Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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501GraceJane Gracefirst name on this monument1839611900id: 10076704831068w/John
John Gracehusband of Jane Grace

502GraceJohn Gracefirst name on this monument1830661896id: 10066704821068

503GraceRobert Gracefirst name on this monument1869421911id: 11076705831066
Albert Gracerelationship not known of Robert Grace1911461957
Eva Jane Gracerelationship not known of Robert Grace1877781955

504GraceRobert Gracefirst name on this monument1906771983id: 5496700251068f
Elsie May Gracerelationship not known of Robert Grace1906861992 m
Robert Colin Gracerelationship not known of Robert Grace1932351967 s; bro

505GrahamJoseph Grahamfirst name on this monument1801821883id: 796695561065born Westmorland

506GrahamStanley Wilberforce Grahamfirst name on this monument1955id: 11636706391065

507GrantCora Kathleen Grantfirst name on this monument1898161914id: 14716709471067dau/G. and A. Grant
Annie Grantrelationship not known of Cora Kathleen Grant1856841940
Eleanor Clare Grantrelationship not known of Cora Kathleen Grant1893751968
Ethel Hannah Grantrelationship not known of Cora Kathleen Grant1882901972
George Grantrelationship not known of Cora Kathleen Grant1858841942

508GrantGeorge Gregor Grantfirst name on this monument1893241917id: 2236697001065

509GrantWilliam Grantfirst name on this monument1859691928id: 11316706071070
Amy Florence Grantrelationship not known of William Grant1885541939
Annie Grantrelationship not known of William Grant1864701934
William Edward Grantrelationship not known of William Grant1886621948

510GrayJane Grayfirst name on this monument1815361851id: 1826696591066
George Grayrelationship not known of Jane Gray1811431854
George Robert Grayrelationship not known of Jane Gray1851

511GreedyEdward Greedyfirst name on this monument1865641929id: 14446709201074h
Sarah J Greedywife of Edward Greedy1866831949 w
Harriet Woodhamsrelationship not known of Edward Greedy1829851914

512GreenAnetta Joyce Greenfirst name on this monument1917932010id: 15506710261065d/Henry and Elizabeth
Henry Greenfather of Anetta Joyce Green
Elizabeth Greenmother of Anetta Joyce Green

513GreenColin Greenfirst name on this monument1919id: 14166708921070s/H. and A. Green
A Greenparent of Colin Green
H Greenparent of Colin Green

514GreenElizabeth Catherine Greenfirst name on this monument1883431926id: 15496710251069
Henry James Greenrelationship not known of Elizabeth Catherine Green1864851949

515GreenJohn Thomas Greenfirst name on this monument1837441881id: 5016699771065
Caroline Greenrelationship not known of John Thomas Green1842751917

516GreenJoyce Huntly Greenfirst name on this monument1925711996id: 3066697831066dau/Walter and Constance
Walter Greenfather of Joyce Huntly Green
Constance Greenmother of Joyce Huntly Green

517GreenMilton Kenneth Greenfirst name on this monument1919211940id: 15486710241071
Henry Benjamin Greenrelationship not known of Milton Kenneth Green1912791991

518GreenMinnie Greenfirst name on this monument1888661954id: 3116697881066
Marion Gladys Greensister of Minnie Green1889861975 sis

519GreenMiriam Grace Greenfirst name on this monument1882521934id: 3076697841066dau/John and Ellen
John Greenfather of Miriam Grace Green
Ellen Greenmother of Miriam Grace Green

520GreenPeter Greenfirst name on this monument1814751889id: 3056697821066h
Ellen Greendaughter-in-law of Peter Green1851531904 w/John Thomas
John Thomas Greenson of Peter Green1846651911 s
Anne Greenwife of Peter Green1812881900 w
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521GreenStanley Clement Greenfirst name on this monument1915211936id: 3096697861068

522GreenWalter Clement Greenfirst name on this monument1873861959id: 3106697871066s/John and Ellen
John Greenfather of Walter Clement Green
Ellen Greenmother of Walter Clement Green
Constance Greenrelationship not known of Walter Clement Green1882941976

523GreentreeErnest Clement Greentreefirst name on this monument1877631940id: 10536705291066h; f
Mary C V Greentreewife of Ernest Clement Greentree1884721956 w; m

524GreenwoodMary Elizabeth Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1946id: 10406705161078w; m
Albert William Greenwoodhusband of Mary Elizabeth Greenwood1969 h; f

525GrenvilleElizabeth Lydia Grenvillefirst name on this monument1847181865id: 4226698991066dau/William and Elizabeth
William Grenvillefather of Elizabeth Lydia Grenville
Elizabeth Grenvillemother of Elizabeth Lydia Grenville

526GriceKevin William Gricefirst name on this monument1933832016id: 9476704231076

527GriceStanley Frederick Gricefirst name on this monument1930171947id: 9466704221065s
Stanley Alfred Gricefather of Stanley Frederick Grice1906451951 f
Gladys Catherine Gricemother of Stanley Frederick Grice1906942000 m

528GriffinBenjamin Pitt Griffinfirst name on this monument1784791863id: 4046698811071
Grace Griffinrelationship not known of Benjamin Pitt Griffin1827671894
Hannah Griffinrelationship not known of Benjamin Pitt Griffin1825691894

529GriffithsAlfred James Griffithsfirst name on this monument1897821979id: 9916704671074

530GriffithsAlfred John Griffithsfirst name on this monument1897id: 9886704641087s/Alfred and Mary Ann
Alfred Griffithsfather of Alfred John Griffiths
Mary Ann Griffithsmother of Alfred John Griffiths

531GrillsJordan Robert Grillsfirst name on this monument1988id: 66694831065

532GrimwadeRichard Grimwadefirst name on this monument1813791892id: 5986700741092born Ipswich , England

533GrovesAnne Elizabeth Grovesfirst name on this monument1949201969id: 16366711121069

534GrovesHenry John Grovesfirst name on this monument1903721975id: 16376711131065
Emily Elizabeth Grovesrelationship not known of Henry John Groves1917972014

535GrovesMelva Grovesfirst name on this monument193641940id: 16356711111065
Max Grovesrelationship not known of Melva Groves193731940

536GuinnessEvelyn John Guinnessfirst name on this monument1912301942id: 16556711311076

537GulliverEdward Hale Gulliverfirst name on this monument1877371914id: 11876706631065

538GunterSamuel Gunterfirst name on this monument1818381856id: 5306700061069

539GushEileen Ivy Gushfirst name on this monument191651921id: 12716707471066dau/Edwin and Gertrude
Edwin Gushfather of Eileen Ivy Gush
Gertrude Gushmother of Eileen Ivy Gush

540GuyCecil Lyle Guyfirst name on this monument1915721987id: 16476711231072
Lorna Annie Guyrelationship not known of Cecil Lyle Guy1917832000

541GuyCharles Isaac Guyfirst name on this monument1864791943id: 14086708841067

542GuyDavid Guyfirst name on this monument1890271917id: 14126708881080h
Douglas Keith Guyson of David Guy1914361950 s
Delia May Guyrelationship not known of David Guy1894711965

543GuyRonald George Guyfirst name on this monument192271929id: 11356706111069
Basil Raymond Guyrelationship not known of Ronald George Guy1920171937

544HackettMary Hackettfirst name on this monument1854581912id: 11996706751070

545HaggartyPaul Haggartyfirst name on this monument1859671926id: 4206698971066h
Mary Elizabeth Haggartywife of Paul Haggarty1865891954 w

546HainesFrederick George Hainesfirst name on this monument1852731925id: 15526710281069

547HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1845741919id: 15336710091067

548HamerGeorge Simon Hamerfirst name on this monument1895671962id: 7356702111069

549HamerJohn Hamerfirst name on this monument195241956id: 2506697271065
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550HamerSimon Hamerfirst name on this monument1812561868id: 4146698911065born Gould , Yorkshire , England
Charlott Grahamrelationship not known of Simon Hamer186111862 gd/John and Mary Ann
George Grahamrelationship not known of Simon Hamer1836451881 s
Mary Ann Jane Grahamrelationship not known of Simon Hamer1863 d
Sarah Ann Grahamrelationship not known of Simon Hamer185761863 d

551HamiltonEileen Clare Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1886831969id: 4096698861065
Hugh Hamiltonrelationship not known of Eileen Clare Hamilton1889601949

552HammondEmma Hammondfirst name on this monument1851381889id: 3676698441068
Grace Mary Hammondrelationship not known of Emma Hammond1877221899
Thomas P Hammondrelationship not known of Emma Hammond1849541903

553HammondRichard Hammondfirst name on this monument1815511866id: 5796700551074h
Alice Maria Hammonddaughter-in-law of Richard Hammond1865721937 2nd wife /Richard N.
Sarah Hammonddaughter-in-law of Richard Hammond1858371895 1st wife/Richard N.
Richard Nathan Clement Hammondson of Richard Hammond1856791935 s
Mary Ann Hammondwife of Richard Hammond1821661887 w

554HamptonElizabeth Hamptonfirst name on this monument1840841924id: 15566710321066

555HancoxKathleen Mary Hancoxfirst name on this monument1885751960id: 8916703671072w;m
Harry Hancoxhusband of Kathleen Mary Hancox1885831968 h; f
Maureen Annie Hancoxrelationship not known of Kathleen Mary Hancox1916711987

556HanlonHerbert Fallows Hanlonfirst name on this monument1880491929id: 13696708451069h

557HarfordJesse Harfordfirst name on this monument1830831913id: 61267008810661

558HargreavesSylvia Dorothy May Hargreavesfirst name on this monument1906601966id: 6686701441066

559HarradeneStanley Harradenefirst name on this monument1885271912id: 13956708711066
Elizabeth Harradenerelationship not known of Stanley Harradene1855681923 w; m
James W Harradenerelationship not known of Stanley Harradene1853841937 h; f

560HarrisEliza Jane Harrisfirst name on this monument1859271886id: 3726698491067w/William
William Harrishusband of Eliza Jane Harris

561HarrisMary Harrisfirst name on this monument1941id: 10656705411065
Henry Harrisrelationship not known of Mary Harris1944

562HarrisMatilda Ann Harrisfirst name on this monument1882831965id: 6706701461065w; m
John Thomas Harrishusband of Matilda Ann Harris1880901970 h; f

563HarrisSarah Harrisfirst name on this monument1823651888id: 5666700421137
Abigail Bowmandaughter of Sarah Harris1860501910 d
Henry Harrisson of Sarah Harris1853221875 s

564HarveyHarold John Harveyfirst name on this monument1908id: 3486698251076s/F. and E.E. Harvey
Eric Joseph Harveybrother of Harold John Harvey190921911 s/F. and E.E. Harvey
E E Harveyparent of Harold John Harvey
F Harveyparent of Harold John Harvey

565HarveyJohn A Harveyfirst name on this monument1913421955id: 11666706421072

566HawkinsEdward Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1792911883id: 4426699181074
Caroline Burrdaughter of Edward Hawkins1849341883 d
Mary Wooddaughter of Edward Hawkins1846271873 d

567HawkinsJohn E Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1835561891id: 5026699781071
Elizabeth Clearydaughter of John E Hawkins1868731941 d
Stephen O Hawkinsrelationship not known of John E Hawkins1884751959

568HawkinsRonald Leslie Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1928772005id: 11126705881069h; f; gf
Lola Jean Hawkinsrelationship not known of Ronald Leslie Hawkins1942692011

569HaygrathDorothy Jean Haygrathfirst name on this monument1930802010id: 14756709511067
Christine Ellen Colemanrelationship not known of Dorothy Jean Haygrath1951311982

570HaywardJane Haywardfirst name on this monument1824651889id: 4976699731065

571HazeltineFannie Hazeltinefirst name on this monument1929id: 10416705171072
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572HazelwoodAlfred Hazelwoodfirst name on this monument1876781954id: 7006701761066

573HazelwoodRaymond Hazelwoodfirst name on this monument1908621970id: 7016701771066

574HedgesDaisey Arabella Hedgesfirst name on this monument1892681960id: 8866703621080w; m
William Clarence Hedgeshusband of Daisey Arabella Hedges1895671962 h; f

575HedgesEileen Hedgesfirst name on this monument1908211929id: 15996710751078

576HellyerGeorge Hellyerfirst name on this monument1821461867id: 7716702471066
Harriet Hellyerrelationship not known of George Hellyer1818861904
William Hellyerrelationship not known of George Hellyer1854331887

577HemmingsGeorge F B Hemmingsfirst name on this monument1884481932id: 2856697621067
Florence Ethel Hemmingsrelationship not known of George F B Hemmings1883721955

578HendersonGeorge Sylvester Hendersonfirst name on this monument1912621974id: 13926708681065h; f
Beatrice Jean Hendersonwife of George Sylvester Henderson1922701992 w; m

579HendersonJason Colin Hendersonfirst name on this monument197101971id: 516695281065

580HennessyD Hennessyfirst name on this monumentid: 4126698891071

581HennessyH J Hennessyfirst name on this monumentid: 4106698871066

582HennessyRoy Hennessyfirst name on this monumentid: 4116698881066

583HenryEdwin G S Henryfirst name on this monument1873691942id: 16536711291068h
Nellie Henrywife of Edwin G S Henry1891641955 w

584HenryLyndon Dale Henryfirst name on this monument196501965id: 8256703011072
Wayne Rodney Henryrelationship not known of Lyndon Dale Henry196901969

585HenryRoy Glenden Henryfirst name on this monument1888211909id: 3526698291066s/Patrick and A. J. Henry
Patrick Henryfather of Roy Glenden Henry1839801919 h
Anne Jane Henrymother of Roy Glenden Henry1843731916 w

586HerbertArthur William Herbertfirst name on this monument1894721966id: 6676701431066

587HerbertEliza Harriet Herbertfirst name on this monument1898711969id: 6656701411074
Audrey Rose Bensonrelationship not known of Eliza Harriet Herbert1933411974

588HerbertElsie Elenor Grace Herbertfirst name on this monument1882501932id: 10476705231065
William Thomas Herbertrelationship not known of Elsie Elenor Grace Herbert1864781942

589HewettAlfred Hewettfirst name on this monument1871421913id: 5236699991069h; f

590HewettRichard Hewettfirst name on this monument1827521879id: 5226699981065
Nancy Hewettrelationship not known of Richard Hewett1838781916

591HewettRichard Edward Hewettfirst name on this monument186021862id: 4416699171065s/Richard and Maria
Richard Hewettfather of Richard Edward Hewett
Maria Hewettmother of Richard Edward Hewett

592HigginsBeryl Ruth Higginsfirst name on this monument1931241955id: 11676706431078

593HigginsRoy Higginsfirst name on this monument1885711956id: 11686706441066

594HigginsonElizabeth Ann Higginsonfirst name on this monument1848581906id: 3456698221066born Yorkshire , England

595HigginsonErnest Higginsonfirst name on this monument1867411908id: 13346708101068h
Katherine Ann Higginsonwife of Ernest Higginson1861851946 w
Chess Higginsonrelationship not known of Ernest Higginson1893221915 killed Gallipoli
Lancelot Higginsonrelationship not known of Ernest Higginson
Valerie Evelyn Higginsonrelationship not known of Ernest Higginson

596HillAlfred Hillfirst name on this monument1863591922id: 15206709961076h; f
Catherine Frances Hillwife of Alfred Hill1869761945 w; mFrank Hill was their son. Unknown grave on the Western front.
Frank Hillrelationship not known of Alfred Hill1894231917 killed in action

597HillEsther Hillfirst name on this monument1844721916id: 13216707971069w/Thomas
Thomas Hillhusband of Esther Hill

598HillFrancis Hillfirst name on this monument1916811997id: 7226701981070h; f; gf; ggf
Marjorie Grace Hillrelationship not known of Francis Hill1916902006 w; m; gm; ggm
Effie G Poolerelationship not known of Francis Hill1888481936
Harold B Ralstonrelationship not known of Francis Hill1888721960 b/Effie
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599HillierElizabeth Hillierfirst name on this monument1951522003id: 14836709591072

600HillsMaude Emily Hillsfirst name on this monument188741891id: 6436701191066

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