Annes Hill (old section) Cemetery, Gosport, Hampshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AbbattElizabeth Charlotte Abbattfirst name on this monument1826601886id: 826366331078
Thomas Burnsfather of Elizabeth Charlotte Abbatt1817651882
John Abbatthusband of Elizabeth Charlotte Abbatt1823861909
Frances Burnsmother of Elizabeth Charlotte Abbatt1819511870

2AbrahamAnnie Abrahamfirst name on this monument1856461902id: 996366481080
Joseph Abrahamhusband of Annie Abraham1854841938
Edith Eliza Abrahamsecond wife of husband of Annie Abraham1860641924

3AbrahamEsther Elizabeth Abrahamfirst name on this monument1845641909id: 190
(2 images)
Mary Ann Baigentfirst wife of Esther Elizabeth Abraham1861

4AbrahamJacob Abrahamfirst name on this monument1817661883id: 8246372891074dates from
James Abrahamson of Jacob Abraham
Sarah Jane Abrahamwife of Jacob Abraham1813731886

5AbrahamMary Ann Abrahamfirst name on this monumentid: 6426371161072
William Abrahamhusband of Mary Ann Abraham1799891888

6AdnamsGeorge Adnamsfirst name on this monument1836611897id: 96
(2 images)
George Thomas Adnamsson of George Adnams1868151883
Mary Ann Adnamswife of George Adnams1842741916

7AdnamsThearle Macy Adnamsfirst name on this monument1884471931id: 756366261075
Mabel Rosina Adnamswife of Thearle Macy Adnams1886791965

8AdnamsThomas Frank Adnamsfirst name on this monument1880211901id: 1296366771077
Elizabeth Adnamsrelationship not known of Thomas Frank Adnams1845811926 dates from
William Thomas Adnamsrelationship not known of Thomas Frank Adnams1841811922

9AllenAlfred Allenfirst name on this monument1860id: 2756367941087
Ann Allenrelationship not known of Alfred Allen
Kate Allenrelationship not known of Alfred Allen1861 infant

10AllingtonJohn Allingtonfirst name on this monument1846431889id: 7516372201077carpenter RN
Fanny Allingtonwife of John Allington1940461986

11ArlingtonArthur Arlingtonfirst name on this monument1807611868id: 66365601075also 4 children who died in infancy
Catherine Ann Arlingtondaughter of Arthur Arlington185571862
Ann Arlingtonwife of Arthur Arlington1820641884

12ArmGeorge B Armfirst name on this monument1848391887id: 666366201079

13ArnellJoseph Arnellfirst name on this monument1804661870id: 2836368011075
George Arnellrelationship not known of Joseph Arnell1855 age 11m
James Freeman Arnellrelationship not known of Joseph Arnell1858161874
William Arnellrelationship not known of Joseph Arnell1842251867

14ArneyJohn Arneyfirst name on this monumentid: 8006372691104
Alfred Edward Simsfather of John Arney1880461926
Florence Jean Simsmother of John Arney1888461934
Jane Arneyrelationship not known of John Arney
… E Arneyrelationship not known of John Arney

15AtkinsMary Atkinsfirst name on this monument1821621883id: 7166371861082
William Atkinshusband of Mary Atkins1818791897 dates from
David Atkinsson of Mary Atkins186461870

16AttrillSusan Kate Attrillfirst name on this monument1821361857id: 5976370771075
Thomas Attrillfather of Susan Kate Attrill
Susan Attrillmother of Susan Kate Attrill
Henrietta Attrillrelationship not known of Susan Kate Attrill1826 dates from

17AylingAubrey Aylingfirst name on this monument1825671892id: 2816367991080
Mary Ann Holdawaydaughter of Aubrey Ayling1853391892
Alfred Aylingson of Aubrey Ayling1858191877
Frederick Samuel Dearstep son of Aubrey Ayling1868221890
Elizabeth Aylingwife of Aubrey Ayling1820721892
Aubrey Walter Aylingrelationship not known of Aubrey Ayling1857481905 on 'scroll' within plot. Unclear; dates from
Sarah Sophia Nancarrowrelationship not known of Aubrey Ayling1846841930
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18AylwardCharlotte Aylwardfirst name on this monument1802771879id: 4046368981082dates from
Richard Aylwardhusband of Charlotte Aylward

19BackshellCharles Backshellfirst name on this monument1819731892id: 870
(2 images)
6373331078dates from
Catherine Feltham Haddonemployee of Charles Backshell1883
Close Ellerker Mooreson-in-law of Charles Backshell1799671866 sister of Elizabeth
Ann Backshellwife of Charles Backshell1809791888

20BackshellHarry Arthur Backshellfirst name on this monument1860211881id: 8746373351072dates from
William Charles Backshellrelationship not known of Harry Arthur Backshell1854271881 dates from

21BaileyJohn Baileyfirst name on this monument1810581868id: 4116369051074after the illlness of one hour
Jane Baileywife of John Bailey1812651877

22BaileyJoseph Baileyfirst name on this monument1839361875id: 4126369061075
George Baileyson of Joseph Bailey186721869
John James Baileyrelationship not known of Joseph Bailey187511876

23BaileyThomas Baileyfirst name on this monument1858361894id: 1106366591074
Arthur William Leggnephew of Thomas Bailey187011871
Mary Leggsister of Thomas Bailey1829731902

24BaileyWilliam Baileyfirst name on this monument1851251876id: 4136369071074
Maud Matilda Jane Baileyrelationship not known of William Bailey1880851965

25BairdHenry John Bairdfirst name on this monument1844451889id: 4706369621080
Lizzie Bairddaughter of Henry John Baird1850201870 age unclear
George Adamsfather of Henry John Baird
William Henry Bairdgrand son of Henry John Baird190501905 infant
Mary Adamsmother of Henry John Baird
Elizabeth Bairdwife of Henry John Baird1843661909

26BakerEdward George Bakerfirst name on this monument1845561901id: 4286369221072
Olive Smithgrand daughter of Edward George Baker
N Bakerwife of Edward George Baker1851421893 Posibly N' for 'Nellie' a.k.a 'Ellen'. See Ellen Baker 1851-1893

27BakerIsaac Bakerfirst name on this monument1852581910id: 7576372261074
Walter Holmanbrother-in-law of Isaac Baker
Sarah Holmansister of Isaac Baker1855621917

28BakerIssac Bakerfirst name on this monument1817661883id: 8526373151072
Elizabeth Leall Bakerwife of Issac Baker1817941911

29BakerWilliam H Bakerfirst name on this monument1814531867id: 646366181074

30BalchAlfred Balchfirst name on this monument1841491890id: 4346369261083
Jane Mary Balchdaughter of Alfred Balch187061876
Ann Balchwife of Alfred Balch1830681898

31BallantyneAllan Ballantynefirst name on this monument1809741883id: 8276372921084
Jane Ballantynewife of Allan Ballantyne1810741884

32BallistonAnn Jane Ballistonfirst name on this monument1880id: 142
(2 images)
Alfred Ballistonrelationship not known of Ann Jane Balliston1823721895
Lily Strevettrelationship not known of Ann Jane Balliston1882661948

33BannamDaniel Bannamfirst name on this monumentid: 6896371621075
Mary Bannamrelationship not known of Daniel Bannam

34BarberSophia Barberfirst name on this monument1824751899id: 7746372431071
James Barberhusband of Sophia Barber1818831901

35BarfieldMaud Victoria Barfieldfirst name on this monument1897671964id: 1226366711071
Thomas Francis Barfieldhusband of Maud Victoria Barfield1892741966

36BarfootUnknown Barfootfirst name on this monumentid: 2046367341076
Unknown Barfootrelationship not known of Unknown Barfoot child
William Barfootrelationship not known of Unknown Barfoot

37BarnetMary Barnetfirst name on this monument1837501887id: 8106372771077
Charles Barnethusband of Mary Barnet
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38BarnettWilliam Barnettfirst name on this monument1805791884id: 7146371841072dates from
Elizabeth Barnettwife of William Barnett possibly 1804-1883

39BartlettSamuel Bartlettfirst name on this monument1825621887id: 476366011074
Jane Bartlettwife of Samuel Bartlett1823791902

40BartramWilliam Thomas Henry Bartramfirst name on this monument1847521899id: 7676372361078age unclear
Agnes Bartramwife of William Thomas Henry Bartram1853481901

41BatchelorAnn Batchelorfirst name on this monument1853531906id: 25263677610791Maiden name Allen
Thomas Batchelorhusband of Ann Batchelor1851701921
Thomas William Batchelorson of Ann Batchelor1885 age 4m

42BatchelorJane Batchelorfirst name on this monument1800681868id: 416365951073
Henry Batchelorhusband of Jane Batchelor1796801876 numerals unclear

43BeebeJane Elizabeth Beebefirst name on this monument1837461883id: 906366401082
Samuel Beebehusband of Jane Elizabeth Beebe1836331869

44BellEdward Thomas Bellfirst name on this monument1848411889id: 8616373241072

45BelmontCharles Belmontfirst name on this monument1873271900id: 6546371281076

46BenhamEdward T Benhamfirst name on this monument1867611928id: 4276369211074
Alice Benhamrelationship not known of Edward T Benham1869981967

47BennettJohn Bennettfirst name on this monument1826461872id: 1326366801071

48BerryCephas Allan Agustus Berryfirst name on this monument1874171891id: 7236371931072

49BerryJames Thomas Berryfirst name on this monument1822731895id: 4806369721074RN
Esther Emma Berrywife of James Thomas Berry1820811901

50BevisElizabeth Bevisfirst name on this monument1829291858id: 6676371411073age unclear
Elizabeth Mary Ann Bevisdaughter of Elizabeth Bevis1858 infant
William Bevishusband of Elizabeth Bevis

51BiddleGeorge Biddlefirst name on this monument1830671897id: 5636370481073

52BiddleMary Alice Biddlefirst name on this monument1868271895id: 4716369631077
George Biddlehusband of Mary Alice Biddle
Catherine Chamberlenrelationship not known of Mary Alice Biddle1843861929 dates from

53BigleyIsabella Bigleyfirst name on this monument185171858id: 3566368541071
Henry Bigleyfather of Isabella Bigley
Isabella Bigleymother of Isabella Bigley

54BilesSarah Jane Bilesfirst name on this monument1898id: 7916372601072
Joseph Bileshusband of Sarah Jane Biles1926
Bertie Bilesson of Sarah Jane Biles
Edwin Bilesson of Sarah Jane Biles
George Bilesson of Sarah Jane Biles
James Bilesson of Sarah Jane Biles

55BillingWilliam Billingfirst name on this monument1837341871id: 6216370991076
Minnie Charlotte Billingdaughter of William Billing1870 infant

56BinghamAnne Margaret Binghamfirst name on this monument1820811901id: 956366451076
Annie Grace Adnamsdaughter of Anne Margaret Bingham1867261893
Henry Hope Binghamhusband of Anne Margaret Bingham

57BlackmanMary Blackmanfirst name on this monument1841851926id: 2486367721072

58BlackwellAnn Blackwellfirst name on this monument1868id: 3146368221074
John Blackwellhusband of Ann Blackwell
Edward Fraserrelationship not known of Ann Blackwell1887
Edward Fraserrelationship not known of Ann Blackwell father of Edward
Fanny Fraserrelationship not known of Ann Blackwell mother of Edward

59BlairWilliam Blairfirst name on this monument1784781862id: 6306371081089
Catherine Samphiregrand daughter of William Blair
William Samphiregrand son of William Blair
Catherine Blairwife of William Blair1781861867
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60BlakeCatherine Stevenson Blakefirst name on this monument1869421911id: 1976367281071

61BlakeEsther Blakefirst name on this monument1825541879id: 36663686410731
Joseph Starling Blakehusband of Esther Blake1818911909

62BlakeJohn Garson Blakefirst name on this monument1809791888id: 19363672510711
Louisa Maria Blakewife of John Garson Blake1813861899

63BlakeWilliam Charles Blakefirst name on this monument1836321868id: 386365921071
Rachel Blakemother of William Charles Blake1811931904

64BlatchfordMary Margaret Blatchfordfirst name on this monument1814801894id: 7776372461082age unclear
John Townsend Blatchfordrelationship not known of Mary Margaret Blatchford1823801903 age unclear

65BlechyndenWilliam Marmaduke Blechyndenfirst name on this monument1840561896id: 1066366551075
Mary Ann Gillmother of William Marmaduke Blechynden1806731879
Emma Julia Blechyndenwife of William Marmaduke Blechynden1844891933

66BoneJane Bonefirst name on this monument1783851868id: 5676370521074
Thomas Bonehusband of Jane Bone

67BoneThomas Bonefirst name on this monument1808891897id: 7226371921078
Ann Bonewife of Thomas Bone1822861908

68BoothEliza Mary Boothfirst name on this monument185811859id: 3546368521072
Walter Frederick Boothbrother of Eliza Mary Booth1868 age 7 weeks;year unclear
George William Boothfather of Eliza Mary Booth
Eliza Boothmother of Eliza Mary Booth
Edith Amy Boothsister of Eliza Mary Booth186911870 dates from

69BottomleyLouisa Bottomleyfirst name on this monument1829681897id: 556
(2 images)
6370441081formally Merritt
George Merrittfirst husband of Louisa Bottomley1826401866
Elizabeth Reypertrelationship not known of Louisa Bottomley

70BowdenAlice Ann Bowdenfirst name on this monument1869351904id: 6826371551075
D K Bowdenhusband of Alice Ann Bowden

71BoxJohn Boxfirst name on this monumentid: 6736371461075

72BoxallHenry Boxallfirst name on this monument1836361872id: 6656371391076

73BrainJane Ann Brainfirst name on this monument1844541898id: 4866369771079
John Henry Brainrelationship not known of Jane Ann Brain
Mary Elizabeth Brainrelationship not known of Jane Ann Brain1872141886

74BrentonMary Brentonfirst name on this monument1812731885id: 1346366821074
Thomas Brentonhusband of Mary Brenton1819871906
Mary Ann Brentonsecond wife of husband of Mary Brenton1843811924

75BridgerFrederick Bridgerfirst name on this monument1847461893id: 7956372641072
Frank Longsecond husband of wife of Frederick Bridger
Emily Longwife of Frederick Bridger1846721918

76BridleWilliam Robert Bridlefirst name on this monument1874171891id: 7306372001073drowned while bathing
Thomas Bridlerelationship not known of William Robert Bridle1850251875 drowned off Guernsey
William Bridlerelationship not known of William Robert Bridle1843541897 father' or 'brother' of the above (unclear); dates from

77BrintonJohn Brintonfirst name on this monument1783881871id: 6186370961075dates from
Margaret Brintonwife of John Brinton
Honor Brintonrelationship not known of John Brinton1817141831
John Brintonrelationship not known of John Brinton
John William Brintonrelationship not known of John Brinton1825
Sarah Brintonrelationship not known of John Brinton sister of the above - but could be child of John and Margaret

78BroadbankRobert Burgess Broadbankfirst name on this monument1837571894id: 986366471078
Mary Emily Broadbankwife of Robert Burgess Broadbank1835801915

79BroadwayGeorge Broadwayfirst name on this monument1880id: 4056368991075age 10m
Thomas Enoch Valentine Broadwayfather of George Broadway
Elizabeth D Broadwaymother of George Broadway
Ida Maud Broadwaysister of George Broadway188331886
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80BrooksMary Ann Brooksfirst name on this monument1813761889id: 8636373261073
Thomas Brookshusband of Mary Ann Brooks1810841894

81BrownCatherine Louisa Brownfirst name on this monument1822631885id: 1196366681079
Rebecca Clanceyrelationship not known of Catherine Louisa Brown erected stone

82BrownEmma Eliza Brownfirst name on this monument1834581892id: 7936372621074numerals unclear
James Brownhusband of Emma Eliza Brown1849861935 numerals unclear

83BrownHenry Brownfirst name on this monument1835631898id: 7866372551073
Ernest George Guisegrand son of Henry Brown1892121904
Caroline Brownwife of Henry Brown1836771913

84BrownHenry Summers Brownfirst name on this monumentid: 3866368831072
Edwin Charles Brownrelationship not known of Henry Summers Brown1861 dates from
Eliza Priscilla Brownrelationship not known of Henry Summers Brown185411855 dates from
Rosetta Margaret Brownrelationship not known of Henry Summers Brown1827551882 dates from

85BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monumentid: 6516371241076
Dolores Brownwife of James Brown1815711886

86BrownLily Maria Brownfirst name on this monument187121873id: 3326368361072

87BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monumentid: 5506370381071
Frederick …ert Brownhusband of Sarah Brown

88BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1794741868id: 6156370931071
Martha Brownwife of Thomas Brown1799771876 year unclear

89BryanMichael Bryanfirst name on this monument1858541912id: 218
(2 images)
Kate Louisa Bryanwife of Michael Bryan1856651921

90BuckeridgeWilliam Buckeridgefirst name on this monument1839441883id: 1176366661072
Ann Buckeridgewife of William Buckeridge1837471884
George Buckeridgerelationship not known of William Buckeridge187221874

91BucklandAnn Paulina Bucklandfirst name on this monument1798701868id: 5956370761078

92BucklerAlfred Bucklerfirst name on this monument1838551893id: 1276366751073
Caroline Bucklerwife of Alfred Buckler1831761907

93BuddJames Henry Buddfirst name on this monument1844791923id: 4586369501083
Sarah Buddwife of James Henry Budd1843891932

94BuddenMaria Buddenfirst name on this monument1845331878id: 2616367821075
Clara May Buddendaughter of Maria Budden1878 age 11m
Rose Louisa Buddendaughter-in-law of Maria Budden1945
Arthur Edwin Buddenhusband of Maria Budden1845371882
Arthur Edwin Buddenson of Maria Budden1872671939

95BulkeleyJames Fielding Bulkeleyfirst name on this monument1865id: 8676373301072dates from

96BullAlfred William Bullfirst name on this monument1871221893id: 76963723810751
Henry Bullfather of Alfred William Bull
Elizabeth Bullmother of Alfred William Bull1852431895 dates from

97BullMinnie Elizabeth Sarah Bullfirst name on this monument1879791958id: 4676369591075maiden name unclear
Thomas Henry Bullhusband of Minnie Elizabeth Sarah Bull1879881967
Thomas Joseph Bullson of Minnie Elizabeth Sarah Bull1903261929

98BullenPhilip Frederick Bullenfirst name on this monument1869651934id: 5256370141075
Philip Osborn Bullenson of Philip Frederick Bullen1899151914 died WW1
Frances Elizabeth Bullenwife of Philip Frederick Bullen1869681937

99BunkerHenry Bunkerfirst name on this monument1847221869id: 5666370511074
Jacob Bunkerfather of Henry Bunker
Ann Bunkermother of Henry Bunker

100BurkeMartha Burkefirst name on this monument1858371895id: 4606369521075

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Annes Hill (old section) Cemetery, Gosport, Hampshire, England.

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