All Saints' Church burial ground, Lanchester, Durham, England

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1AinsleyJohn Ainsleyfirst name on this monument1739301769id: 79511075
Rob Ainsleyfather of John Ainsley

2AlderGeorge Alderfirst name on this monument1822721894id: 78661082

3AllenCharles Allenfirst name on this monument1807581865id: 11810771of Annfield Plain
Ann Allendaughter of Charles Allen Died in Infancy
Annie Johnsondaughter of Charles Allen1840691909 Daughter of Charles and Frances. Died in Thornaby House. Thornaby on Tees
Mary Williamsdaughter of Charles Allen1847641911 Daughter of Charles and Frances
Hugh Allenson of Charles Allen Died in Infancy
William Allenson of Charles Allen1837221859
E Williamsson-in-law of Charles Allen of Thornton Heath , Surrey. Husband of Mary
Ann Allensister of Charles Allen1811491860 of Ripon
Ann Allenwife of Charles Allen1812261838
Frances Jane Allensecond wife of Charles Allen1805831888

4AllisonJohn Allisonfirst name on this monument1640651705id: 30810711

5AllisonThomas Allisonfirst name on this monumentid: 80881069No Year or Age given

6AmosWilliam Amosfirst name on this monument1829341863id: 2061085
John Amosson of William Amos1863

7AndersonMargaret Andersonfirst name on this monument1808701878id: 80411078
Robert Andersonhusband of Margaret Anderson1798811879 died at Consett
John Anderson Stone worn

8AppletonIsabella Appletonfirst name on this monument1903511954id: 80481069

9AppletonNora Appletonfirst name on this monument1908481956id: 79851066

10ArchboldJ W Morrison Archboldfirst name on this monument1849261875id: 2311072of Burnhope House
Lois Archboldwife of J W Morrison Archbold

11ArkleElspeth Arklefirst name on this monument1791771868id: 80181073died at Langley
John Arklehusband of Elspeth Arkle1794761870 died at Langley Park House

12ArmstrongJohn Armstrongfirst name on this monument1793691862id: 78601070of Ivestone
Elizabeth Armstrongdaughter of John Armstrong1831191850
Margaret Armstrongdaughter of John Armstrong1835271862
Sarah Simpsondaughter of John Armstrong1829241853
Elizabeth Armstrongwife of John Armstrong1806651871

13AtkinsonJohn Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1813501863id: 1381068of Waskerley Park
Joseph Petty1805601865

14AyreGeorge Ayrefirst name on this monument1813621875id: 7894
(2 images)
1075died at Law Mill
Ann Ayredaughter of George Ayre1843141857
Mary Ayredaughter of George Ayre1845101855
Sarah Ayrewife of George Ayre1819441863 died at West Shield

15BakerJane Bakerfirst name on this monument1764id: 81561068no age given
Thomas Bakerhusband of Jane Baker of Pontop

16BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monument1830371867id: 185
(2 images)
Elizabeth Jane Pattisondaughter of John Baker1803581861
John Bakerfather of John Baker
Eleanor Bakermother of John Baker
John Pattisonson-in-law of John Baker Stone eroded unable to read all below

17BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monument1830311861id: 7889
(2 images)
Lucy Laybournedaughter of John Baker1835271862 Wife of William
Elizabeth Jane Pattisondaughter of John Baker1833281861 Wife of John
John Bakerfather of John Baker1799751874
Eleanor Bakermother of John Baker1797781875
William Laybourneson-in-law of John Baker
John Pattisonson-in-law of John Baker
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18BallenyHarriet Eleanor Ballenyfirst name on this monument187021872id: 80871069
Charles David William Ballenyfather of Harriet Eleanor Balleny
Caroline Eleanor Ballenymother of Harriet Eleanor Balleny

19BateyIsaac Bateyfirst name on this monument1794191813id: 1491069
Isaac Bateyfather of Isaac Batey1763741837
Eleanor Bateymother of Isaac Batey1765741839
Thomas Batey1805491854
Mary Ann Bateysister of Isaac Batey1796281824

20BateyIsaac Bateyfirst name on this monument1794191813id: 79671068
Isaac Bateyfather of Isaac Batey1763741837
Eleanor Bateymother of Isaac Batey1765741839
Thomas Batey1805491854
Mary Ann Bateysister of Isaac Batey1796281824

21BeattieJohn Beattiefirst name on this monument1858id: 81171076age not clear
Charles Beattiefather of John Beattie1812751887
Ann Beattiemother of John Beattie65 Year not clear
Mary Ann Beattiesister of John Beattie187111872

22BeckJane Beckfirst name on this monument1727601787id: 81521074
Matthew Beckhusband of Jane Beck1718731791

23BellElizabeth Bellfirst name on this monument1838581896id: 2071072
George Bellhusband of Elizabeth Bell1840681908
Robert Bellson of Elizabeth Bell1869 Died at Burnhope
Robert Bellson of Elizabeth Bell187141875 Died at South Pelaw

24BellJoseph Bellfirst name on this monument1751id: 79351070no age given
Joseph Bellfather of Joseph Bell of Corbridge

25BellKate Florence Bellfirst name on this monument186361869id: 196
(2 images)
Joseph Sydney Alexander Bell187141875

26BellMary Bellfirst name on this monument1679701749id: 3471074
Isabel Belldaughter of Mary Bell no year or age
Mary Belldaughter of Mary Bell no year or age
William Bellhusband of Mary Bell

27BellMary Bellfirst name on this monument1798751873id: 80851073of Try Mall
William Bellhusband of Mary Bell1794811875

28BellerbyEdward Bellerbyfirst name on this monument1734661800id: 1411070
Hannah Bellerbydaughter of Edward Bellerby1789261815
Hannah Bellerbywife of Edward Bellerby

29BellerbyMary Bellerbyfirst name on this monument1739311770id: 81101077
Thomas Bellerbybrother of Mary Bellerby1746261772
Robert Bellerbyfather of Mary Bellerby1706731779
Isabella Bellerbymother of Mary Bellerby1709881797
Caroline Barron1875251900
William Barron of Iveston
Robert Bellerby rest of inscription missing erosion

30BellerbyWilliam Bellerbyfirst name on this monument1715651780id: 8128
(2 images)
Mary Bellerbydaughter of William Bellerby1768461814
Margaret Bellerbydaughter-in-law of William Bellerby1784611845
Margaret Bellerbygreat grand daughter of William Bellerby185521857 Daughter of William and Margaret
Thomas Bellerbygreat grand son of William Bellerby185711858 Son of William and Margaret
Thomas Bellerbygrand son of William Bellerby1819381857 Son of William and Margaret
John Bellerbyson of William Bellerby1672331705 interred at Gateshead
Thomas Bellerbyson of William Bellerby1764681832
William Bellerbyson of William Bellerby1768771845 Husband of Margaret
Elizabeth Bellerbywife of William Bellerby1732831815
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31BlackettMargaret Annie Blackettfirst name on this monument1902481950id: 78861072
Harry Blackettbrother of Margaret Annie Blackett1916902006
John Blackettbrother of Margaret Annie Blackett1900671967
Richard Blackettbrother of Margaret Annie Blackett1914751989
John Blackettfather of Margaret Annie Blackett
Isabella Blackettmother of Margaret Annie Blackett1872871959

32BoistonThomas Boistonfirst name on this monument1820541874id: 80721077
Mary Boistondaughter of Thomas Boiston1857331890 died at Brinkburn interred at Rothbury
Annie Lawsdaughter of Thomas Boiston1844631907 died at Burnhopeside interred at Lanchester
Thomas Boistonson of Thomas Boiston Died in Infancy
Thomas Boistonson of Thomas Boiston1852311883 interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery
Isabella Boistonwife of Thomas Boiston1818801898 Died at Kirkley interred at Dalton

33BolamMary Jane Bolamfirst name on this monument1833381871id: 7978
(2 images)
Margaret Hannah Bolamdaughter of Mary Jane Bolam1864
John Bolamhusband of Mary Jane Bolam1836771913 of Ewe Hirst Head
Ann Bolam1837221859 Daughter of James and Margaret
Anna Annie Bolam1868571925
James Bolam1810491859 of Maiden Law
Margaret Bolam83 Wife of James. Year missing

34BolamRobert Bolamfirst name on this monument1789771866id: 80231069
Anthony Bolamgrand son of Robert Bolam1853
Thomas Bolamson of Robert Bolam184561851
Hannah Bolamwife of Robert Bolam1783771860

35BorrowWilliam Borrowfirst name on this monument1721691790id: 161
(2 images)
Ann Borrowwife of William Borrow1725911816

36BowesMary Jane Bowesfirst name on this monument1857921949id: 961091

37BowesThomas Bowesfirst name on this monument1859641923id: 9410861For 28 years Master of Lanchester School

38BrownDorothy Brownfirst name on this monument1750581808id: 2151065
Thomas Brownhusband of Dorothy Brown1746761822
Leonard Brownson of Dorothy Brown1790321822
Thomas Brownson of Dorothy Brown1786251811

39BrownEliza Brownfirst name on this monument1831531884id: 1941069
Middleton Brownhusband of Eliza Brown1826621888 of Burnhope Colliery

40BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1807611868id: 3031066For many years gardener to the late Sir T.J. Clavering
Isabella Browndaughter of James Brown Died in Infancy
Margaret Browndaughter of James Brown1840281868
James Brownson of James Brown Died in Infancy
Isabella Brownwife of James Brown1804941898 Interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Sunderland

41BrownJane Brownfirst name on this monument1880541934id: 2751077
John Brownhusband of Jane Brown1872831955

42BrownJane Brownfirst name on this monument1801561857id: 1911072
Thomas Brownhusband of Jane Brown of Burnopfield Colliery

43BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1659781737id: 741074
George Brownson of John Brown1713241737

44BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1863641927id: 3421065

45BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1775641839id: 8120
(2 images)
1066of Park Head
Dorothy Browndaughter of William Brown1824221846

46BrownWilliam M Brownfirst name on this monument1845491894id: 81071065of Lanchester Station
Jane Brownwife of William M Brown1839571896

47BrownWilliam Wheatley Brownfirst name on this monument1827611888id: 79341067of Howden Bank
Michael Brownson of William Wheatley Brown1866291895
Catherine Brownwife of William Wheatley Brown1830831913
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48BrydsonJohn George Wilson Brydsonfirst name on this monument1861601921id: 821066Stone laid flat
Isabella Anne Brydsondaughter of John George Wilson Brydson189321895
Mary Jane Brydsonwife of John George Wilson Brydson1863761939

49BuckhamAnnie Buckhamfirst name on this monument1867641931id: 871067
John Buckhamhusband of Annie Buckham1871731944

50BuckhamEleanor Annie Buckhamfirst name on this monument1875561931id: 92
(2 images)
1070Stone damaged info from records

51BuckhamGeorge Henry Buckhamfirst name on this monumentid: 1071072Year and age obscured by ground
Joseph Buckhamfather of George Henry Buckham

52BuckhamMeggie Taylor Buckhamfirst name on this monument186371870id: 8130
(2 images)
Robert Buckhambrother of Meggie Taylor Buckham1863251888
John Buckhamfather of Meggie Taylor Buckham1835731908
Jane Buckhammother of Meggie Taylor Buckham1843621905
Elizabeth Buckham1809741883 Wife of Robert
Robert Buckham The late. Husband of Elizabeth

53BurdonEdward Burdonfirst name on this monument1903151918id: 80991099
William Burdonfather of Edward Burdon
Elizabeth Burdonmother of Edward Burdon
Harriet Eleanor Burdonsister of Edward Burdon1901171918

54Burgoyne-JohnsonDavid Ransome Burgoyne-Johnsonfirst name on this monument1919741993id: 8137
(3 images)
Matilda Burgoyne-Johnson1869841953
Philip Simon Burgoyne-Johnson1951441995

55Burgoyne-JohnsonJohn Burgoyne-Johnsonfirst name on this monument1869511920id: 8134
(3 images)
1068Durham Light Infantry
Luther Vincent Burgoyne-Johnson1891241915 Durham Light Infantry

56BurnJohn Burnfirst name on this monument1829521881id: 80111065of Broom House
Margaret Burndaughter of John Burn186121863
John George Burnson of John Burn1869
Margaret Burnwife of John Burn1827831910

57BurnMargaret Burnfirst name on this monument1833821915id: 8014
(2 images)
1065of Langley Old Hall

58BurnWilliam Burnfirst name on this monument1796831879id: 80131065of Langley Old Hall
Margaret Burnwife of William Burn1800641864

59BurnWilliam Burnfirst name on this monument1835381873id: 80121065of West Hall

60BurrellWilliam Burrellfirst name on this monument1821661887id: 79241070
William Hedley Burrellson of William Burrell1851371888
Isabella Burrellwife of William Burrell1811801891

61BurrellWilliam Burrellfirst name on this monument1725701795id: 81771068
Elizabeth Burrelldaughter of William Burrell1764281792
Sarah Burrellwife of William Burrell

62BurtonRichard Burtonfirst name on this monument1771261797id: 8000
(2 images)
Thomas Burtonfather of Richard Burton
George Burton1761851846

63ByerleyJohn Byerleyfirst name on this monument1731821813id: 1191069of Newbiggen
Ann Byerleydaughter of John Byerley1764781842
John Byerleyson of John Byerley stone just says departed this life
Nicholas Byerleyson of John Byerley1779651844
Robert Byerleyson of John Byerley stone just says departed this life
Teasdale Byerleyson of John Byerley1754881842 eldest son
Thomas Byerleyson of John Byerley stone just says departed this life
Mary Byerleywife of John Byerley1732771809

64CarrRobert Carrfirst name on this monument1809501859id: 79291067died at South Moor
Robert Carrson of Robert Carr1842 died in Infancy

65CarrickRichard Carrickfirst name on this monument1673691742id: 79281074
Mary Carrickwife of Richard Carrick1697671764
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66CaygillMary Jane Caygillfirst name on this monument1876541930id: 81061090
Edward Doddsfather of Mary Jane Caygill of Newbiggin , Lanchester

67CharltonMartha Charltonfirst name on this monument1712721784id: 1371068
John Charltonhusband of Martha Charlton of White Hall

68ClarkThomas William Clarkfirst name on this monument1868431911id: 80981065
Maryy Ann Clarkwife of Thomas William Clark

69ClarkeMatthew George Clarkefirst name on this monument1873841957id: 2821067
Arthur George Clarkeson of Matthew George Clarke1915251940
John Roy Clarkeson of Matthew George Clarke1914541968
Hannah Clarkewife of Matthew George Clarke1877651942

70ClaveringGeorge Claveringfirst name on this monument1720741794id: 816210715th son. Died at High Wycombe , Buckinghamshire. And buried there
James Claveringfather of George Clavering

71CoatesAndrew Coatesfirst name on this monument1843361879id: 81531072
Eliza Coatesdaughter of Andrew Coates Died in Infancy
George Coatesson of Andrew Coates186611867
William Henry Norton Coatesson of Andrew Coates Died in Infancy
Hannah Coateswife of Andrew Coates1844371881

72CoatsChristopher Coatsfirst name on this monument1846401886id: 283
(2 images)
1069Colliery Engineer of Langley Moor Colliery

73CockburnElizabeth Cockburnfirst name on this monument1898501948id: 80471071

74ComptonRalph Comptonfirst name on this monument1804571861id: 2241072
Caroline Jane Smithsister-in-law of Ralph Compton1895 Sister of Harriet. No age given
Harriet Jemima Comptonwife of Ralph Compton1895 no age given

75CookeFlorence Jane Cookefirst name on this monument1927id: 911065No age given
Ralph T Cookehusband of Florence Jane Cooke

76CraggsJoseph Craggsfirst name on this monumentid: 233
(2 images)
11131year and age eroded away

77CrawfordRobert Crawfordfirst name on this monumentid: 80971066inscription eroded away

78CroudaceJames Croudacefirst name on this monument1741id: 7925
(2 images)
1070no age given
Elizabeth Croudacedaughter of James Croudace stone eroded rest of inscription lost
James Croudaceson of James Croudace 174? stone eroded rest of inscription lost
Elisabeth Croudacewife of James Croudace Spelt as Elisabeth. stone eroded rest of inscription lost

79CroudaceRobert Croudacefirst name on this monument1758491807id: 79221069of Langley
George Croudace178651791
Jane Tiplady Croudace182731830

80CummingElizabeth Cummingfirst name on this monumentid: 79561076
Catherine Cummingdaughter of Elizabeth Cumming1797141811
Elizabeth Cummingdaughter of Elizabeth Cumming180651811
Margaret Cummingdaughter of Elizabeth Cumming1799121811
Joseph Cummingson of Elizabeth Cumming1801101811

81CummingGodfrey Cummingfirst name on this monument1949id: 78851069No age given
Violet May Cummingwife of Godfrey Cumming1957 No age given

82CummingJohn Cummingfirst name on this monumentid: 79561066

83CuthbertAnn Cuthbertfirst name on this monument1839751914id: 2411071Youngest daughter
John Whitfieldfather of Ann Cuthbert The late
Edward Cuthberthusband of Ann Cuthbert1843861929 of Annfield Plain

84DaglishJohn Daglishfirst name on this monumentid: 1391071
Henry Daglishson of John Daglish1823661889 died at Shildon
John Daglishson of John Daglish1816691885 died at South Moor
Thomas Daglishson of John Daglish1812741886 died at South Moor
William Daglishson of John Daglish1814721886 died at South Moor
Mary Daglishwife of John Daglish

85DarnallWilliam Darnallfirst name on this monument1653911744id: 79551073
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86DarnellWilliam Darnellfirst name on this monument1730id: 79371068No age given
Nicholas Darnell1730 no age given

87DavisonGeorge Davisonfirst name on this monumentid: 3251070stone eroded 1722 ?

88DavisonWilliam Davisonfirst name on this monument1723831806id: 79571072Lieutenant Royal Marines
Isabella Davisondaughter of William Davison177191780
Margaret Davisondaughter of William Davison1781221803
James Davisonson of William Davison Died in Infancy
William James Davisonson of William Davison Died in Infancy
Margaret Davisonwife of William Davison1744611805

89DeightonMartha Deightonfirst name on this monument1747id: 3181071
William Deightonfather of Martha Deighton
Jane Deightonmother of Martha Deighton

90DentRobert Dentfirst name on this monument1740561796id: 78581069

91DingleJohn Dinglefirst name on this monument1813721885id: 81661066Vicar of the Parish for 29 years

92DingleJohn Dinglefirst name on this monument1813721885id: 8053
(2 images)
107029 years Vicar of Parish of Lanchester

93DingleRichard Doidge Dinglefirst name on this monument1825321857id: 80791080

94DixonAlfred Dixonfirst name on this monument1905601965id: 1101099
Alfred Dixon1861861947

95DixonHannah Dixonfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 79981067
Edwin Carr Dixonhusband of Hannah Dixon

96DixonIsabella Dixonfirst name on this monument1831831914id: 3461066

97DixonJohn Dixonfirst name on this monument1803291832id: 1131069died at Low Hermitage

98DixonJoseph William Dixonfirst name on this monument1886441930id: 851066
Mary Dixondaughter of Joseph William Dixon
Joseph Dixonson of Joseph William Dixon
Georgenia Dixonwife of Joseph William Dixon1889831972

99DixonMarion Jane Dixonfirst name on this monument1871601931id: 258
(2 images)
George Thomas Dixonhusband of Marion Jane Dixon

100DixonMary Ann Dixonfirst name on this monument1866551921id: 1251074
Eveline Dixondaughter of Mary Ann Dixon1888351923
Alfred Dixonhusband of Mary Ann Dixon

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