General Cemetery, Branxton, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201McDonaldDonald H McDonaldfirst name on this monument1860id: 2031074s/Duncan and Jessie
Duncan McDonaldfather of Donald H McDonald
Jessie McDonaldmother of Donald H McDonald
Anne C McDonaldsister of Donald H McDonald1866 d/Duncan and Jessie
Jeannie McDonaldsister of Donald H McDonald185941863 d/Duncan and Jessie

202McDonaldMark William McDonaldfirst name on this monument1882611943id: 2161068

203McEwanLorraine Madge McEwanfirst name on this monument1919311950id: 3981072

204McKenzieCharles Roy McKenziefirst name on this monument1909942003id: 3371092
Lucy Ann McKenzierelationship not known of Charles Roy McKenzie1910891999

205McKenzieJohn Alexander McKenziefirst name on this monument1866811947id: 3361077h; f
Elizabeth McKenziewife of John Alexander McKenzie1868991967 w; m

206McKenzieRay McKenziefirst name on this monument1931211952id: 1741085s/Bruce and Gladys
Bruce McKenziefather of Ray McKenzie
Gladys McKenziemother of Ray McKenzie

207McKenzieRobert Bruce McKenziefirst name on this monument1906541960id: 1721098h; f
Gladys May McKenziewife of Robert Bruce McKenzie1906831989 w; m

208McLaughlinJohn Patrick McLaughlinfirst name on this monument1891651956id: 2371071h; f
Stella Jessie McLaughlinwife of John Patrick McLaughlin1897981995 w; m

209McLaughlinKenneth Patrick McLaughlinfirst name on this monument1925601985id: 2381071s/John and Stella. b/Mooranbah , QLD
John McLaughlinfather of Kenneth Patrick McLaughlin
Stella McLaughlinmother of Kenneth Patrick McLaughlin

210McLaughlinRex Stewart McLaughlinfirst name on this monument1922671989id: 2361074s/John Patrick and Stella
John Patrick McLaughlinfather of Rex Stewart McLaughlin
Stella McLaughlinmother of Rex Stewart McLaughlin

211McMahonEdna McMahonfirst name on this monument1912791991id: 2951070w/Francis Gregory. w; m; gm; ggm
Francis Gregory McMahonhusband of Edna McMahon

212McMahonFrancis Gregory McMahonfirst name on this monument1903561959id: 2941068
Leonie Gay Hodgesrelationship not known of Francis Gregory McMahon196601966
Robert Reginald Hodgesrelationship not known of Francis Gregory McMahon1929461975

213MephamJohn Mephamfirst name on this monument1844641908id: 3791092h
Fanny Mephamwife of John Mepham1846641910 w

214MephamJohn Alick Mephamfirst name on this monument1874691943id: 3781094
Margaret Jane Mephamrelationship not known of John Alick Mepham1874701944

215MilesEmily Jane Milesfirst name on this monument1873691942id: 2151069w; m

216MilesMelba Jean Milesfirst name on this monument1930812011id: 441067
Reginald Roy Milesrelationship not known of Melba Jean Miles1929832012

217MilesTony Reginald Milesfirst name on this monument1954281982id: 801070h; f; s; b

218MillerAmelia Jane Millerfirst name on this monument1828641892id: 2791072w/Ralph
Ralph Millerhusband of Amelia Jane Miller
Henry James Millerson of Amelia Jane Miller1883551938 s

219MillerJohn Frederick Millerfirst name on this monument185771864id: 2021086
Frederick Millerrelationship not known of John Frederick Miller1820601880
Kate Millerrelationship not known of John Frederick Miller1848211869

220MillsWilliam Millsfirst name on this monument1867681935id: 61067h; f
Isabella E Millswife of William Mills1868811949 w; m

221MillsWilliam F Millsfirst name on this monument1890651955id: 51068b

222MooreCleveland B Moorefirst name on this monument1897591956id: 881068h; f
Rennie Margaret Moorewife of Cleveland B Moore1898821980 w; m

223MooreDaphne Irene Moorefirst name on this monument1924782002id: 2261070w/Royce
Royce Moorehusband of Daphne Irene Moore
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224MooreEdward Moorefirst name on this monument1867651932id: 1201068h
Ruth J Moorewife of Edward Moore1871811952 w

225MooreElizabeth Moorefirst name on this monument1823651888id: 1191066w
John Moorehusband of Elizabeth Moore1813751888 h

226MooreJohn William Moorefirst name on this monument1928812009id: 231072

227MooreLouisa Moorefirst name on this monument1868781946id: 2321079w
Alfred B Moorehusband of Louisa Moore1865821947 h

228MooreMatthew Moorefirst name on this monument1808731881id: 1141067h
Martha Moorewife of Matthew Moore1814821896 w

229MooreRobert Moorefirst name on this monument1853661919id: 1131068

230MooreRobert E Moorefirst name on this monument1876621938id: 2241069h; f
Mary Moorewife of Robert E Moore1880791959 w; m
Myrtle A Moorerelationship not known of Robert E Moore1913201933

231MooreRoyce Lionel Moorefirst name on this monument1922792001id: 2251067s/Mary and Robert
Robert Moorefather of Royce Lionel Moore
Mary Mooremother of Royce Lionel Moore

232MorleyBen Morleyfirst name on this monument1989132002id: 4031075

233MorleyFrancis James Morleyfirst name on this monument1926862012id: 4011071h; f; gf

234MorleySandra Louise Morleyfirst name on this monument1967181985id: 4021072

235MorrisseyAlice Rose Morrisseyfirst name on this monument1872571929id: 651069w; m
Herbert Morrisseyhusband of Alice Rose Morrissey1874611935 h; f

236MorrowHerbert William Morrowfirst name on this monument1886751961id: 3491069h
Eveline Morrowwife of Herbert William Morrow1888911979 w

237MuxlowMary Muxlowfirst name on this monument1848441892id: 941074w/George
Mary May Muxlowdaughter of Mary Muxlow1888 d
James Muxlowfather-in-law of Mary Muxlow1817811898 h/Rebecca
George R K Muxlowhusband of Mary Muxlow1846751921 s/James and Rebecca
Rebecca Muxlowmother-in-law of Mary Muxlow
Leslie Hellyer Muxlowson of Mary Muxlow189111892 s

238NaughtonEdwina Lorraine Naughtonfirst name on this monument1941642005id: 851069m; gm. w/Edmund
Edmund Naughtonhusband of Edwina Lorraine Naughton

239NeilenCatherine Mary Neilenfirst name on this monument1896281924id: 911072

240NeilenFlorence May Neilenfirst name on this monument1892251917id: 891072d/David George
David George Neilenfather of Florence May Neilen

241Nilsson (neilson)George Martin Nilsson (neilson)first name on this monument1889831972id: 131076b/Landskrona , Sweden

242O'brienMatthew James O'brienfirst name on this monument1991id: 311067s; gs; ne

243OsborneEthel Constance Osbornefirst name on this monument1879291908id: 2111067

244OslandAveril D Oslandfirst name on this monument1888651953id: 2701067d/William and Jane
William Oslandfather of Averil D Osland
Jane Oslandmother of Averil D Osland

245OslandRoyal James Oslandfirst name on this monument1902671969id: 3711069h; f
Jessie Oslandwife of Royal James Osland1894711965 w; m

246OslandWilliam Oslandfirst name on this monument1846671913id: 2691068h
Jane Oslandwife of William Osland1847801927 w

247OslandWillie Oslandfirst name on this monument191641920id: 3591067s/R.J. and J. Osland
J Oslandfather or mother of Willie Osland
R J Oslandfather or mother of Willie Osland

248PankhurstFletcher Russell Pankhurstfirst name on this monumentid: 1891070s/A and J Pankhurst
James Douglas Pankhurstbrother of Fletcher Russell Pankhurst s/A and J Pankhurst
A Pankhurstfather or mother of Fletcher Russell Pankhurst
J Pankhurstfather or mother of Fletcher Russell Pankhurst
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249PankhurstGrace Pankhurstfirst name on this monument1875221897id: 1231067d/J and M Pankhurst
J Pankhurstfather or mother of Grace Pankhurst
M Pankhurstfather or mother of Grace Pankhurst

250PankhurstJohn Pankhurstfirst name on this monument1837751912id: 1221067h
Mary Pankhurstwife of John Pankhurst1838861924 w

251ParkinsonWilliam Thomas Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1902701972id: 361094h; f; gf
Alice Eliza Parkinsonwife of William Thomas Parkinson1910841994 w; m; gm

252PartridgeKeith Carlton Partridgefirst name on this monument1923161939id: 2011068

253PartridgeKeith Carlton Partridgefirst name on this monument1923161939id: 1931068

254PattonAlexander Pattonfirst name on this monument1870711941id: 1711078h; f
Mabel Gertrude Pattonwife of Alexander Patton1879751954 w; m

255PattonAubrey Swanson Pattonfirst name on this monument1905691974id: 1781077

256PattonElsie Maud Pattonfirst name on this monument1906431949id: 561081

257PattonEmily Jane Pattonfirst name on this monument1889321921id: 1701072d
James Pattonfather of Emily Jane Patton1866911957 h; f
Martha M Pattonmother of Emily Jane Patton1864731937 w; m

258PattonJohn Pattonfirst name on this monument1830831913id: 2421078h
Eliza Jane Pattonwife of John Patton1840731913 w
Eliza Jane Pattonrelationship not known of John Patton

259PattonRaymond James Thrift Pattonfirst name on this monument1896711967id: 571073

260PattonVictor John Pattonfirst name on this monument1901721973id: 1791077

261PattonWalter Harold Pattonfirst name on this monument1900741974id: 1801076

262PattonWalter Thomas Pattonfirst name on this monument1880601940id: 3151082h
Eliza Rebecca Pattonwife of Walter Thomas Patton1878681946 w

263PeaceWalter Daniel Peacefirst name on this monument1883711954id: 3771080h; f
Lucy Helen Peacewife of Walter Daniel Peace1886881974 w; m

264PerrySelina Perryfirst name on this monument1848341882id: 2401069

265PettyHenry Leslie Pettyfirst name on this monument1889751964id: 4051071h
Jessie Pettywife of Henry Leslie Petty1894761970 w

266PictonJohn Cedrick Pictonfirst name on this monument1906221928id: 2621068

267PinchenJohn William Pinchenfirst name on this monument1879811960id: 1651071h; f
Clara Sarah Pinchenwife of John William Pinchen1875671942 w; m

268PottsVincent Paul Pottsfirst name on this monument1930551985id: 1731070
Gladys May Pottsrelationship not known of Vincent Paul Potts1925872012

269PriceLilian Jean Pricefirst name on this monument1926id: 2641072d/W and M Price
M Pricefather or mother of Lilian Jean Price
W Pricefather or mother of Lilian Jean Price

270PriorClarence Alton Priorfirst name on this monument1899511950id: 3961067

271PriorWilliam Henry Priorfirst name on this monument1854591913id: 3931067h
Kevin Priorgrand son of William Henry Prior193511936 gs
Esther Emma Priorwife of William Henry Prior1872641936 w

272QuiganEdgar Charles Quiganfirst name on this monument1906id: 521070

273RaeRobert Raefirst name on this monument1879331912id: 3561067

274RaisbeckAgnes Raisbeckfirst name on this monument1852671919id: 1501067

275RaisbeckThomas Raisbeckfirst name on this monument1869871956id: 2391068

276RanclaudMary Georgeyanna Ranclaudfirst name on this monument1884621946id: 3451068b/Carlile

277ReichelBrent J Reichelfirst name on this monument1966211987id: 471070s

278ReichelClaude C Reichelfirst name on this monument1923772000id: 481070h; f

279ReichelWayne H Reichelfirst name on this monument1958261984id: 461069s

280RichardsonAustin Richardsonfirst name on this monument1886181904id: 1831075s/Mary Ann and John
John Richardsonfather of Austin Richardson1844781922 h; f
Mary Ann Richardsonmother of Austin Richardson1850751925 w; m
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281RichardsonEmily Richardsonfirst name on this monument1843111854id: 2411074

282RichardsonEsther Jane Richardsonfirst name on this monument1857821939id: 2191082w; m
Abraham Enoch Richardsonhusband of Esther Jane Richardson1853861939 h; f
Reg Richardsonson of Esther Jane Richardson1896521948 s

283RichardsonRonald James Richardsonfirst name on this monument1919id: 2171073
Ronnie Richardsonrelationship not known of Ronald James Richardson1925

284RileyCecil Kell Rileyfirst name on this monument1890551945id: 1281073

285RobinsonE B Robinsonfirst name on this monument1919691988id: 29109218 Field Company

286RoseJohn Rosefirst name on this monument1880571937id: 2461068h; f
Mary Jane Rosewife of John Rose1882801962 w; m

287RuddCatherine Ruddfirst name on this monument1843281871id: 3101086w/James
James Ruddhusband of Catherine Rudd

288RuddJessie Miller Ruddfirst name on this monument1839411880id: 3091077w/George
George Ruddhusband of Jessie Miller Rudd

289RuddWatson Ruddfirst name on this monument1810681878id: 2721070

290RussellAlexander Russellfirst name on this monument1834781912id: 1341103h
Helen Russelldaughter of Alexander Russell186911870 d
Alexander Russellson of Alexander Russell1871221893 s
George Douglas Russellson of Alexander Russell1873201893 s
John William Russellson of Alexander Russell186411865 s
Jane Russellwife of Alexander Russell1836821918 w

291RussellClara Millicent Russellfirst name on this monument1898701968id: 3401067

292RussellEmma May Russellfirst name on this monument191121913id: 3311067

293RussellGeorge Russellfirst name on this monument1829701899id: 3291068h
Caroline Russellwife of George Russell1833701903 w

294RussellGladys Marion Russellfirst name on this monument191511916id: 3321067

295RussellHettie E Russellfirst name on this monument1902id: 3551075
Cecil C Garnerrelationship not known of Hettie E Russell191411915
Olive G Russellrelationship not known of Hettie E Russell188611887

296RussellJane Russellfirst name on this monument1808621870id: 1881071d/Jane Tulloch; b/Rothes , Scotland
Jane Tullochmother of Jane Russell

297RussellJohn Russellfirst name on this monument1929221951id: 3011069h/Doris
Doris Russellwife of John Russell

298RussellMary Elizabeth Russellfirst name on this monument1919id: 3331066d/Pearl and Les
Les Russellfather of Mary Elizabeth Russell
Pearl Russellmother of Mary Elizabeth Russell

299RussellMervyn Alexander Russellfirst name on this monument1923161939id: 3381067

300RussellOliver Hector Russellfirst name on this monument1895741969id: 3391067

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