All Saints' Church burial ground, Lanchester, Durham, England

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101DixonWilliam Dixonfirst name on this monumentid: 80356763211101of Branch Villa
Margaret Ann Dixondaughter of William Dixon186041864
Alfred Robert Dixonson of William Dixon187041874
Thomas William Dixonson of William Dixon1869241893
William John Dixonson of William Dixon186311864
Ann Dixonwife of William Dixon

102DixonWilliam Dixonfirst name on this monumentid: 221
(2 images)
6760741073Stone difficult to read
Margaret Ann Dixondaughter of William Dixon
Alfred Robert Dixonson of William Dixon187311874
Thomas William Dixonson of William Dixon
William John Dixonson of William Dixon
Ann Dixonwife of William Dixon

103DoddsDorothy Doddsfirst name on this monument1753681821id: 1636760351080
Mary Reeddaughter of Dorothy Dodds1790551845
William Doddshusband of Dorothy Dodds
James Doddsson of Dorothy Dodds1784261810 Died abroad
William Doddsson of Dorothy Dodds1797201817 Died in London and buried Christ Church
John Reedson-in-law of Dorothy Dodds1845

104DoddsMary Doddsfirst name on this monument48id: 83
(2 images)
6759641069Stone broken and laid flat. Year missing
Edward Dodds1839781917 Husband of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Dodds1834731907
John Thomas Dodds1873781951

105DolphinMary Dolphinfirst name on this monument1795701865id: 80266763161074
Eliza Dolphindaughter of Mary Dolphin1824541878 died at the Delves
John Dolphinhusband of Mary Dolphin1785871872

106DonaghyMargaret Donaghyfirst name on this monument183711838id: 1486760211074
James Donaghyfather of Margaret Donaghy
Susanna Donaghymother of Margaret Donaghy1818461864

107DowseyMary Dowseyfirst name on this monument1710721782id: 1406760131066

108DrummondDorothy Drummondfirst name on this monument1829701899id: 80746763521087
Anne Drummonddaughter of Dorothy Drummond1864671931
Maurice A Drummondhusband of Dorothy Drummond1834821916

109DunnJoseph Dunnfirst name on this monumentid: 3316761541065
Joseph Dunnfather of Joseph Dunn of Kyo. Stone eroded wifes name and other detail unreadable

110DunnMary Dunnfirst name on this monument175411755id: 1576760301065
Charlotte Dunn1812111823 daughter of John
John Dunn

111EbdonIsaac Ebdonfirst name on this monument1836721908id: 1436760161069
Eliza Jane Ebdonwife of Isaac Ebdon1855791934

112EbdonWilliam Thomas Ebdonfirst name on this monument1880601940id: 1026759811069stone broken

113EldonAnne Eldonfirst name on this monument1884591943id: 2776761141067

114ElliotThomas Elliotfirst name on this monument1748621810id: 8124
(2 images)
Peter Pallister
Ruth Pallister1768411809 Wife of Peter
Hannah Elliotwife of Thomas Elliot1718981816

115ElliottJohn Joseph Elliottfirst name on this monument1846501896id: 3336761551066Accidently killed at Tweedmouth Station
Mary Elizabeth Elliottwife of John Joseph Elliott

116ElsdonSarah Ellen Elsdonfirst name on this monument1854851939id: 27367611010741
Cuthbert Elsdonhusband of Sarah Ellen Elsdon

117EmbletonEdith Grace Embletonfirst name on this monument1880id: 716759531068
Thomas Embletonfather of Edith Grace Embleton
Isabella Embletonmother of Edith Grace Embleton
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118EmmersonJane Ann Emmersonfirst name on this monument1867801947id: 79996762971067
Joseph Emmersonhusband of Jane Ann Emmerson1872861958

119EmmersonSadie Emmersonfirst name on this monument1886631949id: 79966762951065
John B Emmersonhusband of Sadie Emmerson1879851964

120FarbridgeRobert Farbridgefirst name on this monument1858631921id: 806759611070
Mary Farbridgedaughter of Robert Farbridge190041904
Robert Bullerwell Farbridgeson of Robert Farbridge rest inscription obscured by the ground..
Mary A Farbridgewife of Robert Farbridge

121FarrarRichard Abraham Farrarfirst name on this monument1850id: 1816760501071
Frederick Charles Farrarbrother of Richard Abraham Farrar186431867
Wesley Farrarfather of Richard Abraham Farrar
Elizabeth Farrarmother of Richard Abraham Farrar

122FeatenbyElizabeth Featenbyfirst name on this monument1812561868id: 78556761831075
Edwin William Featenbyfather of Elizabeth Featenby of Consett
Margaret Isabella Featenbymother of Elizabeth Featenby
Richardson Parker1799541853
Mary Ann Taylor1831271858 daughter of Richardson
Elizabeth Tilley1836291865 daughter of Richardson. Died at Stockton
Margaret Isabella Wilson1837441881 daughter of Richardson. Died at Shotley Bridge

123FenwickJohn Fenwickfirst name on this monument1838271865id: 80846763611069
Ann Towns1839721911 Wife of Joseph
Joseph Towns1837761913

124FenwickWilliam George Fenwickfirst name on this monumentid: 2636761021067Rest of inscription below ground

125ForsterAnn Forsterfirst name on this monument175851763id: 1566760291141
James Forsterfather of Ann Forster1709641773
Mary Forstermother of Ann Forster1735351770

126ForsterJames Forsterfirst name on this monument1743821825id: 3246761471082
Mary Forsterwife of James Forster1738711809

127ForsterThomas Forsterfirst name on this monument1780501830id: 33467615611001Ivy covering detail
John Hallrelationship not known of Thomas Forster1853 Stone badly eroded

128ForsterWilliam Forsterfirst name on this monument1808id: 8122
(2 images)
6763941066Mason of Wolsingham
Francis Forster23 Son of Henry and Hannah. year not clear
Hannah Forster not clear
Henry Forster179231795 Son of Henry and Hannah
Henry Forster1752631815 of Holmside. Husband of Hannah

129FreekNicholas Oliver Freekfirst name on this monument1844651909id: 1226760001067
Sarah Freekdaughter of Nicholas Oliver Freek1875151890
Rebecca Hazard Freekwife of Nicholas Oliver Freek1849851934 of Dipton

130GardnerDavid James Gardnerfirst name on this monument1853id: 1806760491065age not clear
David Gardnerfather of David James Gardner of Greencroft Hall
Charlotte Stalker Gardnermother of David James Gardner

131GarthwaiteAaron Garthwaitefirst name on this monument1854161870id: 80966763721078
George Garthwaitefather of Aaron Garthwaite
Emma Garthwaitemother of Aaron Garthwaite

132GascoigneJohn Gascoignefirst name on this monumentid: 2036760641071Stone broken only top showing

133GibsonDorothy Eleanor Gibsonfirst name on this monument1859831942id: 80436763291083
William Baker Gibsonbrother of Dorothy Eleanor Gibson1870721942
Mary Jane Gibsonsister of Dorothy Eleanor Gibson1863811944

134GibsonHarriet Gibsonfirst name on this monument1888id: 3436761641065Age obscured
William Gibsonhusband of Harriet Gibson1833831916

135GibsonIsaac Gibsonfirst name on this monument1769751844id: 1516760241065
Isaac Gibsonson of Isaac Gibson1792661858
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136GibsonJohn Gibsonfirst name on this monument1858551913id: 790467621810941of Low Meadows Farm , Lanchester
Elizabeth Dora Gibsondaughter of John Gibson1891231914
Margaret Gibsondaughter of John Gibson189651901
Mary Gibsonwife of John Gibson1857651922

137GibsonMathias Gibsonfirst name on this monument1817861903id: 789167620711061of Newbiggin
Elizabeth Hannah Gibsondaughter of Mathias Gibson186021862
Lucy Gibsondaughter of Mathias Gibson1866
Mathias Gibsonson of Mathias Gibson1857
Thomas Gibsonson of Mathias Gibson186521867
Hannah Gibsonwife of Mathias Gibson1827801907

138GibsonThomas Gibsonfirst name on this monument1729661795id: 8145
(2 images)
6764041066of Greencroft , Low Town
John Gibsonson of Thomas Gibson1759831842
William Gibsonson of Thomas Gibson1756591815
Mary Gibsonwife of Thomas Gibson1721801801

139GowlettJohn Gowlettfirst name on this monument1863781941id: 2476760911066
Hannah Gowlettwife of John Gowlett1873811954

140GrahamElizabeth Grahamfirst name on this monumentid: 192
(2 images)
67605710971Stone in poor condition very hard to read
John Graham
Ann Stevenson

141GrayMary Jarrett Grayfirst name on this monument1802791881id: 80556763401069
John Grayhusband of Mary Jarrett Gray The late. Of H.M. Regiment. Died at the Vicarage

142GreenWilliam Greenfirst name on this monument1738731811id: 7880
(2 images)
Mary Greendaughter of William Green1774351809
Dorothy Halldaughter of William Green1771501821
Elizabeth Ramshawdaughter of William Green1776271803
Thomas Greenson of William Green176771774 died and was interred at Washington
William Greenson of William Green1778141792
Thomas Hallson-in-law of William Green Husband of Dorothy
Thomas Ramshawson-in-law of William Green Husband of Elizabeth

143GreenerGeorge Anderson Greenerfirst name on this monument1847471894id: 80516763371073died at Burnhope Colliery
Thomason Greenerwife of George Anderson Greener died at Blackhill

144GreenerJohn Greenerfirst name on this monument1833541887id: 78726761961072Killed at White-le-Head

145GreenerJohn Anderson Greenerfirst name on this monument1863id: 80766763541067infant died at Burnhope
Ernest Greenerbrother of John Anderson Greener188111882 died at South Pontop
Frederick Greenerbrother of John Anderson Greener187111872 died at South Pontop
Henry Greenerbrother of John Anderson Greener1879 died at South Pontop
Henry Greenerbrother of John Anderson Greener187511876 died at South Pontop
Robert William Greenerbrother of John Anderson Greener1870141884 died at South Pontop
Henry Greenerfather of John Anderson Greener
Jane Greenermother of John Anderson Greener
Catherine Greenersister of John Anderson Greener1879 died at South Pontop
Elizabeth Jane Greenersister of John Anderson Greener1866 died at Stanley
Mary Greenersister of John Anderson Greener186751872 died at South Pontop

146GreenwellAlan Greenwellfirst name on this monument1851621913id: 79616762711094
Francis Greenwellfather of Alan Greenwell
W Greenwellfather-in-law of Alan Greenwell of Whitby
William Basil Greenwellson of Alan Greenwell1881831964 Youngest son. Late of the Durham Light Infantry
Augusta Isabella Greenwellwife of Alan Greenwell1852871939

147GreenwellElizabeth Greenwellfirst name on this monument1783621845id: 816067641310861
Alan Greenwellfather of Elizabeth Greenwell of Greenwell Ford
John Greenwellhusband of Elizabeth Greenwell1785841869 of Broomshields. Magistrate of the County of Durham
Thomas Greenwellson of Elizabeth Greenwell
Eleanor Greenwellsister-in-law of Elizabeth Greenwell1777961873 Sister of John
Elizabeth Greenwellsister-in-law of Elizabeth Greenwell1783891872 Sister of John
Mary Greenwellsister-in-law of Elizabeth Greenwell1783861869 Sister of John
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148GreenwellFrancis Greenwellfirst name on this monument1852791931id: 7962
(2 images)
6762721069Judge of the County Courts , Northumberland
Constance Frances Greenwellwife of Francis Greenwell1854771931

149GreenwellNicholas Greenwellfirst name on this monument1859id: 7875
(5 images)
6761971082No age given. Fourth Son. Four family stones next to each other.
Alan Greenwellfather of Nicholas Greenwell
Dorothy Greenwell1789821871 Wife of William Thomas
William Greenwell1820981918 Eldest son of William Thomas and Dorothy . 53 years Rector of St Mary-the-Less , Durham. and Librarian of Durham Cathedral 1862 to 1908.
William Thomas Greenwell1778761854 Magistrate and Lieutenant for the County. Died at Durham

150GreenwellPeter Francis Greenwellfirst name on this monument1920491969id: 79606762701073Late of the Durham Light Infantry

151GreenwellThomas Greenwellfirst name on this monument1765821847id: 31167613610781
Thomas Greenwellson of Thomas Greenwell1774221796
Eleanor Greenwellwife of Thomas Greenwell1745751820

152GreenwellThomas Greenwellfirst name on this monument1693771770id: 31067613510732
Mary Greenwellwife of Thomas Greenwell1697871784

153GregoryAnn Gregoryfirst name on this monument1818581876id: 2986761251095of London. Who died after a short illnesswhilst visiting her daughter Mrs Dunn
Fanny Louisa Dunndaughter of Ann Gregory Year and age eroded away

154HallAndrew Hallfirst name on this monument1853771930id: 249
(4 images)
6760931067Stone tipped over
Ernest Hall1892791971
Stuart Hall1896761972
Geoffrey Hallson of Andrew Hall1900201920 Stone tipped over
Annie Hallwife of Andrew Hall1894721966

155HallGeorge Hallfirst name on this monument1858id: 1696760401067
Cuthbert Hallbrother of George Hall1865231888
George Hallbrother of George Hall1859491908
William Hallbrother of George Hall1854101864
William Hallfather of George Hall1830821912
Elizabeth Hallmother of George Hall1826781904

156HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1869721941id: 2396760841065
Mary Hallwife of John Hall1872841956

157HallLillie Hallfirst name on this monument1874791953id: 1086759871066of Consett

158HallMargaret Hallfirst name on this monument183431837id: 1676760381093
J P Pallisterbrother-in-law of Margaret Hall
John Henry Watsonbrother-in-law of Margaret Hall
Jane Watsondaughter of Margaret Hall1844351879
Cuthbert Hallfather of Margaret Hall1803641867
Margaret Hallmother of Margaret Hall1807801887
Mary Ann Pallistersister of Margaret Hall1834331867

159HallMary E Hallfirst name on this monumentid: 79846762871065Year and age not clear
Frederick M Hallhusband of Mary E Hall1885721957

160HallSarah Hallfirst name on this monument1825471872id: 80176763081065of Langley Park House
Andrew Hallhusband of Sarah Hall1822631885

161HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1810521862id: 3056761321067
Mary Halldaughter of Thomas Hall Died in Infancy
Jane Simpsondaughter of Thomas Hall1840221862
Henry Norton Hallgrand son of Thomas Hall187421876
Jonathan Hallson of Thomas Hall1854151869
Thomas Hallson of Thomas Hall1844371881
Sarah Ann Hallwife of Thomas Hall1811471858

162HallTimothy Hallfirst name on this monument1794321826id: 79456762561065of Kyo
Barbara Hall1783571840 of Kyo. Farmer
Edward Hall1775681843

163HallWilliam Hallfirst name on this monument1866461912id: 11767599510881
Matilda Hallwife of William Hall1867871954
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164HamiltonViolet Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1833591892id: 2526760941066
Thomas Hamiltonhusband of Violet Hamilton

165HankeyJoseph Hankeyfirst name on this monument1862231885id: 1886760551086

166HansellAnn Hansellfirst name on this monument1847621909id: 79106762231070Youngest daughter died at Easington
Joseph Hansellfather of Ann Hansell
Mary Hansellmother of Ann Hansell

167HansellSarah Hansellfirst name on this monument1839311870id: 79096762221067
Joseph Hansellbrother of Sarah Hansell1844751919
Joseph Hansellfather of Sarah Hansell1822811903
E J Hansellgrand daughter of Sarah Hansell187741881
Mary Hansellmother of Sarah Hansell1818681886
Joseph Hansellnephew of Sarah Hansell1875
Jane Hansellsister of Sarah Hansell1841321873 2nd daughter
Margaret Hansellsister-in-law of Sarah Hansell1842511893

168HarbottleGeorge Harbottlefirst name on this monument182991838id: 79596762691096Died by accident upon the Stanhope and Tyne Railway
Ann Harbottledaughter of George Harbottle1836161852
William Harbottlefather of George Harbottle
Ann Harbottlemother of George Harbottle
John Hayton rest of stone eroded away

169HarleThomas Harlefirst name on this monument1783771860id: 2046760651106
Catherine Harlewife of Thomas Harle1786721858

170HarperThomas Harperfirst name on this monument1789761865id: 79696762781075
Ann Liddell
Thomas Liddell184421846 Son of Thomas and Ann
Thomas Liddell Husband of Ann
Davison Harperson of Thomas Harper1829361865
Barbara Harperwife of Thomas Harper1796561852

171HarrisonGeorge Wall Harrisonfirst name on this monument1882361918id: 2466760901066
Elizabeth Harrisonwife of George Wall Harrison

172HarrisonJohn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1743521795id: 3126761371065

173HarrisonMargaret Harrisonfirst name on this monument1856501906id: 145
(2 images)
Marmaduke Harrisonhusband of Margaret Harrison
Christopher Harrisonson of Margaret Harrison1877281905

174HartleyEdith Hartleyfirst name on this monument1887281915id: 2436760881071
Andrew Hartleyfather of Edith Hartley
Isabella Hartleymother of Edith Hartley
Andrew Hartley Inscription below ground

175HartshornRobert William Hartshornfirst name on this monument189161897id: 3446761651069
William Hartshornfather of Robert William Hartshorn
Annie Hartshornmother of Robert William Hartshorn

176HeadGeorge Headfirst name on this monument1788811869id: 3516761721066
John George Headson of George Head1872 Only top half of stone present rest of inscription lost
Mary Headwife of George Head1796541850

177HedleyGeorge Hedleyfirst name on this monument1809761885id: 81676764191072interred at Newburn.
William Hedleybrother of George Hedley Erected the memorial
William Hedleyfather of George Hedley Constructor of the first practical locomotive steam engine
Frances Hedleymother of George Hedley

178HedleyJessie Hedleyfirst name on this monument1950id: 1716760421069
Arthur Morton Hedleyhusband of Jessie Hedley no age given

179HedleySarah Jane Hedleyfirst name on this monument1847671914id: 1546760271066of Burnhopeside Hall

180HedleyWilliam Hedleyfirst name on this monument1808801888id: 81616764141070of Burnhopeside Hall. Third son
William Hedleyfather of William Hedley
Francis Hedleymother of William Hedley
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181HedleyWilliam Hedleyfirst name on this monument1808801888id: 81716764231067

182HendersonThomas Hendersonfirst name on this monument1858761934id: 2816761151065
Mary Hendersonwife of Thomas Henderson1859701929

183HerdmanBarbara Herdmanfirst name on this monument1863751938id: 896759691067
Thomas Herdmanhusband of Barbara Herdman1863791942
Thomas English Herdmanson of Barbara Herdman1890591949

184HerdmanNathaniel Herdmanfirst name on this monument1821721893id: 785967618710911
Mary Elizabeth Herdmandaughter-in-law of Nathaniel Herdman
Robert Edward Herdmangrand son of Nathaniel Herdman1902111913 Son of Robert and Mary
Robert Edward Herdmanson of Nathaniel Herdman1839671906 Husband of Mary Elizabeth
Mary Herdmanwife of Nathaniel Herdman1821671888

185HetheringtonGeorge Hetheringtonfirst name on this monument1769791848id: 80806763581066of Ivestone
Ann Hetheringtonwife of George Hetherington1781311812

186HigginsDorothy Higginsfirst name on this monument1865701935id: 81126763861066

187HissettSarah Younger Hissettfirst name on this monument1860391899id: 80646763461069
Samuel Hissetthusband of Sarah Younger Hissett

188HobkirkMary Hobkirkfirst name on this monument1823721895id: 1056759841065
Elizabeth Hobkirkdaughter of Mary Hobkirk Stone eroded inscription not clear
Jacob Hobkirkhusband of Mary Hobkirk1815811896
Jacob Hobkirkson of Mary Hobkirk Stone eroded inscription not clear

189HobsonMary Hobsonfirst name on this monument1709281737id: 3366761571068
Ralph Hobsonhusband of Mary Hobson
Henry Sanderson
Jane Sanderson1737 age not clear 27?

190HodgsonJames Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1867691936id: 996759781065
Margaret J Hodgsonwife of James Hodgson

191HodgsonRichard Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1800861886id: 17067604110671Born at Seaton Village and died at Annfield Plain
Hannah Hodgsondaughter of Richard Hodgson1830341864
Thomas Hodgsonson of Richard Hodgson1863251888
Mary Hodgsonwife of Richard Hodgson1820791899

192HodgsonThomas Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1731id: 79366762481067no age given
Margaret Hodgsondaughter of Thomas Hodgson1731 no age given

193HolmesGeorge Holmesfirst name on this monument1863101873id: 2236760751073
Charlce Holmesbrother of George Holmes1865201885 Charlce as spelt on stone who met his death by accident
Thomas Holmesfather of George Holmes1814661880
Isabell Holmesmother of George Holmes

194HolmesMary Holmesfirst name on this monument1859331892id: 1246760021065
Francis Holmeshusband of Mary Holmes
Frank Holmesson of Mary Holmes1892

195HopperThomas Hopperfirst name on this monument1769861855id: 1646760361067
Sarah Hopperdaughter of Thomas Hopper1829361865
Elizabeth Hopper1892201912 Wife of John
Isabella Hopper
John Hopper1885321917
Thomas Hopper1862541916 Husband of Isabella
Elizabeth Hopperwife of Thomas Hopper1781781859

196HornsbyJohn Hornsbyfirst name on this monument1790721862id: 80786763561067of Greencroft Tower
Elizabeth Hornsbydaughter of John Hornsby1828131841
James Hornsbyson of John Hornsby1813561869
Joseph Hornsbyson of John Hornsby1820251845
Mary Hornsbywife of John Hornsby1798721870
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197HunterElizabeth Jane Hunterfirst name on this monument1882661948id: 81006763761067
John James Hunterhusband of Elizabeth Jane Hunter1876821958

198HunterElizabeth Jane Hunterfirst name on this monument1882661948id: 80446763301068
John James Hunterhusband of Elizabeth Jane Hunter1876821958

199HunterRobert Haswell Hunterfirst name on this monument1835471882id: 80496763351116
Amy Hunterdaughter of Robert Haswell Hunter1880
Barbara Hunterdaughter of Robert Haswell Hunter1870101880
Hannah Hunterwife of Robert Haswell Hunter1838701908

200HutchinsonAlan William Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1799641863id: 81756764261065of Hollingside Durham

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