1902 No age given
Elizabeth Wheldondaughter of George Wheldon1823861909 Daughter of George and Jane
Jane Wheldondaughter of George Wheldon1904 No age given
Jane Wheldonwife of George Wheldon1799771876

449WhinneyGeorge Whinneyfirst name on this monument1763911854id: 1871066
Ann Whinneydaughter of George Whinney1834211855
Margaret Whinneydaughter-in-law of George Whinney1817391856
Ann Whinneygrand daughter of George Whinney1839191858 Daughter of Thomas and Margaret
Thomas Whinneyson of George Whinney1808591867 Husband of Margaret
Ann Whinneywife of George Whinney1761561817

450WhiteCaroline Ophelia Ambrosina Whitefirst name on this monument1820211841id: 79001066
Thomas Whitefather of Caroline Ophelia Ambrosina White
Ann Whitemother of Caroline Ophelia Ambrosina White

451WhiteThomas Whitefirst name on this monument1736751811id: 81731067
Elizabeth Whitedaughter-in-law of Thomas White1769601829
Thomas Whiteson of Thomas White1757791836 Husband of Elizabeth

452WhitfieldAnn Elizabeth Whitfieldfirst name on this monument1865201885id: 80211072
John Whitfieldhusband of Ann Elizabeth Whitfield of Low Town

453WhitfieldElizabeth Whitfieldfirst name on this monument1792741866id: 80221071of Mansfield
John Whitfieldhusband of Elizabeth Whitfield1799821881

454WhitfieldJane Whitfieldfirst name on this monument1830641894id: 80951073of Low Town
John Whitfieldhusband of Jane Whitfield1831651896
George Whitfieldson of Jane Whitfield1866341900 died at Maraisburg , South Africa

455WhitleyMichael Whitleyfirst name on this monument1734521786id: 79381076Surname is recorded as Wheathley
George Whitleyson of Michael Whitley
Sarah Whitleywife of Michael Whitley

456WilkinsonEdward Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1766821848id: 80681069
George Wilkinsonson of Edward Wilkinson179891807 interred at Shotley
John Wilkinsonson of Edward Wilkinson1794201814
William Wilkinsonson of Edward Wilkinson1796181814 Interred at Ryton
Elizabeth Wilkinsonwife of Edward Wilkinson1769851854

457WilkinsonRowland Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument173771744id: 79541072
Jane Wilkinsonwife of Rowland Wilkinson1681881769

458WilkinsonThomas Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1873761949id: 796310711Vetinary Surgeon. Churchwarden for 25 years.
George Milner Grieve Oliver1909791988
Mabel Wilkinsonwife of Thomas Wilkinson1881851966

459WilkinsonThomas Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1848751923id: 9710722MRCVS
Polly Wilkinsondaughter of Thomas Wilkinson1879
John William Wilkinsonson of Thomas Wilkinson1884
Percy John Wilkinsonson of Thomas Wilkinson1880
Ann Wilkinsonwife of Thomas Wilkinson1852721924
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460WilkinsonWilliam Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1824531877id: 34010721

461WilleMichael Willefirst name on this monumentid: 3281071year given as 1729/30
Eleanor Willewife of Michael Wille Stone eroded

462WilleMichael Willefirst name on this monument1686571743id: 3271071
Margaret Willewife of Michael Wille1689611750

463WilleyThomas Wallace Willeyfirst name on this monument1864251889id: 78881071
John Willeyfather of Thomas Wallace Willey of White House , Holmside
Mary Ann Willeymother of Thomas Wallace Willey

464WilliamsSarah Williamsfirst name on this monument1840671907id: 1261066
George H Williamshusband of Sarah Williams

465WilliamsonMary Williamsonfirst name on this monument1843191862id: 8126
(2 images)
Thomas Jacksonfather of Mary Williamson of Berry Edge
Robert Williamsonhusband of Mary Williamson
Hannah Jacksonmother of Mary Williamson
Isabell Jacksonsister of Mary Williamson1849171866 Isabell as spelt on stone

466WillisonThomas Willisonfirst name on this monument1771id: 3371067Stone in poor condition
Ralph Willison1771 Son of William
William Willison

467WilsonElizabeth Anne Wilsonfirst name on this monument1905541959id: 76
(3 images)
Thomas Wilsonhusband of Elizabeth Anne Wilson1902711973
David Herbert Wilson197211973

468WilsonGeorge William Wilsonfirst name on this monument1827831910id: 2301074
Sarah Maud Wilsondaughter of George William Wilson Died as infants
Robert Wilsonson of George William Wilson Died as infants
Robert Ernest Wilsonson of George William Wilson Died as infants
Mary Wilsonwife of George William Wilson1840821922

469WilsonI Wilsonfirst name on this monument1878361914id: 7810654/10145 Private. Durham Light Infantry

470WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1705751780id: 1461065
William Wilsonson of John Wilson1747371784

471WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1836901926id: 285
(2 images)
1066Stone hard to read eroded , wifes name not clear she died in 1884 aged 47
Alexander Wilsonson of John Wilson1866311897
Andrew Wilsonson of John Wilson1870481918
James Archibald Wilsonson of John Wilson1868581926
Sarah Wilsonsecond wife of John Wilson1841721913

472WilsonSelina Wilsonfirst name on this monument1882id: 103
(2 images)
1067Age obscured
Robert Wilsonhusband of Selina Wilson

473WilsonWilliam Wilsonfirst name on this monument1835811916id: 771065
Mary Wilsonwife of William Wilson1838791917

474WinterJohn Winterfirst name on this monument1764461810id: 7970
(2 images)
1075of Biggin
Isabella Parker1727851812 died at Fellside , Lanchester
John Parker1776 of Hindley Hill in Northumberland
Edward Turnbull1760671827 Husband of Sarah
Sarah Turnbull1762841846 Daughter of John and Isabella Parker

475WoodAnn Woodfirst name on this monument1733id: 3481068Stone in poor condition

476WoodThomas Woodfirst name on this monument1739711810id: 3501066
Frances Oliverdaughter of Thomas Wood1771401811 Wife of William
Isabella Wooddaughter-in-law of Thomas Wood1780651845 Wife of John
John Woodson of Thomas Wood1769791848
William Oliverson-in-law of Thomas Wood
Isabella Woodwife of Thomas Wood1735741809

477WoodmanAnn Woodmanfirst name on this monument1804731877id: 80891072
Hannah Weirsdaughter of Ann Woodman1833691902 died at Greencroft Park
Robert Woodmanhusband of Ann Woodman1805861891
John Woodmanson of Ann Woodman1835491884 Interred at Alwinton Church yard
William Woodmanson of Ann Woodman1839401879
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478WrightJohn Wrightfirst name on this monument1816951911id: 79331068die at Maiden Law
Esther Wrightwife of John Wright

479YoungerRichard Youngerfirst name on this monumentid: 1721066of Wickham
Frances Youngerdaughter of Richard Younger1829181847
Richard Younger Stone badly eroded
Mary Youngerwife of Richard Younger

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