Brookland (part 11) Cemetery, Sale, Cheshire, England

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1AdsheadBetsy Adsheadfirst name on this monument1866781944id: 9356
(2 images)
6058501078From cemetery records

2AickmanJohn Thomas Aickmanfirst name on this monument1861361897id: 92936057951070
Mary Ann Aickmanwife of John Thomas Aickman1860941954

3AldcroftJohn Aldcroftfirst name on this monument1827771904id: 91366056701068
Eliza Ann Aldcroftdaughter of John Aldcroft1866861952 Died at Rugby
Minnie Aldcroftdaughter-in-law of John Aldcroft1874961970 Wife of John Henry. Died at Felixstow
John Ernest Aldcroftson of John Aldcroft1874621936
William Henry Aldcroftson of John Aldcroft1869281897
Emma Jane Aldcroftwife of John Aldcroft1839891928

4AllmanSarah Allmanfirst name on this monument1861821943id: 9157
(2 images)
George Albert Allman1894391933
Hannah Allman188881896

5AppletonEllen Appletonfirst name on this monument1836551891id: 91186056541070
Lillias Appletondaughter of Ellen Appleton1867671934
Nellie Howarthdaughter of Ellen Appleton1949 No age given wife of Arthur
James Appletonhusband of Ellen Appleton1836791915
Arthur W Howarthson-in-law of Ellen Appleton

6ArchibaldNorman Archibaldfirst name on this monument188241886id: 9155
(2 images)
James Archibaldfather of Norman Archibald1852821934
Agnes Archibaldmother of Norman Archibald1854821936

7ArnoldSarah Ann Arnoldfirst name on this monument1839741913id: 90576056091073
Florence Arnolddaughter of Sarah Ann Arnold187221874
William Ashness Arnoldhusband of Sarah Ann Arnold1839771916
Charles Arnoldson of Sarah Ann Arnold1868291897
Frank Arnoldson of Sarah Ann Arnold1870681938
Leonard Arnoldson of Sarah Ann Arnold187921881

8AshbrookJames W Ashbrookfirst name on this monument1872611933id: 9288
(3 images)
Gladys Ashbrookdaughter of James W Ashbrook189531898 Rest of inscriptions are below ground level
Sarah Ann Ashbrookwife of James W Ashbrook1868791947

9AshmoreSarah Ainsworth Ashmorefirst name on this monument1878241902id: 92696057761088
Henry Bagshawfather of Sarah Ainsworth Ashmore1847581905
William C Ashmorehusband of Sarah Ainsworth Ashmore1875351910
Annie Bagshawmother of Sarah Ainsworth Ashmore1845631908

10AshtonElsie Ashtonfirst name on this monument1891831974id: 92036057221072
James Ashtonhusband of Elsie Ashton1877831960
Mary Eliza Ashton1858601918

11AshtonJohn Ashtonfirst name on this monument1811721883id: 9025
(5 images)
Annie Ashton1878321910 Daughter of John Edward and Caroline
Caroline Elizabeth Ashton1841591900
Edward Ashton1841491890
Fredrick Ashton1848301878
Hannah Ashton1819611880
John Edward Ashton1841491890 Husband of Caroline
Agnes Ruthen1853921945

12AtkinsonRalph Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1846581904id: 90526056041077Dentist of Manchester. J64
Ann Richardsaunt of Ralph Atkinson1900
Edwin Robert Crane1938 No age given
Elizabeth Ann Crane1938 No age given
Elizabeth Atkinsonwife of Ralph Atkinson1928

13BaileyHarriet Baileyfirst name on this monument1875761951id: 93086058071066
Edward Baileyhusband of Harriet Bailey1863491912
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14BakerThomas Bakerfirst name on this monument1810751885id: 9021
(2 images)
6055861073Mayor of Manchester 1880-81 and 1881-82
Helen Clegg Bakerdaughter of Thomas Baker184801848
Helen Darbishire Bakerwife of Thomas Baker1810721882

15BarlowEllen Maria Barlowfirst name on this monument1887id: 9206
(2 images)
6057251070No age given

16BarnshawElizabeth Barnshawfirst name on this monument1873861959id: 90676056181075
Elsie Kelsall1892731965
John William Kelsall1892701962

17BaronHenry Baronfirst name on this monument1849471896id: 91356056691072
Emily Barondaughter of Henry Baron1775851860
Ellen Wilsongrand mother of Henry Baron1817891906
Ada Slater1877791956
Charles Baron Slater1907531960 Son of Ada
Ellen Baronwife of Henry Baron1846651911

18BarwickFlorence Edith Barwickfirst name on this monument187861884id: 8967
(3 images)
6055491080died on same day 16th July.
Agnes Clotilda Constance Ekinsaunt of Florence Edith Barwick1867171884 died on same day 16th July
Archibald Montague Sharman Barwickbrother-in-law of Florence Edith Barwick188221884 died on same day 16th July
Edward Andrew Barwickfather of Florence Edith Barwick1847771924
Martha Emma Barwickmother of Florence Edith Barwick1858671925
Beatrice Alice Barwicksister of Florence Edith Barwick1884 died on same day 16th July

19BeanlandHenry H Beanlandfirst name on this monument1833851918id: 93546058491073
Annie E Knottdaughter of Henry H Beanland1877481925
Joseph W Naylor1864671931
Sarah Beanlandwife of Henry H Beanland1845761921

20BeardJohn Relly Beardfirst name on this monument1800761876id: 90306055901071
Mary Beard1839801919
Sophia Simpson Laing1805761881
James R Beardson of John Relly Beard Youngest son. No year or age given
Mary Beardwife of John Relly Beard1802851887

21BellMargaret Bellfirst name on this monument1839681907id: 8965
(2 images)
Isabella Boyd
John Boyd The late
Maggie Boyd1866571923 2nd daughter of John and Isabella
Mary Agnes Boyd1863461909 Nurse of West Croydon (formerly of Malta)
Mary Bellsister of Margaret Bell1837711908

22BellMary Bellfirst name on this monument1804761880id: 90016055731069
Mary Jane Belldaughter of Mary Bell
John Bellhusband of Mary Bell1803801883

23BennettAbraham Bennettfirst name on this monument1855701925id: 92096057271072
Harriet Bennettdaughter of Abraham Bennett1884511935
Harry Bennettson of Abraham Bennett1887
Harriet Bennettwife of Abraham Bennett1853761929

24BennettMary Exley Bennettfirst name on this monument1826671893id: 92166057341069
Lucy Bennettdaughter-in-law of Mary Exley Bennett1861881949
Joseph Albert Bennettson of Mary Exley Bennett1854821936 Husband of Lucy

25BillingeGeorge Billingefirst name on this monument1841591900id: 91446056761067
Ann Jackson Billingedaughter of George Billinge1869781947
George Harry Billingeson of George Billinge1874591933
Thomas James Billingeson of George Billinge1872701942
Sarah Ann Billingewife of George Billinge1845851930

26BillingeThomas Billingefirst name on this monument1844251869id: 905460560610691
Cedric Billinge Husband of Sarah Ann
James Cookson Billinge187611877 Son of Cedric and Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Billinge
Emma Jane Oberlee1847521899
Daniel Moseley Jacksonuncle of Thomas Billinge1809781887
Thomas Jacksonuncle of Thomas Billinge
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27BirkenheadJohn Birkenheadfirst name on this monument1848771925id: 9159
(2 images)
Pattie Birkenheaddaughter-in-law of John Birkenhead1872801952
Edward Birkenheadson of John Birkenhead1875801955
Sara Ann Birkenheadwife of John Birkenhead1851721923

28BishopJohn Bishopfirst name on this monument1832471879id: 89876055641068of Old Trafford.

29BoothThomas Boothfirst name on this monument189571902id: 9270
(2 images)
John Boothfather of Thomas Booth1868741942
Amanda Louisa Boothmother of Thomas Booth1871771948
Lucy Taylor Burgess1907871994

30BothamEliza Bothamfirst name on this monument1810661876id: 90376055961082Stone broken off at top.
Fanny Copelanddaughter of Eliza Botham1856231879
Matthew Bothamhusband of Eliza Botham1802741876
John Copelandson-in-law of Eliza Botham Husband of Fanny
Adam Mackinnonson-in-law of Eliza Botham1841391880

31BoydJohn Boydfirst name on this monument1802681870id: 89786055561089Interred Castlegate cemetery , Jedburgh , Scotland.
Isabel Boyd1867251892 daughter of John and Isabella
Isabella Boyd1833641897 died at Chorlton Cum Hardy
John Boyd1836711907 Husband of Isabella
Agnes Boydwife of John Boyd1805791884

32BroadeyEliza Broadeyfirst name on this monument1854401894id: 93256058231069
Arthur Broadeyhusband of Eliza Broadey1857611918
James Broadey1880191899

33BrookesHannah Brookesfirst name on this monument1868611929id: 93106058091082
Alice Brookesdaughter of Hannah Brookes no year or age given
John Frederick Brookeshusband of Hannah Brookes1868921960
George Brookesson of Hannah Brookes1 No year given

34BrownJoseph Brownfirst name on this monument1859741933id: 93266058241068
Clara Browndaughter of Joseph Brown1894
Walter Brownson of Joseph Brown1897
Martha Ann Brownwife of Joseph Brown1860661926

35BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1823651888id: 93376058341067
Joseph Brownhusband of Mary Ann Brown1820771897

36BrownMatthew Brownfirst name on this monument1824581882id: 89766055541069Born at Ayr.
Helen Bertha Browndaughter of Matthew Brown1866451911
Annie Louisa Williamsdaughter of Matthew Brown1861481909 Wife of William Thomas Duke
John George Brownson of Matthew Brown1862401902
William Thomas Duke Williamsson-in-law of Matthew Brown
Helen Brownwife of Matthew Brown1836591895

37BrownhillAlice Brownhillfirst name on this monument1831641895id: 91256056611074
William Brownhillhusband of Alice Brownhill1824731897
Frances Gearysister of Alice Brownhill1833641897

38BrundrettLillian Stelfox Brundrettfirst name on this monument189451899id: 92916057931066
Samuel Brundrettfather of Lillian Stelfox Brundrett1864661930
Ann Maria Brundrettmother of Lillian Stelfox Brundrett1863761939
Elsie Brundrettsister of Lillian Stelfox Brundrett190331906

39BrydonJames Lockhart Brydonfirst name on this monument1846521898id: 8953
(4 images)
Katherine Mary Brydondaughter of James Lockhart Brydon1891411932 Eldest daughter. Died at Llanudno
James Carr
Mary Carr
Alec Whitworth Brydonson of James Lockhart Brydon1884311915 Youngest son. Grandson of James and Mary Carr. Lieutenant Queens Royal West Regiment. Killed in action in the Gallipoli Peninsula
James Herbert Brydonson of James Lockhart Brydon1882781960 JP. 2nd son
Anne Twyford Brydonwife of James Lockhart Brydon1849861935
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40BullockFrancis Charles Bullockfirst name on this monument1851341885id: 92366057491078
Samuel Charles Bullockson of Francis Charles Bullock1885 No age given
Margaret Isabella Bullockwife of Francis Charles Bullock1850771927

41BurgessEdwyn Burgessfirst name on this monument1896id: 93416058371067
Maggie Burgess1865641929 Wife of William
William Burgess1866691935

42BurgessJohn Burgessfirst name on this monument1840521892id: 93386058351068
Edith Burgessdaughter of John Burgess1874881962
Lily Burgessdaughter of John Burgess187221874
Sarah Burgessdaughter of John Burgess1936 No age given
Sarah Burgesswife of John Burgess1840821922

43BurtonGeorge Burtonfirst name on this monument1842521894id: 92056057241067
Elizabeth Burtondaughter of George Burton1876241900 Died in China
Elizabeth Ann Burtondaughter-in-law of George Burton1874561930 Wife of Frank
Frank Burtonson of George Burton1866631929 Accidently Killed
Willie Burtonson of George Burton188251887
Frances Burtonwife of George Burton1840831923

44BushellJoseph Kirkley Bushellfirst name on this monument1843741917id: 9017
(4 images)
Florence Bushelldaughter of Joseph Kirkley Bushell187271879
Beatrice Rounddaughter of Joseph Kirkley Bushell1948 Youngest daughter. Wife of George. Cremated
Winifred Roundgrand daughter of Joseph Kirkley Bushell1909511960 daughter of George and Beatrice
Archibald Bushell1876661942 Cremated
Joseph Kirkley Bushell1843741917
Neville Bushell1953 No age given
George Roundson-in-law of Joseph Kirkley Bushell
Emma Bushellwife of Joseph Kirkley Bushell1852601912 b d 19129 d 19129

45BythellJames Bythellfirst name on this monument1858291887id: 93326058301067Stone erected by fellow teachers of the Ashton on Mersey Wesleyan Sunday School
Alice Bythelldaughter of James Bythell188781895
Ann Bythelldaughter of James Bythell188431887
Harry Bythellson of James Bythell188521887

46BythwaySarah Bythwayfirst name on this monument1804681872id: 90586056101066
William Bythwayhusband of Sarah Bythway1796781874
Herbert Bythway1844381882
John Edward Bythway1832821914

47CallenderSamuel Pope Callenderfirst name on this monument1827451872id: 9381
(4 images)
Agnes Geraldine Callenderdaughter of Samuel Pope Callender185841862
Gertrude Callenderdaughter of Samuel Pope Callender186331866
Henry Romaine Callenderson of Samuel Pope Callender185931862

48CallimoreThomas Callimorefirst name on this monument1849381887id: 92406057531072
Jonathan Davies1897 No age given
John Mcallister1824791903 Husband of Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Mcallister1827641891
Mary Ann Moore1849861935
Willie Callimoreson of Thomas Callimore187321875

49CarrJohn Edward Carrfirst name on this monument1849461895id: 9363
(2 images)
Eliza Jane Carrwife of John Edward Carr1918 no age given

50ChamberlinAlfred R Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1851421893id: 9129
(2 images)
Dorothy Chamberlindaughter of Alfred R Chamberlin1885
H E Chamberlinwife of Alfred R Chamberlin

51ChamberlinCarlos Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1880id: 90356055941068Born in Vermont USA. Died in Hastings.
Emma Schwabe Chamberlindaughter of Carlos Chamberlin1908 2nd daughter Died in California
Elizabeth Chamberlinwife of Carlos Chamberlin1819761895 Born in Boston USA. Died at Tachbrook Mallory , Leamington.
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52ChamberlinIda May Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1855191874id: 90366055951072
C Chamberlinfather of Ida May Chamberlin
E Chamberlinmother of Ida May Chamberlin

53CharltonEmma Charltonfirst name on this monument1859771936id: 92926057941071
George Charltonhusband of Emma Charlton1868741942
Annie Brundrett1868661934 Daughter of James and Mary
James Brundrett1822751897 Husband of Mary
Mary Brundrett1823771900

54ClagueWilliam Thomas Claguefirst name on this monument1870451915id: 9274
(2 images)
6057801067Late of Ballig Bridge , St Johns , Isle of Man
Mary Claguedaughter of William Thomas Clague1905251930 Only daughter
Ella Claguedaughter-in-law of William Thomas Clague1902911993
Gwynn Claguegrand daughter of William Thomas Clague
Clive Claguegrand son of William Thomas Clague
Albert Taylor Clagueson of William Thomas Clague1901561957 Interred at Buckley , Flint

55CockillJohn Hutchinson Cockillfirst name on this monument1845551900id: 9284
(2 images)
Eliza Ann Cockilldaughter of John Hutchinson Cockill1878581936
Emily Pauline Cockilldaughter-in-law of John Hutchinson Cockill1877451922
John Edward Cockillson of John Hutchinson Cockill1874651939
Eliza Cockillwife of John Hutchinson Cockill1853471900

56ColemanMary Colemanfirst name on this monument1849651914id: 92046057231066
Florence Annie Colemandaughter of Mary Coleman1888761964
Lydia Colemandaughter of Mary Coleman Died in Infancy
Rose Colemandaughter of Mary Coleman Died in Infancy
Thomas Colemanhusband of Mary Coleman1849841933
Thomas Colemanson of Mary Coleman Died in Infancy

57CollingeJames Collingefirst name on this monument1820621882id: 90616056131069
Harriet Collingedaughter of James Collinge1855701925
Samuel Collingeson of James Collinge1841521893
Mary Ann Collingewife of James Collinge1819791898

58ConningThomas George Conningfirst name on this monument1820711891id: 91156056521070
Harry A Reid1843361879
John Blakeley Whitehead
Maud Mary Whitehead1915 Wife of John. No age given
Frank Conningson of Thomas George Conning1847201867
Charlotte Conningwife of Thomas George Conning1819721891

59CooksonFrederick Cooksonfirst name on this monument1856411897id: 91066056451072
Lucy Ellen Mowattdaughter of Frederick Cookson1884561940
William Mowattson-in-law of Frederick Cookson
Ellen Cooksonwife of Frederick Cookson1932 No age given

60CooksonJames Cooksonfirst name on this monument1821811902id: 92686057751093
Charles Cookson1831751906
Isaac Cookson1829821911
Emma Cooksonwife of James Cookson1847661913

61CooksonJoseph Ernest Cooksonfirst name on this monument1873191892id: 92566057651072
William Cooksonfather of Joseph Ernest Cookson1821781899
Sarah Cooksonmother of Joseph Ernest Cookson1835771912
Pollie Cooksonsister of Joseph Ernest Cookson1898 Eldest daughter. No age given.

62CooksonMary Ann Cooksonfirst name on this monument1825671892id: 91116056491074
Joseph Cooksonhusband of Mary Ann Cookson1826861912
Alice Ann Cooksonsecond wife of husband of Mary Ann Cookson1833661899

63CooneyMatthew Cooneyfirst name on this monument188311884id: 91946057161067
Edith Mary Cooney188421886
James Cooney187861884
Mary Edith Cooney1866 Died at Kassali , India age 3m
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64CooperEdmond Vaughan Cooperfirst name on this monument1866431909id: 90996056401067
Sarah Ann Cooperwife of Edmond Vaughan Cooper1865821947

65CroftFrank Croftfirst name on this monument1881id: 92006057191066
James Croftbrother of Frank Croft1882101892
Jesse Croftfather of Frank Croft1845771922
Martha Croftmother of Frank Croft1847831930
Ruth Croftsister of Frank Croft188611887

66CrossSimon Crossfirst name on this monument1813731886id: 89736055521072
Alice Elizabeth Crossdaughter of Simon Cross184841852
Alfred Watkinson Crossson of Simon Cross1866131879
Catherine Bamford Crosswife of Simon Cross1821831904 Died in London

67CrowtherCharles Crowtherfirst name on this monument1844751919id: 8990
(2 images)
Fanny Crowtherdaughter of Charles Crowther1936 Daughter of Charles and Harriet. No age given
Harriet Elizabeth Crowtherfirst wife of Charles Crowther1845341879
Kate Crowthersecond wife of Charles Crowther1850811931

68CummingsJohn Cummingsfirst name on this monument1847461893id: 921360573110691
Harry Cummingsson of John Cummings1889531942
Thomas Nelson Stephensonstep father of John Cummings1837561893

69CummingsMahalath Cummingsfirst name on this monument1861821943id: 93536058481068
Edith Cummingswife of Mahalath Cummings1892641956

70CurtisMary Ann Curtisfirst name on this monument1846611907id: 9217
(2 images)
Henry Curtishusband of Mary Ann Curtis The late
Ellen Levy1862881950
Harry Vernon Levy189031893 Son of Joseph and Ellen
Joseph Levy1848841932 Husband of Ellen
William Burnaby Levy1888411929
Constance Quinn1884721956 Daughter of Joseph and Ellen
W H D Quinn Husband of Constance

71CuttsJohn Cuttsfirst name on this monument1818721890id: 92446057571080
John Greenwoodnephew of John Cutts1855441899 Husband of Mary Eleanor
Maty Eleanor Greenwood1864861950
Eliza Cuttswife of John Cutts1814751889

72DaggertThomas Daggertfirst name on this monument1828691897id: 93796058601068
Francis Charles Daggertson of Thomas Daggert1868491917
Mary Daggertwife of Thomas Daggert1833721905

73DaniellElizabeth Harriet Daniellfirst name on this monument1842311873id: 90026055741068
Ethel Frances Daniell1868

74DarbyshireNancy Darbyshirefirst name on this monument1836661902id: 92796057841067
Nancy Cankdaughter of Nancy Darbyshire1878721950 Wife of Albert
James Darbyshirehusband of Nancy Darbyshire1833891922
Albert Cankson-in-law of Nancy Darbyshire

75DarbyshireThomas Darbyshirefirst name on this monument1867311898id: 92876057911074
Edith E Watkinson
Joseph William Watkinson1890541944 Husband of Edith
Margaret Darbyshirewife of Thomas Darbyshire1866691935

76DavenportAnn Davenportfirst name on this monument1798891887id: 92496057611069
Ethel Laura Browndaughter of Ann Davenport1856901946
Margaret Davenportdaughter of Ann Davenport1831841915
George William Brownson-in-law of Ann Davenport1861661927 Husband of Ethel

77DaviesThomas Daviesfirst name on this monument1852411893id: 92576057661068
David Davies Husband of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Davies
Stanley Davies1897181915 Son of David and Elizabeth
Jane Davieswife of Thomas Davies1849461895
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78DeiroMaria G De Souza Deirofirst name on this monument1842531895id: 91346056681066
Teresa Victoria Mary Deirogrand daughter of Maria G De Souza Deiro1897 Daughter of Sebastian and Teresa
Sebastian C Deiro
Teresa Deiro Wife of Sebastian

79DewarDaniel Dewarfirst name on this monument1799801879id: 91646056891076Late of Kenmore Scotland
Emma Thomasdaughter of Daniel Dewar
Mary Catherine Thomasgrand daughter of Daniel Dewar187761883 Daughter of Edward and Emma
Edward Thomasson-in-law of Daniel Dewar Husband of Emma
Catherine Elizabeth Dewarwife of Daniel Dewar1812741886

80DickinsJohn Frederick Dickinsfirst name on this monument190411905id: 9342
(2 images)
Charlotte Dickins1866811947
Henry Dickins1869581927

81DobbinsShepherd Dobbinsfirst name on this monument1822791901id: 93146058131066
Ann Jane Dobbinsdaughter of Shepherd Dobbins1858811939
Eliza Dobbinswife of Shepherd Dobbins1820771897

82DrinkwaterJohn Drinkwaterfirst name on this monument1857401897id: 93136058121069Drowned Bank Holiday Monday
Annie Drinkwaterwife of John Drinkwater1859781937

83DysonSamuel Dysonfirst name on this monument1818611879id: 8992
(2 images)
Samuel William Dyson1844631907
Susannah Dysonwife of Samuel Dyson1818721890

84EberhardHeinrich Otto Eberhardfirst name on this monument1821481869id: 9086
(2 images)
6056331068Stone in poor condition

85EdminsonJohn Edward Edminsonfirst name on this monument1854311885id: 90636056151067
John Edminsonfather of John Edward Edminson1820741894
Lucy Edminsonmother of John Edward Edminson1820791899
Eleanor Limmer Edminsonsister of John Edward Edminson1856641920

86EdwardsA Edwardsfirst name on this monument1888id: 91086056471079
Alice Louisa Edwards1884961980
Henry Edwards1882871969
Dora Ellison1917912008
Maurice Ellison1914781992
Harold Hallworth1910701980

87EdwardsMary Edwardsfirst name on this monument1828661894id: 92976057981070
Elizabeth Edwardsdaughter of Mary Edwards1861731934
Susannah Edwardsdaughter of Mary Edwards1853891942

88EkinsEmma Louisa Ekinsfirst name on this monument1824561880id: 91886057121075
James Morton Ekinshusband of Emma Louisa Ekins1815671882
Edmund George Ekins1855751930
Martha Ekins1799861885

89EllisJohn Helmsley Ellisfirst name on this monument1873id: 90786056281068No age given
Martha Elliswife of John Helmsley Ellis1823531876

90ErnHeinrich Reinhard Alfred Ernfirst name on this monument188551890id: 92316057451073
Hermann Ernbrother of Heinrich Reinhard Alfred Ern1896 Died in Infancy
Hermann Ernfather of Heinrich Reinhard Alfred Ern
Maria Ernmother of Heinrich Reinhard Alfred Ern

91EvansCadvan Guildford Llewellyn Evansfirst name on this monument187821880id: 91796057031070
William Evansfather of Cadvan Guildford Llewellyn Evans
Phebe Griffith Evansmother of Cadvan Guildford Llewellyn Evans
Lettice Maud Evanssister of Cadvan Guildford Llewellyn Evans187641880

92EwenAnne Sarah Ewenfirst name on this monument1819571876id: 90106055811068

93EyreAnn Eyrefirst name on this monument1813701883id: 91276056631070
David Eyrehusband of Ann Eyre1815871902
Annie Eyre1850471897
David Eyre1924 Husband of Annie. No age given
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94FairfootWilliam Fairfootfirst name on this monument1835731908id: 93516058461069
Ann Thompson1795951890 Wife of William
William Thompson Of Whitby
George P Fairfootson of William Fairfoot1862501912 Died suddenly on the Mission Field India
Ann Fairfootwife of William Fairfoot1833851918

95FarrowJames Farrowfirst name on this monument1845621907id: 91396056731069
Isabella Douglas Griffiths1877761953
Richard W Griffiths1886651951
Marianne Jane Farrowwife of James Farrow1845721917

96FawcettWilliam Fawcettfirst name on this monument1826541880id: 91866057101067
Betty Fawcettwife of William Fawcett1829711900

97FeredayHephzibah Feredayfirst name on this monument1808631871id: 90566056081068
Susannah Elizabeth Feredaydaughter of Hephzibah Fereday1837511888
John Feredayhusband of Hephzibah Fereday1807801887

98FieldenElizabeth Fieldenfirst name on this monument1858331891id: 92616057701068
Mary Elizabeth Fieldendaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Fielden
James W Fieldenhusband of Elizabeth Fielden of Bacup
James Thompson Fieldenson of Elizabeth Fielden1882441926 Husband of Mary

99FildesAnnie Fildesfirst name on this monument1855201875id: 90426055991075
Thomas Fildesfather of Annie Fildes1829701899
Mary Fildesmother of Annie Fildes1829911920

100FlanneryMartin Flanneryfirst name on this monument1838561894id: 93286058261068
Catherine Flannery1847551902 Wife of Owen
Michael Flannery1849521901
Owen Flannery1846501896

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Brookland (part 11) Cemetery, Sale, Cheshire, England.

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