Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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901McleanRichard John Mcleanfirst name on this monument1845411886id: 9826704581067
Aubrey Albert Coombsrelationship not known of Richard John Mclean1863841947
Aubrey James Coombsrelationship not known of Richard John Mclean1890731963
Mary Ann Coombsrelationship not known of Richard John Mclean1849731922
Maud Maitland Coombsrelationship not known of Richard John Mclean1880541934

902McleanSusan Mcleanfirst name on this monument1864211885id: 15936710691090
Charles Kenneth Mcleanrelationship not known of Susan Mclean1840481888
Eliza Mcleanrelationship not known of Susan Mclean1809781887
Kenneth Mcleanrelationship not known of Susan Mclean1826611887
Mary Grace Mullardrelationship not known of Susan Mclean1864351899

903McleodBeryle Mcleodfirst name on this monument1933id: 2706697471068

904McleodJohn George Mcleodfirst name on this monument1885631948id: 2696697461067h; f
Alice Maud Mcleodwife of John George Mcleod1888741962

905McleodStanley Eric Mcleodfirst name on this monument1945id: 2716697481070

906McleodWilliam Lythgow Mcleodfirst name on this monument1813621875id: 5756700511065born London , England
Helen Mcleodrelationship not known of William Lythgow Mcleod1816681884

907McmahonMargaret Boyd Mcmahonfirst name on this monument1885621947id: 15306710061066

908McmillanDonald Mcmillanfirst name on this monument1883521935id: 2466697231067
Emily Ester Mcmillanrelationship not known of Donald Mcmillan1887881975
Jean Mcmillanrelationship not known of Donald Mcmillan1919751994

909McminnDorothy Mcminnfirst name on this monument1902121914id: 11946706701065

910McminnMeredith St Clair Mcminnfirst name on this monument1900441944id: 8716703471065

911McminnMervyn Ainslie Mcminnfirst name on this monument1905601965id: 13016707771065h; f
Kathleen Margaret Mcminnwife of Mervyn Ainslie Mcminn1905731978 w; m

912McminnWilliam Mcminnfirst name on this monument1868531921id: 11936706691066h
Annette Mcminnwife of William Mcminn1868541922 w

913McmullenJames Mcmullenfirst name on this monument1851661917id: 13136707891067
Catherine Mcmullenrelationship not known of James Mcmullen1859791938
Ruby Mary Mcmullenrelationship not known of James Mcmullen29

914McneallCharles Mcneallfirst name on this monument1830411871id: 6596701351066

915McphieJohn Mcphiefirst name on this monument1854401894id: 7616702371065
Bernard F T Mcphierelationship not known of John Mcphie1888271915 killed Gallipoli

916MeadEmily Meadfirst name on this monument1870691939id: 10566705321070

917MeadJohn Clarence Meadfirst name on this monument1903741977id: 1866696631072
Alda Frances Meadrelationship not known of John Clarence Mead1902781980

918MeadWalter Meadfirst name on this monument1869711940id: 10556705311065

919MearsSusanah Mearsfirst name on this monument1848591907id: 14696709451068w
Martin Johnson Mearshusband of Susanah Mears1841751916 h

920MearsWilliam Crane Mearsfirst name on this monument1870511921id: 14506709261066h
Sarah Mearswife of William Crane Mears1872781950 w

921MedlamJoseph Medlamfirst name on this monument1800951895id: 3616698381068
John Medlamson of Joseph Medlam1852921944 s

922MenmuirMary Ann Menmuirfirst name on this monument1854801934id: 5106699861066

923MenziesJames Menziesfirst name on this monument1873631936id: 14416709171066h
Sarah Menzieswife of James Menzies1870891959 w

924MescheriakovAlexander Nikonorovitch Mescheriakovfirst name on this monument1896781974id: 8146702901065
Igor Alexander Mescherrelationship not known of Alexander Nikonorovitch Mescheriakov1921621983
Raisa Ivanovna Mescheriakovrelationship not known of Alexander Nikonorovitch Mescheriakov1902801982

925MetcalfeEsther M Metcalfefirst name on this monument1881761957id: 10016704771065

926MetcalfeJames Metcalfefirst name on this monument1883781961id: 10026704781065h/Esther
Esther Metcalfewife of James Metcalfe
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927MiersEleanor Miersfirst name on this monument1814491863id: 1586696351065

928MillerGeorge Edward Mark Millerfirst name on this monument1887611948id: 16256711011066
Mabel Rose Millerrelationship not known of George Edward Mark Miller1888551943

929MillerJames Millerfirst name on this monument1859441903id: 1536696301065h
Annie Millerwife of James Miller1862491911 w

930MillerMark Millerfirst name on this monument1839871926id: 4196698961066
Charlotte Mary Millerrelationship not known of Mark Miller1856801936

931MillerTobias Millerfirst name on this monument1804681872id: 12526707281069
Elizabeth Millerrelationship not known of Tobias Miller1804761880
Sarah Millerrelationship not known of Tobias Miller1852711923
Tobias Millerrelationship not known of Tobias Miller1836761912

932MillerWilliam Ronald Mark Millerfirst name on this monument1923812004id: 16266711021066s/George and Mabel
George Millerfather of William Ronald Mark Miller
Mabel Millermother of William Ronald Mark Miller

933MilliganEdna Violet Milliganfirst name on this monument1917721989id: 6666701421069

934MilliganJoseph Charles Milliganfirst name on this monument1871821953id: 8316703071067

935MilliganMargaret Mabel Milliganfirst name on this monument1876811957id: 8306703061066

936MilliganStanley Keith Milliganfirst name on this monument1914201934id: 9136703891070
Jane Milliganrelationship not known of Stanley Keith Milligan
Roderick J Milliganrelationship not known of Stanley Keith Milligan1897
Warwick Milliganrelationship not known of Stanley Keith Milligan

937MillingtonRichard Millingtonfirst name on this monument1843721915id: 11806706561065

938MillsGordon Donald Millsfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 3716698481065

939MinopetrosEmanuel Minopetrosfirst name on this monument1901671968id: 4066698831066h; f
Matina Minopetroswife of Emanuel Minopetros1919922011 w; m; gm; ggm

940MinopetrosGeorge Minopetrosfirst name on this monument1890751965id: 4056698821065

941MinopetrosPeter Minopetrosfirst name on this monument1936802016id: 4076698841065s; bro

942MinterMark George Minterfirst name on this monument1958id: 576695341073

943MitchellAmy Mitchellfirst name on this monument1885801965id: 8116702871067
Janet Louise Mitchellrelationship not known of Amy Mitchell196421966

944MitchellCharles Mitchellfirst name on this monument1839781917id: 10226704981067h
Jane Mitchellwife of Charles Mitchell1845731918 w

945MitchellCharles H Mitchellfirst name on this monument1857501907id: 12826707581072

946MitchellElizabeth Mitchellfirst name on this monument1847561903id: 3386698151071
Vera Innes Mitchelldaughter of Elizabeth Mitchell1889 d
Henry Mitchellhusband of Elizabeth Mitchell1841751916 h

947MitchellHarold Mitchellfirst name on this monument1904151919id: 13756708511079s/C. and C. Mitchell
C Mitchellparent of Harold Mitchell
C Mitchellparent of Harold Mitchell

948MitchellJohn Hugh Mitchellfirst name on this monument1875831958id: 8696703451071

949MitchellMargaret Huntley Mitchellfirst name on this monument1829611890id: 4646699401075

950MitchellRonald Leslie Mitchellfirst name on this monument1917551972id: 5576700331069

951MoaseGwendoline Elizabeth Moasefirst name on this monument1913551968id: 8586703341065

952MoaseIsabella Stuart Moasefirst name on this monument1880661946id: 8546703301085

953MoaseKerry Isobel Moasefirst name on this monument195511956id: 596695361078d
John Dudley Moasehusband of Kerry Isobel Moase1918561974 h; f
Valerie L Moaserelationship not known of Kerry Isobel Moase1919511970 w; m

954MoaseLanglough Richard Moasefirst name on this monument1887631950id: 8566703321076

955MoaseLeslie Raymond Moasefirst name on this monument1921591980id: 8556703311072

956MoaseRichard Moasefirst name on this monument1860731933id: 4836699591077h; f
Eliza Jane Moasewife of Richard Moase1864721936 w; m
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957MoaseWilliam Raymond Moasefirst name on this monument1885521937id: 35166982810651
Elizabeth Moaserelationship not known of William Raymond Moase1889731962

958MoffatRobert Moffatfirst name on this monument1912341946id: 8596703351065

959MonkWilliam Monkfirst name on this monument1885id: 3306698071066

960MontgomeryJames A Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1872621934id: 2546697311069h
Robert Alexander Montgomeryson of James A Montgomery1907481955 s
Adella M Montgomerywife of James A Montgomery1877921969 w

961MontgomeryRobert Alexander Montgomeryfirst name on this monument1907481955id: 2566697331065
Muriel Emily Montgomeryrelationship not known of Robert Alexander Montgomery1908791987

962MooreAnne Moorefirst name on this monument1814861900id: 9196703951066

963MooreArthur Moorefirst name on this monument1885651950id: 266695031065h; f
Harriet Ida Mary Moorewife of Arthur Moore18861011987 w; m

964MooreCharles Moorefirst name on this monument1853701923id: 9156703911066

965MooreCharles Laxton Moorefirst name on this monument1867491916id: 13186707941065h
Freddy Mooreson of Charles Laxton Moore1904141918 s
Emily Theresa Moorewife of Charles Laxton Moore1866691935 w

966MooreGeorge Moorefirst name on this monument1853801933id: 2776697541068
George Gordon Moorerelationship not known of George Moore1887731960

967MooreHenry Sydney Moorefirst name on this monument1880761956id: 4556699311071

968MooreJames Moorefirst name on this monument1862581920id: 3626698391065
Gertrude Moorerelationship not known of James Moore189211893
Leonard Moorerelationship not known of James Moore188721889
Mary Moorerelationship not known of James Moore1864791943
Vera Moorerelationship not known of James Moore1929

969MooreJames Moorefirst name on this monument1837521889id: 3636698401095h
Elizabeth Moorewife of James Moore1840761916 w

970MooreJames Roderick Moorefirst name on this monument1886461932id: 91667039210651h/Ivy May
Ivy May Moorewife of James Roderick Moore

971MooreJohn Alexander Moorefirst name on this monument1893131906id: 9146703901066s/Francis and Jane
Francis Moorefather of John Alexander Moore
Jane Mooremother of John Alexander Moore1854831937

972MooreLeonard D Moorefirst name on this monument1871631934id: 12836707591066

973MooreThomas Morris Moorefirst name on this monument190561911id: 3706698471065

974MorganJohn Morganfirst name on this monument1808551863id: 3796698561073

975MorrisFrancis Wilkinson Morrisfirst name on this monument1898411939id: 9566704321068

976MorrisHarry Croydon Morrisfirst name on this monument1884491933id: 2756697521068

977MorrisJames Henry Morrisfirst name on this monument1897191916id: 7376702131068

978MorrisNelson Morrisfirst name on this monument1813781891id: 3886698651065born Kent , England

979MorrisNettie Morrisfirst name on this monument1893431936id: 2316697081069w/E. E. Morris
E E Morrishusband of Nettie Morris
Finetta Markwellrelationship not known of Nettie Morris1867701937 w/W. C. Markwell
W C Markwellrelationship not known of Nettie Morris

980MorrisWilliam Frederick Morrisfirst name on this monument1934id: 10846705601065
Susan Morrisrelationship not known of William Frederick Morris1936

981MorrisonAnnie Morrisonfirst name on this monument1903811984id: 11226705981066
Aldous Morrisonrelationship not known of Annie Morrison1935371972
William Alexander Morrisonrelationship not known of Annie Morrison1879851964

982MorrisonDaniel Morrisonfirst name on this monument1836811917id: 11816706571065h; f
Sabella Morrisonwife of Daniel Morrison1844711915 w; m

983MortimerAnthony Michael Mortimerfirst name on this monument196001960id: 536695301067

984MortimerBob Barclay Palmer Mortimerfirst name on this monument1916721988id: 10306705061071
Doris Melba Mortimerrelationship not known of Bob Barclay Palmer Mortimer1916771993
Judith Teresa Skinnerrelationship not known of Bob Barclay Palmer Mortimer1995
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985MortimerFlorence Agnes Brown Mortimerfirst name on this monument1888491937id: 10316705071072
Alfred Charles Henry Mortimerrelationship not known of Florence Agnes Brown Mortimer1875841959

986MosbyDavid Mosbyfirst name on this monument1849871936id: 4186698951068
Alice Mosbyrelationship not known of David Mosby1853721925

987MoscovisHarry J Moscovisfirst name on this monument1921331954id: 11526706281065

988MosmanBland K Mosmanfirst name on this monument1895471942id: 1976696741065h; f
Marjorie Florence Mosmanwife of Bland K Mosman1900891989 w; m; gm

989MoultonElizabeth Berryman Moultonfirst name on this monument1852601912id: 12846707601087w
Charles Moultonhusband of Elizabeth Berryman Moulton1856821938
William Maceyrelationship not known of Elizabeth Berryman Moulton1881781959

990MountEmma Mountfirst name on this monument1861id: 5386700141065

991MountfortRalph Osmond Mountfortfirst name on this monument1884481932id: 3496698261067h/Henrietta; born Wales
Henrietta Mountfortwife of Ralph Osmond Mountfort

992MundayE F Mundayfirst name on this monument1880621942id: 16276711031067
Mary Lillian Mundayrelationship not known of E F Munday1885911976

993MundayJames Frederick Mundayfirst name on this monument1843791922id: 15786710541088
Jane Maria Mundayrelationship not known of James Frederick Munday1852751927

994MunnsAnnie E Munnsfirst name on this monument1881181899id: 9076703831065

995MunnsEdward Munnsfirst name on this monument1830871917id: 9086703841068
Hannah Munnsrelationship not known of Edward Munns1849721921

996MunsonRobert Munsonfirst name on this monument1837191856id: 5126699881066

997MurphyJ H Murphyfirst name on this monument1885361921id: 15256710011067

998MurrayWalter James Murrayfirst name on this monument1877641941id: 9516704271065h; f
Neville Murraygrand son of Walter James Murray1932792011 gs

999MurrayWilliam Murrayfirst name on this monument1865721937id: 5166699921066
Annie Murrayrelationship not known of William Murray1868871955

1000MurrellFanny Murrellfirst name on this monument1861631924id: 15576710331065

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