Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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501MannionThomas Joseph Mannionfirst name on this monument1945672012id: MDMun1966726271066
Jilliane Mannionwife of Thomas Joseph Mannion

502MarksEllem Mcneill Marksfirst name on this monument1944652009id: MDMun1936726241088
George Edgar Markshusband of Ellem Mcneill Marks1927852012

503MarleyNora Florence Marleyfirst name on this monument1899741973id: MDMun8076732861072

504MarrArthur Marrfirst name on this monument1897681965id: MDMun8216733001071

505MarrIrene Marrfirst name on this monument1926772003id: MDMun1716726021072
Arthur L Marrhusband of Irene Marr1925912016

506MarshallLeslie C Marshallfirst name on this monument1919781997id: MDMun2716727011066

507MarshallStephen G Marshallfirst name on this monument1947602007id: MDMun0746725051066

508MartelNeva L Martelfirst name on this monument1897951992id: MDMun7556731811069

509MartinBeatrice Mabel Martinfirst name on this monument1915841999id: MDMun2476726771065

510MartinRichard George Martinfirst name on this monument1912781990id: MDMun4456728741069
Edith Mary Martinrelationship not known of Richard George Martin1912831995

511MartinRichard John Martinfirst name on this monument1907841991id: MDMun4386728671068
Winifred Martinwife of Richard John Martin1921952016

512MatchamClive Matchamfirst name on this monument1946632009id: MDMun5416729701065
Gillian Matchamrelationship not known of Clive Matcham1948662014

513MatkinEdward George Matkinfirst name on this monument1910851995id: MDMun3406727681066
Victoria Matkinrelationship not known of Edward George Matkin1907901997

514MatthewsEvan George Matthewsfirst name on this monument1920822002id: MDMun6456730741069

515MatthewsFrank Matthewsfirst name on this monument1906701976id: MDMun7956732741065
Louise Gertrude Matthewswife of Frank Matthews1906851991

516MauleVera Judith Kathleen Maulefirst name on this monument1924832007id: MDMun5676729961066
Stanley Maulehusband of Vera Judith Kathleen Maule1915942009

517MaxwellFrances Maxwellfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun6706730991067

518MayneWilliam Allen Maynefirst name on this monument1968id: MDMun7846732231066Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

519McalpinDennis R Mcalpinfirst name on this monument1926731999id: MDMun2616726911065

520McalpinMargaret Helen Mcalpinfirst name on this monument1924872011id: MDMun5146729431065

521MccreadyDorothy Mccreadyfirst name on this monument1964id: MDMun8176732961066
John Mccreadyhusband of Dorothy Mccready
Phyllis Greensister of Dorothy Mccready1991

522McgeeJohn Daniel Mcgeefirst name on this monument1937792016id: MDMun4546728831065

523McguffinIain Mcguffinfirst name on this monument1960381998id: MDMun7016731291074

524McleanDonald Mcquistan Mcleanfirst name on this monument1931752006id: MDMun5766730051065

525MclellanAlan Mclellanfirst name on this monument1954532007id: MDMun08567251610651

526MclellanPhilip Mclellanfirst name on this monument1959512010id: MDMun04367247410661

527MclellanRobert Mclellanfirst name on this monument1976322008id: MDMun0486724791065

528McnallyPaul L Mcnallyfirst name on this monument1956572013id: MDMun6856731141065

529McnuffMargaret Dulcie Mcnufffirst name on this monument1919731992id: MDMun4096728371068
Lorna Rustom Kolahrelationship not known of Margaret Dulcie Mcnuff1921932014

530MeadeJohn Meadefirst name on this monument1942672009id: MDMun0566724871065
Julia Meadewife of John Meade1943692012

531MeeMavis Ethel Meefirst name on this monument1936742010id: MDMun0656724961066

532MellorsStuart Richard Mellorsfirst name on this monument1963402003id: MDMun6176730461074

533MeredithDave Meredithfirst name on this monument1946622008id: MDMun1166725471066

534MerryfieldWilliam Darroll Merryfieldfirst name on this monument1923772000id: MDMun6626730911065

535MiddletonAlys Louise Middletonfirst name on this monument1905811986id: MDMun7456731711067

536MilbourneIvy Milbournefirst name on this monument1922902012id: MDMun0196724501073

537MillerBetty Joyce Millerfirst name on this monument1998id: MDMun7856732501066Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance
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538MillerMargaret Ann Millerfirst name on this monument1913912004id: MDMun6026730311066

539MillerWilliam F Millerfirst name on this monument1914821996id: MDMun4126728401067
Ethel Millerwife of William F Miller1915932008

540MillsVera Millsfirst name on this monument1929671996id: MDMun3336727611066

541MiltonDavid Miltonfirst name on this monument1945712016id: MDMun0086724401069

542MiseldineBertha Miseldinefirst name on this monument1915952010id: MDMun5366729651069
John Miseldinehusband of Bertha Miseldine1907501957

543MoodyOlive Moodyfirst name on this monument1919882007id: MDMun5536729821077
Arthur F C Moodyhusband of Olive Moody1918681986

544MooreFrederick Michael Charles Moorefirst name on this monument1943742017id: MDMun0876725181068

545MooreKate Moorefirst name on this monument1884911975id: MDMun7706731961067
Herbert Edward Moorehusband of Kate Moore1878691947 Rn

546MorganJohn Morganfirst name on this monument1920751995id: MDMun2836727111068
Bryan Morganson of John Morgan
Phyllis Mary Morgansister of John Morgan1924842008

547MorganJohn Rees Morganfirst name on this monument1920721992id: MDMun4256728531066
Annie Elizabeth Morganwife of John Rees Morgan1921721993

548MorganMary Morganfirst name on this monument1923852008id: MDMun5476729761065

549MorganVivian W C Morganfirst name on this monument1921852006id: MDMun1336725641068

550MorrisAntonia Maria Morrisfirst name on this monument1921711992id: MDMun3936728211066
Ralph Morrisrelationship not known of Antonia Maria Morris1909741983

551MortenJessie Catherine Mortenfirst name on this monument1906841990id: MDMun4466728751069

552MortonJean Mortonfirst name on this monument1951612012id: MDMun4906729191067

553MortonLily-ann Rosie Mortonfirst name on this monument2017id: MDMun2226726531065

554MortonMary Edith Mortonfirst name on this monument1912932005id: MDMun1486725791066

555MountstevensChristine Mountstevensfirst name on this monument1948642012id: MDMun0206724511077

556MountstevensRoy Mountstevensfirst name on this monument1927862013id: MDMun0136724451073

557MulliganJoseph Mulliganfirst name on this monument1934752009id: MDMun5286729571065

558MumdenJohn Mumdenfirst name on this monument1940581998id: MDMun6696730981071
Jacqui Mumdenwife of John Mumden1945652010

559MurphyIvy Rose Murphyfirst name on this monument1926822008id: MDMun2206726511065
Gordon Lee Murphyhusband of Ivy Rose Murphy1915761991 (late)

560MurphyMary Murphyfirst name on this monument1922872009id: MDMun1926726231066
Julia Murphysister of Mary Murphy1924862010

561MurrayGeoffrey Michael Murrayfirst name on this monument1923902013id: MDMun4986729271068

562MuszynskiVera Muszynskifirst name on this monument19091032012id: MDMun5106729391073

563MvdonaldDouglas Mark Mvdonaldfirst name on this monument1928782006id: MDMun1346725651066

564NashRay Nashfirst name on this monument1914801994id: MDMun3656727931069
Betty Nashwife of Ray Nash1916892005

565NeedhamJohannah Josephine Needhamfirst name on this monument1921942015id: MDMun7866732611065Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

566NeedsBelinda Jean Needsfirst name on this monument1926631989id: MDMun7356731621066
Reginald James Needshusband of Belinda Jean Needs1927792006

567NeepMargaret Irene Neepfirst name on this monument1892921984id: MDMun7296731561073

568NesbitArchie Nesbitfirst name on this monument1931792010id: MDMun1626725931066
Dorothy Nesbitwife of Archie Nesbit1931802011

569NethertonGeoff Nethertonfirst name on this monument1923812004id: MDMun6066730351069
Vi Nethertonrelationship not known of Geoff Netherton1922912013

570NevadaJanet Christine Nevadafirst name on this monument1954612015id: MDMun0666724971066

571NewbertBarbara Ann Newbertfirst name on this monument1935782013id: MDMun4876729161074
Gerald Newberthusband of Barbara Ann Newbert1930852015

572NewellKeith Newellfirst name on this monument1939762015id: MDMun4746729031066
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573NeweyRoger Allen Neweyfirst name on this monument1948642012id: MDMun0216724521103

574NewmanMary Graeme Newmanfirst name on this monument1917771994id: MDMun3016727291066

575NewportHarold William Newportfirst name on this monument1935371972id: MDMun8056732841068

576NewtonCharles Newtonfirst name on this monument1912801992id: MDMun7276731541065
Edna May Newtonwife of Charles Newton19161002016

577NewtonHenry John Sellick Newtonfirst name on this monument1931681999id: MDMun2436726731069

578NickelMillie Nickelfirst name on this monument1905891994id: MDMun3626727901068

579NobleHelen Noblefirst name on this monument1912821994id: MDMun3046727321065

580NormanAlbert Victor Normanfirst name on this monument1888751963id: MDMun8606733391069

581NormanAlfred Normanfirst name on this monument1937722009id: MDMun0546724851073

582NorrisArthur Norrisfirst name on this monument1972id: MDMun7846732281068Westerly Eventide Homes , In Remembrance

583NottJean Nottfirst name on this monument1886831969id: MDMun8146732931070
Dorothy E Nottsister of Jean Nott1887891976

584NottPhyllis Mary Nottfirst name on this monument1888841972id: MDMun7986732771065

585NoyKenneth Edward Noyfirst name on this monument1918801998id: MDMun6676730961069
Noreen Campbell Noyrelationship not known of Kenneth Edward Noy1920791999

586NunnViolet I Nunnfirst name on this monument1918791997id: MDMun35567278310711
Ronald G Nunnrelationship not known of Violet I Nunn1921771998

587NunneyRichard Nunneyfirst name on this monument1942501992id: MDMun4036728311069
Trudy Nunneyrelationship not known of Richard Nunney1918811999

588NutleyGordon Herbert Nutleyfirst name on this monument1925701995id: MDMun2796727071067
Joyce Edith Nutleywife of Gordon Herbert Nutley1928802008

589NuttallEthel Nuttallfirst name on this monument1895691964id: MDMun8196732981078

590O'hordSean Trevor O'hordfirst name on this monument1999id: MDMun6756731041069Baby
John Leslie Hillgrand daughter of Sean Trevor O'hord1944531997

591O'reillyVictoria M B O'reillyfirst name on this monument1894851979id: MDMun7286731551066
Nora Emily O'reillydaughter of Victoria M B O'reilly1920771997

592O'sullivanAntony Gordon Patrick O'sullivanfirst name on this monument1937762013id: MDMun1846726151081

593OborneCyril Obornefirst name on this monument1920802000id: MDMun6566730851068

594OldfieldBetty Oldfieldfirst name on this monument1931792010id: MDMun0646724951065

595OliverArthur William Oliverfirst name on this monument1905641969id: MDMun8006732791067
Iris Muriel Oliverwife of Arthur William Oliver19071002007

596OliverJack Burden Best Oliverfirst name on this monument1915761991id: MDMun4396728681068
Mary Esther Oliverwife of Jack Burden Best Oliver1917771994

597OsborneAlice May Osbornefirst name on this monument1913661979id: MDMun7606731861067
John William Osbornerelationship not known of Alice May Osborne1909791988

598OxenhamC E Oxenhamfirst name on this monument1912902002id: MDMun2196726501072
N V Oxenhamwife of C E Oxenham1914902004

599PackmanArthur Packmanfirst name on this monument1916791995id: MDMun7146731411071
Cicely Packmanwife of Arthur Packman1915862001

600PadgettMary Padgettfirst name on this monument1990id: MDMun75067317610651
Arthur Padgetthusband of Mary Padgett1971

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 1) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

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