St Oswald (part 2)'s Church burial ground, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101GardhamElizabeth Gardhamfirst name on this monument1907581965id: Flam6616644491068
Arthur Gardhamhusband of Elizabeth Gardham1905851990

102GibbonGeorge Gibbonfirst name on this monument1875691944id: Flam8346646271073
Freda Shawdaughter of George Gibbon1918701988 Freda Gibbon , born 5 Mar 1918 Bridlington district , married Alfred H Shaw Jul-Sep 1945 Buckrose district , died Nov 1988 Liverpool district (from civil registration BMD)
Earnest Collings Gibbonson of George Gibbon1915701985
Martha Gibbonwife of George Gibbon1882641946

103GibbonHerbert Gibbonfirst name on this monument1893561949id: Flam7296645211069
Hilda Gibbonwife of Herbert Gibbon1894801974

104GibbonMatthew Gibbonfirst name on this monument1848711919id: Flam633
(3 images)
Dinah Gibbonwife of Matthew Gibbon1855831938

105GibbonMelchior Gibbonfirst name on this monument1882691951id: Flam7866645781076
Nora Crossdaughter of Melchior Gibbon1911811992
Major Crossson-in-law of Melchior Gibbon1907841991
Rachel Gibbonwife of Melchior Gibbon1883751958

106GilbankGeorge Leonard Gilbankfirst name on this monument1880761956id: Flam8436646371070Missing monument .Date 17 April from National Probate Calendar
Sarah Jane Gilbankson of George Leonard Gilbank1875821957 missing monument. Date 14 July from National Probate calendar

107GilbankHannah Mainprize Gilbankfirst name on this monument1872591931id: Flam6536644401070

108GilbankThompson Gilbankfirst name on this monument1869711940id: Flam8296646221070
Alice Gilbankwife of Thompson Gilbank1873921965

109GilsonPeter Gilsonfirst name on this monument1953101963id: Flam10486646851069

110GoodMargaret Goodfirst name on this monument1940181958id: Flam7016644901068
Vera Good1914761990 probably mother Vera nee Cross , married George Henry Good 1937

111GraingerMary Ann Graingerfirst name on this monument1843821925id: Flam6396644261066

112GrayMarion Maudland Grayfirst name on this monument1890381928id: Flam601
(2 images)
George Cyril Grayhusband of Marion Maudland Gray of Peterborough
Elizabeth Margaret Swallow1879911970

113GreenLouis Valence Greenfirst name on this monument1964id: Flam6756644641066

114HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1868751943id: Flam867
(2 images)
Elizabeth Ann Hallwife of John Hall1870851955

115HallWilliam Hallfirst name on this monument1860811941id: Flam8796646731068
Edith Emma Hallwife of William Hall1883751958

116HarrisonPercy Augustine Harrisonfirst name on this monument1906581964id: Flam71466450610651date 11 Jan from National Probate calendar Born in Liverpool on 13 Aug 1906 to John Alfred Harrison and Acrove Vendurra.
Dorothy Harrisonwife of Percy Augustine Harrison1908791987

117HattersleyMark Hattersleyfirst name on this monument1880711951id: Flam8626646561074
Isabella Hattersleywife of Mark Hattersley1883681951

118HopeElizabeth Mary Hopefirst name on this monument1872671939id: Flam8276646201070
Mary Mallory1847861933

119HopwoodHargrave Potter Hopwoodfirst name on this monument1870691939id: Flam8286646211068
Lily Hopwoodwife of Hargrave Potter Hopwood1878841962

120HuddlestonEarnest Huddlestonfirst name on this monument1869791948id: Flam8646646581071born at Grove farm
Mary Elizabeth Huddlestonwife of Earnest Huddleston1880841964

121HudsonLinda Hudsonfirst name on this monument1891521943id: Flam8206646131069
Walter J Hudsonhusband of Linda Hudson1890591949

122HumbleCharles Humblefirst name on this monument1865751940id: Flam8706646641069

123HunterFrancis Hunterfirst name on this monument1867781945id: Flam883
(2 images)
6646771092missing memorial
Alfred Hunter1873891962 missing memorial. Date 2 November confirmed by National Probate Calendar

124HunterWilliam Hunterfirst name on this monument1881731954id: Flam860
(2 images)
Lizzie Hannah Hunterwife of William Hunter1882891971

125JamesGeorge Jamesfirst name on this monument1868681936id: Flam7206645121066R. N.
Bessie Jameswife of George James1868771945
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126JohnsonFred William Johnsonfirst name on this monument1875761951id: Flam7326645241068
Florence Annie Johnsonwife of Fred William Johnson1885751960

127KempRobert Henry Kempfirst name on this monument1893571950id: Flam7306645221065
Hannah Mary Kempwife of Robert Henry Kemp1893831976

128KempRobert Henry Kempfirst name on this monument1857791936id: Flam7216645131089
Anne Kempwife of Robert Henry Kemp1856811937

129KettleElizabeth Kettlefirst name on this monument1858751933id: Flam685
(2 images)
Edward Kettlehusband of Elizabeth Kettle1857901947
Edith Emily Woodhouse1886861972
John William Woodhouse1881961977 husband of Edith Emily

130KettlewellFrederick Kettlewellfirst name on this monument1865641929id: Flam6136644001070
Thomas Taylorsecond husband of wife of Frederick Kettlewell1968
Helen Gertrude Taylorwife of Frederick Kettlewell1877911968 widow of Thomas Taylor -married Tom F Taylor Oct-Nov-Dec 1958 , Buckrose registration district

131KirbyWilliam Kirbyfirst name on this monument1862701932id: Flam648
(2 images)
Hannah Kirbywife of William Kirby1862861948

132KnaggsGeorge Knaggsfirst name on this monument1867641931id: Flam615
(2 images)
Elizabeth Knaggswife of George Knaggs1942

133KnaggsHerbert Knaggsfirst name on this monument1891271918id: Flam6716644601074died of desease as a deck hand (details are from navy records)
Ida Knaggs1902801982
Tom Knaggs1895301925 Hull Daily Mail 25 Nov 1925
Margaret Oldfield1886911977

134KnaggsSarah Knaggsfirst name on this monument1859731932id: Flam6516644381078
Grace Colley Knaggsdaughter of Sarah Knaggs1890711961
Robert Knaggshusband of Sarah Knaggs1859781937

135KnaggsStevenson Knaggsfirst name on this monument1883651948id: Flam7826645741071
Elizabeth Knaggswife of Stevenson Knaggs1889671956

136KnaggsWilliam Knaggsfirst name on this monument1871691940id: Flam8746646681073
Mary Knaggswife of William Knaggs1863821945

137LaneJohn Lanefirst name on this monument1849751924id: Flam667
(3 images)
Annie Agnewdaughter of John Lane1882371919
Eliza Lanewife of John Lane1849811930

138LangdaleEdith Mary Langdalefirst name on this monument1881801961id: Flam7056644971070Buried memorial. date 26 March from National Probate Calendar
Augustus Marmaduke Newman Langdalehusband of Edith Mary Langdale1879831962 Buried memorial. date 16 April 1962 from National Probate Calendar

139LangtonJane Ann Langtonfirst name on this monument1891591950id: Flam7856645771069
Joyce Langtondaughter of Jane Ann Langton1930581988
Aaron Langtonhusband of Jane Ann Langton1890801970
James Langtonson of Jane Ann Langton197401974

140LawsonMargaret Lawsonfirst name on this monument1897591956id: Flam8066645981067
Harry Lawsonhusband of Margaret Lawson1894711965

141LeesonGeorge Samuel Leesonfirst name on this monument1873711944id: Flam7256645171074
Isabella Leesonwife of George Samuel Leeson1872841956

142LeesonGeorgina Leesonfirst name on this monument1904361940id: Flam8756646691069eldest daughter
George Leesonfather of Georgina Leeson
Isabella Leesonmother of Georgina Leeson

143LengGeorge Lengfirst name on this monument1881741955id: Flam842
(2 images)
6646361069(late coxwain)
Margaret Ann Lengwife of George Leng1881861967

144LengJohn Lengfirst name on this monument1856811937id: Flam722
(2 images)
Elizabeth Ann Lengwife of John Leng1856941950

145LengJohn Fell Lengfirst name on this monument1865681933id: Flam6846644731071
Grace Lengwife of John Fell Leng1867771944 date 1 Oct confirmed by National Probate Calander

146LengMajor Lengfirst name on this monument1863651928id: Flam6236644101070
Mary Lengwife of Major Leng1868601928
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147LengRobert Lengfirst name on this monument1879851964id: Flam6766644651072
Agnes Lengwife of Robert Leng1881831964

148LengSam Lengfirst name on this monument1879561935id: Flam7696645611068cliff climber
Tom Lengson of Sam Leng1906891995

149LengWilliam Lengfirst name on this monument1895501945id: Flam7796645711071
Alice May Lengwife of William Leng1906931999

150LewisJoseph Lewisfirst name on this monument1873621935id: Flam692
(2 images)
Ella Yolande Lewis1905821987
John Reeves Lewisson of Joseph Lewis1901751976
Joseph Lewisson of Joseph Lewis1902391941 New Zealand infantry. Killed in action at Sidi Rezegh 22 November
Kate Lewiswife of Joseph Lewis1867921959

151LordAnne Elizabeth Lordfirst name on this monument1866851951id: Flam8116646041070
Nathaniel Lordhusband of Anne Elizabeth Lord1864881952

152LowtherRalph Lowtherfirst name on this monument1852841936id: Flam7656645571070
Ada Jane Lowtherwife of Ralph Lowther1867891956

153LynnJames Lynnfirst name on this monument1859591918id: Flam635
(2 images)
Elizabeth Anna Lynnwife of James Lynn1863721935

154LynnJohn William Lynnfirst name on this monument1893691962id: Flam890
(2 images)
Kenneth Drake1922401962

155MacelvogueLilian Macelvoguefirst name on this monument1905531958id: Flam8576646511069name McELVOGUE from National Probate Calendar will summary , Macelvogue on the monument

156MainprizeAnn Mainprizefirst name on this monument1878691947id: Flam8156646081070
Francis Mainprize1878831961

157MainprizeJohn Ambrose Mainprizefirst name on this monument1856801936id: Flam767
(4 images)
Jane Ann Mainprizewife of John Ambrose Mainprize1857831940

158MainprizeSarah Ann Mainprizefirst name on this monument1878841962id: Flam7436645351068
Richard Wilson Mainprizehusband of Sarah Ann Mainprize1877901967

159MajorAnnie Elizabeth Majorfirst name on this monument1879751954id: Flam7346645261090
Richard Majorhusband of Annie Elizabeth Major1870851955

160MajorBessie Majorfirst name on this monument1890551945id: Flam8176646101087
Matthew Bailey Majorhusband of Bessie Major1881741955

161MajorJane Majorfirst name on this monument1891661957id: Flam8456646391067
Samuel Majorhusband of Jane Major1887731960

162MajorJessie Majorfirst name on this monument1897501947id: Flam8366646291068
John Sanderson Majorwife of Jessie Major1896841980

163MajorJohn William Majorfirst name on this monument1878781956id: Flam610
(2 images)
Jane Ann Majorsister of John William Major1874821956

164MajorJohn William Majorfirst name on this monument1886771963id: Flam642
(2 images)
Mary Elizabeth Majorwife of John William Major1888761964

165MajorLucy Jane Majorfirst name on this monument1879501929id: Flam6586644451079

166MajorMajor Leng Majorfirst name on this monument1876561932id: Flam6876644761073
Rachel Majordaughter of Major Leng Major1906581964
Elizabeth Majorwife of Major Leng Major1880711951

167MajorMary Ann Majorfirst name on this monument1871671938id: Flam8266646191085
Charles Majorhusband of Mary Ann Major1866761942
Charles Majorson of Mary Ann Major1897211918 died a prisoner of war in Germany

168MajorMary Elizabeth Majorfirst name on this monument192501925id: Flam6696644571067
John W Majorfather of Mary Elizabeth Major
Mary E Majormother of Mary Elizabeth Major

169MajorRichard Majorfirst name on this monument1954id: Flam7536645451083a fisherman
Elizabeth Majorwife of Richard Major1970

170MalloryElizabeth Malloryfirst name on this monument1850811931id: Flam6186644051067
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171MartinMargaret Ann Hinchcliffe Martinfirst name on this monument1894561950id: Flam7556645471088
Tom Young Martin1894781972

172MasonWilliam Earnest Masonfirst name on this monument1902601962id: Flam8516646451070
Mary Masonwife of William Earnest Mason1907811988

173MayWalter Mayfirst name on this monument1871691940id: Flam871
(2 images)
Beatrice Alice Maud Maywife of Walter May1889701959 full name George Walter Thomas May from will summary , National Probate Calendar

174MayesMatilda Mayesfirst name on this monument1890731963id: Flam6416644281070probably sister of Ivy Broadhead nee Carter married George Mayes 1917.
Edwin Broadhead1894731967 husband of Ivy
Ivy Broadhead1898821980

175MccutcheonElizabeth Ann Mccutcheonfirst name on this monument1897661963id: Flam79666458810671
J T Mccutcheonhusband of Elizabeth Ann Mccutcheon

176MedcalfGeorge Medcalffirst name on this monument1890771967id: Flam7116645031065
Ethel Medcalfwife of George Medcalf1889981987

177MegginsonSarah Elizabeth Megginsonfirst name on this monument1887571944id: Flam8186646111071

178MetcalfeWilliam Radcliffe Metcalfefirst name on this monument1902581960id: Flam8006645921068date of death 25 Dec from
John Radcliffe Metcalfe1939311970
Eileen Metcalfewife of William Radcliffe Metcalfe1912771989 date of death from

179MillerAlbert Millerfirst name on this monument1893681961id: Flam8486646421077
Doris Millerwife of Albert Miller1892861978

180MillerCharles Millerfirst name on this monument1879601939id: Flam6906644791074
Sarah Frances Millerwife of Charles Miller1880871967

181MilnerMary Milnerfirst name on this monument1843841927id: Flam605 606 607 missing
(2 images)
6643921068missing flower holder

182MitchellEric John Mitchellfirst name on this monument1947id: Flam7586645501070
Wendy Mitchelldaughter of Eric John Mitchell
Dorothy Mitchellwife of Eric John Mitchell1977

183MorganJohn Edward Morganfirst name on this monument1919441963id: Flam660 different6644481068
Edith Morganwife of John Edward Morgan1920751995

184NicholsonAlfred Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1909561965id: Flam6626644501104
Dora May Nicholsonwife of Alfred Nicholson1908731981

185NightingaleIrene Beatrice Nightingalefirst name on this monument1900431943id: Flam7636645551069

186NightingaleJames Nightingalefirst name on this monument1858421900id: Flam7716645631071
Fanny Nightingalewife of James Nightingale1862721934

187NordassDoris Nordassfirst name on this monument1928301958id: Flam7066644981070
Mary Ann Crossmother of Doris Nordass1902761978

188NordassGeorge William Nordassfirst name on this monument1865571922id: Flam6686644561066
Mary Ann Nordasswife of George William Nordass1868721940

189NordassHenry Nordassfirst name on this monument1868581926id: Flam6026643871069
Mary Jane Nordasswife of Henry Nordass1875851960

190NordassJohn Nordassfirst name on this monument1871691940id: Flam8766646701071
Ann Nordasswife of John Nordass1862811943

191NordassThomas Nordassfirst name on this monument1894571951id: Flam8386646311070
Maud Nordasswife of Thomas Nordass1893871980

192NorfolkAnn Elizabeth Robinson Norfolkfirst name on this monument1879821961id: Flam8546646481123
Arthur Edward Norfolkhusband of Ann Elizabeth Robinson Norfolk1878861964

193OswinJohn Oswinfirst name on this monument1852741926id: Flam6036643881070

194OveryWilliam Leng Overyfirst name on this monument1904641968id: Flam6406644271066
Dorothy Overywife of William Leng Overy1908901998

195ParkinJohn Parkinfirst name on this monument1892701962id: Flam7456645371069
Mary Ellen Parkinwife of John Parkin1976

196PinderEdith Pinderfirst name on this monument1957id: Flam8586646521086
Albert Pinder1985
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197PinderEdwards Vickerman Pinderfirst name on this monument1872761948id: Flam7836645751082
Kate Annie Pinderwife of Edwards Vickerman Pinder1875821957

198PockleyAnn Pockleyfirst name on this monument1871721943id: Flam8816646751069
Richard Pockleyhusband of Ann Pockley1870751945
John Pockleyson of Ann Pockley1909631972

199PockleyRichard Pockleyfirst name on this monument1851731924id: Flam6386644251065
Eliza Pockleyhusband of Richard Pockley1853801933

200PostgateIsabella Jane Postgatefirst name on this monument1950id: Flam8856646791069

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Oswald (part 2)'s Church burial ground, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England.

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